Animal Prints

Animal Prints By May Williams, Animal Prints Photographer Ian Kroft s dream is to finish his book on fellow veterans When his father offers him the funds he needs in exchange for persuading a family to sell their farm it sounds simple Then Ian
  • Title: Animal Prints
  • Author: May Williams
  • ISBN: 9781940811277
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback
  • Animal Prints By May Williams, Photographer Ian Kroft s dream is to finish his book on fellow veterans When his father offers him the funds he needs in exchange for persuading a family to sell their farm, it sounds simple Then Ian meets Colette and in a flash everything changes Cherry Ridge Farm is home to Colette s family and to her animal rescue center The slim, gorgeous veterinarian has no intentPhotographer Ian Kroft s dream is to finish his book on fellow veterans When his father offers him the funds he needs in exchange for persuading a family to sell their farm, it sounds simple Then Ian meets Colette and in a flash everything changes Cherry Ridge Farm is home to Colette s family and to her animal rescue center The slim, gorgeous veterinarian has no intention of selling Soon Ian s chasing after her runaway dog and laughing at her jokes, and he knows that if he lets slip his real purpose, she ll never forgive him Ian s torn between his book and his new romance all while his father is clamoring for him to seal the deal.Colette can trust a dog to come back when she calls, but a man Colette s been burned than once Then a sweet, athletic photographer pops into her life and makes her wonder if it s time to picture a new future.
    Animal Prints By May Williams,
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      111 May Williams
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    1. May Williams

      May Williams believes reading and writing are the best forms of escapism Retreat to fiction is her mantra Currently, she s busy working on Two Weeks Aboard the Grand Islander and a new series she s developing with critique partner, Amie Denman May lives happily in a little town on the shores of Lake Erie with her husband, two teenage children, an inordinate number of cats, and one over sized dog.

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    1. This is a sweet story of Ian, a photographer who wants to publish a book documenting returning vets difficulties in adjusting to civilian life He reluctantly agrees to persuade a Michigan family to sell their farmland in exchange for his distant but wealthy father providing funding for the book.After traveling to the property and meeting beautiful veterinarian Collette, whose family owns Cherry Ridge Farm and has no intention of ever selling their land, Ian realizes he needs a new plan find anot [...]

    2. This was an excellent read I got this book free for review purposes, and I must say, it really exceeded my expectations A cozy and refreshingly heartwarming read about a photographer and a veterinarian who meet because his father has ruthless plans to purchase her family s homestead at all costs Once he meets her and her family, and sees the farm however, Ian is not interested in helping his father fulfill his plans, but doesn t quite know how to break it to Colette that their meeting wasn t qui [...]

    3. 3.5 stars This is a sweet, easy read romance starring a caring heroine and a hero who prefers life in pictures rather than words Ian is a man on a mission it s just that he s not completely certain of what it is He starts off trying to win his way back into his father s good graces by getting hold of the land he so desperately wants If he gets the job done he ll also receive funding for the photography book he s making about fellow veterans adjusting to life back at home He s a good man, if a li [...]

    4. Disclaimer I received a review copy of this book at NovelReviewers in exchange for an honest review.I have to admit that, being from the Rust Belt, I m partial to books that reflect its beauty instead of presenting it as a stark and dreary industrial cemetery, full of blight and despair, and without even any natural beauty to redeem itself Williams described the beauty of the Great Lakes state, and did so in a way that elevated the landscape beyond a mere backdrop to an actual member of the comm [...]

    5. Animal Prints by May Williams is a great light and fast paced romance perfect to read in one sitting.Ian travels to Michigan, on behalf of his father, to talk Colette and her family into selling Cherry Ridge Farm Ian is a veteran as well as a photographer who is trying to publish a book that gives personal accounts of veterans returning from war and how they deal with getting back to civilian life His father told him to get Colette and her family to sell the farm then he will provide the financi [...]

    6. First reviewed at Keeper BookshelfAnimal Prints is such a delightful, lightweight, fast paced romance perfect for summer reading.Oh what a tangled web Ian needs his father s financial support in order to produce a book that showcases his photography and veterans returning home In order to get those funds he has to do one small thing convince a particular family to sell their farm to his dad How difficult can that be Colette is a veterinarian, she has her practice and also runs a rescue center fr [...]

    7. This is the story of Ian, who wants to publish a photography book on veterans returning home, and of Colette, a veterinarian who runs an animal rescue on her family farm, Cherry Ridge Ian s father promises to fund his book, if he can convince a family to sell their farm, which just happens to be Cherry Ridge This is the story of Ian and Colette, and their romance How both grow and change their objectives provides a fascinating read The chemistry between them is immediate and only grows as the bo [...]

    8. Hott Review Animal Prints is a cute romance that feels realistic than many romances I ve read It s not snarky or sarcastic There aren t witty conversations Just real people calling in love despite the potential for problems.I couldn t enjoy Animal Prints though because I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop Throughout Animal Prints Ian is hiding a huge secret from Collette that the reader knows will cause a huge conflict The secret made me nervous and I felt let down when it wasn t as a big [...]

    9. I loved Animal Prints so much I love Colette s relationship with her family, I love the quirky pet names and I love her relationship with Ian My heart went out to Ian throughout the whole book, I was pulling for him He was caught between a rock and a hard place, and I think we ve all been there I enjoyed watching their story develop and Colette learn to trust again It s hard to let someone in again after you ve been hurt so much, so I was certainly able to relate there There was some great humor [...]

    10. I m volunteering to take in strays, too, if Ian Kroft can be one of them He seems like a genuine sweetheart Collie is a cutie, too I love how close her family all is and how they close ranks around each other This was a really good love story Sex was mentioned, but not elaborated on I don t mind either way, but sometimes wholesome stories end up lacking enough zing to keep your attention This one was great and the lack of details definitely didn t short anything on the story I hope to read Snow [...]

    11. Animal Prints presents you with lovely word pictures Theauthors descriptions of the scenery on the island, the farm, the town will make you feel as if you are a part of the story You can see every detail described.I loved the chemistry flowing between the main characters The characters were all well developed and very engaging.Each member had their own flavor but at points it all blended together.The past and present were weaved together without difficulty The shenanigans in the story made this [...]

    12. What a great book Being an animal lover I was immediately drawn to the description of the book The story was fabulous and had me staying up all night to finish reading it Thoroughly enjoyable characters and a beautiful romance, everything I look for it a great book I would definitely recommend this book to other and look forward to reading from this author Destined to be a huge success I received this book compliments of the publisher via NetGalley for my honest review and opinion All ratings a [...]

    13. This was my first read of May Williams I am sure it will not be my last.The book started off kinda slow for me but Ian and Colette moved it along after the first couple chapters Colette s family is amazing, loyal, loving and protectors to animals and humans that they love Of course, there are twists and turns in the book everyone has them The moment you figure out what the surprise is it all starts to make sense.Take a trip with these two new love birds and their family ARC courtesy of Netgalley [...]

    14. It was a great, quick read I haven t read many books with veterinarians as the main character and considering my daughter is a vet, it was great being able to identify her similar character traits with Collette The family is so close knit and protective of each other Again, something I could identify with The description of the area where they live makes me want to visit some day I m looking forward to the younger brother s adventure into love with Snow Prints.

    15. Animal Prints by May Williams is an easy to read, maybe a little bit typical, chicklit That doesn t mean the story isn t entertaining, because it certainly is It s funny, sad and at the end you will be rooting for Ian and Colette to get together I m sure you ll end up shedding a tear at the end of the book Animal Prints will certainly bring a smile to your face and will be a perfect book to read on holiday.

    16. Thoroughly enjoyable story I liked it first of all because our heroine Colette is an animal vet At the same time it was sweet and really like reality will he call me, family curious about him, etc but it was also a quick read that I truly enjoyed Can t wait to read the next story by this new to me author.I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own.

    17. Ian knows how to give a compliment, o take good pictures when the subjects are so beautiful Now, it was Ian s turn to catch Colette s eye He can be sweet and knows how to say the right things, I figured out that family is important to you and makes you happy He grinned at her I want to make you happy, too This book was sweet and I enjoyed it, I liked the family dynamic of the book.

    18. I was so excited when I was approved to read this book through NetGalley.May WIlliams has got a huge hit with Animal Prints The story of Colette is a great story about a man who was sent to try and buy a family s farm and falls in love with one of the owners along the way.This was a great, easy to read book with a lot of laughter and joy along the way.

    19. This book was a pleasant quick read I liked both Ian s and Collette s character, and was drawn into the family and Cherry Ridge farm I m interested to see what happens with Adrien s story in the second book.This series was very light hearted, something I would curl up on the couch and enjoy for an afternoon Similar to when I indulge in the romance movies on tv.

    20. This is a wonderfully written tale of romance with characters you grow to care about It s also a story about family and an animal rescue center I really enjoyed it.

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