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On Living By Kerry Egan, On Living As a hospice chaplain Kerry Egan didn t offer sermons or prayers unless they were requested in fact she found the dying rarely want to talk about God at least not overtly Instead she discovered
  • Title: On Living
  • Author: Kerry Egan
  • ISBN: 9781594634819
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Hardcover
  • On Living By Kerry Egan, As a hospice chaplain, Kerry Egan didn t offer sermons or prayers, unless they were requested in fact, she found, the dying rarely want to talk about God, at least not overtly Instead, she discovered she d been granted an invaluable chance to witness firsthand what she calls the spiritual work of dying the work of finding or making meaning of one s life, the experienceAs a hospice chaplain, Kerry Egan didn t offer sermons or prayers, unless they were requested in fact, she found, the dying rarely want to talk about God, at least not overtly Instead, she discovered she d been granted an invaluable chance to witness firsthand what she calls the spiritual work of dying the work of finding or making meaning of one s life, the experiences it s contained and the people who have touched it, the betrayals, wounds, unfinished business, and unrealized dreams Instead of talking, she mainly listened to stories of hope and regret, shame and pride, mystery and revelation and secrets held too long Most of all, though, she listened as her patients talked about love love for their children and partners and friends love they didn t know how to offer love they gave unconditionally love they, sometimes belatedly, learned to grant themselves This isn t a book about dying it s a book about living And Egan isn t just passively bearing witness to these stories An emergency procedure during the birth of her first child left her physically whole but emotionally and spiritually adrift Her work as a hospice chaplain healed her, from a brokenness she came to see we all share Each of her patients taught her something how to find courage in the face of fear or the strength to make amends how to be profoundly compassionate and fiercely empathetic how to see the world in grays instead of black and white In this poignant, moving, and beautiful book, she passes along all their precious and necessary gifts.
    On Living By Kerry Egan,
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    1. What a beautiful little book Part memoir, part inspirational, and part self help, On Living by Kerry Egan was one of the most uplifting books I ve read this year I suppose it may seem strange to describe a book written by a hospice chaplain as uplifting but ultimately, that s exactly what it was.Kerry Egan began the book by describing a rough time in her life which ended up leading her to becoming a hospice chaplain Years earlier when giving birth to her son, she was administered a drug during a [...]

    2. I read this book several weeks ago when on vacation It has stayed with me, despite the fact that I hadn t even intended to read it My friend had left it out on the coffee table, and after I read the first few pages, I was hooked With a mother s love, Kerry Egan narrates a variety of moving and deeply personal stories her past clients have shared mostly about key life events that the individuals wish didn t happen but shaped them nonetheless in an unexpected, nonjudgmental manner that helped me h [...]

    3. It s a beautiful life and then you leave it Promise yourself that you ll have a great life, no matter what happens The dying, writes Kerry Egan, a hospice chaplain, are not different from you or me They are just doing something before we do In On Living, Egan shares many stories of these patients Some of the stories concern burdensome secrets which the dying wish to be finally relieved of Other stories challenge both the author s and the reader s understanding of what is real or not real Most p [...]

    4. This book is a must read for all.It s hopeful It s heartbreaking It s beautiful.And it s jam packed with lessons that hit me harder than I was expecting them to.I would VERY HIGHLY recommend this book.Favorite passages He seemed remarkably calm that his mother was a Grim Reaper in clogs and pants that were always too snug in the waist, holding the power over life and death in the same hands that held his applesauce Every one of us will go through things that destroy our inner compass and pull me [...]

    5. Abigail Thomas wrote this blurb for On Living When I forget the importance of kindness, when I forget to listen, when I no longer recognize the comfort of a quiet presence, when no words will help, when I lose sight of what is most important, I will want On Living within arm s reach, always I love this book I wish I had written that Me too This book is the book of 2016 for me I expect I will read it again and urge anyone I know and don t know to read it too It s a lifeline.

    6. Wow, this book is powerful The part where one of her patients says that as a society, we shower babies with love and affection but forget that dying people need that amount of love too Life gets harder as you get older This book if full of stories that make you stop, think, and reflect This book was a little blessing and I encourage any human to read it because the reality is, we are ALL dying people.

    7. The author is a Chaplin who visits patients in hospitals, nursing homes and hospices then tells their stories Darlene s review says it all What a beautiful little book Part memoir, part inspirational, and part self help

    8. This is a lovely book, written by a hospital chaplain who works primarily with hospice and other terminally ill patients You might expect it to be depressing or sad but it was aptly named Living , not Dying The author is the kind of nonjudgmental person you would want next to you if you were on your way out Actually, she s the kind of person you would want next to you at a cocktail party too She sees her job as providing a sympathetic ear and abiding by whatever quirks and eccentricities her pat [...]

    9. I was drawn to read this book because the author reports on her time spent with dying patients in hospitals and hospices and I am a hospice volunteer I was very taken with how articulate she is about difficult topics She doesn t pretend to have answers, yet she points to ways of thinking about life and death and questions that are amazingly helpful I am going to buy a personal copy as I will want to reread this again and again.

    10. This book is a compilation of stories and lessons learned by a hospice chaplain She explains her role She is there, she s present, she listens Most of the people she visited and listened to would talk about their families and love Egan also shares how her time and experience with the patients helped to heal her This book was not my favorite, but I love the premise I believe there is much we can learn from those around us, every single person And this book reminded me again of the importance of t [...]

    11. I first heard about this book through an interview with the author on NPR, and the book felt very much like the interview, very conversational in style The book weaves three threads together the author s own suffering when her son was born, her life and work as a hospice chaplain, and how people perceive what she does in that work She is a good storyteller, and the book includes the types stories that dying people have told her, and how she has learned to be present to them and their families as [...]

    12. There is so much to love about this book, namely the way it is drenched in compassion The only thing is I wanted , that s how much I liked it I wanted stories, examination of each story, and stories about her own experience with her illness so as to better understand what she experienced So, Kerry, write a follow up, please

    13. I enjoyed this book tremedously I love how she was able to share real stories of people that she had encountered during her hospice chaplain times This book is important to teach how people are still living even if they are going through hospice and still have so much to offer I especially liked the lady who said she wanted compassion because of her condition, not pity.

    14. A beautifully written book with messages for everyone I ve never read anything quite like it I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to everyone The Death and Grieving subject title the booksellers are giving it is misleading The title says it best this is a book on living.

    15. a well written little, but valuable book It is filled with life lessons, nuggets of wisdom and real life journey to death experiences Thanks Kerry

    16. I ve finished two great books this week, and that is enough for me to say it s been a good reading week Both books have a lot of similarities Both On Living by Kerry Egan and All These Wonders True Stories About Facing the Unknown are nonfiction Both books are about times in one s life when a person faces an enormous, potentially life changing situation and about how those situations play out All These Wonders is stories told at various locations around the world at The Moth on the storytelling [...]

    17. Kerry Egan is a hospice chaplain, but this book is not the story of death but rather how to live a fruitful life Kerry introduces us to some of her patients at the end of their lives.me speak of regret, but all patients talk of love and all patients demonstrate courage What I have gleaned from this little book is that life isn t always black or white, sometimes you gave to accept the gray n t delay becoming the person you want to bemetimes it is all about change and accepting changes in your lif [...]

    18. It s not the dying that breaks your heart, it s the living This is a totally nonjudgemental view of what people need to talk about the mistakes they made, the fears they have, the longings still eating at them Kerry Egan won t act for them if there s something they want done, but she will listen and encourage them to take the step they really want to take Unlike the times we live in, there s no adamant religiosity I highly recommend this book

    19. Such beautiful, disturbing and provocative stories I appreciate the mix of her own hurting experiences with the stories of her patients Her description of what she does with the dying and what they want to talk about was really insightful It comes down to family and being loved I was touched by the chapters on regrets you should have them and on living in the grey as opposed to black and white.

    20. This book is a little different than I expected as it also tells a lot about the job of Hospice Chaplain It contains a lot of wisdom and much to ponder I liked it so much that I want to buy it to keep to read and then think Some of the mystic happenings can be believed or not, but the patient was helped by those phenomena They gave me respect for other beliefs.

    21. Zo inspirerend en mooi Vol prachtige quotes waaronder Als ik weet wat ik nu weet had ik veel meer gedanst en Maak werk van worden wie je wilt zijn terwijl je er nog van kunt genieten Stel het niet uit Wachten maakt het niet gemakkelijker, en de tijd is kort Geweldig om te lezen, verschijnt eind maart ook in het Nederlands.

    22. This was a common read for one of the living learning communities in my department I didn t necessarily know what to expect, but very much enjoyed Egan s collection of stories On Living Egan weaves very personal stories from her work as a hospice worker with her own tale of hardship It is a book that reminds us, or at least me, to slow down, be present, and nurture meaningful relationships.

    23. One of the most intensely spiritual reading experiences I ve ever had the book equivalent of looking into the sun It took me forever to finish not because it is very long, but because I would read four pages and want to run with what it unleashed in me for a few days Many chapters would make excellent meditations particularly the one on hating your body An easy 5 stars.

    24. This book was such a different read Difficult, at times Beautiful, all the way through All the stories in this book touched my heart, and because I read a chapter a day, I felt like I had a new lesson to think about every day What a wonderful book

    25. Logging the last of my 2017 reads today so that they ll count towards this year s Reading Challenge totals Full review coming in early 2018.

    26. The space in betweenWritten from the heart of a hospice chaplain, this story of stories paints a poignant canvas of life that includes death, happiness that includes sadness and sorrow, truth that includes untruths We live in the space in between, the gray zone in a place between the real and unreal Our lives are defined, not by our highs or by our lows, but how we live in the space in between.

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