The Eighth

The Eighth By Stephanie M. Wytovich, The Eighth After Paimon Lucifer s top soul collector falls in love with a mortal girl whose soul he is supposed to claim he desperately tries everything in his power to save her from the Devil s grasp But wha
  • Title: The Eighth
  • Author: Stephanie M. Wytovich
  • ISBN: 9781626411920
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Eighth By Stephanie M. Wytovich, After Paimon, Lucifer s top soul collector, falls in love with a mortal girl whose soul he is supposed to claim, he desperately tries everything in his power to save her from the Devil s grasp But what happens when a demon has to confront his demons, when he has to turn to something darker, something sinister for help Can Paimon survive the consequences of working wAfter Paimon, Lucifer s top soul collector, falls in love with a mortal girl whose soul he is supposed to claim, he desperately tries everything in his power to save her from the Devil s grasp But what happens when a demon has to confront his demons, when he has to turn to something darker, something sinister for help Can Paimon survive the consequences of working with the Seven Deadly Sins sins who have their own agenda with the Devil or will he fall into a deeper, darker kind of hell The Eighth is a stellar horror debut from Stephanie Wytovich An intimate, painful map of personal and literal hells that would make Clive Barker proud Christopher Golden, New York Times bestselling author
    The Eighth By Stephanie M. Wytovich,
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      322 Stephanie M. Wytovich
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    1. Stephanie M. Wytovich

      Stephanie M Wytovich is an American poet, novelist, and essayist Her work has been showcased in numerous anthologies such as Gutted Beautiful Horror Stories, Shadows Over Main Street An Anthology of Small Town Lovecraftian Terror, Year s Best Hardcore Horror Volume 2, The Best Horror of the Year Volume 8, as well as many others Wytovich is the Poetry Editor for Raw Dog Screaming Press, an adjunct at Western Connecticut State University and Point Park University, and a mentor with Crystal Lake Publishing She is a member of the Science Fiction Poetry Association, an active member of the Horror Writers Association, and a graduate of Seton Hill University s MFA program for Writing Popular Fiction Her Bram Stoker Award winning poetry collection, Brothel, earned a home with Raw Dog Screaming Press alongside Hysteria A Collection of Madness, Mourning Jewelry, An Exorcism of Angels, and Sheet Music to My Acoustic Nightmare Her debut novel, The Eighth, is published with Dark Regions Press Follow Wytovich at stephaniewytovich and on twitter SWytovich.

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    1. I like my horror much the way I like my whisky high quality, straight up, excellent from the beginning to the end, and leaving me wanting I can be all over the board when it comes to horror that I like The biggest thing is suspension of disbelief If I m not buying into the story, it s a struggle to get through That s why dark fantasy is a tough one for me to choke down Most of the stuff that I encounter is so comic book ish, it s hard for me to swallow, like cheap whiskey So, when I was asked t [...]

    2. Review THE EIGHTH by Stephanie M WytovichStephanie Wytovich is by nature a poet THE EIGHTH is both pure poetry, and purely poetic From the first lines I floated in imagery and lyricism, in sensuality in its strictest sense, a feast of the senses A hedonist would revel Both Aleister Crowley and Oscar Wilde come to mind in this regard The demon Paimon is one of Hell s collectors, who bring souls for Lucifer s delectation That worthy prefers females, so Paimon needs must provide according to his qu [...]

    3. Paimon scanned the roads, looking for any hint of light, but the swathe of black that painted the night remained solid Even the stars seemed to have dimmed, casting haze through the trees that bled out onto the forest floor like smoke Stephanie Wytovich s debut novel, THE EIGHTH, is littered with fantastic prose, the majority of which stand up next to any author I ve read Better known for her horror poetry, it doesn t surprise me that she s this good I thoroughly enjoyed her vision of Hell, the [...]

    4. The Eighth is an intense tale of love, betrayal, damnation and regret Paimon s story draws you in with lyrical language and lush imagery that is both beautiful and disturbing This story is definitely not safe for the faint of heart or the weak of stomach, immersing you in a world of pain and darkness Paimon and Arazel are compelling characters to follow as they struggle to get out of Hell and rescue Rhea from the Devil The Seven are also intriguing as they plot to overthrow the Devil From the br [...]

    5. I didn t want to put this book down but DAAAAAAANG IIIIIT that ending Still, a very good book with crazy imagery.

    6. Unnerving Magazine ReviewDown into the vast depths, where flames dance to ceaseless tunes and souls wallow and weep, Lucifer lurks with a plan to keep his throne, no matter what lay in the future Hell is the landscape depicted and Stephanie M Wytovich samples from numerous sources on the mythical plane, but reveals a place of original angles and shades.The story follows a wayward collector of souls as he defies his lord and follows his urges Supernatural date rape painted as a compulsive act of [...]

    7. This wasn t really bad, but I don t think it was for me, so it was a pretty meh selection with a couple really serious turn offs The setting has a lot to offer as it is in a contemporary version of Dante s multi ringed hell, Paimon is a soul collector trying to meet his quota as a result of a postmortem deal with the devil when he s tasked with going to collect the soul of Rhea Things go awry in the process of collecting Rhea, not only because she reminds him of his dead wife, but this ends up g [...]

    8. I ve been struggling a little with putting into words what my feelings are about this book It s the first time I ve read anything by Stephanie M Wytovich I am well aware of her poetry work It is much lauded by people I respect within the genre and although I m not a poetry reader per se I think it might be time that I give it a go because the writing here is fantastic.Firstly, a little bit about the book Paimon is a collector, one of the devils servants A puppet that the devil uses to collect so [...]

    9. This may be one of the most emotionally exhausting books I ve ever read Her descriptions of pain, both physical and psychological, were absolutely breathtaking I found myself having to take breaks from it because it was literally affecting my mood and not in a good way It was the epitome of disturbing That all being said, it s an incredible talent to have that level of impact on people It s a beautifully written, interesting story about love, loss, betrayal, and regret And honestly I felt them a [...]

    10. Whie I enjoyed the plot and the characters, the strongest part of the novel is Wytovich s use of language that elevates this above the rest of the genre Little phrases of description and metaphor add a dimension of art beyond just a telling if the events Wytovich hints at a wider theology and backstory, providing some information for contemplation and further interest, without getting bogged down in dull exposition or reading like a fictional textbook The poetic language and brutality combine to [...]

    11. I love a good book set in Hell No joke, I have read quite a few I have been to Palahniuk s Hell, Edward Lee s Hell, and Kurt Unsworth s Hell Needless to say, I was pretty stoked about going to Hell with Stephanie M Wytovich I admittedly do not know a lot about the author other than she is an accomplished poet and I believe this is her first published novel It is not hard to believe that Wytovich is a poet as poetry oozes out of her prose It is dark and sexy with great emotional range Paimon, a s [...]

    12. This is an excerpt The entire review can be found at thisishorror book reStephanie M Wytovich is far from an unknown in the horror community Having published several outstanding collections of poetry, including Hysteria, Mourning Jewelry, and her most recent book Brothel, she s arguably one of our prolific and talented poets She s garnered high accolades from readers, critics, and reviewers, and she s been nominated for several awards, including multiple Bram Stokers Most recently she s turned [...]

    13. I picked this up based on the back cover text It s about a demon sent from hell to collect a soul, but she reminds him too much of his former lover, so he defies the Devil and sets out to save her, and himself Of course, fighting the Devil, and hell itself isn t as easy as it sounds I guess it counts as horror, but it s really just juicy, graphic descriptions of things in hell, by hell, and of hell I don t think the intent is to scare This was a fun, fast read, that should appeal to anyone who l [...]

    14. Full disclosure the author of this book and I are acquaintances through my graduate school However, I bought my copy of this book of my own accord, and she has not asked me to review it any than she has anyone else in the world.I haven t had the opportunity to read any of Wytovich s writing outside of this, but from reputation alone, I know her to be a very talented horror skewed poet THE EIGHTH was her delving into this particular world of writing, and I will say, her poetic background shows t [...]

    15. Disclaimer The author and I share a publisher for her poetry collections and I consider her a friend However, I purchased a hardcopy version of this novel for full price.I hate starting reviews with I don t usually read this genre, but In this case, however, it s 100% true I m not a horror reader or viewer It s not my chosen form of escapism However, I ve been in love with Dante s Inferno since the first time I read it in high school, and I because I m lucky enough to know this author personally [...]

    16. The writer has made an apparently conscious choice to not waste any time at the beginning introducing this world and its physics , obviously having an intended audience in mind For the dedicated fan of the genre, this is a blessing the action begins right away and the suspense evolves organically Still, affect originates mostly from curiosity to see what will happen, rather than any deeper, metaphysical sense of transgression To put it simply, as a reader I would ve expected to feel a bit uncom [...]

    17. Wonderfully creepy and amazingly beautiful read I m not sure how Stephanie Wytovich managed to create such a breathtaking world in the midst of Hell Multiple images from the descriptions will stay with me Paimon, even tho a demon, was so perfectly rendered, complete with all his flaws, that I ended up feeling pity for him and hoping something better comes his way.

    18. For reviews of television, games, movies and books, check out tbirdstudiosFrom Dark Regions Press comes The Eighth, Stephanie Wytovich s debut novel A contemporary horror tale, the story follows soul collector Paimon who is in service to the Devil The job is simple go to Earth, convince the mark to commit grievous sins, then reap the bounty.Yet Paimon s loyalties are turned upside down after being charged with collecting Rhea, a tortured woman locked in an abusive relationship As he twists Rhea [...]

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