Eric Clapton: Motherless Child

Eric Clapton: Motherless Child By PaulScott, Eric Clapton Motherless Child None
  • Title: Eric Clapton: Motherless Child
  • Author: PaulScott
  • ISBN: 9780749950569
  • Page: 143
  • Format: None
  • Eric Clapton: Motherless Child By PaulScott, None
    Eric Clapton: Motherless Child By PaulScott,
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    1. Disclaimer While I aim to be unbiased, I received a copy of this for free to review.Motherless Child is presented as the definitive biography of Eric Clapton , and I ll be the first to admit that it gives you a great insight into his life and his career, although considering it was published in 2015, the last decade or so seems a little bare That said, Clapton s getting on a bit by now, and he s also started to settle down.It s also well written and well presented, and it s obvious that a lot of [...]

    2. Much readable than Clapton s autobiography Fills in the holes, tells the story from an unbiased position which of course isn t possible when one tells his own story But still covers nothing new Just leaves you with feeling of how messed up Clapton really was Of course, that is all behind him Uses the autobiography as a major source Hopefully Clapton really is as boring and content and fairly normal as he comes off in this but I still have doubts He was such a mess, a hateful person, with all ki [...]

    3. This is a most comprehensive look at the life of Eric Clapton Tight storyline, well written, and inclusive of other musical personalities of the times, but I closed the book at last with an odd feeling of mourning The Eric Clapton I know and love may be a product of those times and experiences, but I was happier before I knew what went into his music I love what it has become, however, so I will hush Read this book at your own risk.

    4. A book about a mother blaming, woman hating man written by another man that continues to enable this thinking Neither the writer or subject have shown any insight into the bigger picture of Pat being born into a very religiously conservative patriarchal system that stole babies from young women, and enforced the cutting off of ones emotions after the effect, let the effects of this severed attachment on the child All the wounds of patriarchy What hope did Pat have of ever being a loving mother t [...]

    5. 1st star for complete coverage of Clapton life since birth to 20152nd star because its Eric Clapton and I wanted to know about his life s journeyNO 3rd star because of poorly written storyline and narative it was very boring to read at times and I actually had to skip a few partsNO 4th star very few personal thoughts from Eric on his life and feeling, its a book that just connects the dots within the time frame like police report with very few quotesNO 5th star because it is a life story that sh [...]

    6. Maybe it s just my love for biographies or maybe it s Scott s gift, but it was a sheer nice read Although it wasn t that clear with emotions author was honest to the extent of criticising Clapton for his behaviour and life s choices and yet his music is anything he needs to be thought of better I loved it even though I knew of most of Clapton s history Never before, however, was it served in that manner Shocking, emotional and honest That s the blues

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