المسخ يعشق متاهته

المسخ يعشق متاهته By Charles Simic تحسين الخطيب,
  • Title: المسخ يعشق متاهته
  • Author: Charles Simic تحسين الخطيب
  • ISBN: 9789779105345
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback
  • المسخ يعشق متاهته By Charles Simic تحسين الخطيب, 1962 1962 2008
    المسخ يعشق متاهته By Charles Simic تحسين الخطيب,
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      Charles Simic تحسين الخطيب

    About "Charles Simic تحسين الخطيب"

    1. Charles Simic تحسين الخطيب

      Charles Simic born Du an Simi is a Serbian American poet and the 15th Poet Laureate of the United States He is co Poetry Editor of the Paris Review Simic is the 2007 recipient of the Wallace Stevens Award from the Academy of American Poets This 100,000 US prize recognizes outstanding and proven mastery in the art of poetry.

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    2. it isn t highly rated, but it worth reading it is a diaries in form of quotations the author wrote over twenty years i bought it thought he is the author of fight club , i was mistaken, but i do remember i know his name until i found that my lovely writer Iman Mersal has translated his book A Fly in the soup into Arabic, then i noticed the coincidence.

    3. Momentary deities is, I believe, how the Greeks thought of words.Cold, windy autumn night A homeless woman on the corner talking to God, and he, as usual, having nothing to say.The identification of what remains untouched by change has been the philosopher s task Art and literature, on the contrary, have been delighted with the ephemeral the smell of bread, for instance.I heard of a mind reader who could read what a lit match feared as it entered a dark house.A New Hampshire high school student [...]

    4. Could there possibly be anything other than five stars for Simic, the poet and author who for me, is life changing

    5. Fragments, ideas, memories, fictionsConcentrated words Drop a few in glass and stir to get normal consistency.Brilliant, profound, profane and off handCan anyone read these without repeating a few of their favourites Not me Nationalism is the love of the smell of our collective shit.It s not like people anywhere are jumping around and shouting, Oh my God Another poet Aren t we lucky Those smiling faces one saw at lynchings a hundred years ago are back among us and are still smiling.A poem is lik [...]

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    8. What does it mean to look into the mind of a poet Does it resemble an ornately constructed office building with compartments set aside for things like memories, metaphors, and meditations Is it a looping record of ideas and thoughts swirling around from which the creative person pulls at his own whim Perhaps no two poet s minds are alike, but in the notebook collection The Monster Love His Labyrinth, Charles Simic gives readers a glimpse into his own mind, which resembles something of a labyrint [...]

    9. Charles Simic is a sharp story teller, especially for the short attention span Snapping photos in prose poetry of what would ve been mundane to most, he connects an object or situation to a person s heart and motive Example Another story about time This one about the time it took them to quit their cells after beginning to suspect that the Germans were gone In that huge prison in Milan all of a sudden you could hear a pin drop Eventually they thought it best to remove their shoes before walking [...]

    10. Curiosando tra i nuovi arrivi in biblioteca, la mia attenzione stata catalizzata da questo libretto di 150 pagine scarse Sono rimasta colpita dal titolo Il mostro ama il suo labirinto Mi subito venuto in mente il Minotauro, che, rinchiuso nel Labirinto perch Minosse si vergognava di lui, si suppone odiasse la sua prigione Invece, Simic ci dice che lo ama una sorta di Sindrome di Stoccolma dei luoghi Forse il Minotauro grato a Minosse per averlo nascosto dalle pubbliche manifestazioni di orrore n [...]

    11. I would only suggest this book to someone after having read some of Simic s work as well as his books of essays The book is essentially a collection of Simic s notes Having read other poet s journals before , I believe this book to be the most interesting not because of process or seeing Simic s development Instead the book offers a window into Simic s mind and displays the liberating nature which everyone s notebooks should take on.

    12. Charles Simic offers frequently amazing observations and jottings in this fascinating book of notebook entries That said, he also tends to be somewhat self important and obvious in his insights.Reading this book, one can clearly hear the voice he brings to his poetry which, in my opinion, is also frequently fascinating though somewhat self important and obvious.

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