Finding Love Down Under

Finding Love Down Under By Donna Jay, Finding Love Down Under An alternate cover edition for B M ZLAAIWhen Claire discovers her fianc e has abused her trust in the most heinous way possible she severs all ties A year down the track she couldn t be happier liv
  • Title: Finding Love Down Under
  • Author: Donna Jay
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Finding Love Down Under By Donna Jay, An alternate cover edition for B01M7ZLAAIWhen Claire discovers her fianc e has abused her trust in the most heinous way possible, she severs all ties A year down the track, she couldn t be happier living a life of solitude on a vineyard That is, until a quick trip into town changes everything.Suddenly on her own in New Zealand, and on the edge of despair, Zoe never expecAn alternate cover edition for B01M7ZLAAIWhen Claire discovers her fianc e has abused her trust in the most heinous way possible, she severs all ties A year down the track, she couldn t be happier living a life of solitude on a vineyard That is, until a quick trip into town changes everything.Suddenly on her own in New Zealand, and on the edge of despair, Zoe never expected to find her salvation in the form of a beautiful and complex woman.The following months are fraught with highs and lows as Claire and Zoe learn to navigate their way around each other Both women need to overcome huge trust issues if they have any hope of forging a relationship.Contains elements of BDSM dominance and submission.
    Finding Love Down Under By Donna Jay,
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      389 Donna Jay
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      Donna lives in the land of the long white cloud, otherwise known as New Zealand Living in a picturesque country and enjoying the outdoors has provided many opportunities for her to create stories featuring dominant, loving women Connect with Donna Jay Facebook facebook profilep Email donna.jayoks hotmail

    398 thoughts on “Finding Love Down Under”

    1. 5 down under starsClaire and Zoe has had their fair share of hurt and pain, making them come at life cautious and distrusting Funny how Fate has a way of knowing what you need even when you don t know it and for Claire and Zoe, it s a friend and companion They see through the pain in each other and let each other be, but silently are there for one another in any way they can Their relationship blossoms over time from friends into something special, one that only two people who has gone through w [...]

    2. A sexy romance, set in New Zealand, with a side of spice I adored Zoe and Claire, and the snippets of NZ, but then, well, that s to be expected being a kiwi gal Finding Love D

    3. 3 1 2 Stars I didn t even want to mention the cover, because I am sure Donna Jay is sick of hearing about it I also see there is a new cover choice, but for me I liked this one I know it bothered some people, but I thought it was a pretty hot cover Though, I did think this was going to be pure erotica with a little storyline, and it s not This is a fully fleshed out romantic story that has some erotic scenes.It s kind of hard to find good lesfic erotic romances Normally either a story is pure er [...]

    4. As someone clever said don t judge a book by its cover I would recommend Finding Love Down Under to anyone who enjoys erotic romances with some light BDSM elements, but also with a sweet love story and meaningful plot.3.5 stars, rounded up

    5. Due to this book being hidden by an adult filter, here are the links to other sites, thank you to the readers who reached out, rather than just gave up when they couldn t find the book gp product B01 dp B01M7ZLAAI dp B01M7ZLAAI AU dp B01M7ZLAAIConsidering it s my book, you can bet your boots I loved it So much in fact, I ve read it 100 times Oh wait, that was part of the editing process The story took off in all manner of directions I never anticipated As per the cover, I expected it to be a [...]

    6. 4 STARS.In spite of the cover, which I dislike, this book is a nice romance with likable main characters I almost passed it by because of the cover, if not for friend s reviews Although I have read some D s it isn t my favorite and in some instances not comfortable to read So I fast forwarded some of the scenes But that s just me Nevertheless I liked the book.The descriptions of NZ makes me want to visit it again Ha I knew I wanted to return a few days into the trip I would have liked to of lear [...]

    7. It seems like a lot of the reviews for Finding Love Down Under focus on the cover, so let s get that out of the way The cover doesn t match the contents of the book Frankly, I expected a one handed read which I don t mind, because they have their place , and instead I got a really lovely romance with mild BDSM elements If you re giving this book a pass because of the cover, I d really encourage you to at least download the sample and check it out.I liked the story and thought it was well plotted [...]

    8. Donna Jay never disappoints I always love her blend of romance, sensuality, and character development growth and seriously, how sexy is that cover Her stories always come off very realistic, with very realistic people, and I seriously love her for that This story was no different We are introduced to Claire and Zoe, who are both escaping some baggage and some not so nice exes In a sympathetic, but not thought out move, Claire offers room and board to Zoe for her to come work at her vineyard doin [...]

    9. Kink I m reading about kink Well, nothing hardcore, but still Spanking French maid costumes Light bondage Donna Jay has done what few are able to do appeal bdsm elements to me I fully support consenting adult sex, but that s not normally my thing, ya know Nonetheless, Jay painted vivid pictures of desire from Zoe fictional character crush, ahoy and her subtle reactions to paddles and butt slapping In fact, the kink in this story is mild and palatable for noobs like myself Reading it was hot, too [...]

    10. A quick read with an interesting couple coming to terms with past relationships and learning to trust one another The writing improves as the story unfolds and I found myself turning pages wanting to know if Claire and Zoe would find their HEA.

    11. Oh my dear sweet Claire and Zoe Just the cutest things ever This was my first 100% FF book Claire and Zoe cross paths at the exact moment they need to Claire and Zoe both recovering from heartbreak, they help each other forget the past and look forward to the future In shortis book was happily every after with Hot Hot Hot sex splashed throughout LOVED

    12. 3.3 stars Quick n fun read to pass some time Just don t expect any depth here It s a little bit of angst with tons of sugar All the major issues are almost instantly resolved or not even explored like how a city girl suddenly wants to live out in the country on the other side of the world She just does, that s it Technically well written though, if it had actually looked at all these issues in depth it might be a 5 star book But in it s current form it s a light read worth checking out if you re [...]

    13. Fantastic Claire takes matters into her own hands and set off to a vineyard This place changes her life forever and fantasies come true This story has captured my heart immediately I had to make myself stop reading in order to get my work done This book has everything I love in a romance plus it contains very hot smoking scenes and a black rectangular leather item This is my first read from this author and she has not disappointed me I can heartily recommend it to anyone.

    14. 3.5 starsI thought this was an okay read It wasn t great but it wasn t bad, either Structurally, it s well written so you won t see typos, etc, and it s a fairly fast read.The dynamic between Claire and Zoe is believable and, if you re into kink, all the better I liked how protective and responsible Claire was of Zoe and Zoe was a sweet character I think for me what held it back is that Claire and Zoe in some ways seemed to be written in a short hand, clipped manner Some plot points had the same [...]

    15. I loved the first half of this book The second half was OK From the opening pages, I dreaded the inevitable plot device used in so very many les fic stories view spoiler the old ex pays a visit Cue misunderstandings, revelations then proclamations of love All easily avoided with a conversation earlier in the relationship as I believe this was 5 months in hide spoiler It was a cool and a little jarring to read about places I know and have visited The kiwi isms became a little much for me I kept p [...]

    16. I received an ARC of this story from the author for an honest review I really enjoyed this story In my opinion it had just the right amount of drama, romance, sex and humor I am sure I will be reading this story again and again.

    17. I found this book to be a hidden gem Most of the time when I read BDSM oriented stories, they tend to fall into the category of explicit erotica Believe me when I say that this is not a problem for me I enjoy a well written sex romp, and add some good kink in there and I m a very happy reader So I was ready for Finding Love Down Under to have some hot scenes and some kinky twists And what I got instead was a sweet romance with a bit of extra spice The intimation is there that both Claire and Zoe [...]

    18. Reeling from a volatile break up Claire has no idea what she s in for when she spies the beautiful brunette alone at the local McDs Zoe, also recently scorned, can t believe her luck in the form of a kind stranger and scores a house nanny job in exchange for room board Tucked away among the serene country side, Zoe and Claire s friendship blossoms slowly These two have both had their trust irrevocably betrayed and fate has chosen them to cross paths to learn life does go on The writing of this s [...]

    19. I haven t done one of these in a while, but when told me there was a new ff romance by a bdsm group author, I buy it fast as I can So, poison, how was it Let s start with the characters, as they are usually the make or break for me Claire was realistic, and pretty well realised, but me being me, she could have been assertive and i think both Zoe and I would both have been happy.Zoe was lovely Down on her luck, she is rescued by Claire, and she reminded me of me a bit, I mostly got her, which is [...]

    20. Yet again, Miss Jay has written a winner I adore this authors books They really are such a breathe of fresh air, so honest and real It s been a long, long time since I ve read a f f romance where both characters are likable, and Claire and Zoes most certainly are Both women have their own issues to deal with, and they do as a truly beautiful relationship develops The setting of this book, which is so cleverly entwined throughout, is like another character I live in New Zeland, and I didn t know [...]

    21. Firstly can I just say that this book is set in New Zealand which is one of my favorite places in the world I visited NZ for a friends wedding few years back and it opened my eyes to what amazing people the New Zealanders and Maori people are Can t wait to get back there this year.Okay so back to the story that shocked me I had never heard of Donna Jay and so when I saw some 4 and 5 star reviews for this book by some bloggers that I truly respect I figure why not give it a go I am so glad I did [...]

    22. A sweet and sexy erotic romance, Finding Love Down Under is a story that soars on the strength of its characters and the sincerity of their relationship Claire and Zoe are such a wonderful couple real women with pasts and personalities They both come into the story with some serious trust issues from their last relationships, and that pain is dealt with honestly and openly As much as we want them to open their eyes, see what s before them, and dive headlong into love, Donna Jay knows that would [...]

    23. When you told me about your book involving the culture of New Zealand, I jumped at the chance to read it, for it was exactly what I was looking for I was not disappointed in the slightest Quite honestly, I think this was the first time I ve delved in a book involving BDSM and took in word for word of the sex scenes You could say this book was quite a learning experience, haha I envisioned many of the scenes involved which often made me have to stop and take a moment to fan myself PLEASE DONT LOO [...]

    24. I loved this book The author did a great job of setting the scene and characters I felt like I could know them in real life I m pretty sure this was my first FF lesbian only not bi book There were a few jumps that took a little bit of a leap of faith to just go with the author and story However, if you just sit back and enjoy it, there is a lot of good D s, and service submission in this book Truly enjoyed it and couldn t wait for the HEA Note This book was provided free by the Author through th [...]

    25. I really enjoyed this story and for varying reasonsbut mostly it felt as if these could have been real young women, living in a beautiful part of the world, green, verdant, New Zealand, so title works on two levels This tells the story how two damaged young women, Claire from NZ, and Canadian backpacker Zoe, who have both escaped bad lesbian relationships Donna, our writer, treats us to an easygoing story of the fortuitous meeting between the girls, a life on the land lifestyle, where they gradu [...]

    26. Sexy and sweet The cover might be a bit misleading since it s not only erotica that this book contains I was surprised to find it was really romance with some angst and a whole heap of sexy times thrown in Overall it was a good book for me to pass a few hours on a train with I don t think I will read the sequel A Special Gift though, I might be tempted to read the authors other books as well.This gets a solid 3.75

    27. I was going to pass on this because of the cover, which I hate, and makes it looks like it s aimed at a very different market than me But then I read some reviews here on and gave it a go.I loved the NZ setting, which I know, and that s always a bonus in books I love seeing settings I know in real life come up in fiction I did a bit of speed reading over the bdsm scenes, but that s my preference The romance part was nicely done, and satisfying, and overall I enjoyed this.

    28. Boy oh boy Donna s Talent is growing with every word she writea, and this story is just the icing on the cake, so far.If F f dominance and spanking aren t your thing, then this the wrong book for you The story is not dependent on the BDSM aspect, and it is minimal, and in good taste, but our main characters are lesbians, as is clear by the very sexy cover.The story of the girls journey to their HEA is written beautifully, words chosen well buy the author.The story line is that of two jilted wom [...]

    29. 4 solid stars.It is my very first F F story and it probably won t be the last I always liked M M books and thought I should give female characters a try And I wasn t dissapointed at all Both Claire and Zoe had a fair share of heart ache in their lives and I understand the apprehension on both sides to engage in a new relationship Trust is something extremely valuable and it can only be earned if alle cards are on the table Being open to a new person is never easy but I was relieved to learn both [...]

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