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Idyll Threats By Stephanie Gayle, Idyll Threats Clean cut Thomas Lynch is police chief of Idyll Connecticut where serious crimes can be counted on one hand until Cecilia North is found murdered on the town s golf course By chance Chief Lynch met
  • Title: Idyll Threats
  • Author: Stephanie Gayle
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  • Page: 163
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Idyll Threats By Stephanie Gayle, Clean cut Thomas Lynch is police chief of Idyll, Connecticut, where serious crimes can be counted on one hand until Cecilia North is found murdered on the town s golf course By chance, Chief Lynch met her mere hours before she was killed The case should be a slam dunk But there s a problem If he tells his detectives about meeting the victim, he ll reveal his greatestClean cut Thomas Lynch is police chief of Idyll, Connecticut, where serious crimes can be counted on one hand until Cecilia North is found murdered on the town s golf course By chance, Chief Lynch met her mere hours before she was killed The case should be a slam dunk But there s a problem If he tells his detectives about meeting the victim, he ll reveal his greatest secret he s gay So Lynch works angles of the case on his own Without the aid of fellow detectives, he is forced to seek help from unlikely allies a Goth teen and a UFO obsessed conspiracy theorist Meanwhile, he must contend with pressure from the mayor to solve the crime before the town s biggest tourist event opens, all the while coping with the suspicions of his men, casual homophobia, and difficult memories of his partner s recent death.During the investigation, Lynch realizes that small town Idyll isn t safe, especially for a man with secrets that threaten the thing that he loves most his job.From the Trade Paperback edition.
    Idyll Threats By Stephanie Gayle,
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      Stephanie Gayle s latest mystery, Idyll Fears, comes out September 5th She s the author of Idyll Threats Seventh Street Books and My Summer of Southern Discomfort William Morrow She s been twice nominated for a Pushcart prize for her short fiction, which has appeared in Kenyon Review Online, Potomac Review, and Minnetonka Review She created the popular reading series, Craft on Draft, in Boston When not dreaming up fictional crimes, she is often found playing games Her Settlers of Catan skills are exquisite.

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    1. I read a lot of mysteries but I rarely enjoy them as much as I enjoyed IDYLL THREATS It can be wearing to spend time with jaded, self destructive cops with a dark past I tend to avoid that type of main character since it s become such a tired trope Thomas Lynch isn t just different because he s gay and partially closeted , but that certainly has a lot to do with it Lynch s move from big city to small town cop life after a tragedy is another trope I ve seen plenty of times before, but the Idyll P [...]

    2. Hmmm I m not sure about this it was a good crime novel but the M M factor really was non existent I was obviously expecting something different so felt disappointed at the end.

    3. This review and others can be found on BW Book Reviews.Blame Chantel for me reading this She gushed about it, got a legit contact from the author, and then got sent a copy of the sequel that was signed and all that I was just the one watching and being giddy about it with Chantel And she also sent me very shaky pictures of it at first because she was so excited.The basic plot of this book is that Thomas Lynch is new in a very small town that reminded me of home Murder strikes and down the windin [...]

    4. Why did the MC have to be randomly hooking up in a shack no less with some total stranger he d just met when he saw the would be victim Why couldn t he have simply been on a date with another man It would have had the exact same effect on the plot All gay guys aren t slutty, sex crazed heathens running around sucking off strangers and I hate that this is such an acceptable norm in gay themed literature Plus, he s new a police chief In a small town One would think he d be a bit smarter.

    5. A compelling murder mystery introducing a fascinating new detective Thomas Lynch, a closeted gay man on a small town Idyll, CT police force The twists and turns of his murder investigation are compulsively page turning, while Lynch s personal story made me want to slow down and savor every word Stephanie Gayle is an impressive new talent in this genre her first novel, The Summer of My Southern Discomfort, is a great non mystery read.

    6. Sometimes you read a book that makes you want to throw all the confetti and tell people to just go read it Idyll Threats is that book Written in a contemporary noir style, in the voice of Chief of Police Thomas Lynch, this novel is a top notch mystery that not only strings readers along on the investigation of Cecilia North s murder but also in the revelation of Thomas as a man who s hiding much of himself from the citizens of Idyll, Connecticut.The year is 1997 and not much in Idyll is idyllic [...]

    7. 3.5 starsThomas Lynch is the new Chief of Police at sleepy town of Idyll, Connecticut, whose town name is so apt with the number of serious crimes that happen In fact, the last murder there happened seven years ago Then a body of a local girl found at golf course and this is where the complication happens Lynch is probably the last person who sees the victim However, Lynch cannot say anything about that because it will bring his secret to light that he is gay And in Idyll, in 1997, homosexuality [...]

    8. Thomas Lynch is the new police chief in the town of Idyll The biggest case to come to this town in ages is a murder and Lynch met the victim mere hours before she died He s trying to find a way to get people to the cabin where he met her at without disclosing that he was there Telling them that would reveal the fact that he s gay and he s not ready to come out This book deals with homophobia, small town mentality, loss, hope and murder Phew Lynch is flawed but likeable I was a bit taken aback at [...]

    9. I don t normally veer toward crime thrillers, but this one easily breaks those boundaries and becomes a smart page turner and a true character study in the person of Police Chief Thomas Lynch The book wrestles with some dark and true issues, running along at a clipped, sharp space And it can be funny too Highly recommended.

    10. An absolutely wonderful story told in an unusual writing style Very bold, brief, and concise Well developed, beautifully flawed characters that took me awhile to warm up to Solid murder mystery I can t wait to see what else this author writes Highly recommended.

    11. I love Chief Lynch He s my favorite new detective I hope Idyll Threats is the first of many Chief Lynch murder mysteries.

    12. A true crime thriller, with short words, straightforward sentence structures, vivid descriptions, factual details, and, above all, the protagonist s dark humor we don t get to see how Thomas Lynch, our anti hero s narrative voice, draws his conclusions, because that would take up valuable page space Instead, Stephanie Gayle just assumes that we re sharp kids and we can follow along By talking to us as though we are already somehow familiar with her complex protagonist, Stephanie treats us like w [...]

    13. Stephanie Gayle has attempted a difficult trick and, in my opinion, pulled it off She has written Idyll Threats entirely in the voice of a gay, former New York homicide detective, Thomas Lynch, now the police chief in bucolic Idyll, Connecticut.At the beginning of the book, Lynch is profoundly depressed He has not recovered from the death of his partner and friend in New York City, a shooting that derailed Lynch s career, sending him off to rural Idyll He s been the town s chief for seven months [...]

    14. This review and others can be found at BW Book Reviews.My partner in blogging Caidyn also reviewed this book earlier this month and you can find his review here 4 5 It s rare that I step out of my comfort reading zone and read a genre that s completely foreign to me I read Idyll Threats in 2016 and I only read it because the main character was gay To me, a gay protagonist with his own series is incredibly compelling I absolutely adored the book when I first read it and upon a second read, I stil [...]

    15. IDYLL THREATS is an above average crime whodunit with a twist the police chief is gay Thomas Lynch is the new chief in town and wants to fit in with the police department s good ol boys club He is neither flamboyant nor over the top He has assimilated himself in the small town of Idyll, Connecticut and wants to retain the image of his post The murder of Cecilia North proves a challenge for Lynch to keep his identity Author Stephanie Gayle solidly writes with the best in class alongside other mod [...]

    16. Idyll Threats is a compelling, vivid, and suspenseful mystery, but it is also than that I love a good crime novel but I also love novels that delve into the mystery of the human soul Told from the point of view of Thomas Lynch, the new police chief in the small town of Idyll, Idyll Threats is both We learn right away that Lynch is a man with a secret he is gay As the novel unfolds Lynch struggles to keep his secret and solve the mystery of who killed Cecelia North because the two are intertwine [...]

    17. What a fantastic read You can t not love Chief Lynch he s sharp, dry, laconic, and sensitive A former NYPD cop who lands in the small Connecticut town of Idyll, he s not only a big fish in a little pond, he s also a complete fish out of water What s I found particularly compelling about Lynch is that he grapples with the machismo expectations of both his gender and profession, while wrestling to stay in the closet about his sexuality All the while attempting to solve the biggest murder case Idyl [...]

    18. Such a good detective novel The book takes place in a fictional but very realistic small New England town in 1997 The protagonist, a former NYPD detective, has just taken over as police chief and finds himself solving the murder of a young woman He s running a police department, navigating small town politics, and fending off a young waitress, while trying to keep his homosexuality a secret from everyone Keeping this secret could prove to be his undoingIt s lean and mean and moves fast If I had [...]

    19. REVIEW IDYLL THREATS by Stephanie GayleI really loved reading this novel, and I hope for a long, long, long series This is only early May and here is one of my personal Best of 2015 It s so easy to empathize and endure with the long suffering protagonist, a New York City native and long time NYPD detective, who has been the Chief of Police in seemingly bucolic translate racist and homophobic Idyll, Connecticut Very much in the closet, Lynch feels himself all alone, and additionally, disliked and [...]

    20. Thanks to Prometheus Books for the copy in exchange for my honest review.A murder in a small town of Connecticut should be a simple case for Police Chief Thomas Lynch, but it s not that simple He can t admit to knowing the victim without giving up his deepest secret he s gay IDYLL THREATS is book one in the Thomas Lynch series and I loved this page turning murder mystery.When local woman, Cecilia North, is found murdered on the town s golf course Thomas Lynch is on the case As luck would have it [...]

    21. Thomas Lynch is the new police chief in Idyll, Connecticut, a town that is quiet and safe When a murdered girl is found on the golf course, Thomas begins the investigation Thomas transferred to Idyll from the big city after his partner was killed Rick was not only his police partner, but his life partner Thomas is gay and is trying to hide this from the town and his colleagues It is with this in mind that I found it hard to suspend belief when he stops a speeding car in order to ticket the drive [...]

    22. Read this in one day This was SO SO GOOD I just couldn t put it down I don t even know what to say, just everything was amazing The main character who is gay, but it s not all he is and it s a challenge but not a sob story , the cop who is black and how he s dealt with people being prejudice against him in the town but it s not all he is and isn t some sob story , the mystery itself entertaining and fun to follow the clues , just an overall fun ready I m definitely the next one in the series

    23. So I bought this book because I had a airplane flight coming up and just wanted something to pass the time, Sweet baby Jesus did I get my moneys worth This is possibly if not definitely the BEST novel I have ever read It was sooooo good I really don t even begin to know how to write a review for it besides just saying READ IT It was such a well written, developed and enjoyable book that I am currently on vacation in Miami and in between enjoying myself all I could think about was When am I going [...]

    24. Stephanie Gayle s first Thomas Lynch novel, Idyll Threats, is intense and suspenseful, with a brooding, introspective hero It s set in Idyll, Connecticut, a town whose name is ironic and mocking to Thomas Lynch It s a police procedural with a troubled police chief And, in reading it, it s essential to remember that this story is set in 1997, ages ago when it comes to social issues.Thomas Lynch narrates the story of the first murder to occur in years in the small town of Idyll He recently fled Ne [...]

    25. Pushcart Prize nominee Stephanie Gayle s first mystery novel IDYLL THREATS is set in the small town of Idyll in 1997 The cops are ill prepared to solve a murder, given that they mostly deal with traffic tickets and supervising the town festival Luckily, the new police chief Thomas Lynch is a former New York homicide detective His interest in working the murder of Cecelia North goes farther than that, however he was one of the last people to see her alive Revealing how and where would reveal his [...]

    26. Such a satisfying mystery Gayle s first in the series Thomas Lynch, a new police chief in a suburban Connecticut town, has his work cut out keeping his gay identity under wraps while dealing with his grief over the violent death of his former policing partner He and Rick were homicide detectives in New York City for many years and were keeping each other s secrets Lynch feels deep guilt that, for fear of his own exposure, he didn t force Rick to get treatment for a bad cocaine habit In the town [...]

    27. First and foremost, Thank you to Prometheus Seventh St Books for sending me this book in exchange of this honest review I rate this book a 3.75 out of 5 Stars So, this book took me a bit to get into Not due to bad writing, or a bad story line, Because I was intrigued from the start It was just something off, I cannot entirely pinpoint it However once the investigation really took off, and once the deceitful web had started to be weaved, I was completely hooked.The colorful cast of characters, ma [...]

    28. A Joyfully Jay review 4.5 starsFirst, I want to say that I really enjoyed how this book is a Book, with a capital B It s rare for me to stumble upon a title that wholly and unequivocally places prominence on the situations surrounding the characters rather than the romance that might stem from said situations There was rarely a moment where I got caught up in the oh, NOW we focus on the romance part This may be a turn off for some, but I found the suspense aspects how will Lynch scratch the prov [...]

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