Tal vez mañana

Tal vez mañana By Colleen Hoover, Tal vez ma ana A los veintid s a os Sydney lo tiene todo el novio perfecto un futuro brillante y un bonito apartamento que comparte con su mejor amiga Pero todo cambia el d a en que Ridge su misterioso y atractiv
  • Title: Tal vez mañana
  • Author: Colleen Hoover
  • ISBN: 9788408150275
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tal vez mañana By Colleen Hoover, A los veintid s a os, Sydney lo tiene todo el novio perfecto, un futuro brillante y un bonito apartamento que comparte con su mejor amiga Pero todo cambia el d a en que Ridge, su misterioso y atractivo vecino m sico, le advierte que su novio la enga a con su mejor amiga y Sydney debe decidir qu hacer con su vida S lo con lo puesto y sin recursos, Ridge la acoge en su cA los veintid s a os, Sydney lo tiene todo el novio perfecto, un futuro brillante y un bonito apartamento que comparte con su mejor amiga Pero todo cambia el d a en que Ridge, su misterioso y atractivo vecino m sico, le advierte que su novio la enga a con su mejor amiga y Sydney debe decidir qu hacer con su vida S lo con lo puesto y sin recursos, Ridge la acoge en su casa y no deja de sorprenderla Sydney vibra cuando l toca sus hermosas melod as y, aunque el coraz n de Ridge est ocupado, l no puede ignorar que ha encontrado a su musa Cuando finalmente se den cuenta de que se necesitan, entender n que los sentimientos no pueden traicionar al coraz n.
    Tal vez mañana By Colleen Hoover,
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    2. Ridge should take some advice from Mr Depp.I ll be honestis book made me shed some tears.tears of frustration I guess it all boils down to if you enjoy this type of plot And I personally, hated it And now I want to burn the memory of ever reading this book from my brain Maybe I should give it some props since it made me feel albeit they were negative emotions.I should start off by saying that I hate love triangles With a passion So maybe I was already prejudiced going into this book If I hate lo [...]

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    6. Sydney did go through all of these emotional states because of Ridge.I m not saying that it s a bad thing but there sure was a lot of drama in this story I didn t see much of the exterior world or even the music industry It almost felt like Ridge being apart of a music group was not even the reality since not much actually proved it, except for him playing guitar, writing songs and sharing some related info with his brother who was in of the group as wellRidge is a good guy, really He s loving, [...]

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    10. This love triangle is different from others I have read because there isn t a villain or an unworthy person in the equation All three characters feelings are equal and relevant and although we are only privied to two povs throughout the story, the third person s side is felt throughout It s not so easy when you re trying to win a war against the heart Ridge is a work at home computer guy who song writes for his brother s band Sounds of Cedar He is in a five year relationship with Maggie, a gorge [...]

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    15. 3.5 They can t all be a winner starsI m sad I didn t love it but oh wellOk now don t get me wrong this book was written great and I still love me some CoHo, but this was not by any means my favorite CoHo bookMaybe its my fault for not reading the blurb bc I didn t care since it was a new CoHo book but I actually considered DNF because I saw where this book was headed and its one of my pet peeves Nothing in my life has ever felt so good, yet hurt so achingly bad I kept hoping that the heroine wou [...]

    16. Originally posted at Stay BookishHere s the thing I m a huge fan of Colleen Hoover a tremendously HUGE fan I m in love with everything she writes and I d basically buy anything she puts her name on Colleen is high on my favorite author list and I ve adored every single one of her books, especially this latest one, Maybe Someday.Saying I was excited to read Maybe Someday would be quite the understatement I basically counted down the days until it was released and no one would ever understand how [...]

    17. Go get it amzn 1i6jCev If you ve read this already, go HERE for the epilogue written in a secondary character s POV Password is the last word of the last chapter of the book 4 STARSWithout a doubt, this book dealt a powerful blow to my feels and is one of the most emotionally charged stories I ve read this year Whenever I see a Colleen Hoover book, I know to brace myself for a story that builds up in intensity and showcases unique plot twists Her stories are always so well written at least for m [...]

    18. I inhale read this in one sitting I highly recommend listening to the soundtrack along with the book This is for fans of the slow burn, angst filled romance This book deals with a delicate situation in a realistic and complex way I adored it.

    19. 4 Beautiful Stars Sydney finds out that her boyfriend of two years is a cheater so she accepts help from her neighbor, Ridge Ridge and Sydney connect trough music and soon very strong feelings starts to develop between them But life always gets in the way and things aren t always easy there will be major obstacles, hearts they don t want to break and heartbreaking beautiful songs Let me just start by saying that I love Colleen Hoover She is an amazing writer and there isn t one book of hers that [...]

    20. dnfmaybe someday i ll find a fuck to give about this book and finish it so fucking boring goodbye book you weren t good enough now in the trash you can go

    21. 2 STARSPeople don t get to choose who they fall in love with They only get to choose who they stay in love with.Well if there s one good thing I can say about Colleen Hoover at this point in my reading canon, there is something about the way she writes that allows me to finish her book in a day There s an ease in the way she tells a story, a manner that keeps my attention even when I don t like what is going on I can t seem to look away, even when half the time I m alternating between wanting to [...]

    22. Well I guess I m the odd duck here because I didn t like this The only reason I m rating it 2 stars and not 1 is because I did like how it ended, mostly I completely lost respect for Ridge with his treatment of both women Mostly Sydney, though.

    23. 2.5 starsI m slowly beginning to think that Colleen Hoover just isn t for me I don t understand the hype behind her whatsoever The only good thing about this book was that it was fast paced That, and it had a cool twist that would be a spoiler to tell you, but if you ve read it, you know what I mean and I really liked that aspect of it But this book was just entirely too angsty I hate that cheating is such a common trope used in New Adult, and although it may be realistic, it s OBNOXIOUS If you [...]

    24. Once again Colleen Hoover just blew my mind Loved this book so much Even though I was in conflict while I devoured this whole This story was amazing Review to come I have the songs ready HURRY please I went a little Griffin crazy Downloaded all the songs I can t help it I immediately associate him with HOLDER This YouTube video links it all swoonyoutu EYRsy3gePcII m wondering how many of the 10,000 plus views are MESwoon Swoon Swoon Favorite author everrrrrrr and the face of Holder with the voic [...]

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    26. That moment when a book is just SO WRONG IT IS BEYOND YOUR ABILITY TO COMPREHEND HOW IT EXISTS Humans, this book is one big huge splat of contradictions In my opinion If you love it, good on you I m not trying to have a go at anyone of course But when a book is about a girl who finds her boyfriend cheated on her and runs out crying into the rainy to be rescued by a boy who has a girlfriendd they proceed to cheat together I find this irony a sickening, b wrong, and c just waaaay beyond my ability [...]

    27. 5 AMAZING STARS It s you My heartwants you OMG I don t know what to say except that this book was amazing I loved it so much,I honestly couldn t stop reading it I cried,I laughed,my heart was broken and then in the end I was happy There are so many emotions This book make me feel like I m a part of this book This is one of the best book I ve ever read This one will stay with you forever In this story we have a love triangle but it s so different there isn t a bad person whom you will dislike.My [...]

    28. So beautiful and amazing I was a little unsure through the middle but I honestly adored it Wow.

    29. Ugh, screw everything I have previously said about this book I LOVE IT WITH ALL MY HEART I will do a full review of my present thoughts ASAP.

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