The Destruction of Hillary Clinton

The Destruction of Hillary Clinton By Susan Bordo, The Destruction of Hillary Clinton A play by play of the political forces both right and left and media culture that vilified Hillary Clinton during her Presidential campaign from cultural critic and feminist scholar Susan Bordo
  • Title: The Destruction of Hillary Clinton
  • Author: Susan Bordo
  • ISBN: 9781612196633
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Destruction of Hillary Clinton By Susan Bordo, A play by play of the political forces both right and left and media culture that vilified Hillary Clinton during her 2016 Presidential campaign, from cultural critic and feminist scholar Susan Bordo.The Destruction of Hillary Clinton is an answer to the question we ve all been asking How did an extraordinarily well qualified, experienced, and admired candidate whose viA play by play of the political forces both right and left and media culture that vilified Hillary Clinton during her 2016 Presidential campaign, from cultural critic and feminist scholar Susan Bordo.The Destruction of Hillary Clinton is an answer to the question we ve all been asking How did an extraordinarily well qualified, experienced, and admired candidate whose victory would have been as historic as Barack Obama s come to be seen as a tool of the establishment, a chronic liar, and a talentless politician In this masterful narrative of the 2016 campaign year, Susan Bordo unpacks the right wing assault on Clinton and her reputation, the way the left provoked the suspicion and indifference of a younger generation, and the unprecedented influence of the media.Urgent, insightful, and engrossing, The Destruction of Hillary Clinton is an essential guide to understanding the most controversial presidential election in American history.
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      Susan Bordo is known for the clarity, accessibility, and contemporary relevance of her writing Her first book, The Flight to Objectivity, has become a classic of feminist philosophy In 1993, increasingly aware of our culture s preoccupation with weight and body image, she published Unbearable Weight Feminism, Western Culture, and the Body, a book that is still widely read and assigned in classes today During speaking tours for that book, she encountered many young men who asked, What about us The result was The Male Body A New Look at Men in Public and in Private 1999 Both books were highly praised by reviewers, with Unbearable Weight named a 1993 Notable Book by the New York Times and The Male Body featured in Mademoiselle, Elle, Vanity Fair, NPR, and MSNBC Both books have been translated into many languages, and individual chapters, many of which are considered paradigms of lucid writing, are frequently re printed in collections and writing textbooks Her newest book, The Creation of Anne Boleyn A New Look at England s Most Notorious Queen, was published to critical acclaim by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in April, 2013 She lives in Lexington, Kentucky with her husband, daughter, two dogs and two cats, and teaches humanities at the University of Kentucky.Bordo received her Ph.D from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1982 She currently holds the Otis A Singletary Chair in the Humanities at the University of Kentucky.

    469 thoughts on “The Destruction of Hillary Clinton”

    1. When Bill Clinton was running for president the first time, I got my first taste of Hillary Hate I was at a cast party and overheard a couple actors and I use the term actor loosely mock HRC for having crows feet I was young, twenty two, and had never heard the expression crows feet and asked, What are crows feet Actor 1 looked at me like I was an idiot and said, You know Wrinkles Actor 2 said, Around the EYES I instantly decided to love and support Hillary for all my days Most of my adult life [...]

    2. I m only halfway through my afternoon Monster energy drink, so I ll try to make this review sound somewhat eloquent under the circumstances I ve seen some criticisms floating around about this book already from the same old lefties Susan Bordo takes to task I can t help but think that they miss the point she is making Yes, Bordo seems unwilling to criticize Hillary, but I think that s less because she wants to pretend Hillary is perfect and because there are so many others who have been than w [...]

    3. One of the most incisive social critics working today and one of the best writers, too Whether she s dissecting Lolita, movie and book, or Marlon Brando, 50s icon and symbol of masculinity, she s never predictable and often profound Katha Pollitt To read Susan Bordo is to take a wild ride through the cultural images that form our daily lives, and to see them with a startling X ray vision that reveals their blood and guts and bones, a vision that reveals us, finally, to ourselves Leslie Heywood B [...]

    4. Total garbage Hillary sold 20% of our nations uranium to Russia to get ,millions donated to her foundation of which only 10% was used for the charities 90% administrative costs Conspired with Schultz to cheat Bernie out of fair chance Got the debate questions priir to the debate She deleted 30,000 emails and had classified emails on an illegal server It goes on and on and some people think she s a good personwrong

    5. It seems absurd to think that media preference for theatre over investigative fact, blatant ignoring of the double bind, persistent post modern dismissal that truth even exists, and verified foreign interference all took place to such an unprecedented level, only to be waved away as unimportant.A very well written and rigorous investigation by Susan Bordo.

    6. This is a book I ve been needing to read, I m grateful it was written and have found it therapeutic Being of Bordo s generation, I share her support of Hillary Clinton and her assessment of the election of 2016 as a trauma personal and collective But this is not a book to make Clinton supporters feel better, and at some point like before the next election it would be instructive for all of us to take a look at what actually happened To start off with, Bordo presents a timeline of Clinton s life [...]

    7. Hard for Susan to write the book s 188 pages Probably too much rage induced when Susan had to organize her thoughts on how 63,000,000 derps doomed this nation to four years of outrage Too much rage induces the digits to form a fist making typing all but impossible Hard for me to read and even harder for me to sit here and type out a response A 4 because, outside of a very brief mention, she left out racism as a cause Then again, Susan s cause is feminism The big deal in Election 2016 was that a [...]

    8. Interesting take on why Hillary lost the 2016 election I agree in large part of the way the media, and ultimately Trump and supporters painted her as cold, calculating, crooked, etc It was hard to listen to the chapters about Bernie Sanders and his millennial feminist supporters as I was very much a hardcore Bernie millennial feminist That being said, there is some truth to the way we reacted and treated Hillary throughout the career that no doubt fueled the opposing side s smear campaign agains [...]

    9. This was a hard book to get through, not because it s difficult or boring but because it s so enraging Maybe it s coming out too soon after the 2016 election to read it without all the anger and heartbreak the election unleashed affecting one s reading experience But I don t think there will ever be enough time to put emotional distance between the 2016 election and my personal or political feelings I don t think I ll ever be able to forgive and forget the 2016 presidential election and the trea [...]

    10. If you re one of many who believe Hillary lost the election because she never talked about jobs, she didn t visit WI and MI, her staff was too inept and data driven, and, of course, she was just an all round terrible candidate then this book is not for you Go to the historical fiction section and pick up that other book If you re interested in how a reality TV celebrity outsmarted the the so called go to political media experts Hi Morning Joe , how a backlash to eight years of Obama let loose wh [...]

    11. This is my Review This simply written and presented book tries to understand how a well qualified, well connected, deeply committed to improving lives woman was damaged to the point she lost the election by a mere 78,000 votes in three states despite getting 3 million votes in the nationwide tally.It took extraordinary effort by a media obsessed to the point of parody over a fairly simple IT problem that has plagued every level of government from the Federal to the city how to get things done w [...]

    12. Susan Bordo, academic, cultural critic, and ardent feminist has taken to task our modern culture s mainstream media, political nastiness, and societal biases in her most recent book THE DESTRUCTION OF HILLARY CLINTON Throughout, she notes important events in Hillary Clinton s presidential campaign and how the treatment and framing of those events, by others, led to her not being elected president It is with her clear, concise, and unflinching language that the author presents a portrait of perha [...]

    13. Bordo s account of the destruction of Hillary Clinton as a public figure and political candidate is expertly written in clear and clean prose I couldn t put it down The case that Bordo lays out to explain why Clinton s campaign for the US Presidency failed is quite compelling The evidence is incontrovertible In essence, Clinton was no better at the campaign stuff than most presidential candidates but her loss can be mostly attributed to 1 a media that is profit and ratings driven and that mostly [...]

    14. Nothing groundbreaking, but very succinct and effective at making the argument that so much of the election was out of Clinton s control And let s face it, she was is far awesome than the media ever gave her credit for, especially when compared to her awful, awful, awful Republican opponent As a Bernie fan who 100% voted for Clinton but wasn t all too excited about it, this book made me mad Even if the worst of what they said about Hillary was true, she was still clearly the better candidate co [...]

    15. Before reading this book I had learned why Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 USA Presidential election So, with this book, I was hoping to learn of why Hillary Clinton lost the election On the back of the book it states So how did Hillary Clinton lose How did she come to be seen as a tool of the establishment, a chronic liar and a talentless politician The questions posed were extremely interesting and I was anxious to read Susan Bordo s answers to the questions.Unfortunately, right from the start [...]

    16. Bardo states her bias at the beginning She is definitely there to defend Hillary Clinton but she also offers up clear evidence to support her theory that misogyny played a huge role in Clinton s loss This, coupled with Comey s unprecedented updates about an open investigation note he wasn t this open with investigations taking place about Trump and his campaign were catastrophic The media s focus on the email scandal, and Bernie s young supporters meant Clinton had to be darn near perfect in eve [...]

    17. Susan Bordo acknowledges her perspective from the beginning she was a Hillary Clinton supporter and admirer long before the 2016 election, and The Destruction of Hillary Clinton does not delve into the problems of Hillary s own doing in the campaign There are many books and articles that readily detail the mistakes Hillary s campaign made Did Hillary make blunders on the campaign Of course Do those gaffes fully explain the confluence of factors that compounded questions of her trustworthiness, l [...]

    18. This book is a rehashing of 2016 Disclosure I voted for Sanders in the Democratic primary and Clinton in the general because I am not fucking insane I agree this was a horrible year and sexism was a factor I liked Sanders I am ideologically closer to him however while not excited by Clinton I had no problems with her I think the Dems need to go leftward but I voted for her because for me Republicans by direct vote or indirectly wasted vote on a third party was not an option Trump merely hammered [...]

    19. Dr Bordo expends her considerable talents for naught Despite her best efforts, she cannot redeem HRC Instead, she projects her own second wave feminist ideal onto Clinton and thus just can t understand the way that other voter cohorts don t share the same enthusiasm for Nixon in a pant suit Hillary that she does As and of the primary rigging and Clinton Foundation corruption is verified by insiders like Donna Brazile, Bordo s screed will read like an unduly long freshman hagiography of her he [...]

    20. I m biased, so if you don t like HRC, don t read this review As a 50 something female veteran and engineer, I ve seen firsthand that this is man s world, but the depth of hate filled attention on Ms Clinton is vile This book documents just that, a long trail of mean spirited and evil media representation just to get people agitated.She is a former Senator, Secretary of State, FLOTUS and attorney Yet still a lot of shameless Americans will call her bitch or chant lock her up It s sickening.A long [...]

    21. originally posted on HellyReadsI started reading this a while ago, but put it to one side because it was making me feel really sad Then I started reading Post Truth and thought that the two fit really well together.This tells the story of how Hillary Clinton was fighting an uphill battle from way before she even won the Democratic nomination There are explanations of double standards within the political system, misogyny, basic sexism, differing expectations, manipulations of facts and many thi [...]

    22. Overall, I think the author makes some valid points The GOP spent the last 25 years turning HRC into a she devil, and the media was all too eager to help them to do so The author did get a couple of minor facts wrong, thoughr example, talking about Sarah Palin in 2012, rather than 2008, and labeling Steve Bannon as Trump s campaign manager The author is clearly dedicated to the Clintons, and for better or worse, that dedication comes through vividly in her writing She attempts to cast the blame [...]

    23. As someone who is still heartbroken over the election, this book did not heal a broken heart but instead made me want to resist Trump even if that is possible I appreciate the author laying out the path, starting with the early years, as to why so many were against Hillary I also appreciate how much research went into this book and brought up points I had forgotten such as Comey stating the three emails were not labeled with the appropriate classified header I definitely recommend this book how [...]

    24. Bordo is unwilling to criticize Clinton and spends time simply attacking millenials, Sanders, Trump, and the media rather than addressing why these factors were so damaging to the campaign Though she discloses her personal admiration for Clinton, I was disappointed in how frequently her bias came up I was hoping to have read a detailed discussion of the reasons Clinton s campaign wasn t successful but was again disappointed in the topics which, honestly, could ve been listed by anyone who was m [...]

    25. I read Bordo s book on the female body that came out 10 years ago or It was insightful, relevant, grounded in theory, analytical, and engaging I was hoping for a similar theoretical analysis of Clinton But that s not what Bordo provided It s mostly a day by day rehash of the double standard the media, the public, and politicians have applied to Hillary There were a few new nuggets, but I would have liked of a framework for all the description I remember all this, I d like the author to help me [...]

    26. I thought this would be an unbiased factual review of how Hillary lost the 2016 election The author stated that she was an early passionate Clinton supporter I respect her political right I like to read both sides of all the political candidates However, this book was just a disappointing barrage of blame on everybody except Hillary s team.

    27. the destruction of hillary clinton is a compelling depiction of the many ways in which the media and other factors has actively worked to destroy hillary clinton, using tactics and claims that in many cases are lies, often resorting to sexist propoganda or a deep seeded double standard it follows her up through her early days as a lawyer through bill clinton s presidency and her time as a senator and secretary of state, along with her 2012 candidacy, but the bulk of the book focuses on the 2016 [...]

    28. I appreciate the amount of time Bordo spent analyzing the role of misogyny in our failure to elect Hillary Having recently read her previous book on Anne Boleyn, I knew I could trust her to look at this from all angles, and to come at it from the perspective of a well researched feminist Bordo delivered this on all fronts, and also gave a detailed play by play on all of the other pieces of the election cycle that ultimately derailed her chance at the presidency Yes, Bordo is clearly on Team Clin [...]

    29. I m confused It must be because I lack a post graduate degree like all the authoress and Clintons friends have.Nearly every media person voted for Clinton How could her loss be their fault Not once does Bordo acknowledge what a horrible candidate Clinton was or her utter contempt for ordinary people Email scandal No big deal Benghazi No big deal Watergate Also, I m sure, no big deal.The most ever qualified candidate for president was George H.W Bush, not Hillary Clinton They have something in co [...]

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