Secrets We Keep

Secrets We Keep By Faith Hogan, Secrets We Keep Two distant relatives drawn together in companionship are forced to confront their pasts and learn that some people are good at keeping secrets and some secrets are never meant to be kept The beautif
  • Title: Secrets We Keep
  • Author: Faith Hogan
  • ISBN: 9781784977184
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Paperback
  • Secrets We Keep By Faith Hogan, Two distant relatives, drawn together in companionship are forced to confront their pasts and learn that some people are good at keeping secrets and some secrets are never meant to be kept The beautiful old Bath House in Ballytokeep has lain empty and abandoned for decades For devoted pensioners Archie and Iris, it holds too many conflicting memories of their adolescentTwo distant relatives, drawn together in companionship are forced to confront their pasts and learn that some people are good at keeping secrets and some secrets are never meant to be kept The beautiful old Bath House in Ballytokeep has lain empty and abandoned for decades For devoted pensioners Archie and Iris, it holds too many conflicting memories of their adolescent dalliances and tragic consequences sometimes it s better to leave the past where it belongs For highflying, top London divorce lawyer Kate Hunt, it s a fresh start maybe even her future On a winter visit to see her estranged Aunt Iris she falls in love with the Bath House Inspired, she moves to Ballytokeep leaving her past heartache 600 miles away but can you ever escape your past or your destiny
    Secrets We Keep By Faith Hogan,
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    1. Faith Hogan

      Already an international top ten best seller, Faith Hogan is an original voice in women s fiction Her stories are warm and rooted in a contemporary Irish landscape which has lost none of its wit, charm or emotion thanks to its modern vibe Faith was born in Ireland She gained an Honours Degree in English Literature and Psychology from Dublin City University and a Postgraduate Degree from University College, Galway She was a winner in the 2014 Irish Writers Centre Novel Fair an international competition for emerging writers.Her debut novel My Husbands Wives is a contemporary women s fiction novel set in Dublin, published by Aria Fiction in 2016 Her second novel, Secrets We Keep, is published in February 2017 it has been included on the Netgalley Hot List 2017 Her third novel The Girl I Used To Know is out in December 2017.She is currently working on her next novel She lives in the west of Ireland with her husband, four children and a very fussy cat She s a writer, reader, enthusiastic dog walker and reluctant jogger except of course when it is raining You can find out about Faith on her website faithhoganFacebook FaithHogan gerhogan

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    1. All of my reviews can be found on novelgossipThis was an utterly gorgeous story about two women that need to face their demons and move on from past mistakes Speaking of gorgeous, that cover is stunning Kate is a successful lawyer from London who decides to visit her aunt and uncle in the quaint and charming town of Ballytokeep Iris is the aunt and she s been married for over fifty years and runs a hotel with her husband Both women had some painful moments in their past that they re trying to re [...]

    2. Kate has distant relatives in Ballytokeep She s tired of her prestigious job in London and needs a break She stays with Iris and Archie Iris is her grandmother s sister and Archie is her husband They re the only family Kate has left They make her feel welcome and being near the beach does Kate a world of good She finally has the chance to think about her life She d like to start over, to finally heal after having a broken heart for ten years However, can she really let go of the past or does it [...]

    3. Secrets We Keep is a novel that completely surprised me.Described as a a bittersweet story of love, loss and life , for me it was even than that Maybe it s because I m Irish Maybe it s the familiarity of many of the landmarks visited in the book Maybe, just maybe, it brought back some hidden memories of my own Whatever the reasons, Secrets We Keep is a book I got completely immersed in as I travelled between the 1950s and the present day.Iris, a young lady with the world at her feet, makes a li [...]

    4. Secrets We keep by faith Hogan is a women s fiction and general fiction adult read Two distant relatives, drawn together in companionship are forced to confront their pasts and learn that some people are good at keeping secrets and some secrets are never meant to be kept A bittersweet story of love, loss and life Perfect for the fans of Freya North and Amanda Prowse.The beautiful old Bath House in Ballytokeep has lain empty and abandoned for decades For devoted pensioners Archie and Iris, it hol [...]

    5. 3.5 stars A nice little story about two relatives who find their way to each other We learn about the secrets that Iris and Archie has kept and how she comes to terms with them And we see young Kate finding peace, love and especially herself in the quiet village of Ballytokeep An upcoming author to keep an eye on Thank you to the publisher and Net Galley in exchange of an honest review.

    6. Kate is disillusioned by her life as a successful divorce lawyer in London so when she meets her Great Aunt, Iris for the first time at her Grandmother s funeral she is quick to take her up on the offer of a visit to Ballytokeep in Ireland Iris runs as hotel with her husband Archie and whilst Kate is staying with them she falls in love with the abandoned Bath House that Iris and Archie closed the doors on for the last time decades ago Kate decides that it is time for a huge change as she s lived [...]

    7. As soon as I saw the beautiful cover of this book, I knew it was one I had to read and thank goodness I did as I have now discovered a fabulous new writer And Faith Hogan is definitely a name for everyone to look out for in the future as I have a feeling she is just going to increase in popularity Here she used historical flashbacks to a huge success as she tells the tale of Kate who, very bravely, returns to her family in Ireland and changes her lifestyle for a peaceful existence But the past [...]

    8. Kate Hunt, a successful London lawyer, takes a much needed break from the rat race She escapes in late December by visiting her great aunt Iris who owns a guest house in the charming village of Ballytokeep Even the name is charming The peace, the fresh air, and the delightful company of her Aunt Iris and Uncle Archie are just the tonic Kate needs.On one of her winter beach rambles she comes across a beautiful old bath house, which she discovers is owned by her Aunt and Uncle They abandoned it ye [...]

    9. The cover of this book is simply stunning and when Faith asked if I would like to participate in the blog tour I must confess it was the vibrant colours that swayed me A tale of discovery set in the past and present it slips naturally from one segment of the family to another Kate is the modern day woman, she has her lucrative life in London but feels lonely even when surrounded by people She is nursing a broken heart and when acquainted with her great aunt decides to take a break from the humdr [...]

    10. Kate has escaped to Ireland, tired of living the busy life of a London lawyer, and unsure what her future holds Her great aunts small hotel, in a sleepy coastal village, is the complete opposite of her city life and she can finally breathe She finds friends and opportunity in the unlikely location and tries to ignore the newspaper headlines, which bring back unwanted memories Meanwhile, great aunt Iris has her own reasons for trying to forget the past Family connections link the stories of the p [...]

    11. The story begins with the prologue set in Dublin in 1988 Kate, as a young child, is listening to her parents arguing This sets the scene for Kate s future family life.We then go back to 1950 s Ireland and meet Iris Iris and older sister Pamela live with their mother, helping to run the family guesthouse Iris and Pamela may be sisters, but they are very both very different people and compared to Pamela, Iris has a impulsive and reckless nature this certainly ensures that her life is eventful, to [...]

    12. Book provided by the publisher on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This story follows Kate, a lawyer living in London Life takes her to Ballytokeep, to her great aunt Iris and her husband Archie It it s the start of something new, Kate finally hast he chance to change her life.She finds new frieds, gets to know part of her family and the new surroundings finally let her breath Both Iris and Kate are confronted by their past, by secrets and family memories The story is set in the past a [...]

    13. The cover caught my eye straight away, I adored the freshness of it.The story had me hooked from the very beginning, it had likeable characters and was such an easy read full of secrets and intrigue Secrets We Keep is really well written and I really love the way Faith is such an accurate writer, with a keen eye for detail This is a great book to curl up by the fireside with.Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for the arc xx

    14. Secrets We Keep is the second novel from Faith Hogan and although I hadn t read her first I know now I will have to rectify that This book was wonderfully written evoking such a feeling of time and place that you couldn t but fail to be caught up in the lives of Kate and Iris as they battle with a myriad of emotions and situations placed upon them for various reasons.The brief prologue shows us Kate as a young girl in Dublin It is 1988 and her parents are at a crossroads in their marriage Both h [...]

    15. Delightful romance novel to while away a winter s day Although I am usually not a fan of romance novels I really enjoyed this one and it kept me entertained whilst recovering from a nasty bout of flu The storyline is fairly simple, following the lives of two Irish sisters growing up in the 50 s and the present day life of the granddaughter of one of the sisters I loved the uncomplicated story and the beautiful descriptions of life in Ireland and Paris in the 50 s with all the glamour and excitem [...]

    16. Sometimes it is better to keep the past in the past The old adage of digging up history and not finding it palatable is somewhat true For Iris and Archie resurrecting the past, now that they are quite old is difficult and not easy, for their grand niece Kate it is a revelation of her own family history of which she has scant knowledge Her return to Bath is a pilgrimage of sorts She wants to lay to rest her own turbulent life being a top class divorce lawyer has its minus points and she wants to [...]

    17. This is an easy read, a beach read, women s lit with some romance At first I wasn t sure if I was going to like this book as I wasn t a fan of Kate s ex, Todd I didn t want to see Kate bother with him after the hurt he caused her The story did grow on me as I continued to read on I did love the backdrop in the little tourist village and the story with Kate s relatives gave it a different feel Jumping into the past and back to the present to learn about Kate s family Iris, Archie and Robert Learn [...]

    18. If you haven t come across Faith Hogan yet then boy, are you missing a treat I read her debut, My Husband s Wives, and was completely blown away by the effortless warmth of her writing that I knew from just one book that I had become a Faith Hogan fan Faith is definitely an author to get excited about so I was eager to read her second book, Secrets We Keep Kate has a heart breaking story in her past which has seen her throw herself into her work and become one of the top divorce lawyers in Londo [...]

    19. In Faith Hogan s poignant novel The Secrets We Keep, two distant relatives are drawn together by circumstance and are forced to face their pasts and the secrets they have kept.Kate Hart is a very successful, although dissatisfied, London divorce lawyer Following the funeral of her Grandmother, she meets her Great Aunt Iris Iris extends an invitation for Kate to visit the family home in Ballytokeep, Ireland Immediately Kate is drawn to Ballytokeep feeling that this is where she belongs and decide [...]

    20. I absolutely loved Secrets We Keep and found myself very emotionally involved with the characters Secrets We Keep tells the stories of Iris and Kate and the secrets Iris has long held within her heart Kate is Iris s great niece although they did not meet until Kate s grandmother s funeral, Iris s sister The two sides of the family had had little to do with each other over the years in order to protect this secret Kate is a high flying divorce lawyer in London but, increasingly dissatisfied with [...]

    21. I was attracted to this one by the name of the author, and wasn t disappointed Another well written, absorbing and highly enjoyable book.At the beginning, there are several different threads which appear entirely random but by the end of this novel all the connections have been made and there are no questions left unanswered The characterisation is excellent, lots of good points, quirks, foibles and a bit of humour tucked in there too.A really satisfying read and one which I have no hesitation i [...]

    22. All reviews can be found on my blog at thewritinggarnet.wordpressAt first I did wonder whether the novel was going to go down the old life new start route, with the character rejigging their life and having a happy ending Predictable, so I am sure you can sense my relief when it became clear that the main characters life wasn t that straight forward the slightest Kate Hunt had done a bit of to ing and fro ing over the years, but little did she know that she was going to clock up even miles on h [...]

    23. Kate is a very successful divorce lawyer living in London who has become disenchanted with her life for various reasons Meeting her Great Aunt Iris at a family funeral gives Kate the perfect opportunity to get away from her lonely life in London and take stock in the quiet village of Ballytokeep in Ireland.Staying with Iris and Archie in their guest house Kate falls in love with the nearby abandoned Bath House and decides that Ballytokeep is somewhere she could relocate to and start a new relax [...]

    24. When I was asked to be part of the blog tour for Faith s new book, I was so excited having loved her first book with Aria Fiction, this book is just as brilliant as the first one I read Before I get into my review, I just want to draw attention to the front cover of the book, it is so beautifully done With the colours and design it is one of the most stunning covers I have even seen Ok, so now on to my review From the start of the book, I felt for Kate her life seems to be falling apart so when [...]

    25. I m always a pushover for stories with a dual time frame, but this one was something really different We meet Iris as a young girl, caught up in the excitement of first love and youthful mistakes then get to know her further as the devoted wife of a partner slowly succumbing to memory issues, with a depth of care and love enveloping the whole story that makes you ache for them both And the story slowly unfolds about what came to pass in the time between and its really quite a story of passion, i [...]

    26. If you re looking for a heart warming, evocative, uplifting read, then look no further This charmingly told story captivated me from its opening pages I was rooting for Kate the main character to be able to finally find herself, rediscover trust, open herself to love and see that a bright new future was waiting for her And this book delivered all those things, and , in spades Set in an idyllic coastal location, we encounter Kate s endearing distant relatives, Iris and Archie, and the dark secret [...]

    27. Kate is a divorce lawyer in London but she is dissatisfied with her life and so when she meets her Great Aunt Iris at her Grandmother s funeral and Iris invites her to stay with her in Ireland she jumps at the chanceWhen she arrives at Ballytokeep she falls in love with the place and the way of life there, Iris and her husband Archie are a great couple and still in love after all those years they do however have a secret that has been kept for a long timeKate decides that it is time to leave her [...]

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