A Perfect Fit

A Perfect Fit By Heather Tullis Valerie Gilbert, A Perfect Fit Cami DiCarlo has always known what she wanted and where she belonged but when her father dies his will reveals huge secrets four of them in the form of half sisters she never knew about and his plan
  • Title: A Perfect Fit
  • Author: Heather Tullis Valerie Gilbert
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  • Page: 438
  • Format: Audible Audio
  • A Perfect Fit By Heather Tullis Valerie Gilbert, Cami DiCarlo has always known what she wanted and where she belonged, but when her father dies, his will reveals huge secrets four of them in the form of half sisters she never knew about and his plans for her future, which aren t at all what she had in mind.She finds herself working alongside her sisters as they get ready to open the hotel for business, dealing with persoCami DiCarlo has always known what she wanted and where she belonged, but when her father dies, his will reveals huge secrets four of them in the form of half sisters she never knew about and his plans for her future, which aren t at all what she had in mind.She finds herself working alongside her sisters as they get ready to open the hotel for business, dealing with personality conflicts, and trying to find out who is trying to destroy the family name and ruin the hotel s reputation before it even gets started.Vince Talmadge, local landscape architect, seems miles away from the kind of man she usually dates, but the attraction flares between them from word one Learning her father picked him out to be her future husband, she is not amused, but neither can she back off the path they ve begun together But can two people miles apart in so many ways really make things work Unabridged AudiobookLength 8 hrs and 24 mins
    A Perfect Fit By Heather Tullis Valerie Gilbert,
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      Heather Tullis Valerie Gilbert Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the A Perfect Fit book, this is one of the most wanted Heather Tullis Valerie Gilbert author readers around the world.

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    1. I m not really getting all the comments about how this book wasn t clean and such Was it listed as a Christian romance or something I thought it was too clean lol and needed a few steamy scenes If the other books are free, I ll read them, but probably won t pay for them.

    2. I desperately wanted to like this I thought it would be a great clean book Nope The dad was quite the wanderer Yikes Four other daughters not with his wife Then the main character almost immediately finds a love interest and it isn t long until she is staying over at his house at night No details thankfully But, for someone who is hurt by her dad sleeping around, it seems wrong There was also some swearing which I really do not like I wanted to like this series, but I will not be reading from t [...]

    3. This was a free kindle book It was longer than some of the romance books that I have paid for The content was also better than some of the books that I have bought I loved this book It is the first book in a series I can t wait to read the next one The author did an outstanding job setting up this story line.Cami grew up knowing she had one sister, and her mom and dad were married She was living the fantasy that most kids dreamed about Having parents that never divorced After her dad died, her l [...]

    4. I enjoyed the read, although I had difficulty with the primary premise of Dad having 4 illegitimate daughters When the father passes away, the terms of his will throw the daughters 2 from his marriage and 4 illegitimate together to get to know each other A concept done a little better by Nora Roberts in her Montana Sky book There is some development of their feelings although I think there would have been significant anger and issues With 6 daughters and feelings of betrayal living together in [...]

    5. Sigh, I can get behind a nice contempo series This is an intriguing premise Six sisters who only just found out they are sisters and have to run their father s last hotel together Cami is the eldest and has to deal with the shock of finding out her father cheated on her mother and had other kids Such a tough thing to learn and deal with, especially when she hero worshiped her father You really get a great feel for her and go through the growing pains of forgiving her father and deciding to get t [...]

    6. I sort of struggled with this book and I couldn t decide at first why it was I didn t immediately like it I could have been that the story is about one couple, but ALL the sisters are involved in this book as the set up to the series begins The names of the girls were all about flowers but I couldn t really remember what each girl was supposed to be in charge of in the running of the Hotel their father forced them into working in They are all sisters, but only 2 share the same mother and the oth [...]

    7. Another free book that I picked up and decided to read this week I fell in love with this story of 6 sisters thrust into a huge new venture There is love, romance, tragedy and humor Lovely chick lite book I read quickly and enjoyed thoroughly Cami is the oldest of the sisters and suddenly surprised by revelations that come out after her father s death She meets Vince and amidst all the troubles that come up opening this new resort in Colorado they find love.

    8. When I went into this story, I thought I was backtracking a bit, as I had already read the author s Love In Juniper Ridge series Surprisingly, the story didn t have much use of the town as a backdrop, in fact things felt very separate from that other series George DiCarlo did a lot of manipulation before his death, and that really didn t sit well with me It seemed he didn t trust his daughters to do anything for themselves He hand picked their jobs in his resort and the men he wanted them to end [...]

    9. A Perfect Fit DiCarlo Brides by Heathers Tullis Family is at the core of A Perfect Fit Cami s world is rocked by grief and revelations In her case secrets come in fours and the hits keep coming Family growing pains tumble over into business Her once orderly world has been thrown into chaos of the worst kind Heather Tullis has crafted a journey of self discovery that scandalizes and surprises Ms Gilbert does a wonderful job of voicing the inner turmoil and angst of a woman finding her way through [...]

    10. 4.5 rating.Vikki s MusingsI just love it when I find a new author, don t you This is the first book I ve read the DiCarlo Brides series, and I found this a highly entertaining read I listen to the audio version of A Perfect Fit I found it while scrolling through loving for a contemporary romance with a twist when I discovered this one It s FREE on and the audio was only 1.99 A Perfect Fit is a light hearted story, yet still has deep emotional reading The pacing is excellent and I became engaged [...]

    11. I really enjoyed A Perfect Fit I thought it was cute and kept my attention from the beginning Cami is completely shocked when she goes to the reading of her father s will to find that she has 4 sisters that she knew nothing about Her father had been having affairs pretty much his entire marriage to her mother She is also shocked that he has manipulated all of them to moving to Colorado to open and run his latest hotel If they do not move there then they do not get an inheritance They all decide [...]

    12. Ok so I didn t expect much from this book at all, which is unfair because it surprised me, whereas I thought it was going to be a mushy love story within an easy read Don t get me wrong it was a good quick read but it wasn t easy and it wasn t solely based on finding love, it was as much about discovering the people around you and the journey of grief itself and the drama of families This book was about sisters who had no clue about one another being thrown into opening and running a hotel for a [...]

    13. I wish the cover was updated on here It s really pretty I liked this book alright but I didn t love it It was a little slow going and there were a lot of characters to know All these sisters were thrown together by their common father The 6 girls have different mothers as their dad lead a life of infidelity The MC in this book and one of her sisters share the same mother, the first mother While their dad supposedly loved their mom, she just wasn t enough so he found himself with many different w [...]

    14. So not for me I m not a fan of adultery nor having kids around the world Or forcing people to mingle and also choosing husbands for them The writing itself was good in my opinion but the story not so I wish the girls would have been independent and not just following daddy s wishes, whether it was the last wish or not I just kept hitting my head to my e reader as the story progressed The girls were just like lambs, just following orders Argh And of course closing to the end in book about 2 mont [...]

    15. Thank goodness the author provided a list of characters in the beginning, because while this first book focuses on Cami and Vince s relationship, there are so many other characters involved it tends to get a bit confusing The good thing about this book and all its characters is that it provides a decent amount of background information on each potential couple person so we ll know what things to expect in that couple s person s story While I personally enjoy my books steamy and this book was str [...]

    16. The suspense stuff wasn t needed But other than that I loved the characters and the set up I want to read the rest especially Lana and Blake s story And I hope Alex ends up with a sister She thought about every detail from how would a man juggle six daughters, to his hobbies and naming each girl after a plant, to how would you feel if you found out about your dad s love children and it doesn t feel forced except for the suspense parts In the next book Sage has a stalker, so the suspense should b [...]

    17. 2 stars actuallyWhen Cami s father died, she and her sister Lana discover they have four other half sisters Not only that, but his will stipulates that the six of them all named after flowers no less must work together for a year to keep their inheritance.Together the six must open and run a resort in Colorado Add to this improbable scenario, romance with Vince, the hunky landscaper, handpicked by her father, and an ex who is out to destroy Cami.Lots of hair tucking, but no green eyed characters [...]

    18. A fun story, but I hated the fact that the whole reason for the series is that Cami s father was a cheater and had 4 daughters out of wedlock The fact that the other 4 knew about the affairs while his daughters born in the marriage were clueless Watching the sisters come together was a fun read The six definitely had their own personalities language mostly clean heat level mild some premarital sex, but behind closed doors.

    19. I really enjoyed this book Didn t really know what to think as it was a free book, but wow it really grabbed me in It is interesting to read this from Cami s POV as I would like to also see what the other new sisters are all thinking Guess I am addicted and going to have to buy the rest.Loved it, makes me want to go to Colorado too for some reason.

    20. The first book in an intriguing series Heather Tullis sets up a whole series of romances with this first book, all pre arranged by the six sisters father A PERFECT FIT is Cami s story, and I enjoyed how everything came together for her.

    21. Clean What are the reviewers referring to Because the author is from Utah it s not clean For crying outloud it wasn t marked Christian Romance.

    22. Everyone is good looking, half the girls are redheaded Yep, its a romantic novel Was pretty cute for the genre, sort of fast food of books

    23. A deceased father who throws 6 girls together 2 from his marriage and 4 illegitimate daughters to four different women to build his hotel Each daughter has something to bring to the table but they must all live on the premises with each other While trying to come to grips with this curve ball he also has another curve ball for each daughtera husband he has personally picked out Cami is the oldest daughter to his wife and it seems the one who may end of being the glue that binds them together She [...]

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