The Possibility of an Island

The Possibility of an Island By Michel Houellebecq, The Possibility of an Island A worldwide phenomenon and the most important French novelist since Camus Michel Houellebecq now delivers his magnum opus a tale of our present circumstances told from the future when humanity as we
  • Title: The Possibility of an Island
  • Author: Michel Houellebecq
  • ISBN: 9780307275219
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Possibility of an Island By Michel Houellebecq, A worldwide phenomenon and the most important French novelist since Camus, Michel Houellebecq now delivers his magnum opus a tale of our present circumstances told from the future, when humanity as we know it has vanished.Surprisingly poignant, philosophically compelling, and occasionally laugh out loud funny, The Possibility of an Island is at once an indictment, an elegyA worldwide phenomenon and the most important French novelist since Camus, Michel Houellebecq now delivers his magnum opus a tale of our present circumstances told from the future, when humanity as we know it has vanished.Surprisingly poignant, philosophically compelling, and occasionally laugh out loud funny, The Possibility of an Island is at once an indictment, an elegy, and a celebration of everything we have and are at risk of losing It is a masterpiece from one of the world s most innovative writers.
    The Possibility of an Island By Michel Houellebecq,
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      Michel Houellebecq born Michel Thomas , born 26 February 1958 birth certificate or 1956 on the French island of R union, is a controversial and award winning French novelist To admirers he is a writer in the tradition of literary provocation that reaches back to the Marquis de Sade and Baudelaire to detractors he is a peddler of sleaze and shock Having written poetry and a biography of the horror writer H P Lovecraft, he brought out his first novel Extension du domaine de la lutte in 1994 Les particules l mentaires followed in 1998 and Plateform , in 2001 After a disastrous publicity tour for this book, which led to his being taken to court for inciting racial hatred, he went to Ireland to write.Michel Houellebecq won France s top literary award, the Goncourt Prize, for his book The Map and the Territory in 2010.He currently lives in Spain.

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    1. I don t know This is one of those books that really seemed to be multiple books Here are three of them 1 This book is partly the product of a guy who read too much Celine and wants to talk about girls asses There s a nihilistic streak in which the narrator asserts that nothing matters but fucking, and getting old is the worst thing that could happen ever, and anybody who says anything against that are just fooling themselves FOOLING THEMSELVES While a few of the rantings are funny insightful, o [...]

    2. Full review can be found at the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcenter So before anything else, let s just get this out of the way that if you aren t horrendously and profoundly offended at least once by the work of controversial French author Michel Houellebecq, you re not paying close enough attention Because Houellebecq, see, is what s known as a misanthrope that far from being a racist, or a sexist, or a homophobe, he simply hates the entirety of humanity, every last one o [...]

    3. Apr s Extension du domaine de la lutte, lu il y a quelques mois, je saute par dessus Les particules l mentaires et Plateforme, sans doute les romans les plus populaires de Houellebecq avec le r cent Soumission , et tombe sur ce quatri me roman, La possibilit d une le Autant le dire tout de suite c est un grand roman d sesp r un livre captivant, l criture fluide et enroul e assez loign e du style plat de son premier roman , qui m a tenu en haleine jusqu au bout.Houellebecq y m le plusieurs fils n [...]

    4. Houellebecq is another writer in the grand French school of misanthropy, in the shadow of its master, C line, but making every effort to cast his own The Possibility of an Island is, I think, his best work to date bleak, brutal, funny, revolting, tender and, in the end, ineffably sad The world of Houellebecq is one of cratered streets, perpetually in the dark because its inhabitants continually and maliciously put of the street lights to impair the ability of others to proceed safely.The story i [...]

    5. I thought again of Daniel and, for the first time, I was tempted to pity him, without, however, respecting him.If someone would have suggested to me that the novel, as a genuine art form, was dead, that it had effectively died in the 80s sometime or, at the very least, it had been in what amounted to a slow, wasting coma since then, and would never really emerge, and we may as well flick a switch and be done with the whole fucking thing I would have found very little to argue agin im Now, howeve [...]

    6. Middle aged and misanthropic and suffering from a rock hard cucumber in the pants Introducing the novels of Michel Houellebecq This one experiments with SF concepts alongside its middle aged misanthrope having lots of implausible sex plot the protag in this case a bile spouting gagmeister as our antihero secures himself immortality as part of a sex tourist cult during his post midlife crisis As in his previous novels, the sex is usually erotic and depressing at the same time and the prose touche [...]

    7. J tais, je n tais plus La vie tait r elle La possibilit d une le The Possibility of an Island A word of thanks to L onard Gaya for his recommendation The book was an interesting challenge The kind of book I thoroughly enjoy I have to admit that in a world of readers divided into J adore Houellebecq and J l ha s , I find myself on the adore side I may tire of him some day, as there is a bit of repetition in his message, but he writes with wit, intelligence and, to a great extent, I agree with his [...]

    8. The day I took this out from the library, a greasy man in reflective sunglasses, floral shirt unbuttoned to reveal curlicues of revoltingly masculine chest hair, meowed at me as I stood frowning beneath a sticky sun.I feel, upon reading this book, as though he were the author.

    9. I was recently in a class where the teacher was talking about how meaning is derived from literature through subtext Most literature in the past generated subtext in opposition to cultural norms or censorship imposed by the author or society A classic example might be Hemingway s story Hills like White Elephants, which deals with abortion only subtextually because stories about abortion were simply not written at the time.So the question becomes In a society where nothing is taboo and everything [...]

    10. Qui sait ce qu est le vrai bonheur, je ne parle pas de ce mot si galvaud mais de cette terreur nue M me aux mes esseul es, il appara t voil Et les plus tristes d entre nous en gardent toujours un souvenir ou une illusion Joseph ConradLa derni re chose laquelle je m attendais en lisant les trente premi res pages de ce livre, c est que je lui attribuerais quatre toiles Mais la v rit est l j ai vraiment aim ce livre C est mon premier Houellebecq ne sachant trop par o commencer je pensais d abord li [...]

    11. The first great novel of the twenty first century written by the only writer living today who really matters Houellebecq in the year 2005 did what Aldous Huxley did in Brave New World in 1932, except that Houellebecq s characters are so much well defined, real and wacky utterly our age This novel, like Les Particules Elementaires goes off on crazy philosophical tangents in which the narractive stream of the novel disappears and we are subjected to bold and controversial critiques of the safe le [...]

    12. The species have reached immortality Through cloning and the propagation of historical memories But the time of the humans is over It is the age of the neo humans, clones without joy and grief, without neurosis, without community, without sexual desires Only a lifetime of reviewing and of analyzing the life of the human from which their DNA came A lifetime of isolation, except for a pet A lifetime of pseudo touch through electronic communications A lifetime of reflection and contemplation When t [...]

    13. J up mn nev m, co k t to knize napsat, jak ji ohodnotit.Na jednu stranu obdivuju autorou v estrannou vzd lanost, na druhou stranu mi to dost asto lezlo na nervy, jeliko tato kniha byla sp e pov dan m s minim ln m d jem Ale pokud z toho vyhlod te onen d j, tak dostanete zaj mav v sledek op eden nem n zaj mav mi my lenkami o smyslu ivota a mezilidsk ch vztaz ch a jak jsou pro lov ka z jak ho hlediska d le it Ov em k tomu se dostaneme a ke konci knihy DNebudu lh t a koliv mi popisovan sex v knih ch [...]

    14. Reading negative reviews of Houellebecq novels is a good way to be amused for about five minutes, because, aside from the rare honest ones where the reviewer frankly states they just didn t care for him, it s pretty obvious that most of his detractors know that something is going over their heads, but they can t admit out loud that they don t get the joke I say that as a confirmed fan, but I just don t see how it s possible to give this bleak, hilarious, passionate, misanthropic novel a fair rea [...]

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    16. I want to first start by directing attention this article Ever After by friend Miles Klee This book is discussed along with the whole contemporary question of immortality And really that is where this book starts It s most interesting facet is the cult that the character a practicing nihlist from what he tells and shows Daniel, or Daniel1, becomes a part Rather than the focus being on a God gods mystical forces, it focuses on the looming intrigue of immortality from a secular science question Ca [...]

    17. dass michel houellebecq einen der faszinierendsten und f r mich berzeugendsten science fiction romane geschrieben hat, den ich je gelesen habe, hat mich sehr berrascht die m glichkeit einer insel erf llt jedenfalls fast alle kriterien, um einer der besten romane in diesem genre zu sein, den ich kenne.die hauptfigur daniel erz hlt in diesem buch ihr leben, das aufgrund von grundlegenden revolutionen in der menschlichen gesellschaft bis in die weit entfernte zukunft reicht locker aus dem handgelen [...]

    18. Mo nost ostrova je asi p t kn ka co jsem etl od Hulibrka a je stejn jako v echny ostatn Nic jsem nedok zal, st rnut stoj za hovno, j jsem kokot, v ichni jsou kokot, prc n je skv l , ale n kdy taky kokot a cel z padn civilizace se ene do kokot ch pekel Tentokr t do toho p im chal je t lidi z budoucnosti, ale to m moc nebavilo, vlastn m to docela sralo Je ov em stra ideln p edstavit si, e lidi nebudou m t emoce v tom p pad budou vypadat jako moje star , kdy do sebe na upe Xanaxy na leti ti A to ne [...]

    19. When I started reading this book, I didn t really know what kind of story I was getting myself into However, I have seen a couple of interviews of Houellebecq, I was intrigued by his eccentric aspect and misanthropic comments Which is really the minimum one needs to know before venturing in his books Because Houellebecq is the kind of authors who welcomes their readers with a set of punches, one after the other, until they can t take it any, that s when the real thing begins His provocative comm [...]

    20. Magnum opus my ass Houellebecqa m m rad, ale tady pl c p t p es dev t Trochu Program pro p e iv , trochu Adenin, klasicky hodn prc n a zase ani jeden tank.Hlavn hrdina je komik, trochu star , lehce obtloustlej, sp nej a bohatej P i ten se mi vybavoval po ad Louis CK, tak e pocud dobr N kde vyprcava, pak sou tam dv osudov eny a tak d le a tak d le Pocud dobr Z nudy se p id k sekt , kterou n kdo zalo il z prdele a kterou te v ichni berou v n Pocud po d dobr.V sekt je ale geni ln v dec, kterej najd [...]

    21. La posibilidad de una isla es lo que pasa cuando metes en una licuadora Las part culas elementales y Lanzarote La primera era una novela muy buena con un temita sci fi no muy bien integrado, el segundo es un cuento largo donde aparece una secta Aqu desde la primera p gina est puesta la premisa y solo un muy corto entendimiento podr a acusar a este libro de una mala estructura narrativa dos l neas temporales se unen mediante el an lisis que Daniel24 hace de la vida de su antecesor, Daniel1, ambos [...]

    22. There is not a single thing that I enjoy about Houellebecq and it s not all his fault.The Possibility of an Island is extremely depressing The main characters compress life into one single drive of pleasure sex Life is one giant ball of suffering, with only the pinpricks of light that sex brings The moment you get older think forty fifty ish , there is no reason for you to live, since you re old and no one wants to have sex with you Because of this particular ontology, the book is obsessed with [...]

    23. Va ina postapo sci fi vych dza z premisy, e ak sa loveku vezme jeho intelektu lna a du evn nadstavba, oslobodia sa jeho pudy nato ko, e sa z neho stane zviera Houellebecq t to premisu celkom svie o oto il, tak e z loveka, ktor mu sa vezm pudy, sa st va inteligentn rastlina.

    24. Houellebecq sv m ten m p ipravil postmodern eintopf Obs hne mnoh styly od sci fi dystopie, p es psychologick rom n a s ravou satiru k t m erven knihovn a neboj se zpracov vat velk t mata A ekl bych, e kniha je tak dosti autobiografick.

    25. Jak zwykle trafna diagnoza naszego spo ecze stwa pod wi kszo ci obserwacji mog abym si podpisa , ale jak zwykle te troszk si nudzi am.

    26. La possibilit d une le est le premier roman de Michel Houellebecq que je lis mais c est s r qu il ne sera pas le dernier L criture incitante et provocatrice, ou, comme l auteur lui m me le dit singuli rement d capante a, peu pr s, tout ce que je cherche dans un livre quilibre compositionnel, ma trise du fil narratif, finesse stylistique, bref, une image qui ressort du tapis pour emprunter la fameuse m taphore de Henry James la fois claire et compliqu e, reposante et bouleversante, lumineuse et o [...]

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