Operation Bonnet

Operation Bonnet By Kimberly Stuart, Operation Bonnet Twenty year old Nellie Monroe has a perfect college GPA a job that s beneath her and a restless brilliance that makes her a bit of an odd duck Oh and she wants to be a private investigator even th
  • Title: Operation Bonnet
  • Author: Kimberly Stuart
  • ISBN: 9780692647233
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Paperback
  • Operation Bonnet By Kimberly Stuart, Twenty year old Nellie Monroe has a perfect college GPA, a job that s beneath her, and a restless brilliance that makes her a bit of an odd duck Oh, and she wants to be a private investigator, even though her tiny Ohio hometown offers no hope of clients Until she meets Amos Shetler, a refugee from the local Amish community who s carrying a torch for the girl he left behiTwenty year old Nellie Monroe has a perfect college GPA, a job that s beneath her, and a restless brilliance that makes her a bit of an odd duck Oh, and she wants to be a private investigator, even though her tiny Ohio hometown offers no hope of clients Until she meets Amos Shetler, a refugee from the local Amish community who s carrying a torch for the girl he left behind So Nellie straps on her bonnet and goes undercover to get the dish Literally, since she s talked her way into Amish cooking lessons But though she s brainy, Nellie is clueless when it comes to real life and real relationships In short order she has alienated her best friend and angered her college professor and appears to have botched her case Will the boy still get the girl Can Nellie save her career in criminal science And importantly, will she ever learn how to make a decent piecrust
    Operation Bonnet By Kimberly Stuart,
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      171 Kimberly Stuart
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      Kimberly Stuart wants you to know that authors write their own bios and are hardly reliable sources, particularly if they are writers of fiction Nevertheless, there are a few facts that stand out 1 Stuart loves a good story, both written and lived.2 Stuart loves imported chocolate and her children, though the order of her affections sometimes gets muddled.3 Stuart writes comedic women s fiction that has an infusion of faith However, she seems to make Christians nervous Read at your own risk, then, and e mail her publisher if you must.

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    1. I didn t like this book because it got crude I do not recommend very young readers or boys to read this review view spoiler I started out really enjoying this book, it was so funny, different, and the author had such a way with words There were a couple of jokes that would not have been okay if the book was meant for both boys and girls, but since this was a book by a girl for girls, I didn t have a big problem with them However, it just couldn t go on after I hit a point where she walks in on h [...]

    2. The sight of this cover stopped me in my tracks as I tried to make sense of what this book might be about Was this an Amish book Not like any I ve ever seen I was thankful for the review copy of this book so I could find out what Kimberly Stuart was up to inside this new novel Operation Bonnet is the most hilarious P.I detective story I ve read in quite a while The fact that Nellie Monroe s first case involves her going undercover to gather information from inside an Amish community is a hoot an [...]

    3. Most of you who know me, know I am a die hard Amish fiction reader I don t think I have ever rated a book under 4 stars that was Amish fiction, but this book says right on the back that it was not your grandmother s Amish fiction That statement should have told me right away that this book was going to be different I read this for the Amish Fiction groups October read.Operation Bonnet is about a woman, or should I say girl, who is very immature and has a lot of quirks including her hair which is [...]

    4. Twenty year old Nellie Augusta Lourdes Monroe is a fiery red haired force to be reckoned with and an absolute hilarious young woman Nellie works at a golf course but yearns to be a Private Investigator Her best friend in the world is her Nona who is suffering from some type of dementia and knows who Nellie is one day, but not the next Her next best friend is, Matt, who has loved Nellie since they were young children but she doesn t even see that.Amos, a recent escapee from the nearby Amish order [...]

    5. This month for my book groupFans of Amish Fiction on GoodReadsWe readOperation Bonnet by Kimberly StuartOperation Bonnet by Kimberly Stuart is quite unlike any other Amish fiction I have read.We meet Nellie Monroe, a twenty year old girl getting by while working at a golf course and caring for her aging grandmother, Nona.Nellie has dropped out of school and is passing her time working a mediocre job at a golf course She dreams of the day she can become a P.I and her active imagination has her ca [...]

    6. Nellie Augusta Lourdes Monroe doesn t have it easy Yes, she s the privileged daughter of the wealthiest man in Casper, but as the none too modestly self acknowledged town luminary and the bearer of a bright red afro, not to mention a few personality quirks, she doesn t fit in very well in a town not noted for its tolerance Nellie s happy to be different, though, and longs only to fulfill her lifelong goal that of becoming a private investigator Not much of note happens in Casper, though, and Nel [...]

    7. A few years ago I became tired of the deluge of Amish fiction, and now it takes something with an extremely unique perspective to get me to pick up an Amish related book Operation Bonnet certainly fits the bill of unique , but I didn t realize just how off the wall it would be Nellie is eccentric, to say the least, and I have to admire the creativity of the mind that dreamed her up She is just totally off the wall, with sarcastic and snarky comments aplenty I appreciate good sarcasm, but some of [...]

    8. Title OPERATION BONNETAuthor Kimberly StuartPublisher David C CookFebruary 2011ISBN 878 0 7814 4891 8Genre Inspirational women s fictionNellie Monroe lives with her eighty something year old grandmother, and despite the fact that her parents are rich, she works at a golf course, with a boss that can t talk without yelling She dreams of being a private investigator, but there is little to no action in her small Ohio town, and she d have to relocate to Cleveland Which would mean leaving her grandm [...]

    9. mariesbookgarden I picked this book up at the library, and it didn t have very many reviews on or , but the Amish storyline made me think it was worth the risk Nellie Monroe is a bit of an odd duck she is naive but bright and spunky and doesn t fit in very well in her small Ohio town Her parents are inattentive and wealthy, and the two people most important to her are her step grandmother Nona and her best friend, Matt She also desperately wants to be a private investigator.So when a former Amis [...]

    10. This is the first Kimberly Stuart book I have read, and I enjoyed it I wasn t sure if a book written about the Amish community would hold my interest, but it certainly did It isn t even all about the Amish, but gives some insight into that lifestyle, while also following the main character in her own life in the mainstream community.Operation Bonnet is about a young woman, Nellie, who wants to be a private investigator, but living in a small community she can find no one needing a PI That is, un [...]

    11. Free now Operation Bonnet A Novel From David C Cook, a faith based publisherAlways confirm price before purchase Many free and reduced books are offered for a limited time only and only in some geographical regions Can t get enough Amish fiction Or maybe you can Either way, Operation Bonnet makes for a fun read.Twenty year old Nellie Monroe is an aspiring private detective Her boss at her summer job at a golf course hires Amos, who used to be Amish He enlists Nellie to help him find out how his [...]

    12. Operation Bonnet, what a story This will probably be one of the harder reviews to write, as figuring out where to start is difficult I ll admit it took me a hot minute to get into this story read a few months I clicked this book so many times, yet moved on so many times its not even funny The first chapter kinda of overloads you with information about Miss Nellie Augusta Lourdes Monroe, and while it is interesting, its not very relavent to the remainder of the book But that is my humble opinion [...]

    13. Nellie Monroe is not your typical young adult She never fit in at school, she was very smart even at an early age and her personality it some what peculiar She lives with her grandmother, Nona, who I suspect is showing early signs of Alzehiemer s Nellie takes on her first private investigator job with Amos, an Amish man who left the community He left his true love and wanted Nellie to see if the rumors of her getting married were true Nellie starts taking cooking lessons from Granny Mary and fin [...]

    14. My interest in Amish fiction has been increasing in recent months and when I saw that Kimberly Stuart wrote a novel with an Amish theme, I just had to see for myself the story she created I have always liked Kimberly s books, especially her characters and her humor I was expecting the same level of enjoyment for Operation Bonnet that I had for her last book Stretch Marks, but I actually liked this one better Nellie was instantly likeable I loved her quick wit and sarcastic attitude I also love a [...]

    15. I am not a fan of Christian fiction, even though I am a HUGE fan of the Lord Jesus Christ I have read my fair share of this genre, and don t like the heavy handed way almost 100% of the authors verily beat the reader over the head with their brand of Christianity The only book I can think of that I have ready this century that does not fall into that gross generalization is When Crickets Cry by Charles Martin, which I highly recommend.Back to Operation Bonnet I was very pleasantly surprised by t [...]

    16. While this book had a slow start, I felt that it really picked up about a third of the way through and Nellie became a lot likeable character towards the end of the story I loved Nona, although it was sad to see Nellie struggling to realise that her grandmother would soon need help than she could provide My aunt was my grandma s carer for many years and it took her a long time to finally decide to put her mother into a nursing home when her Alzheimer s got too much for her to handle It seems l [...]

    17. Nellie Monroe is a wild haired, brilliant, and affluent luminary who is wasting her life according to her parents working at a golf course and caring for her Nona whose dementia is slowly growing worse Nellie s dream is to be a private investigator and to this end she has been taking online courses in detective work When formerly Amish Amos discovers Nellie is a P.I he hires to her to spy on his girlfriend, Katie, whom he left behind when he left his people Does Katie still love him Nellie must [...]

    18. Kimberly has a very unique style of writing and she gets better with each book This book is my favorite of hers so far I love the premise and plot and her characters are just as quirky and fun as ever The boss who can t talk without screaming, the best friend who s a guy and works at Radio Shack, which is perfect because Nellie with the red afro hair is a wanna be private investigator except that she lives in a relatively small town and has no P.I jobs Then comes along Amos, a former Amish young [...]

    19. Cute story, lots of smiles Fast read Brain break More of a YA type story, but not childish Not the novel of the year, but a good getaway fun Not preachy, but a nice dose of inspirational info.Nellie is the town genius, with aspirations of becoming a P.I with a male best friend independent enough to overcome the other girls negative attitudes from grade school through beginning college, where the story begins.Her parents are gone most of the time, so she watches over her beloved 82 yr old Nona, w [...]

    20. I ll admit, I chose this book for the cover I like Nellie, the main character, and her voice she s witty and rather charming but I can t keep reading, due to the things that come out of Amos mouth Amos being a young Amish man who speaks like no Amish person I know, and I know a hundred or so, from several states and sects.I ll let Amos speak for himself, from his first couple appearances The English do not know how to talk all night in bed The English like to what was that word it rhymes with na [...]

    21. This delightful book reminds me very much of Alan Bradley s Flavia de Luce books, at least that s the feeling I get from the narrator, though Nellie is much normal and less sociopath cum Wednesday Munster in training.Nellie can t bear to let something lie, and starts insinuating herself into an Amish family while she investigates the romantic leanings of Katie Lapp, but she soon has too many irons in the fire and knows she or someone she cares about will get burned.I loved Nellie s attitude and [...]

    22. I thoroughly enjoyed this book It was funny and easy to read Just the kind of book you need at the end of a stressful day Nellie Monroe is the genius in her little town and she doesn t quite fit in She s got big dreams to be a private investigator but she has trouble finding any cases in her quiet town until she meets Amos Shetler.Amos left his Amish life behind along with his one true love He hires Nellie to go undercover in the Amish community and find the girl Nellie manages to create a big m [...]

    23. This is not the usual kind of book that I would read but I am so glad I did Totally delightful, easy read with some comedic moments as well as some Awww moments It s about a young adult 20 21 living in a small American town who doesn t have to work because of family money but does Currently working in a small golf shop course, her real desire is to be a PI Her mum and dad are hardly around because they follow the golf circuit and so she has grown up being cared for by her nan, who she loves dear [...]

    24. In one word Hilarious I don t know when was the last time I read a book that was this funnyfull of quirky humor that catches you by surprise and makes you burst out in snorts of laughter Secondly, I m not big on romance stories most modern ones are lame and I want to either shoot the women or slap the men but there is the sweetest, most adorable little love story woven through this book And lastly, the main character Nellie is a geek a strange, fun, heart warming geek that it is just amusing and [...]

    25. Nellie Augusta Lourdes Monroe is the town luminary, a budding private investigator, and a delightful narrator This spunky young woman has her hands full caring for her addled grandmother, infiltrating the local Amish community during her first investigative assignment, and taming her nest of red curls No wonder her best friend, Matt, is feeling a little overlooked In OPERATION BONNET, Kimberly Stuart deftly weaves wit and humor with crushingly poignant moments Full of mystery, romance, and a goo [...]

    26. Wasn t easy to stick with at first Into the first hour of reading I like to finish a book in one sitting if I can I was tempted to set it down Had a friend who loves Amish fiction not finish the book and can understand why BUT once the story developed with the characters, I was in for the rest of the book Tears were shed and a little heart pang Really read like a young adult book Have recommended it to teens since finishing it Suggest the author try writing young adult She has the right style t [...]

    27. A refreshingly different approach to typical Christian fiction, this book kept me smiling as I got to know a spirited and a typical main character It took a few chapters to get a good grasp on Nellie Monroe, but after that happened, I found myself loving her insights, wit, and struggles Frankly, The book reminds me of old black and white comedies that relied primarily on dialogue Operation Bonnet has a ton of words and sassy comments thrown into nearly every paragraph, which requires a focused r [...]

    28. I was very pleasantly surprised by this fun story I was somewhat concerned that it might be chick lit which I strenuously avoid There may be some aspects of chick lit however, overall it is a sweet story of a young woman with personality plus, and her quirky outlook on life Moments of outright laughter, moments of sorrow, and a measure of romance provide balance I especially enjoyed the description of the Amish it s easy to see why so many are drawn to their lifestyle 4.5 stars.

    29. This was a fun novel An unusual premise and a spunky main character I was a bit hesitant to read it initially I despise novels that depict Amish life as some glorious utopia but it was handled well here There s a bit of romance involved, but I was happy to see that it wasn t a giggly kissy read The real reason for the four star rating was Nellie s relationship with her grandmother she has Alzheimer s or some type of dementia, and Nellie is struggling with losing this anchor in her life I admit t [...]

    30. I absolutely loved this witty, delightful book I couldn t stop laughing, though the humor was dry rather than Dave Berry Wild like THE EGG AND I The writing was great, and the vocabulary delicious As the cover says This is NOT your grandmother s Amish Fiction And while the Amish do play a part in this pseudo sleuth novel, the religion in it is subtle I intend to dash straight out and get Kimberly Stuart s other two novels STRETCH MARKS and ACT TWO A refreshing, enlivening, half day s read.

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