Blossom Among Flowers

Blossom Among Flowers By Jay E. Tria, Blossom Among Flowers A taste of Japanese manga Being invisible can t be that hard can it High school student Hikaru Saito is in trouble She is failing English because she d much rather bury her nose in the latest manga t
  • Title: Blossom Among Flowers
  • Author: Jay E. Tria
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  • Page: 232
  • Format: ebook
  • Blossom Among Flowers By Jay E. Tria, A taste of Japanese manga Being invisible can t be that hard, can it High school student Hikaru Saito is in trouble She is failing English because she d much rather bury her nose in the latest manga than study pronouns and prepositions To keep her from getting kicked out of school, she is assigned a tutor in the form of the most popular boy in school golden haired genA taste of Japanese manga Being invisible can t be that hard, can it High school student Hikaru Saito is in trouble She is failing English because she d much rather bury her nose in the latest manga than study pronouns and prepositions To keep her from getting kicked out of school, she is assigned a tutor in the form of the most popular boy in school golden haired genius Takeshi Hinata You d think Takeshi would be Hikaru s surefire way to academic success, but her stubbornness, lack of concentration, and general disinterest in things other than her precious manga frustrate Takeshi to no end To make matters worse, a young, pretty boy teacher is determined to rescue Hikaru every chance he gets, riling Takeshi up even and confusing the hell out of Hikaru But as they spend time together and get to know each other beyond their high school reputations, Hikaru and Takeshi enter a situation neither of them expected to find themselves in one that factors in stolen kisses, controlling parents, a princess in hiding, and the deepest yearnings of a teenage heart.
    Blossom Among Flowers By Jay E. Tria,
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    1. Jay E. Tria

      Hi I m a writer of contemporary Young Adult and New Adult romance These days I m writing paranormal fantasy too, and it s a fun exercise I m often inspired by daydreams, celebrity crushes, a childhood fascination of Japanese drama and manga, and an incessant itch to travel LATEST RELEASE You Out of Nowhere Flair 1 Also by Jay Playlist 1 Songs of Our BreakupPlaylist 2 Songs to Get Over YouPlaylist 3 Songs to Make You StayThat Thing Called Closure A Playlist Short Track on buqo WriteBreakupSongsAbout Blossom Among FlowersMajestyPromdi Heart Hometown Love StoriesSummer Crush Beach Love Rock and Roll Make My Wish Come True a romanceclass Christmas anthology Official site jayetriaEmail jayetria gmailFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Wattpad jayetria

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    1. This book is basically the intersection of my current obsession with K drama and my love for teen romance It s like Playful Kiss, but with a hero that makes sense Hikaru and Takeshi were adorable, and the story was cute I was than happy with cute, but then I started crying and that was so unexpected, but also so wonderful This one is for readers who like their romances gentle and magical, with darker edges in the spaces between words Jay E Tria s prose is clear and unpretentious, but provides s [...]

    2. A girl named Hikaru Saito never thought she d be getting the attention of two well loved personalities in her school Imagine being tutored by the sought after genius slash rich kid slash campus heart throb Takeshi Hinata and saved from the mean girls by teacher Tetsuya Sakuishi, Hikaru s life turned upside down from all the stares and bullies she was getting Suddenly, the girl who only wanted to keep mostly to herself and her manga was surrounded by beauty and love How can you think yourself inv [...]

    3. Full review posted on Will Read for Feels I received this book for free from Pinoy Book Tours in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review Having read and reviewed a previous Jay E Tria novel, I knew the prose was going to be just as clean, fluid, and descriptive I have to say that the author toned down the colorful imagery and made the language apt for the YA audience definitely a good thing in my book It made me focus on the emotions [...]

    4. I joined the tour and with that I am bound to write an honest review Whatever written below was based on the experience and things that I felt when I m reading or finished the book.I had two kinds of feelings when I read this book At first I was really close to giving up and I feel like I won t finish the book I was planning to switch from a review to another category, all I felt was this isn t the kind of book that I wanted and the story has a slow pace I thought I won t be able to find the spa [...]

    5. Blossom Among FlowersJay E TriaSo I ve finished reading this book and what can I say.well actually I have to many things to say but we would be here forever spazzing It was super duperly amazing I m in love with the characters and didn t want it to end I read the book slowly, so I was able to read it longer and cherish the characters just a little bit longer too I was so into it that I even came up with the couple name Takeru , you like From start to finish the book flowed very well, its not one [...]

    6. I was right when I chose to read this book It did exactly what I thought it would do, and It gave me the YA vibe that I was a sucker for still am and always will be , the straight forward student tutor kilig dynamic, the guys oh, the cute guys, and the feeling of fluffy happiness from the familiar romantic formula written and executed in a way that was completely unique to Jay E Tria.Reading Blossom felt like reading one of the mangas Hikaru, the main character, was so obsessed about The charac [...]

    7. Such a fun, romantic, quirky book At first, I wasn t sure what I was reading because of how different the characters were behaving different from what I m used to anyway , but when I realized that it was a cultural gap I was experiencing and when I also realized the story was inspired by Japanese manga, I dove headfirst into the story, fell in love with Takeshi, and found Hikaru so adorable This story is funny, full of romantic feels, and reads like you re watching a Japanese or Korean drama I h [...]

    8. Was highlighting a lot of quips, sentences, paragraphsen I realized I was going to end up quoting most of the book As I was lost in a cosmos of distractions the past weeks, I am withholding that one star it deserves until I get to read it again Once I do, maybe I ll just hand it over like a cutout, an origami, or one of those glow in the dark things in exchange for a signed print copy that I must acquire soon.Most of what I have to say are already in my status updates so I ll just end with two [...]

    9. Reading this book made me feel like watching a romantic funny dramatic Japanese TV series Once you ve started reading it, you d get curious on what would happen next It was written in a way that you d have this attachment on the story because it just gives you all the feels Thus you wouldn t want to come to the last page of the book.Great job on this one Looking forward to read all the other works of this author.

    10. I really liked this very sweet story of high school romance, and I particularly liked the added touch of the exotic east with it being set in Japan I d never heard of a Magna but am glad to now know of them and their popularity Highly recommended to anyone who likes a bit of a Cinderella story.

    11. This book makes you part of the story It takes you inside every character, brings you along to every street corner and allows you to feel how it feels to grow and basically, how to feel.Read the rest of my review on Bookbed.

    12. Reading Blossom Among Flowers was like I was there with them, a bystander perhaps watching them, watching the story unfold It was lovely So much kilig More Hikaru and Takeshi pleaaase

    13. Read book reviews at Book Junkie Joint.Funny, sweet and delightfully entertaining It s reminiscent of Hana Yori Dango or popularly known as Boys Over Flowers one of the most well loved series in Asia If you re looking for something light, read this novel with an open mind, and you ll surely enjoy it.I think the title aptly describes the main protagonist of the story Her name is Hikaru I thought she was an adorable dork when she was first introduced in the story There s nothing I love than an [...]

    14. Reading this book was like reading my own personalized manga anime all in one I swear, especially because I love anime Japanese cartoons and manga comics , the way it was written made it than easy to picture up manga pages and anime scenes, personalized to my exact perfection It seemed so real in my head and to be honest it s a bit sad knowing I may not see this in a manga cough cough That aside, the story was nostalgically sweet Takeshi and Hikaru are very reserved with their love, and through [...]

    15. I just came back from a quick trip to Japan and this book was the perfect vacation hangover read Let me start by saying I don t know much about Japanese pop culture, such as J Pop, J doramas, manga, cosplay and anime the little that I do know is from idly watching NHK and of course the anime Japanese series that formed my youth Bioman, Ghost Fighter, Ranma 1 2 etc That said, I had the distinct impression that this book follows the convention of a Japanese drama or manga series The characters iss [...]

    16. The urge to grab a copy came from discovering my own Hikarud Takeshi Initially they came off as a cute and mildly dysfunctional couple the genius nerd richie rich and the slacker crammer After a while, though, the tiny kilig moments turned into little bouts of fury.I lost count of how many times Takeshi made me call murder Sure, he did do a few nice things for Hikaru But you don t disappear on a girl when you have a chance to explain yourself Hikaru can be pretty forgiving, even after she scream [...]

    17. This is my first read for 2016 and I must say it was a great choice Blossom Among Flowers is light and funny A perfect read when you want to de stress.The characters were all lovable and fun The main character, Hikaru Saito was an awkward and a funny without meaning to person who makes the story lively The LI, Takeshi Hinata, is a genius guy who s bored with life since he seems to get everything he wants There s also Eriko, Tetsuya and Hikaru s twin brother, Shintaro I just loved the way things [...]

    18. You know that kind of book you can t get over reading and rereading until you re able to add mental bookmarks to your favorite chapters or pages This is one of em for me Takeshi had me at his first appearance at that quaint bookstore one Saturday before exams I am a sucker for snob geniuses and this guy blew me away Hikaru as a female lead is adorably naive you can t possibly hate her for snagging all the good guys attention She s just lucky like thatF has the ability to take you back to your ro [...]

    19. This book is perfect for fangirls of Jdrama that want to see a different side of the story A perfect debut that is set in Japan and have Japanese characters You d see familiar scenes and tropes but told in a different way This book will have you yearning for a book 2 or a new side story.

    20. I loved this book from start to finish I love Japanese manga and anime Reading this book was like reading watching my favorite manga anime all in one.I hope this is the beginning of the series, not a single book.

    21. What I love about this book it s so endearing and cute that you couldn t contain the feels towards Takeshi and Hikaru They re so adorable I want of this

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