Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie By Mª Isabel Sánchez Vegara Elisa Munsó, Agatha Christie Agatha Christie es la escritora inglesa m s le da de todos los tiempos Sus novelas han sido traducidas a m s de cien idiomas y su obra Diez Negritos es uno de los diez libros m s le dos de la historia
  • Title: Agatha Christie
  • Author: Mª Isabel Sánchez Vegara Elisa Munsó
  • ISBN: 9788490651940
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Agatha Christie By Mª Isabel Sánchez Vegara Elisa Munsó, Agatha Christie es la escritora inglesa m s le da de todos los tiempos Sus novelas han sido traducidas a m s de cien idiomas y su obra Diez Negritos es uno de los diez libros m s le dos de la historia Con sus peculiares detectives, sus enigm ticos casos y sus historias llenas de ingenio desafi a las mentes de millones de lectores convirti ndose en la reina del misterio.
    Agatha Christie By Mª Isabel Sánchez Vegara Elisa Munsó,
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      Mª Isabel Sánchez Vegara Elisa Munsó

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      M Isabel S nchez Vegara estudi Publicidad y RR.PP en la UAB aunque desde peque a se sinti atra da por el relato breve y la poes a En la actualidad compagina su trabajo como creativa publicitaria con diversos proyectos editoriales.

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    1. Agatha Christie is a Little People, Big Dreams children s book about author Agatha Christie and how she got her start It s a very simple read with short paragraphs for young readers Children will learn where her inspiration came from and the types of books she wrote There are also a few pages in the back that offer facts about her life 4

    2. The book was purchased for me by my better half and is a fine edition to an already collection that celebrates the Queen of Crime A great short book to introduce a young generation to Agatha Christie.

    3. Rating 4.5 5 Remarkably goodEmotions Joy and Happiness.Recommended to Agatha Christie s fans, children, if you want to read a biography but don t have the time to read a lengthy one.Would I read another from this author YesThis is a children book, a biography of Agatha Christie, the queen of crime It s very short and concise, it has everything you need to know about her and enough information to peek interest if you want to know .I think is a great way to get children interested in great women f [...]

    4. These are neat biographies for kids, especially girls with terrific illustrations I loved learning how Agatha was inspired for her future career in writing by studying poisons when she volunteered as a nurse during the first world war.

    5. I knew very little about Agatha Christie before reading this adorable, mini biography about her Written and illustrated for children, it s a wonderful peek into her life as a young girl with a big imagination who loved reading, and how she harnessed her talent for story telling into weaving her own tales as an adult I ve always been curious about Agatha Christie, whose popular mysteries I have yet to read, so now than ever I plan to finally read one of her famous novels

    6. This is part of a new series, Little People, Big Dreams, which gives a short simple introduction to interesting important women I think the series is a good addition to libraries for young students to gain an introduction to some famous individuals Library

    7. Concise, good information including a fuller biography and timeline at back of book , and beautifully striking BW illustrations with creeptastic red pops of color get it, guys, Christie writes murder mysteries, and blood is red.2017 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge A book with a title that s a character s name.

    8. I love any biography series where they focus on the not already written about multiple times subjects And with Agatha Christie being my favorite writer of all time, I was excited for this one I didn t learn anything new but people will get the important details of her life and work creating mysteries and the detectives who solve them that have entertained readers for almost a hundred years

    9. A simple biographical picture book intro to mystery writer Agatha Christie.This was ok but I wanted a little To build the mood for Agatha s biography, the illustrator chose to do the illustrations in just black and white with some red highlights I liked that choice, but I m not a huge fan of the style of illustration used And this is just the most basic of basic introductions to Agatha Christie It basically tells that she was a writer, that she worked as a nurse during the war, that she created [...]

    10. This biography of the life of writer Agatha Christie comes from one of the Little People, Big Dreams series and comes recommended from the Mighty Girls website The illustrations are vivid and inspiring We have books from this series on our shelves to offer children an alternative to traditional princess stories with inspiring female role models NB I ve ordered this book to complete our collection, though in all honesty it is suitable for a slightly older age group, not so much due to the repres [...]

    11. Yes I loved this book It s a children s biography about Agatha Christie and it s perfect It talks about Hercule Poirot, her most famous literary detective, as well as Miss Marple I feel like I know a lot about these two literary characters, but I learned things in this little book that expanded my knowledge I didn t realize that Miss Marple was created to be able to solve cases that Poirot couldn t I loved everything about this It s not a stuffy biography at all It s easy to read, interesting, [...]

    12. And extremely brief capsule biography of Agatha Christie, this picture book is to the point an inspiration for kids to SPOILER ALERT use their imaginations The illustrations are cute line drawings in black and white with accents of red i.e blood, Christie s clothing There isn t any real information on Christie s extensive or fascinating life, and nothing at all about her passion for and contributions to the field of archaeology after she met her second husband, which is a shame considering the [...]

    13. Great first biography about Agatha Christie Lots of little details on each page to satisfy Christie s avid fans, and interesting details to attract new Christie fans I particularly love Elisa Munso s detailed illustrations.

    14. always love the book from the series of little people big dream, especially this book depict one of my fav writers i could give a five stars if every pages on this book were filled with an awestruck illustrations.

    15. Shows how Agatha Christie s love of reading and making up new endings plus her time as a nurse and her later travels produced the books about Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple that people can t get enough of.

    16. A very simple author bio of Agatha ChristieThis whole series contains a simple timeline of the subject s life That will be handy to remember.

    17. As a lover of Agatha Christie it was impossible not to smile at this wonderfully whimsical book A lovely little celebration of the wonderful Christie.

    18. Insightful, artful and completely accessible for young readers Part of the fascinating and inspiring Little People, Big Dreams series.

    19. I was disappointed The writing is stilted possibly due to it being a book in translation and I don t love the illustrations.

    20. Morbid, dark humor, and only uses 3 colors red, black, and white What is not to love about this book

    21. good example of an early grade biography, with fun pictures and small details, including a simple timeline of major events with photos at the back.

    22. A great little biography for young minds written in a picture book format.I had no prior knowledge of who Agatha Christie really was this little book taught me a lot.

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