Death and Destruction

Death and Destruction By Patricia Logan, Death and Destruction Forced to go into witness protection ATF Special Agent Thayne Wolfe is less than thrilled The State s Attorney needs him to testify against one of the most ruthless and notorious arms dealers in the
  • Title: Death and Destruction
  • Author: Patricia Logan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Death and Destruction By Patricia Logan, Forced to go into witness protection, ATF Special Agent Thayne Wolfe, is less than thrilled The State s Attorney needs him to testify against one of the most ruthless and notorious arms dealers in the world Expecting boredom and lots of daytime television, he instead ends up with a ridiculous new job, a stupid new name, and the world s most annoying shadow Jarrett EvansForced to go into witness protection, ATF Special Agent Thayne Wolfe, is less than thrilled The State s Attorney needs him to testify against one of the most ruthless and notorious arms dealers in the world Expecting boredom and lots of daytime television, he instead ends up with a ridiculous new job, a stupid new name, and the world s most annoying shadow Jarrett Evans, is nevertheless tasked with keeping Wolfe alive long enough to put Mills Lang and his crew away for the rest of their miserable lives Jarrett Evans, former Marine, has always been a free spirit, doing the dirty work for Uncle Sam whenever and wherever he s needed One of the best snipers in the world, Evans is at peace with the man he s become That doesn t mean he s ever liked the cold blooded killer who stares back at him from the mirror every day The moment he meets pretty boy Thayne Wolfe, things start a slow change and redemption begins to sound possible Mills Lang, the world s most ruthless arms dealer, is little than a serial killer in his own right Rotting away in prison with nothing but time on his hands, Lang is determined to destroy the man he allowed into his inner circle Thayne Wolfe will die in the most painful way along with anyone he loves.
    Death and Destruction By Patricia Logan,
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      Patricia Logan

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      International bestselling author Patricia Logan, resides in Los Angeles, California The author of several 1 bestselling erotic romances in English, Italian, French, and Spanish lives in a small house with a large family When she s not writing her next thriller romance, she s watching her grandchildren grow up way too soon, and raising kids who make her proud every day One of her favorite tasks is coaxing nose kisses from cats who insist on flopping on her keyboard while she types Married to a wonderful gentleman for 30 years, she counts herself lucky to be surrounded by people who love her and give her stories to tell every day.Become a fan of Patricia at authorpatricialoganEmail her at patricialoganthor yahoo She loves to hear from readers than anything and will respond to all emails.

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    1. I m sorry, I m sorry, I m sorry This is going to be bad.I should have DNF d this book from the get go.But I didn t.I wanted so much to believe those 5 reviews out there I wanted this series to be a new type of Cut Run or something similar.I wanted to be able to suspend belief because who freaking cares I love these boys and this story is so awesome.I care I didn t even like the boys and the story was nowhere near awesome.I am not trying to be mean but this book was nothing but inconsistency afte [...]

    2. I ve always thought Patricia Logan went that extra mile when writing and this book proved it beyond doubt What a perfect start to a new series.My reading journey started with that amazing cover and ended on a sigh of contentment, it delivered everything I demand as a reader and so much .Thayne Wolfe, a ATF Special Agent Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives had to Goggle that, living in the UK, I d never heard of it goes undercover to infiltrate Arms Dealer, Mills Lang s inner circ [...]

    3. 5 stars I have to say that I appreciated and loved this one the second time around This book was my first taste of PL s work and I instantly fell hard for her writing and this couple she created I adore them and can t wait to read the rest of the series and then pick up some of her other books I am a sucker for a cop book I m even of a sucker for one s with marines So this was just my kind of book It has two hot guys, it s action packed, some romance, some really hot sexy times, and in the end [...]

    4. DNF at 34%.I think I was a victim of hype of my own making with this book I was so excited when I found this book I was considering recommending it to a friend before I d even cracked it In my head this was the new Cut Run, and despite it s faults, Cut Run was never this annoyingTo start with, the undercover agent reveals himself as such to the bad guys, on purpose, all for a couple of cute one liners Then he does the oh so predictable I wont go into protective custody tantrum thing when the bad [...]

    5. This would have been okay if there had been action in it Oh and if it didn t have one of my biggest pet peeves in it, too The constant use of everybody s names We ll see if anybody in this salon has some action for us, since it seemed to take up a lot of the story, Thayne We re not together, though, Jarrett I know, Thayne You may be out, but I m not, Jarrett I hear you, Thayne So when some flamboyant man high on drugs asks me if I like boy, I ll tell him I like men, even though I m kind of in t [...]

    6. Gah.This is trying so hard to be Cut Run but without the snappy writing, the passion, the hot sex, or much of any of Cut Run s good points and even that series was pretty much trash in most areas.I m about halfway through right now Soooooooo much overexplaining and repetition and let s stomp on any excitement before it can lead to something interesting I just finished the first sex scene Ya wanna know how it ends Like this Jarrett continued to jack them through their orgasms, feeling spurt after [...]

    7. I have no explanation for the raving reviews I do have one really, but it is harsh but there is no way I am going to agree with them.Beside regaling us with many grammar mistakes, the author commits the main and most unforgivable crime of every amateur she tells instead of showing and she does it all through the book.We are provided with endless descriptions of how characters look, how they think and how they act and characters depth relies exclusively on this inserts Even worse, these descripti [...]

    8. It s no secret that I love Patricia s booksI love her bdsm and she gave me one of the hottest domsBUTThis one is not bdsmBUT is an absolutely amazing readI love action booksJarrett is protecting Thayne from a hitman after he s been undercover for two about hot.His description will melt you into a puddle.I love him.He does his job well with ThayneIncluding helping him through his nightmares.They were damn hot together in bed and outThayne.Another hot guy to loveI just can t [...]

    9. So just to be clear, Jarrett Evans is MY new book boyfriend I called him, you can t have him I absolutely loved this book A solid read with everything I want in a book The book was well written with fantastic characters I enjoyed the story line and the build up between the MCs was perfect Their chemistry was off the hook Although the attraction was there from the start, they didn t fall into bed right away But when they did, whew boyholy hotness These guys are smokin hot together The plot was we [...]

    10. MM love story with elements of thiller that you simply can t put it down until you read it I loved the writing and how you slowly get to know both of them and you just wish that the bad guys can be put down already, so that they can ejoy their newly found lovechokengtitik

      titikchokengs i would love to get an hair cut from Thayne.

    11. AUDIO REVIEWSo much to love about this audio I loved Jarrett s southern accent Although I did have a little trouble at the beginning understanding some of the narration I hadn t read the blurb before I started, although I knew the general gist of the story it took me a while to work out Thayne s name Thayne or Dane I also though Jarrett s name was Jarrod right till the end that was just the way it was said by Americans This did not detract from the story except maybe a little at the beginning wi [...]

    12. Two men, both broken by doing their jobsThayne, having been undercover for 2 years, requires protection from the criminal boss who has sworn to have him killed Jarrett, a marine sniper who has killed many is assigned to protect Thayne Although they are attracted to each other they know that this is not the time.I greatly enjoyed this story and am looking forward to the next I was glad that there wasn t instalove, this was a slow sensual build up but the action was great

    13. I was somewhat disappointed by this story I enjoyed the different safe houses that Evans and Wolfe had to stay in but I really did not feel a solid connection between the two men It seemed that the used sex just as a release I also feel that the story dragged until the shootout It was too much cat and mouse and too little action I ll pass on book two.

    14. Adventure, Intrigue, Two Hot Alpha MenGreat start to a new series Was it realistic Who cares It was entertaining It made me smile I loved the two main characters They were sexy They were hot together Reminds me a little bit of the Cut and Run series This is my first book by this author It will not be the last I look forward to the rest of the series.

    15. 4.25 stars I really enjoyed this book I loved the characters The story was very well written and edited I can t wait to read the second in the series I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    16. DNF 35%Just too repetitive all tell and dialogue, very little show full of plot holes and inconsistencies If it was shorter, I d probably muscle through it just to finish But not 3oo pages There are too many other good books I could be reading.

    17. I m having serious issues with thisI ve read so many positive reviews about the author and her work that I m a bit torn on saying exactly what I have issues with concerning this story.I don t like talking about myself in a review but it s relevant here and I prefer it over trashing the author.So Rather than pinpoint everything that annoyed me about the author s work, I ll say I am retired law enforcement The lion s share of my career was spent in interview, interrogation, profiling, and in teach [...]

    18. This was my first book by Patricia Logan, and I have to say, I love when I find a new author who s writing style fits me This book was the perfect mix of a great story line, steamy sexy scenes, and believable twists and turns I also like to feel engaged without having to think to hard or re listen to certain scenes so that I can follow the storyline Since I listened to the audio version without first reading the book , it no doubt helped that it was narrated by my favorite, Michael Pauley I fell [...]

    19. Ho letto questo libro in inglese e l ho trovato bellissimo, leggerlo poi in italiano stata pura emozione.Primo libro di una serie che spero sia lunga, perch sappiate che Thayne Jarrett vi entreranno nel sangue, una storia che matura pagina dopo pagina portandoci a capire davvero cosa potr succeder e come sar strutturata da qui e in avanti la serie.Per la prima volta vedremo una serie di questa talentuosa scrittrice incentrata sugli stessi protagonisti.In questo primo libro troviamo all inizio un [...]

    20. Conosco quest autrice di fama, anche se finora non avevo letto nulla di suo, perch la maggioranza delle sue opere non rientra nelle mie corde Questo romance poliziesco, per , mi ha soddisfatta completamente e la storia mi piaciuta tantissimo Devo ammettere che ho un debole per le vicende tra bodyguard e protetto, quindi l opera parte avvantaggiata Ma, in ogni caso, in questo volume c davvero tutto quello che si pu desiderare azione, adrenalina, inseguimenti, colpi di scena fino all ultima riga e [...]

    21. Wow I love these guys from the start where s there s smoke there s fire especially true when they meet Thayne is working undercover to bring down an arms dealer with his men for 2 years Dee day comes and the bust goes down like clock work The only problem now is how to keep Thayne alive to testify in court to what he d witnessed The authorities place him under protection with a guard 24 7 much ti his dislike Jarrett is his bodyguard for the job An ex marine the two are fantastic together Loved t [...]

    22. I really do love law enforcement book and this one ranked right up there Maybe not Zane and Ty but those two are hard to beat I really like the dynamic of Jarrett and Thayne Jarrett was funny and pretty bad ass Thayne could hold his own but he has someone like Jarrett to watch his back I was a little pissed off at the court order at the end so I really hope that evil bastard Mills gets what s coming to him at some point Also, it got a little annoying having their names repeated constantly It was [...]

    23. Ok so this is the first book I ve read by this author and all I can say is dang how did I miss you Ms Logan.I really enjoyed this book might be the typical troupe but I think it went a little deeper or maybe I m just shallow but I really enjoyed this suspense romance.

    24. I have found a new favorite series I love these boys Off to read the next one I hope at some point they come out in audio as I would love to hear that sexy southern drawl.

    25. FabulousThis book was amazing.It sucked me in from the very first page and kept me gripped til the end I loved the banter and tension between the two main characters.

    26. piacevole sorpresa,non dell autrice che amo molto ma per il genere che non aveva mai affrontato almeno nei libri tradottioro il genere suspence e questo ben riuscito e promette ottimi seguiti.

    27. Loved itWow, I really enjoyed this story There were two hoy guys, action and sexy times That s a win win for me I m all set to start the next book.

    28. Audiobook ReviewA thrilling, action packed, sexy romance Jarrett Evans is tasked with protecting ATF special agent and witness, Thayne Wolf, from a hitman while waiting for the trial of an arms dealer he d help capture These two alpha males are just perfect for each other There s attraction from the start and, although they try to resist getting involved, there s chemistry and sexual tension between them for much of the first half of the book When they finally make out their sex scenes are smoki [...]

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