Stop Press Murder

Stop Press Murder By Peter Bartram, Stop Press Murder FIRST the saucy film of a nude woman bathing is stolen from a What the Butler Saw machine on Brighton s Palace Pier NEXT the pier s night watchman is murdered his body found in the coconut shy COLIN
  • Title: Stop Press Murder
  • Author: Peter Bartram
  • ISBN: 9781785354403
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Paperback
  • Stop Press Murder By Peter Bartram, FIRST, the saucy film of a nude woman bathing is stolen from a What the Butler Saw machine on Brighton s Palace Pier NEXT, the pier s night watchman is murdered his body found in the coconut shy COLIN CRAMPTON, ace reporter on the Evening Chronicle, senses a scoop when he s the only journalist to discover a link between the two crimes HE UNCOVERS a 50 year feud betweeFIRST, the saucy film of a nude woman bathing is stolen from a What the Butler Saw machine on Brighton s Palace Pier NEXT, the pier s night watchman is murdered his body found in the coconut shy COLIN CRAMPTON, ace reporter on the Evening Chronicle, senses a scoop when he s the only journalist to discover a link between the two crimes HE UNCOVERS a 50 year feud between twin sisters one a screen siren from the days of silent movies, the other the haughty wife of an aristocrat BUT COLIN S investigation spirals out of control as he RISKS HIS LIFE to land the biggest story of his career STOP PRESS MURDER, a Swinging Sixties mystery, has twists and turns than a country lane It will keep you guessing and laughing right to the last page.
    Stop Press Murder By Peter Bartram,
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    1. Peter Bartram

      Peter Bartram brings years of experience as a journalist to his Crampton of the Chronicle crime mystery series His novels are fast paced and humorous the action is matched by the laughs The books feature a host of colourful characters as befits stories set in Brighton, one of Britain s most trend setting towns.You can download Murder in Capital Letters, a free book in the series, for your Kindle or other e reader from colincrampton.Peter began his career as a reporter on a local weekly newspaper before editing newspapers and magazines in London, England and, finally, becoming freelance He has done most things in journalism from door stepping for quotes to writing serious editorials He s pursued stories in locations as diverse as 700 feet down a coal mine and a courtier s chambers at Buckingham Palace Peter is a member of the Society of Authors and the Crime Writers Association.

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    1. My love for the Crampton of the Chronicle Mysteries was sparked by Headline Murder in 2015 Two novellas and another novel later and still this series never fails to entertain and amuse.Stop Press Murder continues the journalistic adventures of a newshound who is looking to impress his editor with next big scoop for the crime section of the Evening Chronicle in 1960 s Brighton.It s not easy to conjure an all singing, all dancing crime headline out of thin air when nothing of any notable interest [...]

    2. Like the part where Colin says The machines showed short films, normally of young women in some kind of trouble with their clothes The trouble being that they didn t have them on Another fun and very enjoyable story This time a lady at the morgue is involved Henrietta Houndstooth is crying and there must be a reason to it I hope Peter Bartram doesn t make it a habit of involving close associates in Crampton s story chasing A lot of action at the pier My heart is pounding with excitement and fear [...]

    3. Stop Press Murder is set in the 1960s and throughout the book there are so many touches that really make you feel like you are in that era, the language, the money, the clothes, it s all done so well and it really immerses you in the story Another well done part of the writing is the use of journalism lingo throughout which gave an authentic feel to Colin as a journalist but wasn t used to the point where a non journalist wouldn t be able to follow a conversation The story is fast paced and is l [...]

    4. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review You can find of my reviews at spinesinaline.wordpressI read this book without realizing it was the second in the series but I didn t have any difficulty following this story without reading the first I really liked the MC in this one, it felt like a really unique spin having a crime reporter leading the mystery Usually in crime novels, the MC is either a detective or some random person who happens [...]

    5. Another enjoyable book by Peter BartramJust love these books Brings back childhood memories of Brighton and an enjoyable whodunit to boot Easy to read, characters you get too know and love What s not to like

    6. Yet again another great story, the author makes you feel apart of the city of Brighton.It s great to wander around with him solving the news desk stories A great read

    7. I didn t know what to expect when I downloaded this book to my Kindle but I ve been pleasantly surprised I ve travelled back to my early teenage years in the early 1960 s and been reminded what a different life we lead now We take for granted computers and mobile phones and what appears to be a harsh life nowadays.Peter Bartram writes an easy to read book without the blood and gore of some modern authors That said the pace is swift and the story line gripping I suspect Peter is a mature writer [...]

    8. I put off reading this book for the longest time because when I read it in my Kindle App, the lines or whatever words sequence dialogue are kinda messed up so I get confused as to who is saying what but putting that aside, surprisingly, I actually really enjoyed this book and only now realized it is the second book and there is an existence of a first seriously Netgalley must I go to to find out this is the second in a series As far as I remember most of the murder mystery books that I have read [...]

    9. Colin Crampton, reporter with the EVENING CHRONICLE, reporter with a difference First a series of photographs is stolen from a What the Butler Saw machine on Brighton s Palace Pier This is followed by the murder of a night watchman on the same pier Crampton insists that the two events are linked, and sticks with his story despite the opposing view of his rivals at the EVENING ARGUS and the investigating officer, Detective Superintendent Alec Tomkins The missing pictures from Milady s Bath Night [...]

    10. An ARC honest review for John Hunt Publishing Ltd via NetGalley.The second Crampton of the Chronicle mystery.Colin Crampton, Ace Crime Reporter on the Brighton Chronicle gets outdone by his rival on the other Brighton newspaper on the scoop of the death on the pier.What is the connection of a stolen saucy film from the pier What the Butler Saw, identical twins and a suicide in the past, got to do with the murder of the piers night watchman Colin s rival is one step in front of him on Front page [...]

    11. Crampton strikes again I loved this book, as I have all the other Crampton of the Chronicle stories It s an extremely witty lighthearted murder mystery, set in and around Brighton in the early 60 s, with an interesting plot It s full of humour, and it took me ages to stop laughing about the widow, the dripping and Mr Evans faggots.I m not normally a fan of books written in the first person, but with Peter Bartram s Crampton, somehow it fitted perfectly well, and I hardly noticed it To me that sh [...]

    12. Fast paced and snappy and one of the few mysteries that involve reporters in which the daily business of newspaper reporting seems rooted in reality although, I don t have any experience in a newsroom so I could be talking nonsense Brighton s seamy side rubs with the upper crust and the slightly down at the heels atmosphere is nicely portrayed without being weighed down in too much kitchen sink misery Is the mystery particularly intricate Not really, but the action and plot twists sweep you alon [...]

    13. Brighton 1963, as Colin Crampton, reports on the death of a night watchman at the Palace Pier, he discovers that some pictures have been stolen from the Butler Saw machine.During his investigation he discovers a feud between twin sisters one a actress and the other the wife of an aristocrat Are there ant connections.An enjoyable read, with some likeable characters, though I did determine some of the results before the end of the book, but I will look out for some of the series.A NetGalley Book. [...]

    14. Bartram s second novel in the Crampton of the Chronicle series was equally if not engaging than the first Beginning with a What the Butler saw scene, introducing us to an early version of the silver screen unfamiliar to me, we get thrown right back into murder and mystery Colin Crampton s dry humor is refreshing as he struggles to stay one step ahead of his competition and his demanding boss I found the story inventive who comes up with stripping twin sisters entertaining and fun, keeping me gu [...]

    15. This was a real fun book, I really enjoyed it, the mystery came out in increments, which made for some interesting twist and turn, just when I thought I was on top of the mystery, I need to start my rethinking all the clues This left me wanting to keep reading well into the night I certainly will be looking for books by Peter Bartram.This book was provided to me in return for an honest and unbiased review

    16. I really enjoy the Crampton series and Colin has quickly become my favorite crime reporter in literature The books have a realistic feel due to the author s many years as a journalist himself You can feel the buzz in the newsroom coming off the pages If you haven t tried any of the books, and you like your mysteries with a dash of humor, a dollop of darkness, and a lot of suspense, then look no further I am eagerly looking forward to further adventures with Colin Crampton.

    17. I loved the book It kept me captivated from the first page STOP PRESS MURDER is a great suspense novel with wit galore

    18. Did the Butler do it Great story with intrigue, humor, romance and murder A must read for all future sleuths and who done it readers

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