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Code Thief By Justin Conboy Annette Nugent, Code Thief CODE THIEF is a fast paced cyber espionage thriller A young computer hacker Dylan Charles is entrapped by CIA Agent John McGovern Charles is forced to give up his expertise in order to secure the
  • Title: Code Thief
  • Author: Justin Conboy Annette Nugent
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Code Thief By Justin Conboy Annette Nugent, CODE THIEF is a fast paced, cyber, espionage thriller A young computer hacker, Dylan Charles, is entrapped by CIA Agent John McGovern Charles is forced to give up his expertise in order to secure the release of his brother from jail Developing a sophisticated computer virus, to halt the Iranian Nuclear program, things get out of hand along with the virus From Iran to ICODE THIEF is a fast paced, cyber, espionage thriller A young computer hacker, Dylan Charles, is entrapped by CIA Agent John McGovern Charles is forced to give up his expertise in order to secure the release of his brother from jail Developing a sophisticated computer virus, to halt the Iranian Nuclear program, things get out of hand along with the virus From Iran to Iraq to Wall Street, this action packed story of two men who despise each other, but who must work together for the common good, has all the attributes of a modern day espionage classic CODE THIEF is a must read for all fiction thriller fans.
    Code Thief By Justin Conboy Annette Nugent,
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    1. Justin Conboy Annette Nugent

      Justin Conboy Annette Nugent Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Code Thief book, this is one of the most wanted Justin Conboy Annette Nugent author readers around the world.

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    1. I give up I totally give up I finally quit at about 10% in Every page added a new insult to my intellect In something like 60 years of reading, I have never before encountered such an egregious piece of crap Total crap The author doesn t know a megabyte from a 7 Eleven Big Bite He knows nothing about the subject nothing about the CIA, nothing about cyber, nothing about the Internet or networking It s like he was abandoned as a baby, was raised by wild animals on Borneo, and decided to write a bo [...]

    2. I read this because my kindle suggested it and it was free on kindle unlimited The writing in this book was not good There were way too many sentences that ending with something like Dylan said nervously My brain almost got distracted just looking for them and wondering how it could be re written to portray the emotion without just saying, he said excitedly Either the he said part had an exclamation point or the actual speech did That many exclamation points are not necessary That many sentences [...]

    3. Enjoyed this read Setting in U.S however later in the book terms from the UK were frequently used It did not detract from the story but it affected continuity.

    4. It was definitely a fast paced thriller.It was also a very quick read, but sloppily written sadly In an early chapter, one of the main characters talks about his wife and two daughters, then in a later chapter, the character returns to his wife and two sons, so you are left wondering about the sex change operation that was performed on minors There are also numerous grammatical errors one sentence had two commas and didn t need any there were also missing words and extra words Definitely needs a [...]

    5. Sub ParSub Par for me Legal proceedings in the first part of the book were shallow and used odd terminology and odd relationships Often direct first party conversations seemed second or third party than first party exchanges Central figure s emotions were all over the street Conversations with his wife did not seem to be conversations that a married couple would have or the terminology was stilted At one point it is getting dark in Baghdad and the hero calls his wife on the east coast in the mi [...]

    6. A rare book that grabs you at page two, and never turns you loose Part way into the book our protagonist is peeing his pants from all the tension, and let me tell you Justin Conboy almost had me peeing mine you get so wrapped up in will it happen won t it happen, and this pendulum swings back and forth for the entire novel Nods to actual historical events added to this novel s realism.I must say I loved the ending So often a great plot is ruined by a weak ending Not here While this was a little [...]

    7. Terrible I had to skip to the end of the book so I could write this review and save anyone else from the pain of reading it This book is truly painful to read The grammar is awful, there are misplaced commas throughout, and just about every third sentence ends in an exclamation point Just like this I feel bad writing such a negative review but it is warranted Please save yourself the trouble.

    8. I actually enjoyed this book It was a quick read, interesting twist and I wanted to know I wanted to know on what Patrick did and on his background story because I felt that was touched on, but could ve had details information John really had a chip on his shoulder, so of course I felt for Dylan and his family I definitely was pulling for Dylan and wanting John to get screwed In the end though, everything worked out for all parties, which made for a good happy ending The world of computer vi [...]

    9. The writing here is simply appalling Riddled with typos, grammatical errors and just the most amateurish sentences imaginable Some of my favorite lines Dylan looked at him in disbelief John s arrogance was unbelievable You promised them, John You gave them your word He appeared to not hear her, but he knew he had to say something After all, he had made a promise and given his word The director couldn t help but act like the jerk he was Being the coward he was, John backed down Dylan said ignoran [...]

    10. Fingernail biter to the endAs complex as coding of this magnitude is, the author was able to bring even the least IT person to an understanding of what was happening I read it over a period of 2 days in between working and sleeping Best read of this type I ve read for some time.

    11. GoodMuch better than I thought it would be.I don t know what else to say about this book.But I will quit now.

    12. Code breakingA brilliant book If you like espionage and double dealing you will love this book Enough twists and turns to keep you hooked.

    13. GoodI really liked this book, it was good I reccomend it to anyone who enjoys tech and knows something about it.

    14. This seemed like a book about a smart kid doing something really really dumb and someone else really really losing their mind over it not quite the espionage thriller I was hoping for Then one night I had to force myself to put it down because I realized I was on the edge of my seat totally anxious to find out what the next desperate act would be, and trying to remember whose turn it was to take revenge I was actually hooked on the soap opera Not sure the author would care to hear his book compa [...]

    15. I wanted to love this book I read it super fast It s a great trashy novel quick page turner If you can get back the lack of a good editor misspellings, and sub par grammar what you have is a pedestrian yet fun little read No real surprises in the mix, but the right people get got, the good guys win, and there s some fun adventure along the way Certainly won t test your intelligence or broaden your horizons, but if you are looking for a mindless little vacation read, this one passes the time.

    16. A solid first novel The good The plot I really enjoyed the storyline Despite the book s problems, it kept moving and the book held my interest I found myself thinking about the story while I was not reading it The bad I felt that it was written for a mainstream audience Conboy clearly knows a lot about coding it seemed he felt he had to dumb it down I felt that for this book s audience he could have given us some some cooler tech talk The CIA came off as incompetent too which I felt was realisti [...]

    17. Entertaining, simple enough for non technical for non geeks Few characters.This is entertaining book Easy to read If you are a geek is intriguing If you aren t hold up by the threads to the end Finish is not that surprising but it keeps you wanting to read to confirm it I wish there was a bit development at the end to elaborate a complex political and legal set of questions that the government and congress would obviously investigate It offers too much of a simplistic end.

    18. This easy to read thriller is about a hacker who hacks into the CIA as a teenager Little does he know that his sentence will take him down a path full of twist and turns The story is broken up into about 4 parts where the game and stakes keep intensifying It is a game of cat and mouse to see who will end up with the upper hand when the computer virus is used any a variety of different ways This was a great book to read while floating in the pool this summer.

    19. FamilyFantastic story Exceptionally written with just the right amount of twist and turns to keep you reading to see what the characters do next One mans anger and smug pride had so many devastating effect on so many lives Dylan Charles has loyalty for his family and others We know who is the very best coder

    20. While I wanted to like it, and I did manage to make it to the final page, the story has a lot of room for improvement There are annoying things like pronoun mis matches references to his sons, then to his girls , a lack of detail around government workings, and some meandering plot lines what was Patrick s role in all this.

    21. I found out after I read this book it was written by an engineer After he had published it several folks came back and helped him republish with better development of characters I am looking forward to see reading that version

    22. This book was boring and not just because I know next to nothing about coding or IT related topics The story was slow, the characters dull and the conversations lame I couldn t wait to finish it

    23. Great Book So many twists and turns truly made this book a legendary ride Fast paced and exciting it never lost the page turning captivity Buckle up

    24. Horrible writing The story is interesting in a way, but poorly told.Dialogues are the worst of itFurther, there is no character you can root for.I finished it, just to don t let it unfinished.

    25. This book was extremely difficult for me to slog through One of the basic premises of the book is a young man hacks into the CIA servers, downloading a considerable amount of data He is handed a sentence of 5 years community service to be served at the behest of the CIA The magically don t have him to one once of service until almost the end of this 5 year period when he s about to make his successful tech company go public The author obviously has very little insight into ho the American govern [...]

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