The Dragonlings’ Very Special Valentine

The Dragonlings’ Very Special Valentine By S.E. Smith, The Dragonlings Very Special Valentine A batch of heart shaped cookies stirs the imagination of the dragonlings and their friends when Carmen shares a magical tale of love It will take a very special Valentine a few mischievous dragonling
  • Title: The Dragonlings’ Very Special Valentine
  • Author: S.E. Smith
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Dragonlings’ Very Special Valentine By S.E. Smith, A batch of heart shaped cookies stirs the imagination of the dragonlings and their friends when Carmen shares a magical tale of love It will take a very special Valentine, a few mischievous dragonlings, their best friends, some clueless warriors, and two enchanting Goddesses to help a lonely woman find the dragon who loves her Love is in the air and not even the mighty wA batch of heart shaped cookies stirs the imagination of the dragonlings and their friends when Carmen shares a magical tale of love It will take a very special Valentine, a few mischievous dragonlings, their best friends, some clueless warriors, and two enchanting Goddesses to help a lonely woman find the dragon who loves her Love is in the air and not even the mighty warriors of the Valdier, Curizan, and Sarafin are immune to the power of celebrating their feelings for the women who have changed their lives Hearts, glue, and glitter abound when the warriors help the dragonlings on their quest to assist Cupid in this delightful tale of love, hope, and happiness.
    The Dragonlings’ Very Special Valentine By S.E. Smith,
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      S.E Smith is a New York Times Twin Dragons and Dagger s Hope and 14 time USA TODAY Bestselling author of Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance She brings action, adventure, and suspense filled romance stories to transport readers out of this world Sexy, funny, action packed Science fiction, Paranormal, Fantasy, and Contemporary stories with a twist Discover stories with a heart at sesmithfl.

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    1. DELICIOUS CUTE, OUTRAGEOUSLY FUNNY AND DELIGHTFULLY ENTERTAINING Title The Dragonlings Very Special ValentineSeries Dragonlings of ValdierDesignation Book 4, Novella, No Cliffhanger, Can Be Read As StandaloneDragonlings of Valdier is a subseries of Dragon Lords of ValdierGenre sciencefiction fantasy romance Reading Platform Kindle EditionMy Rating Five Devilishly Cute Stars Oh my The dragonlings and friends are back with delightful shenanigans, and I can t seem to get enough Smith has dazzled h [...]

    2. Over the course of the series we have learned that the Dragonlings, Rome, and Alice refuse to just sit back and allow the adults take over the stories The children already want to help and make everything good for everybody So when Carmen decides to tell a story about Valentine s Day the children feel that it is their duty to help save a Valdier Warrior because everybody should have a whole heart.This story is Phoenix s coming out party Phoenix is the one that decides to go to Earth and help the [...]

    3. The Dragonlings Very Special ValentineThe dragonlings get into mischief again, but all for a very good reason They want to help two lonely people , find each other I could not stop laughing at the antics of the children as they go about what they are doing Another Holiday time the parents will not get over for awhile I wonder what will set these children off on their next adventure

    4. Such a sweet storyThe dragonlings and their friends are at it again and they are just the cutest and sweetest kids ever But I sure am glad I m not their parents Sheesh They re all over the place, literally I m glad someone else from the earlier books was able to find his true mate And that a lonely woman found someone who would love her regardless of any obstacles Just simply a very sweet story.

    5. The Dragonling s Very Special ValentineSmith draws you into a world of dragons ,love and family This is one of the best storytellers of this century If you haven t already tried some of her books then you re missing out on some really great reading Lots of love and tears with a bunch of laughter thrown in

    6. Another fantastic book Ms Smith Ive enjoyded all her books and have all her books in series in either print or kindle, this is a beautiful book to read just wished it was alittle longer as it was that good Looking forward to the next book release in this series and any other that is in the process of being written.

    7. Amazing I truly believe I enjoy this series than any other I read And I read nonstop There is no sex no murder no horror Just good old fashioned family and their love of each other The children are absolutely amazing and I hope this story goes all the way until their adults Wonderful I would give it a 10 if I could

    8. True HEAI Just love this series Looking forward to reading the next book in this storyline The children understanding is growing fast The different situations the kids get into with helping those who they care for besides the integrity of their parents who are always there for those who need them.

    9. Cannot wait for wait next I love this series and you will too I love following what happens to the characters in all the other books and thee new stories surrounding their friends and children Five stars

    10. Wonderful bookAll S E Smith s books are a great read The Dragonlings are just plain fun The fathers are in as much trouble as the kids are Love reading them A nice relaxing and fun read.

    11. Another wonderful adventure with the Dragonlings and their friends This time it is Valentine s Day shenanigans with the children and their fathers Had me laughing and had some tears I just love these books.

    12. Another great addition I love reading these books I love the world of the Valdier, Curizan and Sarafin and these books are a great way to keep the stories of all of these characters going I am always anxiously waiting for the next book in this series Keep them coming

    13. This was such a cute read The dragonlings were charming rascals and their antics had me smiling all the way through the story Since I started backwards with this series, I m going to have go back to see how all the parents met

    14. Lovely, romantic storyI love to read about the children discovering Earth s holidays There is so much fun, excitement and humour I highly recommend this story and all the Valdier and friends series Love, love, love these stories Thanks Susan and keep on writing

    15. Loved it except for Jarak s scenes His grumpiness lowers my mood but thankfully the love of a good women makes him better.

    16. The Dragonlings Strike Agai.nAnother delightful story about the baby dragons of Valdier They mean well but manage to cause havoc as usual Guaranteed to make you smile.

    17. Love Those DragonlingsThose kids are a riot The holidays are never the same when They get involved If they get into all this trouble when they re small, imagine when they become teenagers The galaxy is shaking in their boots They are sweet and funny and the adventures they go on is hysterical Out of all the dragonlings, the one that pulls at my heartstrings is Phoenix There s to her that meets the eye I hope she gets a happy story.

    18. So cute I love those little dragonlings and friends I laughed throughout the whole book and shed a few tears Love reading all about their litre adventures.

    19. I love the dragonlings but keeping all the characters in order makes it confusing But I love the adventures they have Happy Valentines day.

    20. Love the dragonletsThis is a sweet happy story The dragon babies do it again, find love for a grumpy dragon and a lonely lady Brought tears to my eyes.

    21. Beautiful story Susan has written a wonderful story with great characters The children are growing up and getting into scrapes and causing their parents to keep on their toes Bravo Susan

    22. I did not read the first 4 but i will now that I read this one Carmen teaches about Valentine s and reads a story to her children and their friends children The story is about a lonely lady in a yellow house with white shutters who has to fall in love with Dragon with no heart The Dragonlings go to the home of the lonely lady to help her not be scared of the Dragon Cute story with fun, magic, a pair of Goddesses and romance Really enjoyed it

    23. JoyYour story s always make me laugh, cry,and always look forward to thee next book.Please keep writing I have read all your story s and loved them all Thank You Leanna

    24. I love this series Can t wait for .This series is a real joy to read Try it you won t be disappointed I think I ve read everyone of this series, so far In a related series, Warriors, Ruler s and other s from worlds far from here have found mates from Earth Children are born and become wonderful characters in this series On special earth holidays the wives in turn tell a story of the holiday Of course the children and often the husband s get a different interpretation of everything the mothers in [...]

    25. Hilarious Those kids are simply getting hilarious This was such a sweet short I can t wait for the story of the goddess, it was hinted that she is off somewhere in her own adventure Hope that the next book comes out soon.

    26. Love these side stories Love these little holiday side stories that tell about how the families are integrating together with their different cultures They are both funny and sad at the same time Wonderful books, wonderful series

    27. Another Earth Holiday for the Kids and Father s To Find AdventureLove this series Full of fun and adventure Great look into how kids and their Alien fathers get into Earth holidays Laughs and adventures abound.

    28. AwesomeStory time turns into a real life mission when two goddesses listen in on a Valentine s story Carmen is telling the little ones Only the goddesses know there truly is a lonely woman back on Earth who needs a big strong dragon shifter warrior to complete her life And a grumpy dragon shifter who believes he will never have a mate The dragonlets and friends are off to fix two lonely hearts, with glitter and love.

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