Operation Bear: Part Two

Operation Bear: Part Two By Sedona Venez, Operation Bear Part Two In the wilderness he ll battle to protect his mate Bear Armstrong is a leader who specializes in the tactics of war The shifter has been set up with every single woman his special ops team could find
  • Title: Operation Bear: Part Two
  • Author: Sedona Venez
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Operation Bear: Part Two By Sedona Venez, In the wilderness, he ll battle to protect his mate Bear Armstrong is a leader who specializes in the tactics of war The shifter has been set up with every single woman his special ops team could find and it takes being in the woods hunting down one of the most dangerous wolf shifter packs before he could find her alluring human Raven Holiday Raven is everything BearIn the wilderness, he ll battle to protect his mate Bear Armstrong is a leader who specializes in the tactics of war The shifter has been set up with every single woman his special ops team could find and it takes being in the woods hunting down one of the most dangerous wolf shifter packs before he could find her alluring human Raven Holiday Raven is everything Bear wants in a mate, but there s just one problem Why the hell would fate finally bring his mate, only to have her be his kinds sworn enemy Operation Bear, Part Two is the second book in the Bear Elite Saga, a series of adventure packed shifter romance tales If you like steamy love scenes, heart pounding romance, and piles of sexy shifter secrets, then you ll love the latest romp from author Sedona Venez Buy Operation Bear today to fall for this latest shifter tale
    Operation Bear: Part Two By Sedona Venez,
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      This is a pseudonym for T.L Clarke.Sedona Venez is a romance junkie with a dirty mind She lives in New York City with her hot ex military hooah hubby and their furbaby She loves writing hot, sexy, complex stories about strong but broken characters, pushing boundaries, overcoming their fears and risking it all for loveGN UP FOR Sedona s NEWSLETTER FOR LATEST NEWS Just copy and paste the following link into your web browser eepurl cvJK_HCome by and visit her She loves to meet new readers Website sedonavenez

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    1. CAPTIVATING AND ROMANTIC OPERATION BEAR PART 2 I adore series, you get acquainted with all the awesome characters, and the characters in this series are powerful, sultry, exhilarating and full of unforeseen surprises.What you ll find in this story a cast of remarkably impressive and engaging characters, phenomenal banter, fabulous story line, dynamic scene descriptions, camaraderie, gripping suspense, life threatening incidents, emotions spiral, gut wrenching moments, heated passion, and a concl [...]

    2. Couldn t wait to get my teeth into this,Raven is still running and Bear is still watching her every move,trying his best to keep her safe from Price and his pack.There is something off about the way Price is operating the hunt and throws questioning about his end game.Hurt and infection setting in Raven gets cornered by some of Price s pack she gets bitten before Bear and his men get her out of there.Can Bear keep on his mission and find out what he needs to know about Ravens heritage.I loved t [...]

    3. I liked this second part a lot We get to know information about Bear and he and Raven interact in this book which is hilarious So are the other bears New questions come up Who is Raven Why do the wolves want her so bad I d love to learn about the protectors also I really want to read part 3 and have my questions answered and see Raven and Bear get together.

    4. AwesomeContinue from first part of Raven running from the wolves And being saved by Bear the bear shiftters The Wolves plan to kidnap her

    5. I received this book as an ARC for an honest review This book is not a stand alone but part of a series you need to read book 1 first to understand what is happening in this book.In this book we find that Raven is still alive after her first night on the hunt but is growing weak due to lack of food and proper warmth but she is not giving up She doesn t know why she has been chosen but knows she must use all of her survivor skills to survive everything that is happening to her During this time Ra [...]

    6. Raven is on the run from the wolf pack Trying to stay ahead of them is taking everything she has With a snow storm on the way she doesn t know how she is going to survive Seeing bear prints then seeing a bear Raven is starting to think it is a dream Bear is keeping an eye on the human His bear is grumbling to be released to go protect her Bear never thought his mate would be a human He is doing his best to just keep an eye on her and let what happen just happen When Raven gets injured he soon fi [...]

    7. I received this for an honest review I am sure Raven Holiday is kicking herself over and over about taking Price and his men out on this trip in the forest Now here she is finding herself being hunted by a bunch of wolf shifters She is running for her life She knows that the bear of her dreams is stalking her She thinks this is just another problem she has to add to the mix.Bear Armstrong is waring with his bear His bear sees Raven has a mate and wants to protect her They will do whatever it tak [...]

    8. I want my own BearOk so book two picks up where the first one ended Raven is still on the run from Josh and his pack, now she knows they are wolves she is fighting to survive Unlike most people Raven is a fighter but there s something about her and it comes in the form of her birthmark it s one for protectors Which I would love to know about.Anyway Bear is trying to keep his inner bear under control but it s becoming harder as he wants Raven Finding out what Josh wants with Raven is priority an [...]

    9. I received this ARC from the author in exchange for a honest review OPERATION BEAR Part Two by Sedona VenezRaven Holiday is running for her life from Price and his pack of werewolves When she s injured she becomes delirious and feverish, she is struggling and becoming weaker Raven s not sure whats real and whats not, including her bear company Bear Armstrong and his special ops team have been watching Price and his pack track down Raven As leader, Bear has a job to do and is quiet happy to use h [...]

    10. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Part Two Bear and his elite team are following Raven through the frozen lands in Canada while the wolf shifters continue to hunt her Bear is still denying his link to Raven even though his bear is trying to do everything to protect her from the enemy he is hunting and her dire situation Bear only wants to capture these wolf shifters and bring them to justice Never mind that the wolfs are on his pack s land, participating in an [...]

    11. I received this book as a arc for my honest opinion I need , omg so good Raven us a human who works for a company that does stuff for rich ceo s like camping, sky diving extreme stuff like that She gets hired for a month long trip but turns out that they are werewolves and are doing THE HUNT , which has been banned for years, killing humans is not cool Bear who hello is a bear, work for the government in a shifter division He has his two buddies are out to stop the bad guys, problems one she s h [...]

    12. After reading Operation bear one, I could not wait for OB 2 but unfortunately it did not leave up to my expectations as it dragged on for a bit I have mixed feelings about this novella as it did not have the same gripping intensity as part one There was not enough exciting things going on to keep me engrossed and was very disappointed I wonder if this is a trick by the author to keep us wondering if the riveting scenes will be back in part three, because I really missed it and hope that is the c [...]

    13. In part 2 Bear finally accepts the fact that Raven is his mate, but there is something strange happening with Price Bear was sure that Price was on the Hunt and that Raven was his prey, but things have taken a different twist and it turns out that Price and his pack want Raven alive to deliver to a mysterious person Who is Raven really and why does someone want her Bear is not going to let anyone get their hands on his mate.Raven is torn, she has finally accepted that Bear and his friends are th [...]

    14. Still Pretty Good Bear Raven officially meet as she is delirious because she got injured an infection as she was still trying to escape the rogue werewolves After Bear, Grant Cutter get her wound patched up she leaves again only to be suddenly surrounded by 3 of the rogues just as they were going to attack her both Grant Cutter in their bear forms start to protect her But while 2 of the rogues were ganging up on one of the 2 bears the other rogue went around just as the other bear bit Raven on t [...]

    15. Well well it s so wonderful when you find an author that can keep you wanting and guessing and that s exactly what this wonderful lady has done, her second is every bit as good as the first.I received this as an ARC for a honest review and I can honestly say that it was wonderful It kept us guessing as to the out come, it is different to some others in this genre, it is full of shifters actually in there shifted form, which I love I really can t wait for the next part of the series, my only grip [...]

    16. This is a wonderful series and a wonderful book Great writing, Sedona Venez Raven is in serious trouble She is stuck in the forest in Canada running for her life from a pack of werewolves Bear and his team of bear shifters are out to capture the leader of the werewolves, but at the same time, Bear is having strong feelings about Raven I love how strong a character Raven is, and I love all the teasing that goes on amongst Bear s team, also known as Clown Bear, Kinky Bear, and Grumpy Bear I receiv [...]

    17. Bear is supposed to be on a mission, not finding his mate in a human Raven is fighting for her life in the wilderness These two don t even get a proper introduction at first, but he can t help but be drawn to her The wolves are not just hunting her, but plan to take her back with them to someone else, but for what reason This does end in a cliffhanger I can t wait to read part 3 I want to find out what is going to happen next.Also really hoping that there might be in the future about the other [...]

    18. This is part 2 of Operation Bear and after getting to the end of this installment I m not sure if I love or hate Ms Venez This one ended on a major cliffhanger, which although the first one ended abruptly it was not as bad a stopping point as this one Now I can t wait for the next one to come out so I can find out what happens As I was reading this one it and was just settling in, everything looked like it was starting to come together and them bamok over If you are looking for a series to keep [...]

    19. This was a great follow up to book 1, Book 1 must be read in order to understand and follow the story line While not totally satisfying my quest for answers from Operation Bear part one, part two does Bring Bear and Raven closer to their HEA, while still leaving lots of unanswered questions for the 3rd and final novella I believe I would have enjoyed this mini novella as a complete stand alone book Sedona has done a good job in fleshing out her characters and their responses to each other and t [...]

    20. I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review by author Sedona Venez This is part 2 of the series Bear Elite by the author.Raven survived the night from the werewolves who were hunting her but she was having a hard time because of the cold and no gloves or food Starting to see things Raven encounter a couple bears and gets pissed as time goes on Bear was still trying to figure out why Price and his werewolves wanted with the human When he helps her again and sees the mark on her arm thi [...]

    21. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.The story continues as Raven escapes and is found by Bear after she is injured He takes her to his camp and they fix her wound but she is afraid of them and leaves Bear is fighting his animal who insists she is his mate Bear also finds out that she is a rare protector She is found and bitten by one of the wolves but the bears jump in and rescue her Raven finally admits her feelings for Bear and Bear is awaiting information from the person he [...]

    22. Bear is still fighting his instincts to protect his mate He has a mission and Raven may be the key to getting his enemies once and for all He has to decide how far he is willing to go and how much he is willing to risk.Raven is a very strong woman and she does not give up I admire her courage in continuing to fight for her life.Most of the shifter romances features mates that would never turn their back on their mate and let them be at risk so it is a different kind of story.I really am enjoying [...]

    23. Great readRaven in the middle of a Canadian forest running for her life from Price and his pack for The Hunt Out on her own with nothing but the clothes on her back She is fighting a losing battle form Price and the Snow Storm brewing When Bear finds her weak and hurt she vows to help her and let her on her way because he is Herr on a Mission and that mission is the capture Price and his rouge wolves but his enter Beast wants it a mate and Raven is his mate But her pass may have something to do [...]

    24. OMG This is a really great part 2 of the bear Elite Series, Operation Bear The plot has thickened and taken a twist Bear has fallen for Raven Raven is injured, but not out while surviving the hunt so far Price has made a mistake talking on a sat phone He lets the cat out of the bag about wanting a shifter war and Raven Will Raven be able to continue in her escape Will Bear discover who Raven really is I can t wait to read part 3 I give this one a 5 star rating.I was given this ARC in exchange fo [...]

    25. I got this in exchange for an honest review, I am a fan of this author as well as shifters a lot I was happy with part 1 and could not wait for this one like the first one it was so amazing and mind blowing the action suspense thrill mystery twists were great I liked how things are revealed in this and ho there is much to be known and said between all the characters so captivating and addictive I cant wait for the next one and I recommend this to everyone

    26. This is the second book of this series As soon as I m finished writing my review, I m reading the third right away I don t give away spoilers however, a huge question remainswho is Raven I love the chemistry of the characters I also was laughing, literally, laughing out loud Raven is such a strong female Loving this series Start reading now if you love shifters, great suspenseful storylines, and or strong characters I promise that you will not regret it

    27. I was given an ARC of this book for an honest reviewPart 2 starts off right where one ends, I love this series Bear, Cutter and Grant are Great and Raven is hysterical, I LOVED when she smacks bear in the muzzle lol, although at the time she thinks she is delirious, like part one it ends with a cliffhanger but I know I will be continuing on with this series and highly recommend it I also can t wait to see what is up with Price and Boyle and the whole protector thing as well

    28. Raven is still running for her life from the wolves and Bear and his team are trying to ad her but when she gets hurt and new information come out their ad becomes protecting her But they don t know why the wolves what her so badly Great story I love the action and fun parts Now it looks like the mystery is coming into play I can t wait for the next book Highly recommended Book gifted for an honest review and I honestly loved it.

    29. Keeping ahead but with help she doesn t know aboutI want and need the next book now please Raven is on the run from a group of wolf shifters The special group of Bear shifters are watching the wolfs, awaiting their chance to take into custody the main guy and try to prevent a war But why her What s so special about Raven and why can t Bear the bear shifter stop wanting to protect her Looking forward to the next installment of the series Great story.

    30. Great story Missed Part 1 and will have to go and read it ASAP Raven is being hunted by Werewolves in Bear territory Bear, Grant and Cutter are tracking Boyle the wolves Raven is not afraid of Bear and winds up with Bear, Cutter and Grant Raven is a protector HEA MMM so much to find out Who were Raven s parents, why was she abandoned, who wants her I was given an ARC for an honest review.

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