Theory & Practice of Gamesmanship

Theory & Practice of Gamesmanship By Stephen Potter Frank Wilson, Theory Practice of Gamesmanship For any gameplayer here s a book that focuses on the subject of gamesmanship as a civilized art as old as the competitive spirit in man Stephen Potter points out the true Gamesman is always the Good
  • Title: Theory & Practice of Gamesmanship
  • Author: Stephen Potter Frank Wilson
  • ISBN: 9781559212236
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Paperback
  • Theory & Practice of Gamesmanship By Stephen Potter Frank Wilson, For any gameplayer, here s a book that focuses on the subject of gamesmanship as a civilized art as old as the competitive spirit in man Stephen Potter points out the true Gamesman is always the Good Sportman.
    Theory & Practice of Gamesmanship By Stephen Potter Frank Wilson,
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    1. An idea that I m surprised hasn t been imitated a satire masquerading as a self help manual While pretending to instruct you in the various tricks you can use to make your opponents feel uncomfortable, Potter takes generally quite successful pot shots at all sorts of targets The most obvious one is, of course, the ridiculous lengths people will go to in order to win games, but there are few aspects of British society that escape unscathed He s completely deadpan throughout in fact, when I first [...]

    2. There is something melancholic reading about a world that no longer exists but that was real to you To think that when this was written everybody played games all the time It s what we all did for fun If this were written now nobody would read it and I guess the fact that such a big seller in its day has all of 88 ratings on just goes to show the likely truth of that My copy is inscribed To Davis, in anticipation of another keen contest on the tennis court Kathryn.What might Davis have learned i [...]

    3. This was on my dad s bookshelf when I was a kid, but I didn t discover it until late in high school If Monty Python were to trace the roots of their art, they end up here Potter is a brilliant, dry wit, and understatedly so This is the only book I know where the text reads itself in a British accent.Potter teaches the sometimes subtle art of one upmanship , expanding on a philosophy dedicated to winning in sport and applying it to life at large In one thousand years, Potter s The Theory and Prac [...]

    4. This is a very tongue in cheek book about gamesmanship Or how to win without actually cheating It was written in the late 40s and it s pretty absurd in a proto Monty Python way It does however have some serious points to make about getting the upper hand without being obvious Many of the examples are clever but there s always a germ of truth in them Despite the content, I just couldn t give it than three stars Glad I read it though.

    5. Almost as funny as it used to be It was a huge bestseller in 1947 and it still sells today In a way I think it fits in with English middle class feelings of insecurity after the Second World War, with the welfare state and trade union power building up around them Ignore it all and play croquet as slily as possible.

    6. Klein maar fijn Boekje barst van de ironie, is fictieve non fictie Psychologisch scherpe analyses ook en heel herkenbare situaties

    7. Sharks don t learn the art of eating smaller fish by reading a book like this But, the gamesman is a shark that should read this one There are two reasons for this First, reading it will give the gamesman an opportunity to look at himself and laugh Second, it contains a few comments that may benefit the gamesman For example, a footnote buried at the bottom of one page reminds the gamesman that love is important than gamesmanship Also, appendix IV reminds the gamesman to enjoy his food, to eat w [...]

    8. Stephen Potter was all the rage in the late 1950s, and there was a film based on his books starring Terry Thomas Leslie Philips and co They are all about how to manipulate people and put them down I thought the book a bit too small minded, sadistic and sour for my taste Machiavelli rewritten for the golf club Indeed, the makers of the film seem to have shared my opinion, coming off the manipulation at the end in favour of such values as generosity, honesty etc, just so the film could have a happ [...]

    9. While his subsequent books didn t delight me as much as this one, Gamesmanship is a hilarious send up of British theories of sports Or something It s not like I know great examples of the thing he s spoofing, but he s so good at it The Art of Winning Games without Actually Cheating doesn t begin to get at the various methods and the absolutely delightful names of said methods for getting into your opponents head Light, and oh, so much fun Loved it.

    10. This is very funny Gamesmanship, or fully, The Theory and Practice of Gamesmanship or, The Art of Winning Games without Actually Cheating, is all about interrupting the flow of your opponent while maintaining all the aspects of good sportsmanship For example, if you can t return volleys in tennis, Potter counsels you to wear velvet socks Click here for a sample.

    11. The book passes as humour for most but the fact of the matter is, I personally take it very seriously I think the advice contained therein is useful in games as it is in all matters of life If you play any type of game competitively, and we all do, then the tricks in this book can prove most convenient if not for winning, at least to make the opponent lose.

    12. I enjoyed this when I first read it back in the 70 s and it is just as good re reading it today Of course a lot of it is considerably dated, but I think it alongside 1066 and all that should be part of the school curriculum helping people to understand what was a key part of British culture around the time of the two wars.

    13. I encountered this book in my mid teens, when I haunted the library in order to avoid bullying by faculty mostly at school I thought it quite funny, but I fear some people have taken it all too seriously.

    14. This is a really fun book It has some very practical and hilarious advice for how to gain the advantage over your opponent.I recommend this book to everybody It will make you laugh and give you some hilarious gambits to pull on your next opponent.

    15. Droll and endlessly funny A satirical look at gamesmanship in sport that you read one minute for laughs and the next consider whether you could in fact use some of these tactics in your own sporting endeavours One of the funniest non fiction texts I have read

    16. My least favourite of the series, but that may in part be due to the fact that I always hated organised sports I suppose the reason I read it at the time would have been to seek a way to undermine them.

    17. Dated and extremely British but sprinkled with a few chuckles and laughs Interesting to see the evolution of some of these topics and how they have been reused through the years by other authors.

    18. Funny, what I read of it, maybe half I didn t feel like I needed to keep reading to get the idea The writing style is quite archaic, and I really struggled with it.

    19. A bit too dry, possibly due to the age and intended audience Still some good parts that generated a genuine chuckle.

    20. The concept and the beginning of this book are fantastic Doesn t quite keep it up for the whole book, but still very high on my list Just got Mike reading it

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