Planetes Omnibus, Volume 2

Planetes Omnibus, Volume 2 By Makoto Yukimura Geoff Shaw, Planetes Omnibus Volume The award winning hard science fiction saga concludes in this definitive omnibus Hachimaki makes the cut for the Von Braun Jupiter mission but what awaits him past the farthest frontier Back home hi
  • Title: Planetes Omnibus, Volume 2
  • Author: Makoto Yukimura Geoff Shaw
  • ISBN: 9781616559229
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback
  • Planetes Omnibus, Volume 2 By Makoto Yukimura Geoff Shaw, The award winning hard science fiction saga concludes in this definitive omnibus Hachimaki makes the cut for the Von Braun Jupiter mission, but what awaits him past the farthest frontier Back home, his compatriots Fee, Yuri, and Tanabe become embroiled in a war that threatens to trap Earth forever behind a wall of deadly space debris
    Planetes Omnibus, Volume 2 By Makoto Yukimura Geoff Shaw,
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      Makoto Yukimura Geoff Shaw

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      Makoto Yukimura Geoff Shaw Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Planetes Omnibus, Volume 2 book, this is one of the most wanted Makoto Yukimura Geoff Shaw author readers around the world.

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    1. Extraordinary storytelling about astronauts in space tasked with collecting debris in near Earth orbit Fantastic realistic examination of life in space inc politics, emotional mental stresses, as well as the families affected by loved ones being away for extended periods of time Smart intelligent technical facets that implement very real physics astronomy Immensely character focused with diverse cast that candidly depicts emotional, psychological, persona growths Shares important motifs about li [...]

    2. i would read pieces of this before bed, and so it has been a nice, slow journey back into the atmosphere brilliant story and great art one of a kind read.

    3. Top shelf A story not about love or winning, but the human condition No villain twirling a mustachio, no damsel in distress, no knight in shining armor spaceship Also, a good intro to manga to the uninitiated the style of asides and many of the other little things going on in the background of the images One drawback I think it might have lost something in the translation The societal norms and societal history of Japan is so very different As close good as a translation can be, it is never 100% [...]

    4. Powerful The characters grow, develop, get married and we learn their pasts This volume becomes very emotional as the many facets of love are explored Also, the characters struggle with their place in the world when faced with the vastness of space A few new quirky characters keep some humour to temper the darkness I loved the characters and this is one series I ll probably re read Not only a great story but a quality book that will be a keeper for my shelves.

    5. Phew, this was a heavy read, just like the first one, but for some reason I had trouble with it this time Maybe also because we just kept switching between characters and I couldn t follow it all the time Sometimes it was just plain boring, other times it was just gorgeous All in all, still an amazing volume and still a series that I really like and would recommend.

    6. What a fantastic series I loved the pacing and the time dedicated to character development Key themes like exploration, family, love and optimism made this a really heartwarming read, too.

    7. This was a really good read It s great sci fi, but I think what I liked, even , was the commentary on life and the human condition I wish it had been longer I can t help but wonder if the story was cut short for some reason because the last volume felt like an abrupt wrap up of the storyline Still, what s there is a 5 star story view spoiler I would have liked to have read about the return trip and about Hachimaki and Tanabe s relationship when he got back, especially after that last conversati [...]

    8. Planetes 2The continuation, nice to have a background story for Fee and Tanabe, Hachimaki s training for the Jupiter travel Although the end is great, he does get to Jupiter, it felt kind of we are left in the middle of the story All around a very enjoyable sci fi manga with great characters.4.5 stars

    9. Visually still very cool, great second half of the story did a very good job of flushing out characters from the first half, and a pretty solid conclusion, that by noans stops the story universe from existing May have to watch the anime.

    10. Planetes is an amazing, philosophically charged manga It probed so many emotions and thoughts I was moved to read it I m glad I read it, I was thinking of simply passing it because I watched the anime series, but the manga goes way beyond the anime series.

    11. This second half of Yakimura s near future astronaut biopic struggled a bit I disliked the small part involving jocular elements and rolled my eyes as the plot veered into the outlandish taking down terrorists.Caveats aside, the artwork and plot continued to be enjoyable Four stars.

    12. this was good but not greatVolume 1 is definitely much better in terms of story and character progression.i think the anime does a better job creating tension and drama OH and the action but that s not really fair still happy for this though.

    13. Zawsze porusza mnie podr na ostateczn granic Tutaj poza prawdziwymi postaciami i ich relacjami dostajemy wietne sci fi w doskona ej kresce Szkoda, e to ju koniec.

    14. Reread the first two thirds to reacquaint myself with everything It was quite good I should and will reread the two volumes again and soon.

    15. Lots to unpack here Had a quiet ending, but some great chapters and I even laughed a couple times I really appreciate the diversity of Yukimura s characters, also He puts women into his science fiction than anyone else I ve seen so far.

    16. I got both volumes from the library and I m going to have to actually add them to my permanent collection, they are such deep emotional stories with gorgeous space art Everyone should read this epic.

    17. such a great read, with the continuation from the previous volume on the philosophy of life and what you want to with your life this volume showed those plus love The mangaka showed the human side of each character s throughout the series, while they go through the struggles of life in outer space This alternative Earth story is so good you will be engrossed, I highly recommend.

    18. This is a review for the whole series It s hard to argue with a realist novel length graphic novel about humans in space, but I will There s just not much to these characters beyond some familiar tropes, and there s not enough exploration of the technology or the politics of the era to make up for it seveneves covers a lot of the same what if territory and was a lot satisfying for me I mean, how do they pay for constant flights between Earth and LEO That can t be cheap Do we have space elevator [...]

    19. It s been so long since I ve seen the anime I only remember it in outline I think it diverged a bit But the manga is every bit as good as the adaptation By the second volume it s just a repeated gut punch this is a very emotional work without being exactly dramatic The setting is hard sci fi but avoiding genre tropes basically it s about what it means to look to the future both as a person and as humanity in toto Really recommended.

    20. Magnificent, philosophically rich, and grounded in realism The novel hinges on the stories of four characters Volume One told Yuri and Hachi s stories Volume Two, although it ties up Hachi s storyline, is mostly Ai and Fee s volume The final pages perhaps fail to tie all the threads together perfectly, but the ending is still satisfying.

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