Amador Lockdown

Amador Lockdown By Coral Russell, Amador Lockdown FREE on every eBook platform Free PDF Download Just click the Download Sample Chapter Button at blogbunnies books aSomething has moved into the Amador Hotel Hector Marcos Bev and Tony of the Paran
  • Title: Amador Lockdown
  • Author: Coral Russell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 334
  • Format: ebook
  • Amador Lockdown By Coral Russell, FREE on every eBook platform Free PDF Download, Just click the Download Sample Chapter Button at blogbunnies books aSomething has moved into the Amador Hotel Hector, Marcos, Bev, and Tony of the Paranormal Posse are called in to either debunk the haunting or get rid of whatever is causing the problems With the surprise arrival of Hector s son, he trFREE on every eBook platform Free PDF Download, Just click the Download Sample Chapter Button at blogbunnies books aSomething has moved into the Amador Hotel Hector, Marcos, Bev, and Tony of the Paranormal Posse are called in to either debunk the haunting or get rid of whatever is causing the problems With the surprise arrival of Hector s son, he tries to keep his professional and personal lives separate, but whatever is haunting the Amador Hotel has other plans.Finalist in Horror Contest 2013.
    Amador Lockdown By Coral Russell,
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      334 Coral Russell
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    1. A really quick read Amador Lockdown reminds me a bit of the TV series Ghost Hunters In this book we ve also got a group of ghost hunters that are called to the Amador Hotel to check out some strange occurrences As a fairly short book, it works to give you a few chills, but nothing too momentous.As I truly enjoy ghost stories, I was really curious about Amador Lockdown as soon as I read its brief, but eerie synopsis We are right away introduced to four ghost hunter friends who call themselves the [...]

    2. Since I did the editing on this book, I feel uncomfortable rating it or writing a real review however, I will say I very much enjoyed editing this book and learning about the characters I m also now curious about the ghost traditions of the TX NM area and, if I had any extra time, I d probably start doing mad research on it As it is ,I ll have to just pick other people s brains.At any rate, if you enjoy ghost stories and stories that end with a shocking twist, definitely check out Amador Lockdow [...]

    3. This is one of those books for me that caight my attention when I read the summary and the request for a review I accapted the request with every intention of reading and enjoying it I found the idea and plot line very interesting and it peaked my curiosity, but I just couldn t get into it I was easily distracted and honestly, it took me two days to read twenty pages I really hate it when a book doesn t hold my interest because it makes me feel horrible I always try to give the book the benefit [...]

    4. This turned out way better than I expected I don t normally like the paranormal investigator stories, but this one ended up being of a possession story, much interesting Good writing, likeable characters, excellent dialogue, nice twist at the end, this was a pretty enjoyable and entertaining read Very quick too, not even 3 hours Recommended.

    5. Operation Desert Storm Captain Lisa Dodd CJ was inspecting a bunker that had been blown to smithereens Fast forward, FBI SA Lisa Dodd was looking at tapes of the Devil s Den.New Mexico Mr Rangel old man, State Parks division , Amanda Meeks 40 , common law wife , Erin Rangel daughter , had carried on sadistic cruel serial killings for many yrs Sarah Hutchins made sure everyone knew she adored men 1 night she met Matt Ridley at the Rusty Spur The sex was great He was off to the US Army basic train [...]

    6. Well this story was definitely different, and not quite what I was expecting But I enjoyed it very much We start with a group of paranormal investigators, The Paranormal Posse Kind of a funny name, but if you ve ever seen any of the paranormal investigation shows on TV, you know most of them have a keen sense of humor The Paranormal Posse specializes in investigations and also runs tours at different locations, allowing the public in on the investigating At the beginning of the book we meet the [...]

    7. What a pleasure this book was to read A well written and down to earth ghost story With everyone writing a new paranormal romance, mystery or urban fantasy novel these days, it is hard to find a good old fashioned ghost story This one is set in a real hotel in El Paso It opens in one of the most famous graveyards that I have also visited on a ghost story From the first page this book felt comfortable, like I had slipped into my favorite sweats and curled up with my favorite tea cup under a warm [...]

    8. I don t usually read ghost stories, I admit, but I was intrigued enough to pick this one up, partly because it was set in a part of the United States that I m fairly familiar with, and partly because I like the author The novel starts off as a pretty light story, despite the subject matter, with a group of paranormal investigators calling themselves the Paranormal Posse giving tours in a haunted graveyard and running investigations upon request of home owners and others who have experienced a fr [...]

    9. Gloriously spooky, this book follows the paranormal posse as they investigate the strange happenings at the Amador Hotel No special powers here, just four people with an interest in ghosts and the paranormal in general When Darren, a rebellious teenager who is said to be out of control, enters the situation, things get truly complicated When I started reading Amador Lockdown , I thought it was going to be yet another ghost story I soon realized how wrong I was when, a few chapters into the book, [...]

    10. It s no secret how much I enjoy the supernatural I m a sucker for all of the paranormal TV shows, regardless how cheesy they get sometimes I just can t resist a good spooky story I m sure we have all heard something go Bump in the night or a strange sound that sent chills down our spines as we secretly wondered what the heck it was, right Well, Russell brings that creepy feel to life in Amador Lockdown.Russell starts off this creepy paranormal tale with the Paranormal Posse leading a tour group [...]

    11. This falls into my DNF pile I wanted to enjoy it and keep going, but I couldn t Was the story horrible, no I just couldn t see it through all the issues The formatting problems on the Kindle version are very frustrating and easy to fix The entire book is justified left, there are line spaces between each paragraph which spreads the book out and causes a lot of clicking page turns, and there are many, many lines breaks where there shouldn t be.Also, I know this title was edited, but I think it ne [...]

    12. The story begins with a team of four who do paranormal investigations and tours on the side, seeing anomalies occasionally, and well versed in the equipment of the trade.An investigation is soon underway which, as the title suggests, is a lockdown at the Amador The Amador is an historical site and hotel that is experiencing irregularities which are now causing its bookings to suffer Several events have been ruined by eye witness accounts which have forced a skeptical admittance to the crew.The p [...]

    13. I get bored easily, so my favorite types of books to read are psychological thrillers and mysteries Unfortunately, I am also usually able to predict the ending before I m halfway through most books You ve read the overview, and it takes nothing away from the suspense and unexpected ending that I found here At points, Coral used points of wit and humor to push you through to the end.It is easy to know and identify with some of these characters just enough as you travel along with them on their jo [...]

    14. It wasn t what I was expecting, which was a nice twist Hector, head of the Paranormal Posse like the name , is given custody of his 16 year old son, Darren Hector s partners understand that family comes first so they start the investigation of the Amador Hotel and the weird things that have been happening there Fundraisers and events are being done to raise money to restore the building, during these events weird, unexplained things happen, which brings in the Paranormal Posse There isn t a lot [...]

    15. Deeply Chilling This story takes you on a wild unpredictable ride that makes a convincing case for the thin line between life and death There is enough intriguing research intertwined with the setting and plot to give this ghost story a realistic feel As a result, I can tell you right now that I ll never agree to a ghost tour that includes a lockdown If you ever think you know what will happen on the next page, you will be wrong That s one of the things I love about Indie stories is that they do [...]

    16. Amador Lockdown by Coral Russel is a fun book that tells of the haunting of an old hotel When a group of ghost hunters, The Paranormal Posse, try to have a fun ghost tour of the place, they suddenly find themselves dealing with angry hotel owners and even possible possession.Although they wanted to show off ghosts, Hector never counted on the fact that his own son s body could be stolen by a spook lusting for life Believe in ghosts or not, you have to appreciate the horror of Hector when he star [...]

    17. I absolutely LOVE ghost stories Especially out of the ordinary ghost stories This is such a story, a wonderful spin on the paranormal This book has everything you could ask for, evil spirits, not so evil spirits, teenagers who bodies are stolen by the ghosts wanting to come back to life that alone should get your attention and parental love We see how far one Dad will go when a spirit wanting to cling to life wants his son s body This author has surprised me and kept me in suspense until the ver [...]

    18. This is part of Coral s Paranormal Posse collection I read it in one sitting.Starting with the focus on the Posse and jumping at shadows in the cemetary was great I think the interview style of interleaving the initial events works very well Like a forensic crime show, this despicts how paranormal investigators do legwork and the tools of the trade This story is a good portrait of normal people with everyday problems that get interrupted by the supernatural.Apart from the ghost angle, it asks fu [...]

    19. LOVED it I opened this book a novella, really this morning to see if it was my cup of tea and was hooked from the first page I read it from cover to cover nonstop because I simply HAD to know what was going to happen next Also, there was so much tension and freakiness in the book that I was a little scared to walk into my dark closet after finishing the book What can I say I scare easily i.e the movie SIGNS gave me the chills.Read at Food For Thought.

    20. I was asked by the author to review this book First off, I want to state I m not really into ghost hunter books which this one is The story about the son had me very confused and a little angry with the father When everyone says stop, you need to stop because in the end it didn t really help The interviews of previous tenants in the early part of the book were okay but again I was confused as to what they really meant I just think that someone who is into this style of books would enjoy it .

    21. Well, Coral Russell you have done it again What a wonderful paranormal story It had a little bit of everything, problems with teens,spirits and evil entities The Paranormal Possee is great and the storyline between Hector and his son is so much like a normal family This book makes me want to go on a Ghost Tour.Keep on writing, I could not put it down.

    22. With the main character believing in the paranormal and having to take custody of his troubled son, and what one is willing to go to save family The characters are well written and you can believe the lengths a father would go to save his son The story kept me enganged and wanting to know how it ended.

    23. I received this book free from LibraryThing in return for an honest review.The Paranormal Posse, a group of Ghosthunters led by Hector, are hired to debunk rumors that the Amador Hotel is haunted Once they interview people who witnessed odd happenings, they decide to do an overnight tour Hector brings his 16 year old son, Darren, with him.Darren is having trouble adjusting to his new life with Hector With divorced parents and a new step dad, Darren is kicked out of mom s home and sent to live wi [...]

    24. I don t find American horror films particularly scary and haven t done for many years now Whenever I have the inclination to be terrified I turn to South Korean and Japanese horror films which always leave me unnerved It s a while since I read horror and I don t recall the last time I read a ghost story so I was intrigued by Amador Lockdown The novel focuses on the Paranormal Posse a quartet of friends that investigate the spooky and paranormal At the outset they are giving a tour in an eerie gr [...]

    25. To read this review and like it check out my site ufreviews From the synopsis I immediate thought of all of those tv shows that deal with people hunting down ghosts There is certainly an audience for people who enjoy ghost hunting I think people in general like the idea of people from the past sticking around, it s kind of a fun thing to think about and certainly can have plenty of uses in a book That being said I am not a person who likes to be scared, so that was really my only concern when I [...]

    26. Amador Lockdown by Coral Russell is a riveting tale of paranormal excellence Hector and the Paranormal Posse that is NOT the name of a rock band were doing just fine with their public tours of allegedly haunted buildings in old El Paso, Texas They even did the occasional ghost hunting routine to prove or debunk rud hauntings When they decided to debunk the notion that Amador Hotel was haunted, they discovered a far darker other side than they ever expected to experience On top of all the damage [...]

    27. I Received the Book Amador Lockdown from the Author and I Told Her I Would be Happy to Review it When I Finished Reading it First of All I want to Thank Coral for Allowing Me to Read This Awesome Book and I Apologize that it Took Me a Little While to Get Around to Reading it I Had a Motorcycle Wreck and I Have Bad Neck Back Pain So I Spend a Lot of Time in Bed So it Gave Me the Perfect Opportunity to Read This Book but Had I Known I Would End Up Loving it So Much I Would ve Made Some Time to Hav [...]

    28. Amador Lockdown by Coral RussellI won this book on LibraryThing giveawayThis is a paranormal book It starts in a cemetery that is suspected of being haunted with a group of paranormal investigators that call themselves the Paranormal Posse The Paranormal Posse give ghost tours for everyday people wanting to experience the paranormal The real activity starts when they start to investigate and give an overnight tour at an old haunted hotel called the Amador.There are several layers to this story T [...]

    29. I won t recap the plot, as it has been done, but let me tell you, I m not planning to stay at the Amador Hotel any time soon Here s my disclaimer I am generally not a reader of ghost stories That being said, Ms Russell weaves a creepy tale that teaches me about the acoutrements of paranormal investigation, yanks me down a dark hallway, and leaves me, in the end, gasping in surprise.Hector s newly formed and difficult relationship with his son hits dead on the mark, and I m hoping to get to know [...]

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