Drama Dolls: A Novel

Drama Dolls: A Novel By Jason Tanamor, Drama Dolls A Novel From the author of the critically acclaimed cult novel ANONYMOUS comes a dark psychological suspenseful thriller about love and loss Meet Jeffrey Jeffrey is turning forty He has a good job a lovi
  • Title: Drama Dolls: A Novel
  • Author: Jason Tanamor
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  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Drama Dolls: A Novel By Jason Tanamor, From the author of the critically acclaimed cult novel, ANONYMOUS, comes a dark, psychological, suspenseful thriller about love and loss.Meet Jeffrey.Jeffrey is turning forty He has a good job, a loving wife, and a beautiful house When the love of his life passes suddenly, his seemingly normal world turns upside down.The sudden death, along with his midlife crisis, causeFrom the author of the critically acclaimed cult novel, ANONYMOUS, comes a dark, psychological, suspenseful thriller about love and loss.Meet Jeffrey.Jeffrey is turning forty He has a good job, a loving wife, and a beautiful house When the love of his life passes suddenly, his seemingly normal world turns upside down.The sudden death, along with his midlife crisis, causes Jeffrey to grieve the five stages in unnatural ways He trades in his Toyota Corolla for a Corvette, smokes pot with the neighbor kid, and dresses up in cheerleader outfits with his pals William and Lena in order to feel young and beautiful.William and Lena agree to do whatever it takes to help Jeffrey during his grief, even when it means committing minor crimes such as burglary.All is kosher until William notices a downward change in Jeffrey Distraught by memories of his wife, and despite William s and Lena s best efforts, Jeffrey begins to slowly derail into a dark place that only he could get out of An internal battle with his emotions and himself, Jeffrey takes matters into his own hands to pull through.DRAMA DOLLS is an intimate, dark, psychological, suspenseful thriller about loss and obsession, survival and grief, and the desiring need to take control of your own life DARK, PSYCHOLOGICAL, SUSPENSEFUL WILL KEEP YOU ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT A GRIPPING LOOK INTO THE HUMAN BRAIN PRAISE FOR JASON TANAMOR Tanamor writes like a deformed love child of Chuck Palahniuk and Charles Bukowski who has finally discovered its own voice a promising writer with lots of potential Publishers Weekly.ling in the vagaries of unreliable narration, Tanamor proves himself a master of the existential mystery Small Press Reviews Tanamor has a gift for skimming the scum from the top of a boiling pot of rancid emotion and making you taste it Dark Matters Reviews DRAMA DOLLS IS DEEPLY DISTURBING IT S ELECTRIFYING A PAGE TURNING THRILLER QA WITH THE AUTHOR Q What is the inspiration for this dark, psychological, suspenseful thriller A I saw a documentary about grown men who dressed up as dolls They ventured out in public, running their errands, basking in the attention given to them The dolls thought they were beautiful The perception by the bystanders was the opposite The dichotomy was amazing to see I thought, How disturbing Q Explain to readers what the most difficult part of writing this book was.A The documentary forced me to think, Why Why would a man do this Something triggered this Maybe something traumatic happened Like a spouse dying I love my wife dearly and would probably act out in unnatural ways if she died Creating this story was the hardest thing I had to do ImaginingQ Why are you drawn to this genre A I love stories where the protagonist experiences something tragic When the main character feels, or lives, something that is dark and disturbing, the reader knows, from seeing the character living out on the page, that he has survived another day This gives the reader hope that he will be fine Q What other types of stories do you enjoy A I enjoy everything from psychological horror, fast paced thrillers, dark suspense, stories with lots of action, transgressive fiction, and unexpected plot twists.My favorite authors are Chuck Palahniuk, Bret Easton Ellis, Gillian Flynn, Christopher Buckley, Clive Barker, Craig Clevenger, and Charles Bukowski.
    Drama Dolls: A Novel By Jason Tanamor,
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    1. Reading this book makes you feel really empty, the grief that Jeffery is going through can t help but affect you I have no idea how I would deal with a loss like Jeffery experiences, I expect I would spiral out of control too Jeffery s friends are doing their best to help him deal with his grief, dressing up as cheerleaders and carrying out robberies, but things are quickly gaining momentum and getting out of their control.The book is well written, at times you can see the influence from Chuck P [...]

    2. This is an odd, very bizarre novel, I mean it in a good way of course At first I wasn t sure about it, I was thrown off with who was who and the fact that two of the drama dolls are men dressed up as cheerleaders made it confusing for names Once I figured out who was who I started to get into the story This is a story of Jeff, who recently lost his wife Jeff is grieving but in a different way then most He meets Lena in a counseling group, she lost her husband Jeff has meet William who likes to d [...]

    3. This book had me in two minds Two minds about Jeffrey, about drama, and about extremity Jeffrey is what could be called a normal man who responds in the most normal and suitable manner possible when a spouse dies, by finding the deep end and prancing all over it while doing star jumps Desperate star jumps Mascara stained, crusty wigged star jumps It is a reaction as valid as any when it comes to grief and Jeffrey s spiralling is at the heart of this book.The writing is vibrant, terse, caustic at [...]

    4. Love child of Chuck Palahniuk and Charles Bukowski Maybe One of those children that s stressful to look after because they re clearly surpassing you in every way.Neither Palahniuk nor Bukowski have created characters I ve felt sympathy for To put it mildly Neither have written books I ve enjoyed either Because they are not good writers So that s cleared that up Sure, the narrative is wild, but so is grief, and the protagonist s actions are a metaphor for this Yet the narrative is delivered with [...]

    5. This book is exactly as described Dark, Suspenseful, Fast paced, Exhilarating A very emotional subject to broach and kudos to Jason for ambitiously and successfully doing so with humour.Jeffrey is seriously on a downward spiral and he doesn t care He knows people are pointing and laughing, and still he doesn t care He is coping in his own way And he has his friends helping him to distract from his grief As the story unfolds, quickly, we see how far down Jeffrey is travelling, just to cope.A grea [...]

    6. I didn t know what to expect going into this novel knowing little than it was described as transgressive fiction it had a cheerleader on the cover Well, it certainly fits squarely into the transgressive category and definitely features a lot of cheerleaders but not the type we are used to seeing.Drama Dolls is a slow motion train wreck that right until the last quarter of the book slowly unpacks the layers of reason behind why Jeffrey dresses up as a cheer leader and breaks into houses The narr [...]

    7. This book is like no other book I ve ever read A man who looses his wife ends up with a split personality The empty shell of the man who was left behind and his alter ego a mysterious robber Strange but addictive 4 An advanced copy of this book was given to me in exchange for an honest review

    8. If you want to release a novel that maintains readers interests, it d better have a LOT going on Throw in a car chase, some crimes both of the high and low kind , and some flawed heroes and you ve got the key ingredients for modern fiction Instead of losing his voice amongst conventions and familiarity, author Jason Tanamor puts a signature spin on a high octane thriller and makes it both funny AND intense Now that s a combination that s extremely rare these days In Drama Dolls, Tanamor has craf [...]

    9. Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcenter I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP it is not being reprinted illegally So here s an interesting question for contemplation Is there such a thing as a standard bizarro novel, and is it even possible to have such a definition After all, part of what marks this underground literary genre is that it consists of books that are the most out there out of all of them, strange and cartoonish st [...]

    10. My original Drama Dolls audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.Not sure where to start with this review as I m still processing this book long after I have finished it I am finding it difficult to write this mostly because it was an extremely intense listen This does not mean that I didn t enjoy every minute of this book This is definitely a dark story that starts off a little confusing as you try to digest which character goes with which alter ego, but once it gets [...]

    11. Drama Dolls by Jason Tanamor is a very engaging, and extremely well written book The story, without spoilers, is a psychological thriller about Jeffry who is a recently widowed middle age white collar He is trying to make sense of the world around him following the death of his wife, only to befriend Lena who is also widowed Lena, trying to help Jeffery, and maintaining her high standard life style, asks the help of another friend William The trio forms a burglary team to steal from the houses t [...]

    12. Jason Tanamor s Drama Dolls is a fast paced and hilarious dark comedy that takes you into the deepest parts of the demented psyche One of the things that Tanamor gets right is that he humanizes a man that everyone else might call a freak People are fascinated by strange things and shocking stories Just look at TLC, a channel that is known for producing shows like My Strange Addiction The network is popular and well known because people love freaks They re viewed as entertainment, something to be [...]

    13. A strange but fascinating book Drama Dolls is a very well written story dealing with the unusual way a middle aged man, Jeffrey, tries to deal with the death of his wife, and the slow devolution of his psyche It is poignant and thought provoking, not only dealing with the strange and detrimental effects that grief can have on an individual, but also with themes of friendship, acceptance, depression, intolerance and deviations from the norm Dressing as teenage cheerleaders and hiding behind makeu [...]

    14. This was a beautifully written novel for being such a dark themed story You almost feel sorry for Jeffrey, and you justify his actions because of what he is going through During the course of the plot, readers cheer him on, even though he is robbing houses to keep him sane And although Jeffrey s actions are self serving, readers discover the true reason behind his motives The author does a fantastic job keeping the reader engaged in order to deliver the ending in a way that the reader never sees [...]

    15. The opening of Drama Dolls is executed in a very intriguing and masterful fashion The story begins with two girls jumping on bed somewhat awkwardly without particularly having too much fun doing so, oddly enough The reader soon realizes that they re not quite girls they re dolls rummaging through someone else s private property, treating themselves to things they see of value to them The reader becomes baffled by learning that they re not dolls after all but women wearing cheerleader uniforms an [...]

    16. What an intense novel Tanamor has crafted a tale that comes off as if one is wearing a suit of depression and insanity The whole time listening to this audiobook I felt like I was trapped within Jeffrey s downward spiral This is not a book, this is an emotion One that I could not stop listening to Not only did this book consume my thoughts and mental state while listening to it, but it is also extremely well written The details were masterly crafted, and I was easily pulled into scenes and situa [...]

    17. Drama Dolls A Novel by Jason Tanamor is exactly what its description states Dark, Suspenseful, Fast paced, Exhilarating Described by Publishers Weekly as the love child of Chuck Palahniuk and Charles Bukowski , you can sense a uniqueness and a strong sense of pace in Tanamor s narration as soon as you start reading.The story revolves around Jeffrey, who is about to turn forty when his wife unexpectedly passes From here on, his grief will take him down a winding path with increasingly dark turns, [...]

    18. With Drama Dolls Jason Tanamor manages to deliver a great story about the grief When main character named Jeffrey lost his wife, everything he had crumbled to dust And instead of grief most people would choose, Jeffrey decides to spend time with his neighbor, dressed in a cheerleader uniform robbing houses Completely unusual subject, delivered in a kind of Chuck Palahniuk style, Drama Dolls are type of book you will not forget long after the last page will be read Entertaining, humorous, in same [...]

    19. Jason Tanamor s novel is an interesting and somewhat strange tale of a grieving man who dresses as a cheerleader to rob other people s homes Overall it is a well written story, but there are occasions when Tanamor overwrites and distracts this particular reader out of the tale One such event occurs early on, as Jeffrey Brittney and his friend Barb are making their getaway from a burglary the story momentarily changes POV and briefly latches on to a couple of Chinese restaurant workers having a c [...]

    20. Drama Dolls was a wild, jewelry filled ride It was not what I expected and so the raw emotion and beauty of the main characters took me by surprise Anyone who has ever suffered a loss or felt boxed in by grief will understand the things about this book that make it difficult to describe This book and these characters will stay with you long after you turn the last page I m looking forward to from this author.

    21. This book was an interesting take on dealing with grief However, I found it to be misrepresented It was labeled as a dark, suspenseful, psychological thriller Yes, it was dark but in no way was it suspenseful or a psychological thriller There was no suspense whatsoever It was like a dark contemporary novel about grief and loss It s about a man, Jeffrey, whose wife suddenly dies and the ways he attempts to cope with his grief He and his friends dress up as adult cheerleader dolls and rob houses. [...]

    22. Since Bukowski and Palahniuk have been two of my favourite authors and of great influence over my work, after reading the review of Drama Rolls by Publishers Weekly I was genuinely eager to get started with this one book here promising myself I d be as weel impartial as accurate when it comes to my own review And honest I am, I like the story better, the idea behind it I really do, as I like everything that shakes your consciouness and makes you want to shut your eyes or throw the book away befo [...]

    23. Drama dolls is quite a bizarre novel about how Jeffrey copes with losing his wife Bit of a mixed review with this one I Will be honest it took me quite a while to get used to the name changes and until I did I didn t really enjoy it As I worked out who was who it did get better However, I must say the ending blew me away and definitely made up for what I struggled to enjoy Fantastic twist xx

    24. I was offered a copy of this book in audio format in exchange for an honest review.Jeffrey loses his wife and takea comfort in his little group of friends, who call themselves the Drama Dolls and spend their evenings dressed as cheerleaders to burglarize houses on the market to be sold.It took me a while to get into the story due to the writer s style It was not that it was not told in a correct way, just that it was confusing at times This is the story about how Jeffrey copes with his pain, and [...]

    25. There are books which entertain without making any kind of impact on the reader Then there are books which have a lasting effect on the reader s mind Drama Dolls belongs to the second kind Jeffrey s tragedy is excruciating He is going through a phase which is a reality in the lives of many people The image of suffering is so vivid that knowledge of Jeffrey s trauma will immediately make you want to participate in his friend s maneuvers and attempt to help him A psychological thriller must connec [...]

    26. This Review is for the Audio Book Copy.At first I wasn t sure I would be able to get into this story, due to the grief part, but I soon found out this was a different kind read A different way the grief was dealt with Yes, it has the sad parts but, it also has funny parts hopeful parts and awesome plot twists that will keep you listening The narrator did a fantastic job with telling the story, If your looking for a book that will make you think an make you feel the feels then this is the book yo [...]

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