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Caspar Lee By Caspar Lee Emily Riordan Lee, Caspar Lee A hilarious biography from YouTube sensation Caspar Lee and his mom This is a book about me Unfortunately I didn t write it my mom did WTF Let me tell you now that % of it is total lies Actually I
  • Title: Caspar Lee
  • Author: Caspar Lee Emily Riordan Lee
  • ISBN: 9781455570034
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Caspar Lee By Caspar Lee Emily Riordan Lee, A hilarious biography from YouTube sensation Caspar Lee and his mom This is a book about me Unfortunately, I didn t write it my mom did WTF Let me tell you now that 98% of it is total lies Actually, I m pretty sure this book is illegal So if you ve bought it, you ve basically supported a criminal How does that feel I think she s getting me back for my first day inA hilarious biography from YouTube sensation Caspar Lee and his mom This is a book about me Unfortunately, I didn t write it my mom did WTF Let me tell you now that 98% of it is total lies Actually, I m pretty sure this book is illegal So if you ve bought it, you ve basically supported a criminal How does that feel I think she s getting me back for my first day in this world when I may have tried to kill her She won t not be able to mention that You might also find out about my first day at school, why my head is so massive, how I ve always been a hit with the ladies and other things like that.You know, important stuff Anyway, I found the book at the printer and you ll see I ve corrected some of her most outrageous lies.So, you know, enjoy Just remember only the bits that make me look good are true .
    Caspar Lee By Caspar Lee Emily Riordan Lee,
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      Caspar Lee Emily Riordan Lee

    About "Caspar Lee Emily Riordan Lee"

    1. Caspar Lee Emily Riordan Lee

      Caspar Lee is a British born South African YouTube personality, vlogger and actor.

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    1. Such a great and funny read I loved reading about the events of Caspar s life from his mums Emily perspective It was unique which made it an enjoyable read I highly recommend reading if you are a fan of Caspar I read this books as part of the Biannual Bibliiothon The challenge was to read a book in another format to what you usually read

    2. South Africa to Youtube Caspar Lee s life has been nothing but interesting and this original format biography written by his mum lets you in on it all No one knows you better than those who raised you We only have certain memories from when we were very young, so it was great to read about Caspar being born in London and moving to South Africa from the perspective of someone who can remember it all Emily didn t hold back on the family s financial troubles or the real world dangers in South Afric [...]

    3. Absolutely amazing Super funny and sweet, totally worth for a Caspar Lee fan to know everything there is to know about your favorite youtuber.

    4. Caspar Lee is a comedic youtuber known for his original and hilarious content He is loved by millions worldwide and this is his biography, written by his mother, Emily Riordan Lee I was so impressed by this book Perhaps I am slightly biased because this book features so many familiar things for me Caspar and I grew up in the same small town of Knysna, South Africa We attended to same schools I visited his house once or twice to hang out his older sister, Theodora, who also has a great Youtube ch [...]

    5. This book was quite factual but funny at the same time It is not really a book I would recommend to everyone as some people won t like this type of genre Overall I think it was a pretty good book with some comedy in it about Casper s life.

    6. I m not very interested in Caspar Lee myself, but my sister gave it to me for my birthday so I decided to give it a readIf you enjoy Caspar s videos you will enjoy this book.This book is also written by his mum than Caspar himself, Caspar just comments on what his mother was saying, so I wouldn t really say this book is by Caspar Lee, like by Emily Riordan Lee featuring Caspar Lee That s the only downside to this book.

    7. Really fun read It s so hard to rate YouTuber s books, because I don t know what makes a good one and a bad one, so this is just my personal rating I loved the concept that his mom told the story about his life with Caspar going in with his own thoughts The pictures were cool, and it s always cool to know about one of your favorite YouTubers I decided to give this 5 stars because it was exactly what I was expecting and it didn t disappoint What could you ask for

    8. Good booklovely photos of Caspar and his family The intro of the book was really hilarious After reading this, came to know that Caspar and his family had gone through lots of hardships Good Job done by Caspar Lee and his Mom.Emily Riordan Lee r having this lovely book.

    9. This book sets other YouTubers books apart because not only is it written by his mom but also starts at the very beginning of his life From start to finish the reader gets to know Caspar and what his life was really like growing up Also the entire book is loaded with comments from Caspar I put comments in quotations because I don t think all of the comments are genuinely his, I think the majority of them, including the doodles are from the illustrators And they are insanely, over the top sarcast [...]

    10. Uplifting and Hilarious This book was better than I expected, Emily Riordan Lee is an incredible mom that everyone should wish they had She writes a beautiful story of her son, Caspar growing up and their story is markedly like one I have not read or seen before Their journey leading up to where they are now is truly amazing and brave The story that leads up to Caspar s quirky personality is really enjoying to read as it s not what you d expect Caspar s random comments in this book really show t [...]

    11. I bought this book because i watch Caspar s video quiet a lot when i m bored and i m just lil bit curious about this book so that s why i buy this book So, as you may not know, Caspar didn t write it, but his mom did And yes, this book tells about Caspar s life story since he was born present In this book he shares about his life like when he was in South Africa and how he became a YouTuber and decided to moved to London where he lives now and to be honest, that is pretty interesting, i guess Th [...]

    12. This book is written mainly by his mom, and he makes edits throughout the book It was so great to hear I bought the audiobook as well his mom, Emily, tells all about Caspar s upbringing and how he got to where he is today There was a lot that I didn t know about Caspar, and as a viewer of his, it was nice to get to know about him beyond what you see in his videos.Caspar s book is definitely up there as one of my favourite YouTuber books now I really enjoyed it If you are a fan of Caspar s, new [...]

    13. I haven t read this book yet, but I m very interested in doing so Caspar Lee is a part of a community that has changed entertainment and they way to see the internet Television often takes a backseat in the lives of younger people in favor of this new type of entertainment We re brought into the lives of YouTubers such as Caspar Lee and I would love to learn about this guy Pretty big bonus we get the perspective of his mother too I ve seen several videos of Caspar s where his mom is featured an [...]

    14. I really liked how this book let you see into Caspar s life than you do if you watch him on YouTube, you get to hear about his life when he was growing up I really like the funny parts of this book especially when he argues with his mom s point of view I would recommend this book to people who like comedy and loads of background stories The reason that I decided to read this book was that I watch Caspar s videos on YouTube sometimes and he is a really funny person and I was hoping his book wou [...]

    15. As far as YouTuber books go, this definitely has to be one of my favourites This book is unquestionably unique as the author is Caspar s mother Emily , rather than Caspar himself However, Caspar edits parts of the book, allowing the reader to witness his personality shining through, too Throughout this book I learnt several new facts about Caspar and his life in general, which I never would have been able to recognize purely from his YouTube videos Overall this book was very enjoyable, and it co [...]

    16. I enjoyed the fact this was a book from his mum s POV rather than his as to me that holds a little credit It s not mere self praise but rather an account of his life by someone who loves him and knows him like the back of her hand Some laugh out loud moments and pretty interesting look at life in 1990s South Africa, as well as an unexpected level of honesty about a childhood with Tourette s Syndrome It was cute and fun and easy reading, and as a Caspar fan I really enjoyed it.

    17. winSo before I received this book I had no clue who this person was Once I realized I won the book I decided to do a little background reading It sure made me realize I don t really keep up with whats popular any On to the book This was a fun and entertaining read I loved how it was in the moms perspective It was a quick read and had so many special moments I would definitely recommend this book to just about anyone.

    18. Yes, I know, another book by a youtuber but this was such a great read, the best youtuber book yet There is so much detail in this book as Caspar and his mum have worked on this together so unlike a lot of the other youtuber books this one is actually the length of a proper book There are so many things we learn about Caspar in this book that nobody expected, a great read and highly recommend if you are a fan of Caspar or vloggers.

    19. I won this book from a giveaway What a fun compilation between Casapar and his mom So many stories and pictures from his childhood Any fan of Caspar Lee would love this book and it would make a great gift Even for people who may not know Caspar, it s an interesting read to learn about his life and how he made it to youtube stardom.

    20. I received this book for free through First Reads As far as youtuber books go, this is personally one of my favorites It contained the perfect balance between pictures and dialogue The stories were heartfelt, funny, and well written If you are a fan of Caspar, then you will definitely enjoy this book.

    21. Kind of a weird book, but it was okay It was a little funny and it was interesting to see how someone from a completely different country grew up and how he became famous in a sense If you know who he is and get his humor, you d probably like this book a lot.By Mark Smith

    22. It was awesome I liked the way that he highlighted the text It made it all interesting The thing is, I kind of wanted a BIT about his life now as a full time Youtuber I felt like there was way about his childhood than about his career.

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