The Marriage of Mary Russell

The Marriage of Mary Russell By Laurie R. King, The Marriage of Mary Russell When Mary Russell and her long time mentor Sherlock Holmes decide to marry in early it s a practical decision merely an extension of their partnership right No romantic nonsense for these two O
  • Title: The Marriage of Mary Russell
  • Author: Laurie R. King
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  • Page: 298
  • Format: ebook
  • The Marriage of Mary Russell By Laurie R. King, When Mary Russell and her long time mentor Sherlock Holmes decide to marry in early 1921, it s a practical decision, merely an extension of their partnership right No romantic nonsense for these two Only, this simple arrangement soon begins to go sideways, and.
    The Marriage of Mary Russell By Laurie R. King,
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      298 Laurie R. King
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      Edgar winning mystery writer Laurie R King writes series and standalone novels Her official forum is THE LRK VIRTUAL BOOK CLUB here on please join us for book discussing fun King s 2018 novel, Island of the Mad, sees Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes travel from London s Bedlam to the glitter of Venice s Lido,where Young Things and the friends of Cole Porter pass Mussolini s Blackshirts in the streets The Mary Russell Sherlock Holmes series follows a brilliant young woman who becomes the student, then partner, of the great detective click here for an excerpt of the first in the series, The Beekeeper s Apprentice The Stuyvesant and Grey series Touchstone The Bones of Paris takes place in Europe between the Wars The Kate Martinelli series follows an SFPD detective s cases on a female Rembrandt, a holy fool, and Click for an excerpt of A Grave Talent King lives in northern California, which serves as backdrop for some of her books Please note that Laurie checks her inbox intermittently, so it may take some time to receive a reply A quicker response may be possible via email to info laurierking.

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    1. Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes got married at the end of A Monstrous Regiment of Women Not much detail is given to the act More a statement that they did get married.This little novella tells the story how it all happened And, it s a glorious story, with both humor, seriousness and a trigger happy cousin Say what You just have to read the story to find out On a side note, I have read The Murder of Mary Russell and there are parts that brought a smile to my face thanks to the knowledge of the s [...]

    2. A great short about an event that fans have been asking about for years So nice to get the story And a beautiful segue so many little hints woven in to the newest in the series The Murder of Mary Russell.And now I really want to go pick up A Monstrous Regiment of Women again, just to read that dock scene one time.

    3. So I read the first nine ish books of the Mary Russell series, but eventually fell away because I grew tired of Mary and Holmes spending most of the books apart from each other And not seeming much like a married couple at all.This seemed like maybe it would address some of these objections But not really I don t feel like it added much to the series You still don t get much of them as an actual couple And this is addressed, kind of, in a great line about their affection being a private thing Bu [...]

    4. Such a treat to read this e book about the marriage of Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes Both such serious, practical people who go about the business of marriage exactly like you d expect them to, almost There are lovely surprises and background material about Sherlock s past existence as a mere boy I loved this hole being filled in for the couple that I ve come to adore.

    5. This is classic Mary Russell Sherlock Holmes interaction Poor Mary always has to be on her toes around Holmes The story gives some interesting backstory, and things come together nicely at the end I ve fallen away from the series a bit I got frustrated that Holmes and Russell were apart so much, but I think that I enjoyed this enough to pick it back up again.

    6. A fun and fluffy account if a fairly major event which received far too little attention in previous books I ve felt a real lack of Mary and Sherlock as a team let alone a married one in recent books so this treat hit the right notes for me.

    7. Delightful I particularly enjoyed how Mary worked so hard to convince the reader, and herself, that she wanted to marry Holmes purely for rational reasons She failed as they are clearly in love.

    8. I love Mary Russell She takes everything that is good about Sherlock Holmes and just makes it better This was a fun, short read and I loved every sentence.

    9. Charming short story of the marriage of Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes A must read for fans of the series.

    10. The Marriage of Mary Russell by Laurie R King is a terrific little short story details the actual act of marriage between Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes that in the series only gets a passing mention Though initially what seems to be logical arrangement, this short story gives us a glimpse into the true hidden emotions shared by Holmes and Russell.For newcomers to the Mary Russell series, and seriously if you have never read one of these books and consider a mystery or Sherlockian buff, then y [...]

    11. A fun short story that answers the long time questions of when and where did Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell get married It also has some nice tidbits that go along wonderfully with The Murder of Mary RussellI was hoping for a bit in regards to their relationship something along the lines of Busman s Honeymoon by Dorothy L Sayers, but any long time reader of the series knows that any romance is very much between the lines I still enjoyed it though And I think it hinted very much towards a book [...]

    12. It s a short story, so there s not much to say, other than I enjoyed it It was fluffy, yes, but, again, it was a filler short story I especially enjoyed that there was a lot of internal monologue from Mary, as I ve always liked her tone than any of the action sequences in King s writing Mostly, though, this was soothing balm it was good to see Russell and Holmes as a couple again, since any sort of couple like interaction was sorely lacking from King s last novel Alas, there was not, however, e [...]

    13. I m never the world s biggest fan of short stories in general, mostly because they always leave me wanting tend to feel a bit insubstantial and overall unsatisfying, but this was a fun little thing, with plenty of humour and a dash of adventure.Plus it got me back in the mood for Mary Russell coming up in a scant month or so, which is never a bad thing.

    14. This is as perfect and as lovely as it could possibly be For all of you who love this series, you must, must, must read it, as soon as possible.I do wish they had had rings, though.I also listened to the audiobook, which is even perfect, if you can imagine that.

    15. Worth the wait Brilliant story, Holmes is at his finest and Mary was her usual self Beautiful marriage that fits perfectly within the Russell Holmes world created by Ms King The little chapel sounds perfect, almost a pity the story doesn t bear at least one illustration.

    16. d now I know the rest of the story It is a quick read and much appreciated information Who knew about the romantic Sherlock Recommend

    17. This is feels like a Valentine to loyal readers of the series a 40 page short story that fills in the previously offstage scene of Holmes and Russell s wedding It s not the best entry point I d read books 1 and 2 first to let Laurie King get you over the unlikely premise of the pairing between young adult Mary Russell and old adult Sherlock Holmes I m very distrustful of May December romances as they so often feel patriarchal but King s Russell is absolutely the equal of Holmes The writing style [...]

    18. I never thought I d ever say this in connection to a Mary Russell story what a delightful romp I absolutely loved this novella and the interaction between Russell and Holmes, one that is really different from the novels but equally pleasant I ve had it on my kindle for a while now ever since it came out, actually, but it wasn t until today that I thought to get to it I m actually a little disappointed that I ve read it now, because the anticipation of the novel is gone But the enjoyment is still [...]

    19. I never tire of Sherlock Holmes stories and Laurie King s Mary Russell is just so wonderful Reading this short story made my day I ve actually introduced one of my 8th grade lady readers that loves Holmes to Laurie King She was so excited A fictional character over a century and half old can still bring such joy to readers everywhere My only disappointment it wasn t another 500 pages long

    20. This was a short story that gave a lot of fun insight It falls right after the second book There are many references to events in the first and second books, although it was written several years later If you re reading this series, I recommend that you read it shortly after you finish the second book It is very short and only takes about an hour to read.

    21. I m not sure how I missed reading this before, but I m glad I spotted it in kobo.These stories are a source of pure happiness for me I love Mary, I love her relationship with Holmes, and I love their extended cast of family and friends This story has all of those things and so it makes me happy.

    22. Now we know A predictably intriguing story, as it must be, coming from Russell and Holmes.As it is also included in the story collection entitled Mary Russell s War, it may be seen by some as an unnecessary separate purchase.

    23. More pleaseSince I ve had to read this series as it becomes available, I am nearly through all the books when I ve just read this one What a lovely story that leaves me wanting a longer version with details

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