A Little Familiar

A Little Familiar By R. Cooper, A Little Familiar A powerful witch Piotr Russell has resigned himself to loneliness because ordinary humans can t know what he is and other witches are intimidated by his abilities Generations of Russells have lived
  • Title: A Little Familiar
  • Author: R. Cooper
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  • Page: 177
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Little Familiar By R. Cooper, A powerful witch, Piotr Russell has resigned himself to loneliness, because ordinary humans can t know what he is, and other witches are intimidated by his abilities Generations of Russells have lived and died with only their familiars at their side The presence of a friendly familiar is enough to keep even the loneliest witch sane, and yet Piotr deliberately hasn t chosA powerful witch, Piotr Russell has resigned himself to loneliness, because ordinary humans can t know what he is, and other witches are intimidated by his abilities Generations of Russells have lived and died with only their familiars at their side The presence of a friendly familiar is enough to keep even the loneliest witch sane, and yet Piotr deliberately hasn t chosen one He forces himself to keep busy instead, but the emptiness of his house haunts him even the spirit of Great Great Aunt Elysia in the parlor With Samhain and Halloween approaching, he ll have much to do, and knowing that, his concerned coven seizes the chance to intervene and sends help to his door in the form of Bartleby Dorchester The rarest of rare jewels, Bartleby is a human familiar a witch with no magic of his own, and a desire to find a strong witch to help and serve In particular, he desires to help and serve Piotr, and everything in Piotr wants to let him Bartleby was meant to be his familiar Piotr knows it as surely as he knows when it will rain or when the apples in his garden will ripen But what Piotr wants from Bartleby, all he s ever wanted, is for Bartleby to love him, something he thinks is impossible Russells live and die unloved, and he won t allow Bartleby to feel obligated to spend his life with him as his familiar if he could be happy in love with someone else But Samhain is a time for change, when walls come down and borders grow thin, and Bartleby isn t going to waste what might be his last chance to convince Piotr that they were meant to be He might have no magic, but love is a power all its own.
    A Little Familiar By R. Cooper,
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      I m a somewhat absentminded, often distracted, writer of queer romance I m probably most known for the Being s in Love series and the occasional story about witches or firefighters in love Also known as, Ah, yes, the one with the dragons Feel free to friend me on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr.Twitter rispacooperFacebook thealmightyrisTumblr sweetfirebird.tumblrOr just visit my website to find everything all in one place and also a few Free Reads riscooper

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    1. More like 3.5 Stars Well, 3 stars for some, 4 stars for others, 5 stars for a couple of really great lines and 2 stars for the book cock blocking at the end.So yeah, 3.5 stars overall.I liked this quiet and charming story The characters were very appealing and they really needed to be together for so many reasons I really wish I would have read it around Halloween, it s got the perfect moody feel to it that I ll have to check out during a reread next Halloween.I don t need to have graphic boning [...]

    2. 2.5 Rounding up because even though I m unlikely to re read this there were parts I liked, sadly lost somewhat in the overwhelming sense of longing and UST While I normally enjoy Cooper s writing it didn t pull me in this time, there was too heavy a feel despite the light homeliness of the story The UST dripped from the page where I needed some brightness.At least the first 8% was info dump, tediously setting out the world and explaining how the characters are destined to be together, clearly in [...]

    3. This is a delightful story about witches and Halloween I really enjoy how Cooper writes romantic awkwardness and nervous tension, and both are in abundance in this lovely story Great secondary characters include a raven and a ghost I love this author s writing style and the slow reveal of the history between the two main characters R Cooper s one of my favourites, and I was not disappointed.

    4. 4.5 starsI adored this It hit me hard in the feels I was basically holding my breath through the last third or so of the book.I do want to say that there is a non binary love interest in this, who I read and the text alludes to this as genderfluid I liked the representation it worked for me More coherent review later on.

    5. Short and sweetAside from some grammatical errors and a few spelling mistakes, a lovely gem of a Halloween story Piotr is a powerful witch from a powerful family, isolated and believes himself entirely self sufficient, alone in his ancestral house He never attends his coven s Samhain revels, preferring to stay home and give out candy to kids He s known Bartleby his whole life, a man born to a witch family, but with a different power he s a human familiar, a focus and companion for a witch The mo [...]

    6. I love Piotr for being a burly bear who channels his alphaness into gardening and homemaking and taking care of others And then there s Bartleby, who s brown and genderqueer and taking care of Piotr by allowing Piotr to take care of him.This has all the makings for five stars from me a gruff loner is worn down by a magnetic interloper who winds up being everything the loner refuses to allow himself Buuuut technicalities.For starters, this could have used a copy editor because there s one too man [...]

    7. I really like this Beings world, I only noticed that the misunderstandings formula is present in all of them.

    8. Book ReviewImpressionsMy first introduction to R Cooper s work was the 900 page collection of his Beings in Love His characterizations are what made me a fan of his work Their personalities stick to you long after completing the read The sex descriptive is good although at times, it may not be for the squeamish but the storytelling is superb I m guessing this is the biggest reason R has a compelling fan base But I digress.There s always simplicity in the rhyme of R Cooper s storytelling, the abs [...]

    9. I had a slow start into this book I know there was some reason Piotr is dead set against being with Bartleby, but I just did not get it They where so good together, Piotr obviously adoring, Bartleby dropping hints like cement bags, but neither of them seemed to get the other I just couldn t follow Piotrs motivation and because of that I couldn t relate to him much.I should like this grumpy but caring bear attitude, it s my usual type, but in this book, it did not work for me Maybe because he fel [...]

    10. 4 starsA little different, but I really liked this one It s the kind of book you need when you just want to read about nice people getting an HEA even if was already preordained but one person needed to get out of their own way in order to see what was right in front of them, and the other person needed to use actual words to let the first person know they ve been there all along, just patiently waiting Recommend

    11. I would say this is one of my favorite R Cooper books so far, but I say that about every single one of her books, because she only improves and gets better with each book This one is the story of two male witches a big bear of a man who spends his days tending his garden, cooking, and taking care of people, and a nonbinary guy whose magic lies in helping and whose gender expression varies from day to day He s described as never actually using the term genderfluid to describe himself and never as [...]

    12. The premise of this short M M romance was quite good, with two potentially strong characters.In a romance, though, especially in one where nothing really happens, the author needs to skillfully depict the leads coming together and getting to know each other s feeling.That skill is missing, here.The general tone, especially at the beginning, is didactic to the point of being mildly irritating common Wiccan lore does not need lenthy explanations as most readers can be expected to know it well.The [...]

    13. Excellent, sweet, a little bit of R Cooper at her best I can t believe this was only 0.99 Paid so much for a bunch of crap this year I m glad to see Cooper being herself in this story Piotr is shy, strong and lonely, thinking himself undeserving And Bartleby, like the other half of the romantic pairing in this author s many such stories, is the protagonist who is different, original, sensitive and knowing, and overcomes the inhibitions of his love interest More than plot, however, Cooper offer [...]

    14. This was a fantastic read The characters were wonderful with a lot of personality, the narration itself was compelling and held a lot of emotion, and the pacing worked I certainly wouldn t have minded a longer read just to have a few things elaborated on In fact in certain parts, a little explanation would have been great since it felt rather vague at times But in the end I feel like everything was explained enough without getting too wordy, so there isn t much to criticize at the end I d certa [...]

    15. I liked it It is a little ambitious for the length which led me to feel like I was dropped in the middle of an on going story, but once I got past that, and some editing issues, I really enjoyed the story The secondary characters were a lot of fun Piotr and Bartleby were wonderful together once they finally understood each other I also appreciate that Bartleby s gender fluidity was just a part of him instead of his defining feature A quick, interesting Halloween read.

    16. Disappointing This story was unique and a tad odd Actually it may have been quite interesting if done well but the dialogue is stilted, disjointed and inconsistent I finished it because I rarely stop in the middle of a book but it was a close call The writing was not what I hoped.

    17. Reading A Little Familiar is like curling up on an armchair with a fluffy blanket and drinking a warm, sweet cup of tea It s the kind of book that s best read on a rainy, lazy day It will leave you feeling contentedly blissed out and at ease with the world.or, at least, that s how I felt when I read it Cooper s book is unapologetically domestic, taking place almost entirely within Piotr s home and a cosy, warm place it is An apple orchard out the back, a wooden porch covered in cats, fresh bread [...]

    18. This undid me in the best way Such exquisite tension all the way through to the end, and what a satisfying conclusion Fascinated by this new world I ve been reading the Being s In Love collection I felt I could understand and follow along without too much explanation But am eager to read in it.

    19. Great fall readThis is all sugar and spice and everything grumpy bear meets his match A reluctant bear of a witch and an eccentric human familiar I loved that Pietr loves Halloween and to harvest and bake and All the talk of pumpkin and cinnamon and cider just reAlly gets you in the mood for the holiday season Just a cute, magical story

    20. It was ok The plot seemed promising but the execution wasn t that great The whole story was predictable, there wasn t a real conflict and some how the same sentences were repeated and paraphrased over and over again to the point of becoming annoying Considering that nothing really happened in this story, 20 to 30 pages would have been than enough to cover the whole thing.

    21. The story moves along in spite of the reader s desire to reach into the tale and slam the characters heads together Nevertheless, it is a sweet little story about finding your place in life and in the life of another person.

    22. This was very, very cute and I really liked both characters especially Bartleby and his GNC awesomeness The mutual pining was mayyyyybe a bit over the top, and really could ve been resolved a lot years sooner, but oh well, so cute.

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