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Ginger: My Story By Ginger Rogers, Ginger My Story She was born Virginia Katherine McMath but the world would come to know her and love her as Ginger Rogers Broadway star Academy Award winning actress and the ultimate on screen dancing partner of t
  • Title: Ginger: My Story
  • Author: Ginger Rogers
  • ISBN: 9780061564703
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ginger: My Story By Ginger Rogers, She was born Virginia Katherine McMath, but the world would come to know her and love her as Ginger Rogers Broadway star, Academy Award winning actress, and the ultimate on screen dancing partner of the inimitable Fred Astaire In Ginger My Story, the legendary entertainer shares the triumphs of a remarkable career that began when she won a Texas dancing contest at age fShe was born Virginia Katherine McMath, but the world would come to know her and love her as Ginger Rogers Broadway star, Academy Award winning actress, and the ultimate on screen dancing partner of the inimitable Fred Astaire In Ginger My Story, the legendary entertainer shares the triumphs of a remarkable career that began when she won a Texas dancing contest at age fourteen the joys and heartbreaks of her five marriages her relationships with some of Hollywood s major leading men, including Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, and damaged daredevil billionaire Howard Hughes and the strength of her religious convictions that got her through thick and thin.Lavishly illustrated with rare photographs from the author s personal collection, Ginger is an enthralling, behind the scenes tour of Hollywood life during the Golden Age of movies by one of its most enduring stars.
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      Ginger Rogers Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Ginger: My Story book, this is one of the most wanted Ginger Rogers author readers around the world.

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    1. I feel sort of odd giving a review of someone s autobiography It was this woman s life, so how could I possibly critique what happened I can, however, critique the actual writing, since Ginger wrote this book herself no ghost writer, no as told to credits.I ve always loved Ginger Rogers in her most famous role as Fred Astaire s dance partner, but I wanted to know about the woman behind the dances She was a hard working woman 73 movies made and thoroughly enjoyed her life Her writing tone is lig [...]

    2. This book combines two things I ve long been fascinated with biographies and movie stars One of my favorite things as a youth was to randomly wander the biography aisle at the library looking for new and interesting people to read about Even today I often gravitate towards the biography sections in the bookstores I found a sad thing though as I grew up Biographies were no longer guaranteed to be wholesome and compelling I started to realize that many people s lives weren t as clean as children s [...]

    3. The book is an easy read, and of course Miss Rogers tale as told by herself is of course fascinating enoughe was there at the beginning of the speaking movies and became a star because of her skill and not because she was simply a part of the Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers film She is quite sure about mentioning this in the book that she made 73 movies of which the 14 with Astaire are part.She leaves the image that while she was looking for love she was quite aware of what she wanted and was she did [...]

    4. Like so many others, I adore the Rogers Astaire films and the era of the musical I enjoyed this book, but was left wishing she had been a little in depth about the films and actors, with detail about her career Rogers comes across as an intelligent woman, but a lot of the book is fluff, and far too much detail and feelings about what dress she wore for each picture rather than the actual filming and legacy she created.I would recommend this book, but it left me wishing for She hardly mentions [...]

    5. Ginger Rogers is one of the greatest screen legends her autobiography was one of the best books i have ever read she tells each story of how she became the actress she was with such care and love of course the best parts of the book are when Ginger talks about her movies with Fred Astaire there s a reason the cover picture is her from the Pick Yourself Up dance from Swing Time it is refreshing to read about a woman who s only really craziness if you want to call it that was marrying five times G [...]

    6. One of my guilty pleasures is reading the memoirs and biographies of old Hollywood stars yes TCM is my favorite tv station I looked forward to reading this, as I love the old Fred Ginger movies and I think Ginger Rogers was a brilliant dancer But really there is no need to read this book I can t remember who said an unexamined life isn t worth living but whoever did say it, Ginger Rogers clearly did not believe it The book is a light overview of her life, no regrets, no difficult examinations of [...]

    7. Ginger Rogers is a star of the highest shelf of classic cinema, and many of her fabulous films, in out of her legendary pairing with Fred Astaire, have stood the test of time Unfortunately, this book demonstrates as with many a Hollywood bio that with a good and careful editor, Ms Rogers s memories of a great life lived, long and fruitful career could have been better put in memoir form Rather than having her come off as some sort of religious nut Ms Rogers was known to be a devoted Christian Sc [...]

    8. This is a long book filled with lots of detail and not a book I would have been drawn to if I hadn t just finished reading all three of The Hunger Games trilogy I was feeling spent and depressed and found the bubbly parts of this book soothing There was quite a bit of information about Christian Science, and these parts were easy to read, not dogmatic Rogers seems to have sped up to get through the last ten years of her life we learned in excruciating detail about gowns and husbands during the f [...]

    9. I could barely put this book down For such a private woman, Ginger was remarkably candid and generous with her stories This book is very rich in detail and perspective The only distracting parts to me were her admittedly brief musings on her very conservative politics Faith is mentioned quite often in this book, and even though I am not religious at all, I didn t find these recollections pushy Her religion worked for her, and it helped her live a happy and successful life A great book that I hig [...]

    10. I have a weakness for autobiographies of classic American film stars Myrna Loy s is probably the best I ve read, but Ginger s is very entertaining I got her to sign my copy in a brawl at Grauman s Chinese Re read this recently and came away with the feeling that being an A list star in Hollywood was very cruel to women I don t get a lot of happiness in her life and of course she could never admit how in thrall she was to her mother Sad.

    11. I had been wanting to read it for a long time and I am so glad that I finally did I really enjoyed reading about what it was like for her in show business back then and what a hard worker she was I ve always enjoyed her movies What makes it fun reading this book now is that with Youtube as you are reading you can look up each dance that she talks about and clips of the actors that she talks about it.

    12. I loved learning about Ginger Rogers in her own words Fascinating relationship with her mother I was pretty interested in her religion That was surprising to me for some reason I found her writing very humorous, and not as self serving or narcissistic as I d expected from such a fabulous and very famous figure Overall, I liked her

    13. I liked the first half as Ginger is making her way from 14 year old Charleston contest winner through the Astaire Rogers film cycle, but after that, reading about a star in mid career making film after film that have mostly been forgotten can get a bit tedious, at least for me So I quit there are too many good books out there and I got what I needed.

    14. Before I started reading Ginger Rogers autobiography, I didn t really know much about her However, I am glad I decided to read this book It is one of the best autobiographies I have read so far I am now a fan of Ginger Rogers D

    15. I enjoyed this book for the most part There was a lot of I am ginger rogers and i am so wonderful and about her christian science beliefs There was point when i lost interest, when her movie career was over it just got dull and less about her career But an interesting read just the same.

    16. I have two copies, one is signed by Ginger, I met her several years before she passed away She had the most beautiful crystalline blue eyes I ever seen

    17. As a kid I loved to watch Fred Ginger movies, one after the other I couldn t get enough But that was all I knew of Ms Ginger Rogers Not any What a delightful read this was I learned that Ms Rogers was not just a wonderful dancer but an accomplished Oscar winning dramatic actor as well Her role as Kitty Foyle in the movie of the same name earned her the Oscar You ll find this movie and others rentable on I liked the story of Kitty Foyle Written by Ginger herself she shares with her readers her e [...]

    18. I adore Ginger Rogers and was pretty freakin excited to read her story in her own words Cut to me trudging through this book like it was AP Biology reading only to finally reach the end and have my first thought be how much she would have benefited from an editor who would have cut out some of the detours and details.

    19. I have grown up watching so many of Ginger Roger s movies and reading ALL of her personal accounts of the drama and fun that went on during the making of these movies made these movies come to life in an extra special way Plus, this lovely lady s life was way than just the movies on screen.

    20. The I read, the I found myself turned off from this book Although Ginger s life was interesting to learn about, I found her persona to be proud and at times disagreeable.

    21. Ginger Rogers was an Academy Award winning actress best known for dancing through the Great Depression with Fred Astaire on the big screen However, there is a lot to this glamorous Hollywood star than just the roles she played in movies Virginia Katherine McMath had an exciting childhood from the day she was born Because this book is an autobiography, it is important to point out that this is Ginger s story, so from the introduction she makes it clear how this journey is going to go First, she [...]

    22. Ginger My Story Audio Cassette Author Ginger RogersRead by Ginger Rogers I loved the memoirs and enjoyed the stories The only thing that threw it off was that Ginger Rogers read the book and her ancient, gravely voice detracted from the first person retellings from her childhood I thought it was neat that she read it but when she was telling the story with her young perspective, I found that I yearned for the voice to sound the age that she was telling the story of For example, she tells of some [...]

    23. I almost stopped reading this after the first few chapters I m not entirely sure I m happy about finishing it, mostly for two complaints 1 She talks about Christian Science the religion, this is not Scientology a LOT While I won t begrudge Ms Rogers her obvious faith, it comes off a bit obsessive and proselytizing 2 In total, the book read like a filmography with a heavy focus on what dresses she wore Of course, with her being an actress, I expect a lot of talk about movies, but there was very l [...]

    24. I am almost done with this book and have been enjoying it a great deal, but she doesn t get as personal and in depth as I was hoping It reads like a light summary that glazes over her life but does not go into much depth about the emotions she experienced in situations I am a huge Ginger Rogers fan and admire her a great deal for being one of the most hardworking and talented women in Hollywood despite many peoples attempts to inhibit her career but I have to agree with the other reviewer who sa [...]

    25. Ginger Rogers has been a favorite lady of mine from old Hollywood era since I first saw her with Fred Astaire Seeing a beautiful, hilarious, energetic, lively, dancing woman like her was like a breath of fresh air for someone who never really had a female role model Never thought I needed one until Ginger.Her life stories were fascinating Her way of telling them is even attractive Sure, she didn t get into much details about this and that, but she told enough to represent the kind of woman she [...]

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