Her Halloween Treat

Her Halloween Treat By Tiffany Reisz, Her Halloween Treat Trick or wicked treat It was a devastating dirty trick Joey Silvia just found out her boyfriend of two years is married What A Dick Joey knows her best chance to get over one guy is to get under anoth
  • Title: Her Halloween Treat
  • Author: Tiffany Reisz
  • ISBN: 9780373799169
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Paperback
  • Her Halloween Treat By Tiffany Reisz, Trick or wicked treat It was a devastating dirty trick Joey Silvia just found out her boyfriend of two years is married What A Dick Joey knows her best chance to get over one guy is to get under another Of course, heading home to her family s remote cabin in Oregon poses some challenges in the available men department until she discovers this cabin comes with its oTrick or wicked treat It was a devastating dirty trick Joey Silvia just found out her boyfriend of two years is married What A Dick Joey knows her best chance to get over one guy is to get under another Of course, heading home to her family s remote cabin in Oregon poses some challenges in the available men department until she discovers this cabin comes with its own hot handyman Holy crap, Chris Steffensen When did her brother s best friend turn into a hard bodied pile of blond bearded hotness He s the perfect Halloween treat and a surprisingly dirty rebound guy For a couple of weeks, anyway Except that Chris has other ideas like proving to Joey that this blast from the past is a whole lot than a naughty Halloween hookup.
    Her Halloween Treat By Tiffany Reisz,
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    1. RATING 4.5 STARSHer Halloween Treat is book one in the Men at Work series by Tiffany Reisz All opinions expressed in this review are my own and have not been influenced by any outside sources.I was looking for a sexy romance to fit in with the Halloween holiday and came across this gem I ve never read anything by this author before and ended up loving it Jolene Joey Silvia moved away from Mount Hood, Oregon and went to Honolulu to go to college She now has a great job at Oahu Air as a Marketing [...]

    2. Happy October, Everyone HER HALLOWEEN TREAT is out now in paperback, ebook, audiobook, and a boxed set Warning lots of sexy times and silly banter and 80s reference and 90s references, basically a lot of shenanigans

    3. 4 Woops, I Did It Again Stars I have a confession to maked it will be redundant It seems no matter how many times it happens, I cannot learn my lesson I am speaking of the dreadedwriting your review into the template not in MSWD or even email firstdisease view spoiler There I said it I have repeatedly tried to write reviews with cutting and pasting as I go into word or email as a safety netBut for some reason I get lax and revert to just going with the flow while composing It seems this template [...]

    4. If he got any adorable, she would be forced to adore him HER HALLOWEEN TREAT is a sexy, delicious, fun, Harlequin treat of a story Tiffany Reisz sets the scene for her protagonists perfectly and then continues to provide the ideal setting for the heroine whose heart has been well and truly broken by her boyfriend of two years And what does one do to get over the heart break of a long term boyfriend Retreat to a secluded Cabin and find a delicious handy man to swoon over Enter sexy, beautiful, a [...]

    5. Re read October 2017 Halloween had me in the mood to listen to something theme appropriate while performing my daily tasks so this title by Tiffany Reisz immediately came to mind I still hate the cover art but it s a fun adult contemporary romance that I thoroughly enjoyed the second time around Looking forward to re reading Her Naughty Holiday for Thanksgiving and my favorite of the three One Hot December for Christmas Fun times My favorite quote You know the old saying if at first you don t su [...]

    6. 2 stars This is very much a case ofit s not you, it s me.I normally don t read harlequin type romances, and I normally don t enjoy smut So why did I read this book Tiffany Reisz.I figured I loved all of her past books, she s an incredible writer and I have never given her lower than a 4 star review until now So what didn t work for me with this book, regular harlequin and smut readers may love Basically I am encouraging you to ignore my rating and read this anyway if you already enjoy harlequin [...]

    7. 4 Sexilicious Fun StarsA wedding, a birthday, and Halloweentie them all together with childhood friends, a broken heart and rebound sex.d you get a book full of delicious treats Childhood friends who grow up, go their separate ways and then by chance or fate, find themselves reconnecting are always great stories Their past connections tie them together and their unrequited love helps them forge into the future You know it s meant to be but they need a little help in seeing they are meant to be.T [...]

    8. Her Halloween Treat is the first in the Men at Work series that showcases our everyday hunky heroes Joey is heading home to Oregon for her brother s wedding, fresh from the discovery that her boyfriend of two years was married The devastation is pushed aside when she notices that the hunky man in the master bedroom of her family cabin isn t just a handsome stranger, but Chris Her brother s best friend and friend she hadn t seen since high school ended With the advice of her bestie ringing in her [...]

    9. 2 not my treat STARS Tiffany Reisz wrote vanilla romance Yup Quite unusual for me to read this Harlequin type because I m not interested But, hey this is Tiffany Reisz She wrote 3 three books for this holiday season I was looking forward to read it, but sadly it didn t met my expectation at all.Joey Silvia just found out her 2 years boyfriend already married and she ran home with broken heart Well, she didn t exactly ran because Joey will attend her brother s wedding in Oregon A good friend advi [...]

    10. Joey had the shock of her life when she found out her boyfriend of two years is actually married Going home to the family s lake cabin for her brother s wedding provides the perfect getaway to lick her wounds Meeting up with Chris, her brother s best friend, who s turned into a super hot lumberjack, makes forgetting her cheating, lying ex very easy How did she not know that Chris was such a bossy, sexy, dirty talker Chris was in love with Joey, the younger sister of his best friend, since high s [...]

    11. Her Halloween Treat generously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review 4 My treat StarsTiffany Reisz writes good erotica Period Her Halloween Treat comes as the first in the Men at Work series from Harlequin Blaze featuring a sexy, alpha contractor and a neurotic marketing superstar nursing a broken heart The story, on the shorter side and told from the 3rd person point of view, showcases Reisz signature style of story telling and character development It s always so easy to g [...]

    12. 4.5 Trick or Treat Stars This year Tiffany Reisz is sharing the holidays with us in her own special way Reisz fans will be enthusiastic to learn that she is releasing 3 novellas, 1 each around the time of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas this year Each romance centers around a different man at work a contractor in the case of this book and can be read as a standalone.The first book, HER HALLOWEEN TREAT, proves to be a delicious treat and decadent, yet calorie free way to spend a day or two [...]

    13. Yo me lo paso bomba con Tiffany Reisz Este libro es un Harlequin, un nadismo guarreril, una historia sencilla y breve para pasar el rato, con sus buenas y detalladas sesiones de sexo y su historia de amor, todo lo que yo pido cuando quiero un libro que me desintoxique y me relaje el cerebro Adem s los toques de humor y los di logos ingeniosos de la Reisz me pueden, son una de mis debilidades literarias Ha logrado justo lo que yo quer a, que desconectara del mundo un buen rato y terminara con una [...]

    14. Unfortunately despite the high ratings this book has, it just didn t work for me The romance never felt believable to me, Chris felt like Joey s rebound guy, someone she just slept with to get even with her ex, which she found out was married 3 days ago Yes, Chris had a thing for Joey when they were in high school but this felt like a case of revenge on Joey s side, with some lust thrown in The sexy times were quite hot though, which is why I still gave it 3stars.Although this book didn t work [...]

    15. Let s face it here Tiffany Reisz could probably write the phone book and I would pick it up to see how she did, because the girl just has a way that said I didn t enjoy this book as much as I do my OS crew, and I don t know if it s because of the short length or what typical Tiffany wit and banter, the best way to get over one guy to get under another, amen sister fun story, I enjoyed 4 stars

    16. Slick s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsWords cannot describe how much I loved Tiffany Reisz s Her Halloween Treat it was sexy, smart and had so much humor that I found myself laughing out loud often But guys, the sexy partsholy smokes I loved that this couple had history with the hero being her big brother s best friend and protector all through high school, that they shared something special many years ago, that he had a crush on her back in the day, that she appreciated him for [...]

    17. As a huge fan of Tiffany Reisz s Original Sinners series of course I wanted to read this new trilogy the minute I heard about it I always know I m in for a hot read with Tiffany s books but Her Halloween Treat was much lighter and funny than her other series, it s still hot as hell but it s also full of humorous banter and an adorable romance It s not often I give full 5 star ratings to contemporary romance stories, it takes something a bit special to get the top rating, but this story totally [...]

    18. Release Date September 20, 2016 Series Men at Work 1 standalone Genre Contemporary, Friends to Lovers Romance 4.5 Pretty Little Stars SQUEE I loved this book to PIECES I never thought I would read a Harlequin romance because honestly, I thought they were all the same and I don t like to read the same stuff over and over again But oh boy, I was in for a DELGHTFUL surprise with this book Gah, it is so much fun, sexy as hell, and features my favorite type of man candy those bearded lumbersexuals he [...]

    19. DNF at 25%I asked for recommendations for contemporary romances with excellent banter and this was recommended by 2 separate people All of my friends that have read this have rated it 4 5 stars It s obviously very well liked.Except by me The conversations feel forced The characters motivations feel weird I don t buy any chemistry between them And I m rolling my eyes hardcore almost every other page.Here s an example of a conversation taking place while they re making out and it s so un sexy I ca [...]

    20. It s an 80s movie theme I have to pick a costume Maybe I ll go as Carrie Carrie You know the girl with the blood and the prom and all the murdering that Carrie You re going as a mass murderer to your brother s wedding It fits my mood It s rare for me to pick up a category romance, because I find that, most of the time, for me they are either too short and unsatisfying or just not my thing in general, or a mix of all those things Though, I ll make an exception and pick one up if it s an author I [...]

    21. Her Halloween Treat was an enjoyable read overall, but i failed to love it.Our hero was unique, lovely, sweet and funny, he was most certainly the highlight of the book What let it down for me was the banter, it was good, but sometimes just too much and ended up feeling false When things got serious in terms of angst and life, it was enjoyable As was the addition of the side characters.I ll definitely read the others in the series, it was a good book to chill out with.

    22. Her Halloween Treat is the first of three Harlequin Blaze books in the Men at Work series by Tiffany Reisz If the next ones in the series are as good as this one, they ll get top billing on my bookshelf as fun, sexy reads starring down to earth blue collar heroes Joey just discovered that her boyfriend of two years is married Sure, it seemed strange that while they worked together in Hawaii Ben never wanted her to visit his actual home in L.A but she never in her wildest dreams imagined the real [...]

    23. This book was heaven to me I mean, look at this combination Tiffany Reisz one of my TopAuthorsEver and Rom Com, my TopGenreEver As always, Tiffany s writing is exceptional, and despite the lightness in this plot, she could leave one or two drops of wisdom and that made me so happy.If you did breath in on a rainy, windy day you might just smell what the world smelled like right after it was born sighhhh I loooove it With Her Halloween Treat she created a funny, sexy and romantic story about a you [...]

    24. HER HALLOWEEN TREAT kicks off Reisz new Men at Work series This book is part of the Blaze line, which I think is interesting because I thought Reisz was trying to step away from Erotic Romance for a while However, with this book she proves that she is made for writing the hotter, sinful stories.His book features Joey Silva who has just learned that the man has been dating for two years is actually married Yup, say it with me what a douche So she s returned home to recuperate and try to get over [...]

    25. A heartbreak, a rebound and a love declaration are than enough for Joey Silvia This woman is pulled in too many directions for her to think straight Her two year relationships she s invested in, turns out to be so different than she expected There is a reason why surprise visits rarely go over well Licking her wounds, Joey travels to Oregon several days earlier than planned for her brother s wedding.This love story kicking off in a train wreck is captivating because it is a little too frequent [...]

    26. 3.5 Stars Cute story, very steamy My first category romance in absolute ages and I sure don t remember these books pushing the envelope quite so hard It was fun, full of witty, sexy banter maybe too much Sometimes it felt forced, like Reisz was trying too hard to impress the reader with her wit My only real complaint was how much Chris and Joely talked during sex They yacked on and on for pages at a time during sex scenes and if so much of the talk hadn t been dirty, I would have forgotten they [...]

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