Starting with the Unexpected

Starting with the Unexpected By Andi Van, Starting with the Unexpected Zachary Blaise is having a weird week even by his standards Though he s gay the radio personality has been dumped via text by a girl named Marian and he s never even met her On top of that he s deve
  • Title: Starting with the Unexpected
  • Author: Andi Van
  • ISBN: 9781632169273
  • Page: 199
  • Format: ebook
  • Starting with the Unexpected By Andi Van, Zachary Blaise is having a weird week even by his standards Though he s gay, the radio personality has been dumped via text by a girl named Marian and he s never even met her On top of that, he s developed a massive crush on Marcus, the new waiter at his favorite diner His best friend thinks the whole thing is hilarious.Marcus s week hasn t been his best either He s beZachary Blaise is having a weird week even by his standards Though he s gay, the radio personality has been dumped via text by a girl named Marian and he s never even met her On top of that, he s developed a massive crush on Marcus, the new waiter at his favorite diner His best friend thinks the whole thing is hilarious.Marcus s week hasn t been his best either He s been betrayed by those closest to him, and although he isn t the guilty party, Marcus is the one getting harassed.Impossibly, things are about to get even weirder Marian has secrets, and those secrets are going to make some serious ripples in Zach s life When he discovers that the girl called Marian is actually the man named Marcus, Zach stumbles down a rabbit hole of abusive ex boyfriends, psychotic relatives, and revelations from his own past If he can survive the chaos, the journey might prove worth the effort.
    Starting with the Unexpected By Andi Van,
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      Andi Van is a foul mouthed troublemaker who lives near San Diego with a baseball bat that s forever being used for things other than baseball and a fondness for rum and caffeine though not necessarily together.Andi is fluent in three languages English, sarcasm, and profanity , and takes pride in a highly developed if somewhat bizarre sense of humor.Andi s pronouns are they them They identify as nonbinary, and ask that you not misgender them Thank you

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    1. Starting with the Unexpected was a sweet read with a really interesting premise I sort of adore books that start with a mix up like thinking that the person that you are texting is a girl instead of a guy and lead to something It is a fun way to start a story, but unfortunately for me, the fun just seemed to taper off from there This was my first time reading a book from this author, and I think that Andi Van shows real promise The writing and dialogue flowed well, and it was an easy read for m [...]

    2. Starting with the Unexpected was a really good read for me The blurb was the first thing that drew me to this It sounded interesting, and I wondered how the whole Marcus Marian thing would work out and if it would be dragged out for way too long And for that, I m really glad, because it made it easier to root for the couple, Zachary and Marcus.The drama with Marcus ex and family was just wow I was hoping someone would be a little nicer than the younger sister But nope That didn t happen The only [...]

    3. These are the four things you should know before you begin this story 1 It s wildly entertaining as hell in a soap opera kind of way Dramatic, suspenseful, funny, with a touch of hurt comfort.2 Zach, Marcus, Jordan, and Zach s mom are reason enough to listen to this I loved these characters and the narration brings them to life.3 Jonathan David brings all the snark, sarcasm, humor, hurt, comfort, and drama of the story out beautifully Kudos on the narration 4 Whether you read or listen to this b [...]

    4. 3.5 starsThis was a bit of a melodrama It had a soap opera like feel to it I don t mean that to be taken in a negative way The writing was good and the story was very entertaining so it was an enjoyable book Also, I d read from this author.

    5. The blurb was a bit confusing, thankfully the story was not.Nope, liked it a whole lot The epilogue wasn t one, but just a continuation of chapter 20.

    6. A Joyfully Jay review 4.5 starsI must say that you would be hard pressed to find a interesting and fun cast of characters in a book Zach was priceless and being the sarcastic SOB that I am, I found that I could relate to him with ease Marcus was a super sweet guy, but not so sweet as to be unrealistic The chemistry between Zach and Marcus felt genuine and I liked that it developed slowly, so slowly that Jordan was convinced that Zach and Marcus had been in a relationship for weeks before they a [...]

    7. SO MANY happy feelings for this one I had a grin on my face most of the way through If you like light, funny, sweet, and feel good you ll probably like this one This was told in Zach s POV and I adored him I wanted to be best friends with him and Jordan the awesome straight room mate but I also wanted to be Marcus so I could be Zach s boyfriend Zach s parents were terrific, especially his mom I loved when she let the foul mouth out near the end The romance is sweet, with some sexy moments, and f [...]

    8. 4 StarsListening to this was an entertaining experience like watching a night time soap opera Dramatic and sexybut also funny at times Jonathan David did a great job with the narration.

    9. It s never really a great sign when you start looking for something else to read while reading something This book wasn t bad It was actually very cute with very sweet characters who met in a really charming way But all the stalkerish drama of the ex s and family read like a teenage soap opera I felt like if the author just wanted to write a drama free lovefest that would have been fine, but no throwing that drama in had me annoyed and distracted.

    10. Zachary Blaise is a twenty something radio personality for a late night LGBTQ talk show He s snarky and funny and self effacing and currently single He mistakenly intercepts a text meant for someone s boyfriend who cheated on them with the other person s sister so Zach assumes it s a girl and that is supported by the texter s name Marian.Marian and Zach end up texting one another several times a day for a few weeks, becoming friends of a sort When Zach meets Marcus, a cute new waiter at his loca [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this book I ve never read any Andi Van before so when I was offered an ARC, I had no idea what to expect Starting with the Unexpected was unexpectedly lovely The writing is smooth and warm, and the love story unrolls in a page turning fest of yum yum ness Hmm, that could just be my experience of reading but I m sure you know what I mean Loved the gender bending bits, both at the beginning and with the surprise ending Nice little mystery going on in the background, but I was enjo [...]

    12. Nice and sweet, but unfortunately a little forgettable They meet, they fall in love, they live happily ever after Right from the beginning you get the feeling this isn t going to be too much drama It is all fun and laughs Then there is the crazy sister She causes trouble, but it is resolved in the end Even the smexy times are minimal So no extra star for that It is just a smooth ride Maybe too smooth On one side there is crazy family members, on the other side there are wonderful parents and the [...]

    13. 4.5Well, I definitely wasn t expecting to like this book as much as I did.The characters and the story had a really good development, considering it s only 200 pages.It wall all so sweet since the beginning The chemistry between them was great.And when they said I love you for the first time I was like

    14. 4.5 starsI really enjoy this book I thought Zach and Marcus were so sweet together and I loved how they first met I loved Zach s family and friends who he considered family, but Marcus family was yeah, you have to read to find out

    15. I don t know what I was expecting with this story, but it turned out to be a lighthearted and fun read with very likeable characters I liked how they met, it was different Even the secondary characters were great.

    16. This is probably a 3.79 rounded upLet me just say the humor, was SPOT ON My favourite author is T.J Klune he can make me laugh like no one else, and it is rare that I find another author that makes me laugh like that.This book though, this book was goddamn close Let me just start with this Go fuck yourself, I told him with a glower The effect was ruined by the fact that I was blushing, but, oh well Zachary, my mother scolded Manners Oh, right Sorry Please go fuck yourself, I amended.So Zach is t [...]

    17. Reviewed for Rainbow Gold Reviews 9 10 pots of gold A copy was received in exchange for an honest review.After reading the blurb, I have to admit, I was downright confused at what was going to happen in this book.It ended up being very unexpected as the title suggests Starting with the Unexpected was a sweet but not sappy contemporary story that begins with misdialed texts and mistaken identities I really enjoyed it.There is little conflict between the main characters that stands in the way of t [...]

    18. I ve never read anything by this author, and I ll be the first to admit that I ll buy if I get bit by cover lust I had insta cover lust with this one And the story jazz hands Zach s my kinda guy He s hilarious and snarky Love me some sass Marcus is the calm to Zachs hurricane, the sugar to Zachs sweet iced tea y all get where I m goin with this Two peas in a pod They re perfect together Wish I could pick em up and carry em in my pocket I m hoping Andi Van will give us lots Zachs and Marcus to r [...]

    19. We have a world record Quit this audiobook at 1 09 min, not hrs Why This lovely line d I certainly wouldn t ever sleep with anyone s sister Ew Yup The good ol gay because women are disgusting trope.Sometimes I feel bad reviewing DFN books but I don t even feel a little guilty here This is too common in m m and I m SICK OF IT.

    20. This book was a lovely surprise I haven t read anything from this author before, but certainly will again if the opportunity arises A truly lovely romance, with a bit of drama and some beautifully done, steamy sex scenes A great read

    21. This was most enjoyable I praise any author who writes gay fiction without falling into the pitfalls of degenerating into the physical aspects of a homosexual relationship So I say thank you for creating fairly believable, loveable characters who show some development in their personalities There is love, self discovery, and growth within these words It took me through a range of emotions on a fun journey wishing that life was actually this fun I don t often enjoy gay fiction, but this was BRILL [...]

    22. Audiobook provided through Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words in exchange for an impartial review This audiobook was so good that I immediately bought all the books this author has written, and I m about to head over to Audible to check out the narrator s work Both the story and Jonathan David s narration of it made me smile, laugh, and chuckle at the upbeat positive attitude of Zachary Blaise, a morning radio show personality When the story opens, he receives a text from someone who is dumping [...]

    23. REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCE4.5 StarsDoes the blurb confuse you Yep, did me too but what a funny, quirky and unique way for two people to meet.The fun and quirkiness is soon taken out of the situation though with the family from hell Zachary and Marcus meet in the strangest of ways but both are at a point in their lives where they need something, and to begin with it is something as simple as friendship They date without really dating but the only two people who aren t aware that they are in [...]

    24. 3.5 Stars When I m not in the mood to write a review the following says why I rated the book the way I did.rt of P5 Stars Given to stories that had me falling in love with the characters or stories where I hated the characters but the author had me hooked For stories that had me so engaged in the plot I couldn t put the book down and stories that either made me cry buckets and or laugh until I cried In short these ones rocked my world 4 Stars Given to stories that I REALLY, REALLY enjoyed readin [...]

    25. 3.5 4 stars This was a cute story Definitely a nice easy read if you need a break from dark angsty stuff I loved how the narrator, Zach, had a clearly defined personality He was smart, funny and had a really quick wit Marcus was also a nice character and I loved the mix up at the beginning that bought them together without any prolonged drama Zach s mum was also a great character A true mama bear The best example I ll paste here made me snort with laughter How on earth did you end up becoming su [...]

    26. I really loved the tone of this book, and the narration fit it perfectly Funny and sweet The drama didn t overshadow the romance, and it wasn t a huge miscommunication or anything stupid like that It was something outside our MC s that ended up bringing them closer together The secondary secondary characters were great as well I loved Zach s interactions with his best friend and with his family, the added stuff with his brother was really nice.I don t have a ton to say, which, coming form me, is [...]

    27. Audiobook version.Atypical M M Romance in that there were no heaping helpings of endless sex every chapter I would give it an extra star for not having an overdose of typical M M erotica, but that would be rewarding it for doing something no M M romance should ever do There is still no plot nor high degree of entertainment value.If I had to read the book instead of just listening while doing other activities I would not have read it but then that goes for almost every M M romance I have listened [...]

    28. Overall book rating 3.8 Stars Audio book Narrator Jonathan David 4 Stars Book Cover 3 Stars MC1 Zachary Blaise Raidio personalityMC2 Marcus WaiterIt started out with a crazy day First Zachary received a text message that was not mend for him and he thought it was a girl it terns out to be Marcus and no girl.There s a lot of CRAZY happening in this book, so if you are in the mood for crazy give this a go LOL

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