Merely a Marriage

Merely a Marriage By Jo Beverley, Merely a Marriage The New York Times bestselling author of The Viscount Needs a Wife returns with another roguishly delicious Regency romanceAs England mourns the death of Princess Charlotte Lady Ariana Boxstall has a
  • Title: Merely a Marriage
  • Author: Jo Beverley
  • ISBN: 9780399583537
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Merely a Marriage By Jo Beverley, The New York Times bestselling author of The Viscount Needs a Wife returns with another roguishly delicious Regency romanceAs England mourns the death of Princess Charlotte, Lady Ariana Boxstall has another succession in mind Her brother, Norris, is a strapping young man, but he s also happily unmarried and childless Norris agrees to take a wife on one condition thatThe New York Times bestselling author of The Viscount Needs a Wife returns with another roguishly delicious Regency romanceAs England mourns the death of Princess Charlotte, Lady Ariana Boxstall has another succession in mind Her brother, Norris, is a strapping young man, but he s also happily unmarried and childless Norris agrees to take a wife on one condition that Ariana take a husband first Although she realizes she risks a lifetime in a loveless marriage, for the sake of her family, Ariana accepts his challenge When the Earl of Kynaston met Ariana eight years ago, he broke her heart Since then, his own heart has been broken, and he s sworn off loveuntil he sees Ariana all grown up and his resolve is threatened Could Ariana s bargain with Norris actually lead her to happiness With real love on the line, she must win over the one man who refuses to be had.
    Merely a Marriage By Jo Beverley,
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    1. Jo Beverley

      Mary Josephine Dunn was born 22 September 1947 in Lancashire, England, UK At the age of eleven she went to an all girls boarding school, Layton Hill Convent, Blackpool At sixteen, she wrote her first romance, with a medieval setting, completed in installments in an exercise book From 1966 to 1970, she obtained a degree in English history from Keele University in Staffordshire, where she met her future husband, Ken Beverley After graduation, they married on June 24, 1971 She quickly attained a position as a youth employment officer until 1976, working first in Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, and then in West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire.In 1976, her scientist husband was invited to do post doctoral research at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada When her professional qualifications proved not to be usable in the Canadian labour market, and she grew up their two sons and started to write her first romances.Moved to Ottawa, in 1985 she became a founding member of the Ottawa Romance Writers Association, that her nurturing community for the next twelve years The same year, she completed a regency romance, but it was promptly rejected by a number of publishers, and she settled earnestly to learning the craft In 1988, it sold to Walker, and was published as Lord Wraybourne s Betrothed She regularly appears on bestseller lists including the USA Today overall bestseller list, the New York Times, and and the Publishers Weekly list She has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Golden Leaf, the Award of Excellence, the National Readers Choice, and a two Career Achievement awards from Romantic Times She is also a five time winner of the RITA, the top award of the Romance Writers Of America, and a member of their Hall of Fame and Honor Roll.Jo Beverley passed away on May 23, 2016 after a long battle with cancer.

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    1. Huge thanks to Berkley Publishing Group for providing me with an ARC for review Merely a Marriage, Jo Beverley s last novel, promises a second chance romance, hijinks, and charm In actuality, Merely a Marriage was none of those things Instead, it was a mishmash of conflicting plot lines, see through mystery, and bland, heartless characters.The start of Merely a Marriage was fairly promising Princess Charlotte s recent death has changed the country, and got Ariana Boxtall, our heroine, thinking a [...]

    2. This is a lively Regency tale, with a charming heroine, a captivating hero, and lots of twists and turns in the plot It may take a few liberties with the manners of the day, but overall it is a fitting final book for an author of historical romances.Lady Ariana Boxstall tells her brother she ll marry if he will to keep their family home out of the hands of the uncle who will destroy everything if her brother dies before having an heir But finding someone she can marry is difficult not only can h [...]

    3. Merely a Marriage is a stand alone book by Jo Beverley Knowing that the dear lady passed away a year ago made reading this book bittersweet for me I was happy to be enjoying an entertaining book, but so sad knowing that it s author is no longer with us and that she won t be writing any books.Lady Ariana Boxstall is desperately upset after Princess Charlotte dies along side her baby in childbirth It s very upsetting because Charlotte was young, but also upsetting because it makes Ariana realise [...]

    4. A last book by a beloved author had me feeling all kinds of sentimental and predisposed to love this one A sibling challenge, a fiery unconventional heroine, and a melancholy hero were mildly engaging.As I said, this was a swan song book by an author I have been reading her books for over two decades With a little connection to her Company of Rogues world, I happily looked for the cameos that were there I enjoyed the redoubtable Dowager Countess of Cawle and another visit with Mr Peake as strong [...]

    5. I am much saddened by this beloved author s passing, and it is doubly unfortunate that this story is simply quite dull It took great effort for me to finish it because almost nothing happens most of the pages are filled with Ariana s inner monologues Her heart is in turmoil after meeting the Earl of Kynaston again, for whom she had a tendre many years ago, except he didn t really notice her then, and now he has, after some forced proximity to each other The problem is, Ariana just acts as if he [...]

    6. This book had some very depressing parts The hero lost his beloved wife in childbirth Then in real life history, Princess Charlotte died in childbirth The heroine was also over the top obsessed with a mummy that had a slight resemblance to the hero s dead wife I found it creepy They eventually buried the wife and the mummy in the same cemetery I felt the romance was lacking in this book Heroine was obsessed with how tall she was and how she wanted a tall man.

    7. ARC Provided by Berkley Publishing Group Ariana and Kynaston had, I think, the potential to be a lot interesting than they ultimately were, which is a shame as I had high hopes for this title, especially as this is the last book by Jo Beverly.There was a lot going on here, with scandals in papers, running off to elope, brothers who don t want to marry, trips to London, and attempts to marry off a woman who is nearing if not already at an age where she would be considered a spinster.Unfortunatel [...]

    8. Jo Beverley was a prolific author of romance novels until she died in 2016 I believe this is her last book Unfortunately, it is not very good It is dull and repetitive, with a plot that is all over the place.It starts out well Ariana, a young woman who is past the normal marrying age, is worried her younger brother, an earl, will die without an heir and they ll lose the family home She challenges him to marry and he says he ll find a wife if she first finds a husband She agrees to this bargain e [...]

    9. The characterisation of Ariana was very strange flip flopping every few lines especially when she interacted with Phyllis hate, then like, then dislike and it was hard to really see any romance developing as we only got Ariana s point of view for most of the novel It would, perhaps, have been visible if there was any of Kynaston s point of view or if we learnt why he was sad earlier than the last few chapters Ariana s constant well, he must be poor and a drunkard but I won t ask anyone I ll jus [...]

    10. Jo Beverley was one of my all time favorite historical romance authors I wept when I heard she had passed last May I have read many of her books, and I also have quite a few in audio I never tire of the wonderful Georgian world she created in her Malloran series, along with the Regency world in her Company of Rogues series Merely a Marriage paints the picture of her Regency world While this book may not have had her final touches on it, I still enjoyed it All the sexual tension she was a master [...]

    11. I love Jo Beverly Absolutely love her But this book was awful We have a female lead who is tall And we find out she is tall on most of the pages And then we read about her being tall some We have a male lead that drinks for some reason And is therefore unsuitable And we read about him being unsuitable on every page I think there could have been a good story in there somewhere, but this was just a train wreck.

    12. After reading and enjoying The Viscount Needs a Wife by Beverley, I was a bit underwhelmed by Merely a Marriage The characters in Merely a Marriage were likable enough as with The Viscount Needs a Wife , but I found the premise rather predictable and the storytelling lacking I hesitate to be overcritical or harsh because I have read that this is the author s final work If you have not yet read Ms Beverley s work, I highly recommend starting with another title eARC Netgalley

    13. I didn t care for the heroine, in fact she did not seem to me a Jo Beverley kind of gel I m wondering if someone else wrote most of the novel, because it seemed too unstructured to be penned by the marvelous JoBev The big miss which caused the love you but you disgust me trope is not enjoyable to me, nor is sabotage something I like in a novel All in all the story was bland with trite situations and barely sketched characters, except for the tedious Lady Ariana Ms Beverley is one of my most belo [...]

    14. So sad this is Jo Beverley s last book, but it was a thoroughly enjoyable read and is going on my keeper shelf with all the rest.

    15. Let s start with what I did like The cover is beautiful and a bit saucy Alrighty, now we move on to what did not work for me The main character, Ariana Boxstall At the start of this story I was just getting to know her and she was okay I liked that she was looking out for her family and stood up for what she felt was right I even found it humorous that she was going to find a husband in order to ensure her family s security.Where the story started to go wrong for me was the introduction of the m [...]

    16. Reading this book is a heartbreaking bittersweet chore for me because Ms Beverley has been a favorite author of mine since her early regency romances in the 80s I ll finish the book and then return with final thoughts sigh Finished it are my lengthy thoughts might be mini spoiling spoilers Merely A Marriage by Jo Beverley is set against the backdrop of Princess Charlotte and her newborn baby s death This sad event spurs Lady Ariana Boxstall into action to secure her own family s future and to sa [...]

    17. Recognizing that her home and family is in danger of falling to her drunken wastrel of an uncle if her brother doesn t marry and produce an heir, Lady Ariana Boxstall is determined to push Norris to get married As a 23 year old, Norris is interested in horses than marriage so he proposes that Arianna marry first If she can marry in the next few weeks, he ll follow suit Ariana hates Town but heads there to hunt a husband and accidentally ends up embroiled in scandal with the Earl of Kynaston She [...]

    18. Jo Beverley has been one of my favorite romance authors for years, and it s sad to think that this novel will be the last new one after her death from cancer in 2016 Merely a Marriage definitely can t be counted among her best books, and I have to wonder if her illness interfered with her work It does reflect Beverley s favorite kind of plot, though, with two fundamentally good people overcoming the barriers between them to find love.As a posthumous work, it seems fitting that the story revolves [...]

    19. Merely a Marriage by Jo Beverley is a Regency Historical novel At the start, we meet Lady Ariana Boxstall , who is concerned about the future of her family, especially after the childbirth death of Princess Charlotte Ariana fears that she would lose her beloved Boxstall residence to her drunken uncle, if her brother dies She then sets a plan in motion for her brother Norris to marry, but the one condition is she must marry first.Ariana and her mother travel to London to stay at the home of a fam [...]

    20. Merely a Marriage is set in Beverley s Rogues world, a world Beverley introduced to her readers with An Arranged Marriage in 1991 This book is the eighteenth story set in that world, and it is Jo Beverley s final novel Fans of the series will be pleased to spot several connections to the Rogues and their relatives in this last book I especially enjoyed the cameos of Hal Beaumont, Lady Cawle s godson, and his actress wife, Blanche Hardcastle, whose story arcs through early Rogues books, and of Ar [...]

    21. Merely a Marriage by Jo Beverley is not merely a book It is the final book by a beloved, iconic author of the genre I m happy to say that this swan song is a fitting closure to an illustrious career.In the custom of so many historical romance novel heroines, Lady Ariana Boxstall doesn t want to marry However, her reluctance to enter into that institution has not prevented her from attempting to bully her brother into doing so After Princess Charlotte s death in childbirth, it became clear to Ari [...]

    22. Meh The book was a tad bit forgettable The characters didn t really make a big impression on me It wasn t bad but it wasn t good either It was just so so I didn t really like or dislike the main characters The character I liked the best was Lord Inching I thought his fetish for tall women was the one interesting highlight of the book He was angling for the heroine originally but her equally as tall lady s maid would do As far as the actual story goes, I didn t really care for it The story revolv [...]

    23. I have read a few of Jo Beverley s books and enjoyed them This book contains characters from previous books that I have not read, but that did not seem to be a problem It is a self contained story.Lady Ariana Boxstall goes to London with the hope of meeting a tall gentleman who can match her height and wed her by Christmas in order to advance a scheme she has concocted to force her younger brother to wed and provide an heir to save their estate from an unsavory uncle The husband hunt contains am [...]

    24. This romance garnered a starred review in Library Journal, and the past few romances that I ve read that have gotten starred were pretty good in terms of characterization and plot So I put this on hold at my library and gave it a shot.It was quite absorbing, but did not make me as obsessive about finding out what happens next as the previous books I ve read I liked that the protagonist had a few flaws, and that no detail was spared at how she perceived those flaws were seen by society I also lik [...]

    25. I found this to be a very melancholy book, not in the least because it is Beverley s last book It is a slow burn romance, of which there are very few these days, and it reminded me so much after some time of digesting the book of Jane Eyre No, there s no crazy wife in the attic, and the heroine is not orphaned or mistreated, but we have a brooding anti hero in the Earl of Kynaston who reminds me so much of Mr Rochester Our heroine, Lady Ariana, continuously denies her on going attraction to Kyna [...]

    26. So bummed that this is the last new Jo Beverly we ll ever get This book starts off strong with the introduction of the VERY tall Lady Ariana Boxstall She is terrified that her brother will die before he gets an heir and that will leave she and her mother at the mercy of Ariana s drunkard uncle She had a rather disastrous season eight years ago and has decided not to marry Her brother says that if Ariana can get married by Christmas, he will marry in January Ariana swallows her nerves and heads t [...]

    27. Ariana Boxstall is tall That seems to be the most important aspect of this story along with big feet It s unfortunate as I really wanted to like this story It was slow and all over the place Most of the story was from the heroine s point of view I would have liked to have of Kynaston s to understand his backstory as it wasn t explained until very late in the book.Ariana is one of the most unlikable heroines I ve ever read in a Regency romance She just whines about her height, yet derides other [...]

    28. This story was a fun read The characters were easy to fall in love with and root for I love how the author used the societal expectations of the era to push the main characters together all the while giving them the opportunity to show their depth of character, in what would have been devastating circumstances I love how the author adds humor throughout the story by showcasing some of the shallow, narrow minded aspects of Victorian English society such as how quickly and easily life altering sc [...]

    29. Lady Ariana Boxstall had a very unhappy come out five years ago when she was just seventeen Since she is nearly six feet tall, she towered over many of the men she met, and was ridiculed for her large feet So she happily returned home to the country But now she worries that if her brother does not marry, their Uncle Paul will inherit the estate, and quickly dissipate it But Norris, two years her junior, enjoys his freedom So he makes a proposal if she will marry by the end of the year, he will f [...]

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