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The Do-Right By Lisa Sandlin, The Do Right Delpha Wade killed a man who was raping her Wanted to kill the other one too but he got away Now after fourteen years in prison she s out It s and nobody s rushing to hire a parolee Pers
  • Title: The Do-Right
  • Author: Lisa Sandlin
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  • Page: 361
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Do-Right By Lisa Sandlin, 1959 Delpha Wade killed a man who was raping her Wanted to kill the other one too, but he got away Now, after fourteen years in prison, she s out It s 1973, and nobody s rushing to hire a parolee Persistence and smarts land her a secretarial job with Tom Phelan, an ex roughneck turned neophyte private eye Together these two pry into the dark corners of Beaumont, a bl1959 Delpha Wade killed a man who was raping her Wanted to kill the other one too, but he got away Now, after fourteen years in prison, she s out It s 1973, and nobody s rushing to hire a parolee Persistence and smarts land her a secretarial job with Tom Phelan, an ex roughneck turned neophyte private eye Together these two pry into the dark corners of Beaumont, a blue collar, Cajun influenced town dominated by Big Oil A mysterious client plots mayhem against a small petrochemical company why Searching for a teenage boy, Phelan uncovers the weird lair of a serial killer And Delpha on a weekend outing looks into the eyes of her rapist, the one who got away The novel s conclusion is classic noir, full of surprise, excitement, and karmic justice Sandlin s elegant prose, twisting through the dark thickets of human passion, allows Delpha to open her heart again to friendship, compassion, and sexuality.Lisa Sandlin s story Phelan s First Case was anthologized in Lone Star Noir and was later re anthologized in Akashic s Best of the Noir series, USA Noir The Do Right is her first full length mystery Lisa was born in Beaumont, currently lives and teaches in Omaha, Nebraska, and summers in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
    The Do-Right By Lisa Sandlin,
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    1. Wow All should read this perfect literary mystery, set in Beaumont in the 1970s Sandlin has won numerous awards for her short stories The Do Right is her debut novel The Do Right was recommended by professional book reviewer Shawna Seed as an unrecognized stand out among the numerous titles she s read in the last year.If Harper Lee had continued writing, this is the kind of poetic thriller she would have penned Gem after gem of description await the reader Sandlin s feel for the people and theme [...]

    2. In 1973, just out after 14 years in prison for killing a man who was brutally cutting and raping her, Delpha is looking for a job in Beaumont Texas The small southern oil town has no use for Delpha until her parole officer twists Tom Phelan s arm and makes him hire her as an office manager A Vietnam Vet, Tom worked as a roughneck until the unforgiving machinery severed an index finger Unwilling to offer another body part to the cause he has hung out a shingle as a private eye He doesn t know it [...]

    3. This debut crime novel by an award winning short story writer disappointed me Beaumont, Texas, in 1974 is a great setting that Sandlin makes minimal use of Her principal characters are engaging Delpha Wade has spent 14 of her 32 years serving a manslaughter charge She stabbed to death the younger member of the father and son team who raped her The Do Right is Southern slang for prison Her parole officer gets her an interview with Tom Phelan, a novice private investigator who has entered the busi [...]

    4. It s a solid debut work, but I kept waiting for the mystery to start It s like China Town, the movie, than a conventional mystery I really liked the character of Delpha, and the scenes with her are where the author really shines Watching Delpha quietly but steadfastly come back to life after her time in prison is a treat.A side note if you grew up in Beaumont, Texas during the 1970s, the familiarity of the places will blow you away The author s loving descriptions of actual landmarks like the o [...]

    5. FictionLisa SandlinThe Do RightCinco Puntos PressPaperback, 978 1 941026 19 9 also available as ebook , 306 pgs 16.95October 13, 2015The Do Right an old Southern term for prison is Lisa Sandlin s first mystery novel Set in Beaumont, Texas, in 1973, it joins the growing subgenre of Gulf Coast Noir Delpha Wade, returning to Beaumont after fourteen years in the women s prison at Gatesville for killing one of the men who raped her on a dance hall floor, needs a job as a condition of parole Tom Phela [...]

    6. Beaumont Noir, 1973 How can you go wrong And Lisa Sandlin doesn t There s not a false note in this debut novel by a wonderful and seasoned writer of short fiction and nonfiction The East Texas dialogue is pitch perfect, the hapless P.I formula is fresh, Phelan and Delpha are characters you will be happy to have met The setting and the 1970s time frame are meticulously rendered, and while the mysteries here propel you forward large and small, there are a few and they are deftly intertwined the pr [...]

    7. An excellent, fast moving mystery novel with enough literary fiber to float above the fluff A delightful exploration of a very specific time and place Beaumont, Texas, in August 1973 through the experiences of two characters beginning their second acts in life One, Tom Phelan, is transitioning from roughneck to private dick the other, Delpha Wade, emerging from a fourteen year piece in the penitentiary for murdering the man who raped her.

    8. This book was tough to get into and not at all what I expected I stuck with it only for the mere fact that I wanted to see if it would impress me in the end It was pretty anti climactic overall with a two star ending I m shocked at the high reviews for this book thus far Not sure why I feel drastically different.

    9. Some books are almost like time machines They so vividly portray a time and a place from the reader s past that reading them is almost like being there again For me, Lisa Sandlin s The Do Right is one of those books Set in 1973, in Beaumont, Texas, The Do Right is the story of a young woman who returns to Beaumont after serving fourteen years in Gatesville prison for killing one of the two men who raped her Now, if she wants to avoid going back to prison, her parole officer tells her that she ne [...]

    10. Strong characters and spare, terse dialogue mark this terrific tale about Delpha Wade, newly released from prison The Do Right after killing a man who raped her, as she lands a job as secretary to a novice private investigator back in 1970 s Beaumont, Texas Delpha is a terrific character and Tom Phelan, the would be P.I might well become one if Sandlin writes any books about the duo The details of life in a small Texas town at the edge of Louisiana and the complex and hugely satisfying plot see [...]

    11. A book to treasure The writing is beautiful and the characters especially the main ones are brought vividly to life Private eye Tom Phelan and his enigmatic secretary, Delpha Wade who spent 14 years in prison for killing a man who was raping her are wonderful creations and I can only hope that we hear about them from author Lisa Sandlin Tom Phelan is anything but a hard boiled private eye as he struggles for work and to sort out the lies from the truth in a handful of cases brought before his b [...]

    12. It s 1973 and Delpha Wade is fresh out of prison after a 14 year stint for murdering her rapist She arrives at the doorstep of PI Tim Phelan, who originally has no intention of hiring her as his assistant, but Delpha simply starts working, quickly making herself indispensable Then their cases start to overlap, one involving Big Oil, another a serial killer.The main characters in this book are fully fleshed out, and I found myself rooting for Delpha from the very first page Through her eyes, I co [...]

    13. The best part was the cover and the blurb about the photographer and how the cover photo relates to the story I loved that, and the picture.I don t know what possessed me to read this Somehow I think I was thinking it was a happily ever after story, but it wasn t However, I did read all the way to the end.

    14. The Do Right is a surprising story about a young woman dealing with her second chance The story is a puzzle with many intersecting pieces, yet at the same time quietly poetic I hope Lisa Sandlin writes stories with Delpha and Tom If she does, I will definitely read them.

    15. Colleen says, In early 1970 s Texas, with Watergate filling the news, a woman is released from prison and finds a job as secretary for a young P.I This is crime noir at it s best

    16. Summer1973 Beaumont, Texas Hot and sticky Watergate hearings on TV New PI in town with a new ex con secretary Look forward to reading from Lisa Sandlin.

    17. Very enjoyable mystery that was well written and plotted Enjoyable tale of several mysteries entwined to create a a very literate read.

    18. I liked this mystery primarily because I liked its central female character And the male detective was okay as well But it was a bit do goodish for my taste, and I found the plot difficult to follow Still, good vacation reading.

    19. This author can write, there s no doubt about that I did have doubts, however, about the subject matter going in I m not a big fan of books about ex prisoners because they tend to go for the sensationalism In this book, the word prurient turns out to be a big deal, and I suppose it s the word I d use for what I don t like about books about prison but with fascination with the violence and brutality that can take place there as well as the sexual Delpha Wade turns out to be a sensitively written [...]

    20. I loved this book It s the middle of Watergate in the 70s and Delpha Wade just got out of a Texas prison The Do Right is what she calls it after 14 years serving time for murdering a guy who really deserved it but not getting his father also is what put her in prison Her PO, Joe Ford, who is friends with Tom Phelan, gets her a job as a secretary to ex oil rig worker, Phelan, a PI with a new office and no customers I need to tell you what Delpha looks like because they skim over it so fast you mi [...]

    21. Lisa Sandlin has hit a homerun with her debut, The Do Right, a full length novel based on her short story, Phelan s First Case Tom Phelan is a brand new PI working in a Texas port city during the Watergate era of the 1970 s who hires a recently released female parolee named Delpha Wade to work as his assistant Tom is a Vietnam veteran who a hangs out his shingle as a private detective after losing a finger in an oil rig accident He does a favor for a probation officer friend by hiring Delpha, re [...]

    22. The Do Right takes place in the city of my birth Beaumont Texas in 1973 I was eight at the time and not wandering about unsupervised, so I cannot attest to the verisimilitude of every historical detail What I can tell you is that this is a fine novel, written by a talented author.In addition to the simple joy of playing that takes me back while reading about local landmarks The Jefferson, J J Steakhouse etc I found myself really enjoying the story and the characters Lisa Sandlin s novel works on [...]

    23. This book held a darkened core that revolved around the past and present I struggled during the first section between the transitions of what were flash backs and what was reality After reflecting back on the story though, it seems it might have been intentional.This story revolves around a woman just released from prison after fourteen years locked up for a self defense murder She is slowly adjusting to her new freedom and finds a job as a secretary for a private investigator, where she is able [...]

    24. Lisa Sandlin s The Do Right is a suspense thriller and love story But that s not all Be prepared to fall in love with Delpha Wade, Tom Phellan s rough edged and unlikely secretary Prison has done a number on her and if you re like me, you ll find yourself on the edge of your seat at her every encounter or decision, fearing that a slip of the tongue or some dumb turn of fate would send her back to the Do Right Sandlin shows how the pain of Wade s past colors her present with a thick skim of fear [...]

    25. Wow This is the best and most distinctive book I have read in a while Part mystery, part noir Texas in the 70 s, part character study.Delpha Ware has just been paroled after 14 years of prison for killing a man who raped her She finds a job with fledgling P.I Tom Phelan Both main characters are good people, and I found myself really rooting for both of them Phelan is a Vietnam vet, a medic, although that is only touched on in the book Delpha and Tom are an interesting team who give each other pl [...]

    26. The title is old Southern talk for prison but it also has other connotations in the story Set in Beaumont, Texas, in 1973, Delpha Wade is released from prison after serving fourteen years for murder We learn the reason why she went to prison at the end of the book She has a bit of a difficulty renting a place to live because of her past, but eventually finds a place in the New Rosemont Hotel Getting a job is her next hurdle Neither of these hardships are dwelt on, they are just there She becomes [...]

    27. 1973 Beaumont, Texas A story about a young woman parolee that could be compelling but isn t There is no diction, no style of what is expected of southern dialogue There is little tradition More questions than answers are given, and they are not the profound societal questions, but Delpha s parents are never mentioned, not once The story line is convoluted, and gives a third of the plot at least to Delpha, but the author claims though a skype discussion that this was never Delpha s story I m stil [...]

    28. Lisa Sandlin has a certain way of writing a combination of her very distinctive voice and descriptive choices that I find really enjoyable It s in her short stories, and here again in her first novel.I found Tom and Delpha both true, likable characters trying to find their places in the world of the mid 70s in the US, after the hardships of prison and war had limited their choices and their expectations.A cast of enjoyably unusual, but believable surrounding characters, in both mundane and compl [...]

    29. Lisa Sandlin and I grew up in the same town years and years apart Reading this book was, in some ways, like a visit home It was also a really good, dark mystery with lashings of humor or at least it was humor to me I don t know if she will write about Delpha Wade and her detective boss, Joe Phelan, but I hope she does If she doesn t, you need to know that Delpha got out of a women s prison after serving her time for killing a boy who raped her and that she used her native intelligence to help J [...]

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