Punto d'ombra

Punto d'ombra By Teju Cole, Punto d ombra Punto d ombra presenta il nuovo lavoro di Teju Cole una serie di immagini e parole che come le pagine di un diario visivo seguono e testimoniano i suoi diversi viaggi e peregrinazioni nel mondo Anch
  • Title: Punto d'ombra
  • Author: Teju Cole
  • ISBN: 9788869656538
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Punto d'ombra By Teju Cole, Punto d ombra presenta il nuovo lavoro di Teju Cole una serie di immagini e parole che, come le pagine di un diario visivo, seguono e testimoniano i suoi diversi viaggi e peregrinazioni nel mondo Anche se il progetto ha delle connessioni evidenti con le opere di autori come John Berger, Chris Marker e W.G Sebald, Punto d ombra di Teju Cole qualcosa di diverso Un Punto d ombra presenta il nuovo lavoro di Teju Cole una serie di immagini e parole che, come le pagine di un diario visivo, seguono e testimoniano i suoi diversi viaggi e peregrinazioni nel mondo Anche se il progetto ha delle connessioni evidenti con le opere di autori come John Berger, Chris Marker e W.G Sebald, Punto d ombra di Teju Cole qualcosa di diverso Un lavoro originale e coraggioso che combina la poetica fotografia di paesaggio di Teju Cole con la sua prosa, lirica, allusiva e impegnata Con un introduzione di Siri Hustvedt.
    Punto d'ombra By Teju Cole,
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      Teju Cole

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    1. Teju Cole

      I was born to Nigerian parents and grew up in Lagos My mother taught French My father was a business executive who exported chocolate The first book I read I was six was an abridgment of Tom Sawyer At fifteen I published cartoons regularly in Prime People, Nigeria s version of Vanity Fair Two years later I moved to the United States.Since then, I ve spent most of my time studying art history, except for an unhappy year in medical school I currently live in Brooklyn.

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    1. Cole, taking inspiration from Marker s excellent San Soleil and, with this particular format, La Jet e , has created a hybrid work of his photos and prose that, though a bit uneven, is a uniquely contemplative read Continuing his work in OPEN CITY, we are led along by a peripatetic narrator, here taken to an extreme as Cole wanders the world Lebanon to Jamaica Switzerland to Brooklyn during a BLM protest capturing liminal images He seems preoccupied with frames within frames the best photo in th [...]

    2. Teju Cole s art is exceptional at the same time it is accessible In my experience, the confluence of these two things happens only rarely, which is how Cole has come to occupy an exalted place in my pantheon of artists If I say his photography can stop us in our tracks, it says nothing of his writing, which always adds something to my understanding Today I discovered his website has soundtracks which open doors And there it is, his specialness Cole s observations enlarge our conversation.This ma [...]

    3. 3.75 Whether a short novel of Sebaldesque wanderings in the Big Apple Open City , or a collection of essays on literature, art and travel Known and Strange Things , Teju Cole s works all share a dedication to seeing clearly This book is composed of about 160 one and two page spreads in which images are matched with commentary Each piece is headed with its location, with Lagos, Berlin, Brooklyn and various towns in Switzerland showing up frequently The author s philosophical approach elevates a f [...]

    4. Teju Cole has become for me an indispensable writer because the intelligence of his work enables me to gain a compassionate understanding of the world But, of course, Cole is much than a craftsman of words and a sage of ideas He is also a renowned photographer His greatest gift, however, may be his ability to synthesize artistic mediums in order to deliver an even profound view of humanity In Blind Spot, he achieves a graceful merging of his poetic prose with his thoughtful photographs This i [...]

    5. Teju Cole might be one of the coolest dudes in the world Art historian, novelist, photographer, globetrotter These photos are not awesome natural landscapes or vibrant, stunning portraits that you d want to put on your wall They re mostly of the fairly mundane and banal, or of wonderful places, framed in obscuring ways Perhaps if they were devoid of text, I wouldn t enjoy them as much, as I m not very good at thinking deeply about visual art But the prose is a helping hand that takes you through [...]

    6. Blind SpotTeju ColeThis work has a straight forward pattern One page has several paragraphs of commentary On the facing page is a photo Sometimes there is a common element between the commentary and the photo, but not always, at least for me.Nor is there a common theme from one commentary to the next At least none I could detect.Page 52 Titled Lugano She said to me Europe is getting worse I still don t understand why you want to move to Switzerland.I said to her I don t want to move to Switzerla [...]

    7. Teju Cole s Blind Spot is an uncommon book a combination of writing and photography that try to meet each other on equal footing This is rare because, while many people think of themselves as photographers and writers, few people are good enough at both to combine the two without some sort of imbalance The usual compromise is to include an introduction or interlude in a photobook, or to include a series of photos before or after a text Blind Spot is neither a photobook nor an extended essay In i [...]

    8. If I were a book I would like to be like Blind Spot apparently sleek, beautiful and voluminous but edgy and dark on the inside With words that draw lasting images in one s mind and images revealing words and meanings you have always pictured in your mind but never found the means to express And with a foreword by Siri Hustvedt.

    9. The problem is that he writes for the New Yorker The problem is that he left Harlem and left the churchJimmy is inauthentic, sexually perverse, and unmasculine.The criticism is brutal It gives him headaches, it makes his hair go white So, he keeps leaving America, and not only because of white supremacy But who remembers any of that now, now that he is a secular saint The difficulty now is to find someone who does not reflexively quote James Baldwin All the words we need for our predicament are [...]

    10. It is a photography book where accompanying text is even important and impressive than the visual side Cole is a sensivite observer, he explains it all very precisely When I make a work, no matter how small, no matter how doomed to be forgotten, only its poetic possibility interests me

    11. Photos on one side, text on the other Teju Cole travels around the world, takes pictures and muses about them.Sometimes I really liked this book, but I also felt like it had weaker parts I felt like it should have been cut by a third and then it would have been amazing.I was surprised by how much of the book was related to Christianity, so you might want to know that going in I don t mind, I just didn t expect it.Source of the book Lawrence Public Library

    12. I read this in one rainy day blown away by the power of text and image, and the way Cole explores both humanity and the blind spots of our world thx to Tellio for recommending this one now I may need to splurge and buy, instead of library version

    13. Not chronological, not predictive, not what you were expecting, Blind Spot is faithful to the infidelities of sight So much depends on what you perceive, on how you allow yourself to be worked upon by vision, periphery, obscured fields, chiaroscuro, the bewilderment of not seeing as you used are used to This is a book that you should let work upon you, in sight, in mind It will be working on you long after you ve shut your eyes.

    14. A catalog of facile photography the blind spot here is the utter contempt to propose anything directly to the reader viewer.

    15. A woman on the red line leaned over to tell me, that is a beautiful book Yes, I said, pleased she d noticed, pleased with the pleasure of savoring it, brief excursions to see and then to re see, rich in perception, yet conscious of delimitation, it is.

    16. It took me a while to get into this book about 230 pages in of about 350 , something started to click What I had taken for a series of unconnected images and blurbs, suddenly felt heavy when read cumulatively I started to recognise repeating phrases, ideas, allusions When a story about the sacrifice of Iphianassa morphs into a modern tale about refugees, and then later, into the paintings of Turner I ve got to admire the craft that goes into preparing that thread Teju Cole writes remarkably well [...]

    17. Cole s photos don t always hit me in the same way that they obviously hit him That s a given, of course, any time we look at photographs, but since Cole is such a prolific communicator when it comes to his images, there s a degree of expectation there that is a bit demanding, even intimidating In Blind Spot, every single image is accompanied by a short lyric essay They vary in tone, clarity, and directness The conversational ones seem, in the moment, to be successful Oh, yes, I too see the ima [...]

    18. This book is interesting, it pairs a photo on one side with a fragment on the other The fragments are sometimes historical, sometimes personal, sometimes artistic, or an explanation of what made the image interesting I m glad this book is out in the world because it broadens the range of what counts as acceptable in the literary world I love good photographs and good fragments At times, fragments can seem like a honest portrait of the world than when we approach a subject with strict narrativit [...]

    19. I was only mildly interested in this book until about a third of the way into it Then I was interested Three quarters of the way into the book I started to worry about how I would feel when the book ended and I would have to wait until Mr Cole published something new Sometimes it takes me awhile to become interested in certain books because I have to grow accustomed to the author s way of communicating, but then I am fully immersed in that communication and anything outside of that is hard for m [...]

    20. I wanted to give this stars, but in the end I didn t feel it got to me the way I wanted it to I was engaged It also made start to take different pictures with my Instax and on Instagram But it didn t leave me with that enthusiasm that I feel with 4 or 5 star books, that feeling of completeness Maybe it s because of the vagueness and difficulty of some of the essays that s obviously the way the author wanted this book to be, but it was not for me, right now But I think I will revisit this, and m [...]

    21. My professor recommended I read this because I enjoy pairing my writing with my photography This collection is one I will refer back to many times in the future as a guiding light While there were a few essays or pics that did not resonate with me, I am glad to have read viewed this and recommend it others interested in this style of presentation Poets die They must But the poems, if vital, give a light that each future age refracts in its particular lens No, not give a light they light in here [...]

    22. This will be a book to continuously revisit Ubud The disaster is not that which is to come The disaster is that which has already happened The disaster is that what happened happened and that we survived The disaster is to live in the aftermath of the disaster it is always already past, Blanchot says , the disaster that we survived by chance, and to insist at the same time that the disaster is yet to come To have survived the disaster and to forget that the disaster already happened, to look wit [...]

    23. Many things to notice in this book and the perspective contained within It has a clarity and dreaminess about it, and even the most quotidian photograph can become part of a rich story through the right eye Some of the literal essays gave a fascinating snapshot of a stranger s life, while the abstract essays demand contemplation I finished it feeling ambivalent about the pleasures and perils of choosing to take in that which we usually do not see I m not sure how someone so imaginative as Cole [...]

    24. What an interesting book Love the overlapping genres and the way one genre speaks to another While I suppose the meditations that riff off, rather than comment on the photographs, aren t technically prose poemsey often have that provocative, dreamlike surprise of poetry The book will change how I look at and think about photography forever I m on a Teju Cole reading listening binge, and it is fascinating.

    25. This book was so good I read the introduction first, which I didn t initially like, but then it did help frame the book and the book was than I d expected The texts build upon each other, following themes in chapter like groups and exploring the overarching concept of seeing and blindness Some of the photos and texts together are really great.

    26. A hybrid of flash fiction, micro essays, prose poems, photography all at once a travel book, fiction with visual accompaniment distraction and philosophy A genre buster and a masterpiece from one of our greatest contemporary writers.

    27. The empty chalkboard bears the ghostly trace of everything ever written on it.Whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the light.Death moves like dominoes in the dark.Darkness is not empty It is information at rest.Even in the most vigilant eye, there is a blind spot.

    28. Teju sees the world through a lens that captures the minutia of locale in fully intriguing ways the way he articulates prose around these photos is completely immaculate What we get here is a prepossessing drool fest of intellectually stimulating eye candy.

    29. Lyrical Touching Observant To be savored Good for the brain to have to make visual connections that aren t so obvious, a la Facebook and Instagram.

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