Death of a Busybody

Death of a Busybody By George Bellairs, Death of a Busybody The eponymous nosy parker in Death of a Busybody is Miss Ethel Tither She has made herself deeply unpopular in the quintessentially English village of Hilary Magna since she goes out of her way to sn
  • Title: Death of a Busybody
  • Author: George Bellairs
  • ISBN: 9780712356442
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback
  • Death of a Busybody By George Bellairs, The eponymous nosy parker in Death of a Busybody is Miss Ethel Tither She has made herself deeply unpopular in the quintessentially English village of Hilary Magna, since she goes out of her way to snoop on people, and interfere with their lives On being introduced to her, the seasoned reader of detective stories will spot a murder victim in the making Sure enough, by tThe eponymous nosy parker in Death of a Busybody is Miss Ethel Tither She has made herself deeply unpopular in the quintessentially English village of Hilary Magna, since she goes out of her way to snoop on people, and interfere with their lives On being introduced to her, the seasoned reader of detective stories will spot a murder victim in the making Sure enough, by the end of chapter one, this unpleasant lady has met an extremely unpleasant fate She is found floating in a cesspool, having been bludgeoned prior to drowning in the drainage water.This is, in every way, a murky business realising that they are out of their depth, the local police quickly call in the Yard Inspector Thomas Littlejohn, George Bellairs series detective, arrives on the train, and in casting around for suspects, he finds that he is spoiled for choice The amiable vicar supplies him with a map showing the scene of the crime maps were a popular feature of traditional whodunnits for many years, and Bellairs occasionally included them in his books, as he does here.
    Death of a Busybody By George Bellairs,
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    1. George Bellairs

      AKA Hilary Landon.George Bellairs is the nom de plume of Harold Blundell, a crime writer and bank manager born in Heywood, near Rochdale, Lancashire, who settled in the Isle of Man on retirement He wrote than 50 books, most featuring the series detective Inspector Littlejohn He also wrote four novels under the alternative pseudonym Hilary Landon.

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    1. I was unfamiliar with George Bellairs, who wrote several dozen cozies over four decades featuring Scotland Yard detective Thomas Littlejohn Poison Pen Press has reissued the third in the series, Death of a Busybody, and I hope they reissue the entire lot George Bellairs deserves to be rescued from obscurity.Miss Ethel Tither, the eponymous busybody, takes it upon herself to be God s scourge on earth to ferret out moral turpitude in all of its guises From the irreligious to lazy scalawags to the [...]

    2. When George Ballairs penned his Inspector Thomas Littlejohn stories their humor appealed to war weary British readers in need of a little light escapism His third novel Death of a Busybody was published in 1942.I have long wanted to read some of Poisoned Pen Press s British Library Crime Classics The cover art of the series is gorgeous And I am glad I requested this little gem, as it provided a bit of fun and relief I needed in these contemporary grim times.The Rev Ethelred Claplady of Hilary Ma [...]

    3. I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I really enjoyed this book I had never heard of this author or his Inspector Littlejohn, and came across this book by chance on the NetGalley page of a publisher I had enjoyed other books from The cover and the description promised a cozy, old fashioned mystery, and that s exactly what I got.Miss Tither, local busybody of a small country village, is found dead by the vicar one Ethelred Claplady had to mention him [...]

    4. Bellairs at his best nicely paced, with a fairly presented mystery and some good characterisation The whimsy of everyday life is drawn finely than in some of his other books and is all the better for it.

    5. Miss Tither knows everything there is to know about the village of Hilary Magna but in this case all her knowledge proves to be dangerous when she is found dead in the Vicar s cesspool The Reverend Ethelred Claplady is shocked but somehow not surprised Miss Tither is noted for tracking down all the sinners in the parish and berating them in an effort to get them to change their ways She somehow manages to ferret out everyone s secrets and does not hesitate to tell the partners of cheating spouse [...]

    6. Death of a Busybody is a mystery that was originally published in 1942 and is set in England The characters were described with a humorous touch and village life was described in passing as the detective investigated, so the story had some interest beyond the investigation.Inspector Littlejohn and the local constable followed up on obvious leads and questioned many people Inspector Littlejohn slowly uncovered what happened until he was finally able to put it all together There were clues, and th [...]

    7. Many thanks to NetGalley and Poisoned Pen Press for allowing me to read a digital galley of this novel.I am so grateful to Poisoned Pen Press, the British Library Crime Classics series and Martin Edwards, editor of this novel, for bringing books such as this back into circulation so they can be enjoyed by readers who particularly enjoy the classic crime novels This one was first released in either 1942 or 1943 there s a little difference between the copyright date and the date Edwards states in [...]

    8. This book, the third in the Chief Inspector Thomas Littlejohn series was originally published in 1942 and depicts village life during the Second World War.Bellairs mysteries during this time are light and humorous escapism for the period.Miss Tither is a busybody who makes her way around the village of Hilary Magna sniffing out Sin and handing out religious tracks So it is no wonder that she is discovered dead in the vicars septic tank.Littlejohn has his work cut out trying to find the needle in [...]

    9. In some remote English village, an unpopular lady with a deep religious root who is known for her habits of meddling into people s private businesses and her overly zealous attempts trying to convert the villagers malicious ways of living is found murdered one day After some serious deliberation, the local law enforcers decide to employ an additional help from the Scotland Yard, Inspector Littlejohn, to speed up the investigation process The crime is solved rather rapidly with minimum surveys on [...]

    10. Thoroughly enjoyed this So glad I found this author view spoiler This is exactly my favourite type of ending Lots of nice details about minor characters that are sprinkled in Because lots of books you are left thinking But what happened to so and so and you can only presume the author doesn t care and is sick of their own book But not here Yay hide spoiler

    11. A classic crime novel that brings back the flare of the golden age of detective literature A quick, pleasant read In a small English village, Miss Ethel Tither is the most unpopular lady Set deeply in her religious ways, she makes it her mission to know everything about everyone However, before she can open her mouth too much, she appears murdered When attempts in solving the case came out blank, the local police is forced to reach out to Scotland Yard that sends Inspector Littlejohn to crack th [...]

    12. Series Chief Inspector Littlejohn 3Publication Date 9 5 17 Re release I d actually give it 3.5 stars if I were able, the mystery is good and you aren t sure who the villain is until almost the end of the book.This book is the third one in a long series of books by author George Bellairs and was originally published in 1942 and the original hardcovers with dust jackets are quite collectible The mystery is quite good, the townspeople hospitable, the police force all cooperate with each other and a [...]

    13. Death of a Busybody was originally published in 1942, the third book George Bellairs wrote and the third to feature Inspector Littlejohn of Scotland Yard This time, Inspector Littlejohn is called to the villages of Hilary Magna and Parva to solve the murder of the local nosy parker Miss Tither is one of those annoying people who makes it her mission to question, snoop, and poke her nose into everyone s business Now, in a typical murder of a busybody, the motive would be some extortion scheme, bu [...]

    14. I ve been in a bit of a rut with my reading, trudging through a few books that I had high hopes for but that didn t engage me Two of the last 3 novels I started I didn t finish, and these included a Booker prizewinner and a Pulitzer prizewinner I started to think my favourite thing to do in the world, reading, had lost its sheen Being involved in 3 reading groups, 2 of which I run, might have played a part in making books feel like a chore rather than a pleasure.And it s not as if Death of a Bus [...]

    15. Delightful vintage mystery selection from the long Inspector Littlejohn series The murder of a malicious gossip in a small village turns out to be the final piece in a complex series of events The well drawn characters in the village and the ferreting out of what actually happened is entertaining and a wonderful diversion Inspector Littlejohn is a great character I particularly enjoyed the humorous tone and the audacious names of some of the characters, including Ethelred Claplady.I am happy to [...]

    16. I enjoy reading books from the era of the Golden Age, if you don t you may find this book a little slow It isn t full of thrills and spills and bad language, but it has a good storyline, wonderful characters and a story that keeps you reading and gives a good feeling at the end The good guys win too.

    17. A classic British village mystery This book although originally published in the 40 s still holds up.Interesting characters, secrets and twists and a well written whodunit.I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

    18. Inspector Littlejohn of Scotland Yard is called to assist DC Harriwinkle in the village of Hillary Magna when the village busybody Miss Tither is murdered She displayed a holier than thou attitude and aimed to make people repent of their errant ways Lots of people, as you can imagine, have motives, and a recently changed will provides an interesting twist Suspicion even falls to the vicarage Bellairs carefully crafted plot will cause many to second guess or change their minds along the way about [...]

    19. First published in 1942 , Death of a Busybody is the third in George Bellairs series featuring Inspector, later, Superintendent, Thomas Littlejohn The series, published from 1941 1980, ran to over fifty books.Bellairs, who died in 1985, has been unjustly neglected until the recent reissues In his lifetime he was rated highly by the author and reviewer, Francis Iles Anthony Berkley ,who was a great spotter of crime writing talent.Martin Edwards opines in his useful Introduction that Bellairs was [...]

    20. Here you have a very straight forward mystery Start off with a grizzly crime, in a very horrid setting, find the witnesses, suspects, and motives, then start breaking alibis, and finish by ferreting out liars, and con men by the droves.It is very character driven, and by character I mean characters There are quite a few who could live just as easily in a comedy or a farce Mr Thornbush is a prime example of one trait so over emphasized that it was really quite amusing.I would have given it a bett [...]

    21. Yeap another British Library Crime Classic I do like these And this one is quite a goodie Set during the war, it races along a quite a lick as cops must narrow down a very large field of possibles to get their man Lots of weird and wonderful characters and schemes muddy the waters in the pursuit of justice But, have no fear The Man from The Yard will always get their villian I was hooked.Toast

    22. This is the first novel of Bellairs that I ve read, and I really enjoyed it Not only was it funny, but the story was interesting and smartly written There are red herrings aplenty and a twist that I didn t see coming, all adding up to a wonderfully fun read The humor in Death of a Busybody really is, for me, the biggest highlight The characters in it are not only amusing, but prevent the novel from being too dry For example, Mr Thornbush, who keeps sprouting biblical passages that aren t necessa [...]

    23. 4 and 1 2 starsInspector Littlejohn of Scotland Yard gets called in to investigate the death of Miss Tither who was hit on the head and then drowned in the vicar s cesspit As he goes about interviewing various witnesses, suspects and villagers he gets the assistance of Inspector Oldfield and PC Harriwinckle He meets interesting people, some friendly and loquacious and some secretive and short.The murderer comes as somewhat of a surprise but the motive for the crime is not I love the use of langu [...]

    24. Death of a Busybody is my first detective novel, and thus I have no way of comparison The story takes a while to unwind, and for the longest time left me cold I found the characters very flat almost stock characters and didn t feel empathetic to any of them However, once the story picked up pace and crucial information was revealed in rapid succession over the final third of the book, the story finally drew me in The final disclosure of all the facts was engaging to read On the whole, the story [...]

    25. Very much of its time but enjoyable all the same, with a likeable group of characters What was most interesting were the social conventions of the time genteel ladies employing cooks etc The vicar visiting his flock, which included a young woman further down the social scale who chatted to him at the door of her cottage, with two children holding her skirts and another at her breast.This was without comment in the book and something that would just never happen nowadays I worked out the crime qu [...]

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