The Last Photograph

The Last Photograph By EmmaChapman, The Last Photograph He walks into the living room and June is dead He centres her checking the light Focusing he clicks the shutter He ll ask himself later if he knew It s easy to say that he had acted without thinkin
  • Title: The Last Photograph
  • Author: EmmaChapman
  • ISBN: 9781509816538
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Last Photograph By EmmaChapman, He walks into the living room and June is dead.He centres her, checking the light Focusing, he clicks the shutter.He ll ask himself later, if he knew It s easy to say that he had acted without thinking, out of instinct.Rook Henderson is an award winning photojournalist, still carrying the hidden scars of war Now, suddenly, he is also a widower Leaving his son Ralph toHe walks into the living room and June is dead.He centres her, checking the light Focusing, he clicks the shutter.He ll ask himself later, if he knew It s easy to say that he had acted without thinking, out of instinct.Rook Henderson is an award winning photojournalist, still carrying the hidden scars of war Now, suddenly, he is also a widower Leaving his son Ralph to pick up the pieces, Rook flies to Vietnam for the first time in fifty years, escaping to the landscape of a place he once knew so well But when Ralph follows him out there, seeking answers from the father he barely knows, Rook is forced to retrace his past his childhood in Yorkshire, his life in London in the 1960s and his marriage to the unforgettable June and to ask himself what price he has paid for a life behind the lensGripping, evocative and unforgettable, The Last Photograph is a story of a life shaped by trauma and love and the secrets that make us who we are.
    The Last Photograph By EmmaChapman,
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      Emma Chapman was born in 1985 and grew up in Manchester She studied English Literature at Edinburgh University, followed by a Masters in Creative Writing at Royal Holloway, University of London After university, she travelled in Scandinavia, and she currently lives in Perth, Western Australia How To Be A Good Wife is Emma s first novel.

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    1. I really enjoyed this book sparse writing, poignant, sad I didn t like Rook, the main character, but felt his sadness and how he had not made the most of his life with June Despite the accolades he had received through his photography, he was not happy I enjoyed the story in Vietnamn and felt the author really brought the various characters there to life, and the way the author switched between different times in the story worked well.

    2. I really wasn t sure if I wanted to read this book as it just sounds so sad He walks into the living room and June is dead It has such a beautiful cover though that I decided to get started and see whether I can stomach the sadness No regrets I have truly enjoyed this story of healing.Rook Henderson suddenly found himself un tethered His wife has died and he was lost So he left everything behind and went to Vietnam His first visit after his work as a photo journalist during the Vietnam War His s [...]

    3. this book talks about Rook s life He is a photographer who has an opportunity to cover the Vietnamese war, and how everything changes after When his wife dies, he immediately goes back to Vietnam, as it is that place that changes his entire being The book sways between the life of the older Rook and their younger days It shows the war from the perspective of the ones covering it The writing is simple and easy to attune oneself to The gory details of the war are minimal , and it shows how differe [...]

    4. This book opens with the death of June, Rook s wife And he very literally jumps a plane and leaves But not before emailing his son to let him know his mother s dead.It could seem callous, but it doesn t Rook s obviously in shock and mourning the loss of his wife, but his first thought it is to return to the place of his first heartbreak.The book flashes back and forward in time mostly from the time Rook gets his big break working for the Sunday Times in Vietnam It s 1963 and he and June haven t [...]

    5. Emma Chapman s second novel, The Last Photograph tells the back story of Rook Henderson an award winning photographer who carries Vietnam and the agony of all that living life behind the lens with him Always.Now he has to add dealing with his wife June s death to his burden His son Ralph looks to him for comfort and attention.Beautifully written, there are nuggets on almost every page.Read my full review here.

    6. I really enjoyed this book I m a photographer myself so that gave it an extra dimension The depiction of the war in Vietnam is a bit cliche but that is probably hard to avoid I ve seen a lot of films about the subject and read several accounts so that part wasn t new to me The way Emma shows Rook s internal struggles is well done Emma Chapman has a lovely style of writing and I found the book hard to put down Highly recommended.

    7. Hmm Listened on audio I enjoyed listening to the book but I didn t really feel I could identify with Rook Although the author attempted to explain it I still felt uneasy with the fact that he took a picture of his dead wife before doing anything else when he found her I loved the flashbacks to the Vietnam War, but there were unanswered questions here too Maybe my attention wandered but an interesting listen none the less.

    8. When photographer, Rook Henderson s wife, June, dies suddenly, Rook feels compelled to return to Vietnam for the first time in 50 years He uses his visit to reflect on his life his childhood in a northern mining town, meeting June and moving to London to further their careers, his big opportunity to take photographs of the war in Vietnam where he witnesses terrible and truly shocking incidents that have haunted him all his life This is a beautifully written novel, touching and thought provoking [...]

    9. This was certainly different to the books I normally read Reading about the Vietnam War was definitely confronting and reading about it from the perspective of a photographer was even insightful Rook s experience in Vietnam was different from learning about a soldier s experience in it As the reader, you look at Vietnam s war stricken environment through the the lenses of his camera It s a heart wrenching and eye opening read that will leave you pondering for .Plot wise, this book isn t the bes [...]

    10. The Last Photograph is the story of a marriage, the story of a career, the story of a war and a story that examines how hidden pasts can shape the future.Rook Henderson flees to Vietnam when his wife of many years, June, dies suddenly Vietnam is the place that has shaped most of Rook s life the place where his career took off, the place where he formed solid friendships, but also the place where he experienced things that haunt him, It s fifty years since he last stepped off an aeroplane onto Vi [...]

    11. Some stories need to be told This is one of them In The Last Photograph, Chapman unspools a narrative that unflinchingly examines the trauma of war, rippling across time and over multiple continents Rook, the protagonist, returns to Vietnam for the first time in years, back to the place where his career as a photojournalist had led him deep into war As soon as his feet touch the soil, the memories return Chapman excels at interweaving his past and present with clarity and compassion Soon Rook is [...]

    12. He ll ask himself later, if he knew Now, it s easier for him to think that he is acting without thinking, out of instinct Your work is artAnd we ve been lucky to have you But times have changed We can get a freelance shot for a tenth of one of your imagesWhat could he say I ll take less too Just let me keep on working I needed to write it It was my way of dealing with what happened, of saying sorry It s not as simple as that Each day, as Ralph grew older, he expected things to improve, to stop f [...]

    13. I m Pleased that Emma Chapman has not stayed in the safe zone of grip lit after her successful debut Taking as a starting point the autobiographies of the likes of a Tim Page and Don Mccullin, she combines convincing representation of Vietnam photographers under fire with showing the domestic pressures such a way of life brought The cover troubles me, having no bearing on the story does it speak of an uncertainty about who the book s readership will be.Disclaimer I met her in Ilkley bookshop and [...]

    14. There were elements of this novel about a photojournalist from the Vietnam war that were strong and vibrant the flight after his wife s death the arrival of the son the move to London And then there were other parts that weren t as effective or emotive the childhood trauma, the war itself, the post war impact But overall, the exploration of a marriage that held together regardless of the increasing distance between the partners was an interesting one.

    15. This tale revolves around Rook, a photojournalist who only ever feels alive when he views the world thru his camera and his career covering the Vietnam war I felt Chapman missed the mark a little on this one, her characters weren t connecting with me, and at times it felt like a well researched text rather than a believable, emotive novel

    16. An enjoyable read A photographer covering the Vietnam War and the stress his work puts on his marriage, family and friendships The Vietnam from another perspective.

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