A Flame Put Out

A Flame Put Out By Erin S. Riley, A Flame Put Out Selia s saga continues in Book Two of the SONS OF ODIN series As Selia struggles with the harsh reality of existence as the wife of a Viking berserker a devastating loss pulls Alrik deeper into madne
  • Title: A Flame Put Out
  • Author: Erin S. Riley
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  • Page: 158
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Flame Put Out By Erin S. Riley, Selia s saga continues in Book Two of the SONS OF ODIN series As Selia struggles with the harsh reality of existence as the wife of a Viking berserker, a devastating loss pulls Alrik deeper into madness, while a secret Selia desperately wants to keep hidden comes to light, threatening everything she holds dear Is Selia s love for Alrik enough to keep her in Norway Selia s saga continues in Book Two of the SONS OF ODIN series As Selia struggles with the harsh reality of existence as the wife of a Viking berserker, a devastating loss pulls Alrik deeper into madness, while a secret Selia desperately wants to keep hidden comes to light, threatening everything she holds dear Is Selia s love for Alrik enough to keep her in Norway Or will the protection offered by Alrik s brother Ulfrik sway her to leave
    A Flame Put Out By Erin S. Riley,
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      Erin S Riley has an undergraduate degree in psychology and a graduate degree in clinical counseling She is a board certified lactation consultant and has had extensive training in maternal child health Since Erin was a child, she has been fascinated with human nature and what motivates behavior She enjoys reading and writing suspenseful, complicated love stories that take the reader on an emotional journey and end in happy tears Erin is the author of the Sons of Odin Series Odin s Shadow A Flame Put Out and Oath Breakernnect with Erin erinsriley outlook facebook erinsrileyro erinsriley1 twitter

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    1. I m not going to kid anyone, but I was very hesitant to pick up this book I am a picky reader I do not enjoy reading about love triangles and finding out that Selia was an object of affection for two brothers made me shudder as I sympathize with the losing competitor to the point of experiencing heartbreak myself I also do not enjoy reading series that contains the same protagonist in each book No particular reason besides the fact that I find it wearisome and find that often, authors tend to be [...]

    2. I love reading historical Roman adventures and have several favourite authors However, I have never previously found an author writing about Vikings, who equally interest me The original film The Vikings 1958 was one of my favourites as a kid and The current TV series The Vikings is a must watch in our household so you can imagine I am very happy to have firstly found this series of books and most importantly, discovered they are well written and great fun This book could be placed in any time i [...]

    3. This is a great sequel I ll be all over the third.I jumped on this sequel only a few days after finishing the first, so I m already biased I was ready to be entertained And I was not let down.The continuing crazy love dread bond of Alrik Selia is one that kept me turning pages fast enough to finish the book in a day, excited and fascinated by the brutality of Viking culture Like the first book, the lead characters have a developed depth, an unpredictable humanness, that kept me from even trying [...]

    4. Selia has made her choice, to defend her love for Alrik She never forgets Ireland, but it s time to stand up and be the Hersir s wife No matter the consequences.So A Flame Put Out follows straight on from Odin s Shadow, which I read and reviewed back in May click here for the review And I will just say that this series is definitely keeping it s place in my Top Ten indie reads After discovering her mother and Ulfrik were both hiding things from her and manipulating her, she has run back to Alrik [...]

    5. 4 and Stars Berserker s Domestic Violence Snuffs out LoveSet in Norway in 876 and 883, this is book 2 in the Sons of Odin series and continues the story of Selia and Alrik begun in Odin s Shadow Soon after the story begins, Alrik goes a Viking, leaving his pregnant wife, Selia, in Norway where his brother, Ulfrik still wants her for his own A thrall both brothers have had as their bed slave gives birth to a son that Alrick claims as his Once Selia has her own child, she then has two to raise.The [...]

    6. Erin Riley is high on my list of Best authors discovered in 2015.Highly recommend for historical fiction fans but also has great universal appeal After reading Odin s Shadow, the first book in the series, I had high hopes for the second instalment of this series, A Flame Put Out and I wasn t disappointed The troubled relationship between Selia and Alrik continues to set off sparks and their decisions remain the driving force of the story To say any may ruin the story for others The story moves [...]

    7. QUALITY OF THIS SEQUEL HAS NOT DEMINISHED When I read the first book of the SON OF ODIN trilogy, I stated in the review it was one of the best novels I have ever read Upon starting a read of A FLAME PUT OUT, I was curious to discover could the second book in the series be a good as the first, ODIN S SHADOW I must report it is.Erin Riley has the ability to write in a fashion that captivates a reader and makes the reader feel the passion, tribulations and joy of characters as they are immersed in [...]

    8. The first book in this series totally reeled me in, and I m happy to say this was just as well written and interesting I won t spoil anything, but just like with the first book I tore through this in a few days and cannot wait to see how everything turns out in the last book This is a riveting and exciting series, and I totally recommend checking it out

    9. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.Despite what Selia discovered about Alric in Odin s Shadow, she returned to Alric and decided to stay in Norway with her husband.Since Selia s brother, Ainnileas, is at sea, he is unaware of this development He returns with the ship and its crew who expect to be rewarded for their efforts by the elderly Irish man that Selia was promised to before Alric took her to Norway Selia had no intention of telling Alric that the man that she [...]

    10. I received an ARC and here is my review Going into this novel I genuinely wondered how Erin Riley was going to transition into this book but she did it perfectly From the very first page with Alrik and Selia, I was hooked and back in Norway The story started off strong and kept going till the very last page where I was begging for Characters There was such growth amongst the characters that I had to applaud the author for it You can see the different ways each person grew You see Alrik growing [...]

    11. A Flame Put Out is the second book in the Sons of Odin Series This amazing tale begins with Selia returning to her dark Viking warlord husband She knows that Alrik is hopelessly flawed, but because she loves him, and can see the good in him, she returns to Norway Alrik is ecstatically happy when he finds Selia home with him again He warns her, though, that he will never let her out of his sight again Ever Selia is okay with that because she is carrying his child and plans on staying with him, fo [...]

    12. In this second book in the series, Selia walks straight into the devil s grip, as I feared she would at the end of book one Selia is pregnant with Alrik s child Selia watches helplessly as a slave woman tries to give birth to a very large child and dies a terrible death The newborn babe is given to Selia to raise as her own, even as her unborn child grows huge inside her.This is only the beginning of the book, and without revealing any spoilers, let me say that Selia s troubles grow and grow and [...]

    13. This second book in the series continues to follow Selia s story, and when she finally can enjoy her somewhat peaceful family life and starts thinking that all the dangers are behind, her past finally catches up with her Now not only her own life and freedom is in danger because of her husband, infuriated with Selia s supposed betrayal, but her children s as well She has to make a fateful decision to stay with the man she loves, risking her kids safety and future violent destiny, or look for saf [...]

    14. I really loved the first book in this series, so had high expectations for number two I m happy to say A Flame Put Out did not disappoint One of my favourite things about this book is that, as with the first in the series, there is often no clear right or wrong when it comes to the characters behaviour Even though some may question Selia s behaviour at times, Erin Riley always gives a strong explanation so you can always understand why she does what she does This book is so carefully researched [...]

    15. Alrik and Selia, together again When the story begins with Selia telling Alrik that she loves him, I wasn t sure if this was going to be a true romance or if things would go terribly wrong Alrik is not a typical hero He is flawed, and in this part of the series, those flaws became so dark, that it was impossible for me to have any thread of sympathy or empathy for him Selia also grows into a nurturing mother, who matures quickly when danger approaches her new family The growth of the characters [...]

    16. All I can say is wow This is the second book in the sons of Odin series and it truly shows the skill this author has in character development I devoured this book in hours, my heart pounding as I turned the pages to read the outcome of Selia s choices Selia started off in book one as a timid, naive girl and ends book 2 as a woman, a mother that would sacrifice her love for her husband but would never sacrifice her love for her children I don t want to give any plot away because it needs to be re [...]

    17. I received this book in exchange for an honest review A Flame Put Out is the continuation of Selia s story When a mother is forced to choose between her children and the man she loves the choice is clear Selia must fight for her life and the lives of her children She faces danger and betrayal at every turn And she does so bravely I was unable to put this book down I even held it as I was cooking Erin S Riley has crafted a magnificent tale of love, broken trust, and the need to survive She has a [...]

    18. Moving right along in this fascinating Viking trilogy, the second book in the saga delves deeper into Alrik s and Selia s relationship She is still deeply in love with him, but becomes fearful of his berserker rages and intense jealousy, especially fearing for her children Selia has complex relationships with some of Alrik s thralls and his daughter from a prior marriage, her own mother, and an even complex relationship with Alrik s brother, Alfrik It is difficult to take any breaks from readin [...]

    19. I wasn t aware that this wasn t the first book in the series It stood alone very well and I was riveted by the story I got the impression a lot of research went into the writing as I learned a lot during the course of the read.The characters, especially Selia, are exceptionally well drawn Selia walks a tightrope where one slip could cause disaster Despite her care and the protection she gives to her boys, there comes a time when she must make a terrible choice This is a very gripping tale I woul [...]

    20. This is another great book in the Viking romance series What I liked best about this one was the details about the way of living of the Vikings from weddings to taking care of the community when members of the warring party died It s also filled with details about religious beliefs and superstitions The author shows much conflict between Selia s Christian beliefs in the White Christ and her aversion to Odin, although she speaks to any god she thinks will listen Once again, the author has shown u [...]

    21. My adventure in Norway continued at a fast pace in Erin S Riley s second in her Son s of Odin series What makes this work believable are the many layers of culture, character, and detailed world building What I loved the most about this middle book were the relationships between the women in contrast to the relationships among the men that contrast makes the story and keeps me turning pages I ve already started the third book with mixed feelings I want to read it but I don t want it to end

    22. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I am completely hooked on this series love Selia, and the struggle I feel her pain on every page, the characters are compelling and endearing, and I m captivated by the history Can t wait to read the next book Wondering if there will be other books related to the minor characters This is a series I could see myself reading over again.

    23. I am totally hooked on this series I am fully submerged in the bloody, merciless and passionate 9th century world of Selia, Alrik and Ulfrik and I cannot make my mind up who I am rooting for I desperately need to read book three now

    24. One of my favoritesThis will be a book that I will read over and over I can t wait until the next book is released.

    25. I love this series and have recommended it to all my friends I was so giddy and happy at the end and I can t wait to read the next one Simply love it

    26. This is not read in a day, and so hard to put down Very well written, you can t help being drawn in to the adventure Selia and Alrik are very much in love, but Alrik loses control of his anger, which makes it very hard on Selia and their sons They escape from Alrik to Ireland, and I have already started reading the 3rd book to follow this new adventure.

    27. DifferentA very different kind of romance novel but I enjoyed seeing how the main female characters life continued on in the second story Very excited for the third book Really surprised how this book took such a drastic turn, and wondering where it ll go from here

    28. Just as intriguing as book 1 Held my interest from the first sentence to the last Great plot and very well written This is my kind of book

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