The Promise Girls

The Promise Girls By Marie Bostwick, The Promise Girls In an emotionally rich and captivating new novel New York Times bestselling author Marie Bostwick reunites three sisters whose deep bond is rooted in an unconventional past Every child prodigy grows
  • Title: The Promise Girls
  • Author: Marie Bostwick
  • ISBN: 9781496709219
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Promise Girls By Marie Bostwick, In an emotionally rich and captivating new novel, New York Times bestselling author Marie Bostwick reunites three sisters whose deep bond is rooted in an unconventional past Every child prodigy grows up eventually For the Promise sisters, escaping their mother s narcissism and the notoriety that came with her bestselling book hasn t been easy Minerva Promise claimed thaIn an emotionally rich and captivating new novel, New York Times bestselling author Marie Bostwick reunites three sisters whose deep bond is rooted in an unconventional past Every child prodigy grows up eventually For the Promise sisters, escaping their mother s narcissism and the notoriety that came with her bestselling book hasn t been easy Minerva Promise claimed that her three test tube daughters gifted pianist Joanie, artistic Meg, and storyteller Avery were engineered and molded to be geniuses In adulthood, their modest lives fall far short of her grand ambitions But now, twenty years after the book s release, she hopes to redeem herself by taking part in a new documentary Meg, who hasn t picked up a paintbrush in years, adamantly refuses to participate, until a car accident leaves her with crushing medical bills While she recuperates in Seattle, the three sisters reluctantly meet with filmmaker Hal Seeger, another former prodigy Like them, he s familiar with the weight of failed potential But as he digs deeper, he uncovers secrets they ve hidden from each other and a revelation that will challenge their beliefs, even as it spurs them to forge their own extraordinary lives at last Reading Marie Bostwick is like wrapping yourself up in a warm, hand crafted quilt Her books, rich in character and plot, are stitched together by a skilled wordsmith Debbie Macomber, 1 New York Times bestselling author THE PROMISE GIRLS is a beautiful story about the ties that bind love, laughter, memories, even secrets kept so long they become a part of the fabric of a family Marie Bostwick exquisitely tells the tale of the three Promise girls, former child prodigies who learn to heal the scars of a bitter past so that they can love and forgive again Melanie Benjamin, New York Times Best Selling author of The Swans of Fifth Avenue
    The Promise Girls By Marie Bostwick,
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      Marie Bostwick is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of uplifting historical and contemporary fiction She lives in the state of Oregon and travels fequently to sign books, speak to reading groups, and meet her readers.

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    1. EXCERPT Three weeks into the book tour, Joanie still isn t used to the silence of television studios, ponderous silence that feels like being closed in a concrete box with wall so thick no noise from the outside world can penetrate, just as no sound emanating inside can escape Joanie can scream as loud as she wants and no one will hear her Joanie, Meg, and Avery, and their mother sit in upholstered side chairs, like the ones you see in the waiting rooms of doctors offices, motionless, waiting Av [...]

    2. The Promise GirlsMarie BostwickReceived from NetgalleyOh how I loved THE PROMISE GIRLS Meg, Joanie, and Avery are sisters who were test tube babies and raised by their single mother Minerva, their mother, wrote a book about them and how they are child prot g s Joanie, who plays the piano, decides one day, to defy her mother and totally messes up her piano recital during a nationally televised show Now their lives will never be the same Minerva smacks Joanie right on TV and starts screaming at he [...]

    3. The Promise girls, three test tube sisters have been paraded before audiences by their mother, Minerva, as child prodigies The oldest, Joanie, is a gifted pianist, Meg, an aspiring artist and Avery is being groomed to be an author Tired of feeling used by their narcissistic mother, Joanie intentionally makes an error in her performance on live TV Minerva s reaction is volatile, greatly diminishing their relationship Now 20 years later, none of the girls have fulfilled the grand ambitions of thei [...]

    4. I received this ARC from netgalley in exchange for a review The Promise sisters are test tube babies whose father s are chosen for their artistic talent Joanie is a pianist, Meg an artist and Avery a wordsmith When their mother has a public meltdown on TV, their lives are forever altered Twenty years later, each of the sisters come to grips with their childhood and their self absorbed selfish mother.Easy and comfortable rainy day read, the story was okay with a typical path and a feel good endin [...]

    5. The Promise Girls by Marie BostwickChild prodigies crafted in the womb for greatness, promised success, prodded by their motherrfectly planned then everything changed when one of the Promise girls decided to be not so perfect on live TV Twenty years later the story picks up to tell us what the Promise sisters are up to and how they are getting along One is married, one is a single parent and the third is a mermaid All have issues to deal with from their childhood None of them are doing what thei [...]

    6. A new book from Marie Bostwick has never dissapointed me including this novel I did not read it as much as I seemed to absorb the story I could see the characters in my minds eye and was able to watch their lives as I might have been watching a film The author writes descriptions of locataion and characters so well I zipped through the book feeling afterwards as if I took a trip to Seattle and while there, made new friends.A quote actually sums up my experience People want to believe in what s m [...]

    7. I found this book title on a list somewhere of books to be read this summer.i liked it The story line and characters were interesting and it was an enjoyable quick readEvery child prodigy grows up eventually For the Promise sisters, escaping their mother s narcissism and the notoriety that came with her bestselling book hasn t been easy Minerva Promise claimed that her three test tube daughters gifted pianist Joanie, artistic Meg, and storyteller Avery were engineered and molded to be geniuses I [...]

    8. The Promise Girls is quite an emotional read I enjoyed the three sisters stories The turmoil their mother put them through can be relatable for many The only complaint I have is I would ve like to see about the sisters individually Overall, a pretty good read.4 stars

    9. The music filled every part of her, flooding into her empty spaces, salving the aches she had ignored for so long that aching that begun to feel like her natural state It was not She was not meant to live simply to endure, but to thrive, to create, and in doing so reflect the glory of creation itself, and the Creator who had fashioned her for this purpose Sometimes you get in your hand a book that you don t want to end You love the characters, the plot and you know that there is much I don t g [...]

    10. This book had a lot of heart and a lot of spunk and really drew me in I envisioned this to be a simple but unspectacular read and was surprised by how deeply I felt towards the characters and the extent to which they enveloped me The plot contained a little bit of a mystery, some strings that hadn t previously been pulled together that eventually came out in a very satisfying way This increased my intrigue while reading and really kept my interest peaked Meg suffers from memory loss in her car a [...]

    11. The Promise Girls by Marie Bostwick is an uplifting book of healing and forgiveness.The Promise girls are three daughters of a domineering mother, Minerva, who pushed the girls to reach and exceed their artist potential Oldest daughter Joanie was a piano playing child prodigy who deliberately sabotaged Minerva s publicity tour during their appearance on a talk show Now twenty years later, the sisters are closer than ever but other than youngest sister, Avery, they remain estranged from their mom [...]

    12. Thank you NetGalley for the ARC of The Promise Girls by Marie Bostwick that I read and reviewed.This book was just okay for me I really could not get into the way the story was being told or connect that well with the three Promise sisters For me things just seemed to drag on a bit too long and I never felt like I was part of the book.I am giving The Promise Girls three out of five stars.

    13. ARC generously provided by the publishers and Netgalley for an honest reviewI really enjoyed this book Sure it was unnecessarily mysterious and some of the plot points could be spotted a mile away, but there s no denying the Marie Bostwick is a good storyteller just like my favorite character in this book happens to be The Promise girls are three sisters Joanie is your stereotypical bossy and mothering oldest sister, Meg is the unfortunate middle child who gets her head cracked open, and Avery m [...]

    14. anurseandabook 2017 03So coming off The Roanoke Girls, I was ready for a lighter sister read The Promise Sisters wasn t an easy, breezy read, but it wasn t completely dark Minerva Promise was raising three test tube babies into being prodigies of the arts, and making her living writing a book about it On the day that they have their debut on a major talk show, Joanie decides to make a break for freedom and flub her music performance, earning her a face slap on national TV.Chaos ensued and the gi [...]

    15. I love Marie Bostwick s books I have read every single one of them and love being able to read her books from the beginning It s like traveling through life with one of your favorite authors and seeing how much she has grown I am really glad that she has branched out into writing about different women, not just about women who quilt I love her Cobblestone series, mind you I absolutely love the Second Sister, which is the book before this one Out of all of her novels, that one is my favorite It i [...]

    16. Joanie and her little sisters Meg and Avery were paraded across the United States in the 80s as children who were supposedly prodigies Their mother, Minerva Promise, had designer engineered them in the UK as test tube babies before the technology was even available in the United States A few years later, Minerva then wrote and released a book called THE PROMISE GIRLS, which trumpeted the fact that she was the mother of three artistic prodigies Minerva s book argued that nature and nurture both p [...]

    17. Good read about 3 sisters whose mother tried manipulate their futures from the time they were born one a pianist, one a writer and one an artist The ins and outs of how her plans did and didn t work the way she planned and the effects it had on their family relationships.

    18. I absolutely loved this amazing book ever It is a beautiful cover and beautifully written Marie Bostwick, you nailed it in this best book ever The Promise Girls is all about how lives turned out to beJoanie is a single mother to her son Walt who turned 17 years old, handsome and a mountain man She wanted to keep a secret for a long time when she and Asher are friends but became pregnant with son Walt She was a painst player.Meg is with her husband Asher and her teen Daughter Trina Meg got into a [...]

    19. I let the sink overflow, I burnt dinner and I stayed up way too late several nights in a row while reading The Promise Girls by Marie Bostwick and it was all worth it.This rich tale by the New York Times bestselling author has many twists and turns most of them unexpected to keep the reader captivated.It is also written with such warmth and colour that it almost feels like you re part of it.I m fascinated by the question of what next for child prodigies It certainly can t be an easy road, especi [...]

    20. Joanie, Meg and Avery were genetically engineered to be prodigies, each in a different area music, art and writing while their mother thrived on the attention paid to her because of a book about the girls Joanie, the oldest, defies Minerva during a nationally broadcast talk show, and their lives change forever Fast forward twenty years, where the girls have no contact with their mother, little contact with each other, and are being hounded by a producer who wants to make a documentary about wher [...]

    21. Thank you to NetGallery and the publisher for the opportunity to read an Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for my honest opinions.As a stand alone book, The Promise Girls is just okay If it will develop into a series where we have the opportunity to get to know these ladies on a deeper level there is a strong potential for it to develop over time and become a heart warming series, but I don t think that is going to happen The story is too neatly wrapped up in the climax which is a disappointment [...]

    22. Absolutely loved this book Marie just has a way of telling a story that you can fall into The story is about 3 sisters, they are born to a mother who is controlling their future lives before they were born A pianist, and artist and a writer, that is what she has tried to create from her IVF babies.But it all crashes down when the oldest Joanie, strikes out in defiance whilst performing on a live talk show Move from their childhood to their adulthood and they are finding their way, without their [...]

    23. Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Books for an e ARC of this title, in advance for an honest review This was a wonderful book, and timely for today, with reality parents thinking they can make a buck off their children The Promise Girls were born to be geniuses, with their mom telling the world she used in vitro to craft their talents The girls all have different feelings about this, and now adults, they have their own struggles The characters were well developed, and likeable, but with flaw [...]

    24. I received an ARC of this book from Net Galley and the publisher for an honest review.I have been a long time reader of Marie Bostwick s books and I was excited to read her newest addition This book did not disappoint I read a lot of women s fiction and after awhile some of the stories can get stale or repetitive That is definitely not the case with this book The characters were very well written and likeable I found the Promise sisters story interesting and unique and I loved that there was a b [...]

    25. Three sisters, subject of a book pushing genius children in the arts are now adults with lots of problems This is a wonderful story of family The ladies live in the Pacific Northwest and are close friends, all estranged from their mother When a film maker wants to do a documentary on where are they now they reluctantly agree because of high medical bills This is a beautiful story with several twist and turns that will surprise you Not your typical family saga, it s better.

    26. This book was the jam I loved the themes of sisterhood and creativity that guide the storyline and by the end, each character felt like a dear friend The plot twists kept things exciting I couldn t put this book down I hope they make a movie out of it.

    27. I enjoyed reading this story of three sisters, Joanie, Meg and Avery, and promoted as prodigies by their mother Twenty years later, we follow the sisters as their secrets, hopes and artistic tendencies are reawakened A bit unrealistic at times, but an optimistic read.

    28. It started out really well, but by the middle I was frustrated and bored, and by the end I was rolling my eyes so hard I think I pulled a muscle Yecch.

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