A Tiger's Treasure

A Tiger's Treasure By Terry Bolryder, A Tiger s Treasure This tiger detective is about to discover the greatest treasure of all Carter Cunningham is all about duty As a detective for the city where he and his brothers live he has dedicated his life to prot
  • Title: A Tiger's Treasure
  • Author: Terry Bolryder
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Tiger's Treasure By Terry Bolryder, This tiger detective is about to discover the greatest treasure of all Carter Cunningham is all about duty As a detective for the city where he and his brothers live, he has dedicated his life to protecting both humans and shifters alike in need of help, and tracking down the killers that would do them harm And as a tiger with incredible strength and razor sharp senses,This tiger detective is about to discover the greatest treasure of all Carter Cunningham is all about duty As a detective for the city where he and his brothers live, he has dedicated his life to protecting both humans and shifters alike in need of help, and tracking down the killers that would do them harm And as a tiger with incredible strength and razor sharp senses, he s the perfect shifter for the job But all of this work hasn t left much time for him to think about finding a mate That is, until the most beautiful woman he s ever seen comes into his life As his new partner Amy Cassidy isn t normally one for workplace romance, but her new partner Carter is hotter than words can describe, the very definition of tall, dark, and handsome, with piercing green eyes that make her melt inside So when a series of life threatening events brings the two of them close together, she sees no reason why she shouldn t listen to what her body wants, even if her heart may still be set on a goal far different than what her partner can understand But when the chemistry between them goes beyond mind blowing sex, Amy is forced to reconsider her motivations for why she became a cop in the first place And in the meantime, Carter will do whatever it takes to protect the woman that he is fast realizing is the one for him whether she knows it or not Even as the demons from her past are threatening to engulf them both.
    A Tiger's Treasure By Terry Bolryder,
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      Terry Bolryder

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    1. This read was just ok for me Nothing overly memorable, and quite preditable I will still likely give the next book in this series a try Thankfully it was offered as a kindleunlimited.

    2. 3 1 2 STARSI feel the world building in this series is continuing, but I left the book with questions unanswered I don t know if I am disappointed after the first book was so promising or just ok, since this is a common theme I have while reading Ms Bolryder s series Well, I am off to read the third book in the series, here s hoping for 4 STARS fingers crossed

    3. Treasure of the HeartThis is a fun read Sure there are some dark moments but the strength of the two main characters carried the day Carter is a serious, focused, tiger shifter who is a police detective His new partner Amy is an alpha wolf shifter She s searching for answers to her parents deaths, but it becomes clear it s a dangerous mystery to solve Carter is determined to be impersonal and entirely professional with Any But as the dangers around Amy increase, Carter finds his tiger only wants [...]

    4. I enjoyed this book much than I did book 1 I felt there was plot this time than the previous story in the series It was fast paced, sweet, sexy, and had some action I liked both the main characters equally and also like how the author added in a little tidbit with the dragons I m looking forward to reading in this series

    5. A Tiger s TreasureCarter is a detective on the police force Amy is his new partner She has a hidden agenda She is looking for the shifter that killed her parents Carter realizes she is his mate but she is a wolf shifter that thinks she has to mate an alpha wolf OMG this book is so full of excitement, hot sex, and surprises.

    6. I love Shifters I Truly do love Terry Bolryder s shifters They are sweet, loving and crazy in love with their mates Their mates can make them mad, crazy and very vengeful when it comes to protecting them I love all her characters in all her books

    7. Big brother has his hands full with his new partner Amy I loved the circling these characters did and how honesty made their ride WAY smoother I couldn t put it down Seriously I should be sleeping right now.

    8. Another good read, where we find out about our tiger brothers And find action, drama, an mating I would totally recommend this book and series.

    9. So rare tiger shifters have dragon blood in them hmmmm interesting I guess that s why Carter always felt like AMy was his treasure and he wanted to treasure her forever such a good short read.

    10. ENTHRALLING SIZZLING ROMANCE A TIGER S TREASURE Enthralling romantic story.This story features Carter a traffic stopping gorgeous, sultry, powerful tiger shifter and cop Amy, a curvy, audacious, beautiful alpha she wolf and cop.What you ll find in this story a cast of remarkable impressive and engaging characters, astonishing story line, phenomenal banter, thrilling scene descriptions, gripping suspense, life threatening incidents, mystery, pent up rage and desires, dragon shifters, a secret abo [...]

    11. Reviewed at Haunted BookshelfAmy Cassidy is a female Alpha wolf shifter with an agenda There is a very personal police case that she wants answers about Little does she realize that even now, years after this particular case was marked as closed, guilty people never let a cop s interest in an old case go undetected or without repercussions.Carter Cunningham is a rare tiger shifter He and his brothers had pretty much given up the search for mates, well one brother was lucky enough to find his mat [...]

    12. Carter is a rare tiger shifter He spends his days focused on his work as a police officer and a secret agent of the dragons who watch over the shifters It hasn t left him time for romance Amy is his new partner and she is a wolf shifter She makes his tiger think of much interesting things than work Amy is working on a very personal case and it leads to Carter feeling very protective over her His tiger wants to claim her regardless of whether it would be a good or safe choice for either of them. [...]

    13. Terry Bolryder is a awesome writer when comes to her critters She can write awesome bear stories, awesome tiger stories, and if truth be told I bet she can write some awesome dragon stories too Time will tell Terry tells a story here about a tiger and wolf and their relationship as co workers.Carter Cunningham is a tiger shifter who is also a cop by trade Tiger shifters are rare and he is also working for the dragons, so his cop job is low key, his partner doesn t even know his a cat shifter bec [...]

    14. Betcha thought K9s and felines don t mix Well if you are a tiger shifter and she is a alpha wolf they do and is it hot This one has intrigue, action, did I say steam , and not only wolves and tigers but big boss dragons That s right, we get to revisit some of those Dragon s in charge we loved so much.Carter has been a cop for a while It works right in with his real job of helping the Dragons keep the supernaturals in line Now with his new partner, Amy, there is He knows what she is, but she doe [...]

    15. THE 2nd TIGER BOOK IS BETTER THAN THE FIRST I am so glad I took a chance on book 2 of Tiger Protectors series This book had detail in the characters and their emotions annnddd we meet The Dragons I got a much better feel for Cal and Amy than I did for Jace and his mate I am now looking forward to the 3rd book about Kel I like the humanity of Terry Bolryder s shifters They suffer some of the same weaknesses and insecurities that we do I really enjoyed that about the characters So often, shifters [...]

    16. A Tiger s Treasure by Terry Bolryder.3 out of 5 stars.Carter has just got a new partner when his old one retired after years of service at the police precinct She s a wolf shifter called Amy She s also very distracting to him with soft, beautiful curves on her and sweet smelling hair.But Amy isn t aware that Carter is a shifter, she just thinks he s a large, strong human that is magnificent at his job It s for this reason that she s dismissed him as being the one she s after in her investigation [...]

    17. Carter is a police detective His partner, Amy is an alpha wolf female The story starts off with them entering in to a house where a suspected serial killer might be The action is fast and furious Both partners are confused by the feelings they have for each other and both are hiding secrets Amy knows Carter is a workoholic with no outside interest She also thinks he is a human and alpha wolf females are expected to mate with other alpha wolves Carter is a tiger shifter who hides that he is a shi [...]

    18. I was hoping the second book would be better than the firstbut it was another meh story As a new to me author, I was going to give her work a shot, but neither book were a good paranormal read The higher rating than normal is because I saw so much potential in her writing The Tiger brothers intrigued me and I was hoping for some good story build up with action and mates finding each other The stories are short and the intent for them to be paranormal was due to the fact the MC s were shifters bo [...]

    19. I don t know if it s just because I ve read almost all of Terry s other books but I kind of felt like I could have written this book myself That isn t to say I didn t enjoy it The MCs were likeable, the HEA was satisfying, and there were fewer editing mistakes than in some of her other books The plot I guess takes a bit of a back burner to those elements Also, dragons I m pretty sure these 2 weren t any that we ve seen before, even though they seemed really familiar I m not sure either where thi [...]

    20. This book was given to me for an honest review Book 2 in this series is about Jace s book 1 brother, Carter A cop with a female partner, Amy Amy is secretly trying to find the killer that took her parents and feels the department is covering something up After nearly being blown to bits with Carter, a call to the dragons is put in There they find some interesting tidbits and the killer Once they are back and working together as partners, pretending the sparks didn t fly hot between them, their e [...]

    21. Thrilling shifter romance with a ton of mystery and suspense, you really get hooked in the first paragraph Carter is a tiger shifter working for the dragons, as a local cop Amy is an alpha wolf shifter who is out to find answers regarding her parents death Amy is also Carter s new partner, but does not know that he is a very rare tiger shifter Lies may be just the thing that tear these two apart, but together they must try to stop a hidden evil out to destroy Amy Will they be able to fight again [...]

    22. Prize possessionCarter, such a sexy name or a sexy, hot, all man, well tiger shifter cop that has captured his partner s eyes Amy knew being an alpha female wolf was a rarity and she was destined to mate with an alpha male to keep the bloodline strong Never in her right mind would she be or should be attracted to a mere human She didn t find out tigers existed let alone dragons until he came to her rescue What s one night of passion between partner s Well in their case all chaos breaks loose Suc [...]

    23. Carter and AmyThis is the second book in the tiger shifter series and I must say Terry Bolryder you have done it again another great story Carter and Amy are detectives working together Amy is trying to find out who killed her parents and Carter is trying to protect her However, Amy doesn t need or want Carter s protection what she wants is than she or Carter think they cannot give to each other This was a good story and to find out I recommend you read it.

    24. Too Honorable A TigerThis is Book Two in the Tiger Trouble series Carter and Amy s story was O.K A little disjointed at times, but nevertheless a good read I would have loved to have heard Carter s telephone conversation with Jace It would have added a little humor I wanted of Kel, but guess I will have to wait for his story in book 3 I am hoping Tor and Perry have their story I definitely look forward to Kel s story I want his story to be hotter.

    25. Great readGreat book couldn t put it down Two brothers down one to go I loved the story line e two strong willed people shifters Both driven by their past,yet so insecure with their emotions I loved how the past was brought full circle love this series and how it is evolving This author brings her a game every book This is a definite must read if you like shifters,cops,and dream of dragons.

    26. RomanticForbidden love of an alpha tiger and alpha wolf.Amy is now a cop her parents were killed when she was younger.She d vowed to find out what truly happened to them.She is assigned a partner,Carter who is a tiger shifter Thing begin to heat up between them Nothing permanent can come of their affair She needs a wolf shifter to continue the bloodline.As they continue to look into her parents death someone doesn t want them to find the truth.

    27. Please write Kel s story I loved the character of Amy She was strong and formidable and her man couldn t get enough of it Carter character was a prefect match for her He is a man totally secure in his manhood Not at all threaten by a woman like Amy I love the fact that she could be vulnerable with him I need to see what type of woman you match with Kel Please write Mel s story

    28. Carter is a cop not looking for love because of what he is and,does Amy is an alpha wolf looking to find an alpha male wolf to please her murdered parents dreams and hopes When Amy meets Carter she thinks he s a human and wants to find out what shifter killed her parents so long ago When they discover the truth can they give up what their hearts are wanting.

    29. A TIGER S TREASURE TIGER PROTECTORS BOOK 2 By Terry BolryderGREAT SECOND BOOK IN THE SERIES _ I m ABSOLUTELY LOVING THE SERIES The storyline with her ability to weave a suspenseful story that also brings her terrific characters together with plenty of steamy passion I recommend you check every book so you re enjoyment is complete

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