The Worst Werewolf

The Worst Werewolf By Jacqueline Rohrbach, The Worst Werewolf The werewolf said Race you to the road It was the last thing Tovin heard before his life became uncomfortably complex Before that night in the forest Tovin was the type of guy to play it safe Happy
  • Title: The Worst Werewolf
  • Author: Jacqueline Rohrbach
  • ISBN: 9781945952661
  • Page: 479
  • Format: ebook
  • The Worst Werewolf By Jacqueline Rohrbach, The werewolf said, Race you to the road It was the last thing Tovin heard before his life became uncomfortably complex.Before that night in the forest, Tovin was the type of guy to play it safe Happy wearing the same shoes, buying the same deodorant, and eating the same meals day after day, he thought his simple existence was pretty great At least until his boyfriendThe werewolf said, Race you to the road It was the last thing Tovin heard before his life became uncomfortably complex.Before that night in the forest, Tovin was the type of guy to play it safe Happy wearing the same shoes, buying the same deodorant, and eating the same meals day after day, he thought his simple existence was pretty great At least until his boyfriend dumps him for being boring Heartbroken but on a mission of vengeance, Tovin decides to start a new life filled with excitement, danger, and maybe a meal from a questionable food truck.A date with Garvey would start it all Handsome, sophisticated, the man is everything Tovin thinks he needs It s a pity he turns out to be a werewolf on a mission to save his pack from destruction.Now Tovin is caught up in Garvey s world.Abducted and forced to be the bloodservant of a powerful Alpha, he lands right in the middle of a brewing conflict that threatens to destroy humanity.
    The Worst Werewolf By Jacqueline Rohrbach,
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      479 Jacqueline Rohrbach
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      Jacqueline Rohrbach Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Worst Werewolf book, this is one of the most wanted Jacqueline Rohrbach author readers around the world.

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    1. 4.5 StarsThere are plenty of status updates on here to get a feel for the writing, but my full review is on the blog ontopdownunderbookreviews This book is not a fluffy MM shifter read, it s quite psychological, it s funny in parts, if you like dry and noir humour, but mostly it is primal and raw and jaded This world is not nice The characters are mostly unsympathetic and hard to like, yet I m hooked Garvey is an infuriating arsehole, funny sometimes, annoying often Tovin is a work in progress, [...]

    2. If you re looking for a conventional shifter romance, this one s definitely not for you In fact, this is not a conventional sort of romance at all What it is, though, is a unique and imaginative piece of speculative fiction.Reading this book was like watching a gritty, engrossing TV thriller series The scenes are fast paced, visually striking, and very cinematic At time you want to look away, but you can t, because you just have to know what happens to these characters My favorite character was [...]

    3. I love Tovin and Garvey THE BEST, but this book is full of interesting, downright funny characters Rohrbach has created a complex world of werewolf hierarchy with a dash of vampires Quick, entertaining read that promises quite a bit to come

    4. 3.5 StarsThe voice in this piece was fantastic, specifically Garvey s, a desperate half breed werewolf He s a self proclaimed monster who desires nothing in life than to fall in lust with, chase, and eat his prey It s a sort of simple existence I think most humans can relate to on a primal level Most animals enjoy eating, and Garvey seems to relish in the hunt Some may call it sadism, but I ve seen cats play with birds before they eat them I will admit the outlook looks rather bleak when you re [...]

    5. I have to honestly say that this book left me saying what the hell when I was done reading it Well that is not exactly true, it was not just the end of the book, it was pretty much the whole book.There had to be some storyline that I am just missing somewhere I though that the story would turn out to be about Tovin and Garvey and then I thought it may be about Tovin and Lavrio but if I am being honest I DO NOT HAVE A CLUE WHO or WHAT THIS BOOK IS ABOUT This was an extremely confusing read from t [...]

    6. A Joyfully Jay review 3.25 starsThe Worst Werewolf turned out to be a book with too many main characters and too many plots to follow I felt bogged down by it all.I liked the prologue It was from Garvey s POV, and it was wickedly funny So funny, I woke my husband up so I could read it to him However, throughout the rest of the book, the humor felt forced I didn t laugh much at all There were a few moments of levity, but they were lost in everything that was going on.Let s talk about the characte [...]

    7. 2.25 starAt 25%, I had to start over because I was completely lost I think I have a handle on it now but wouldn t bet on it.Garvey kidnapped Tovin to be Lavario s companion Lavario can t accept Tovin because Garvey roughed him Tovin up, at the instruction of Mazgan Tovin is kinda accepted by Eresna and recovers there while there is plotting aplenty to displace Lavario Mazgan and aided by Kijo, who happens to be Lavario s daughter Toss in Yuri, Nadine, Amber, Molly, a ghost, portals, and mysterio [...]

    8. The whole werewolf shifter romance is a genre I haven t explored, so this was a whole new experience for me And it was kind of brilliant.Full of snarky humour and some wonderful one liners, with an intriguing plot to boot, it was a really enjoyable read I will say that I found some of the characters a little irritating, and having become quite invested in Tovin, I was a little confused when he didn t exactly get up to much in the second half of the book However, I imagine becoming a werewolf s p [...]

    9. 2017 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention The Worst Werewolf The Immutable Moon 1 1 I adored this book from the opening page and I didn t want to put it down at all I particularly enjoyed the writing style and the way the author introduced the reader to the world in her imagination A thoroughly enjoyable read and I wanted to read on into book two immediately.

    10. If you like typical stunning shifter romances this is not that kind of a story These werewolves are killing, blood draining beasts, like living vampires than mystic noble beasts Different hierarchies, different loves and lives.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

    11. justlovereviews 2017 02 12.5 5 starsThere are two things you should know before you read this book 1 this is not a romance, not in any way, shape or form, and 2 the blurb is extremely misleading.Now, I can accept the first point because I happen to love UF Urban Fantasy books To me, UF and werewolves always seem to be a natural fit than Romance and werewolves, because I like my shifters to have a real sense of danger The less trustworthy they are around the humans, the I like them The second p [...]

    12. Originally Reviewed for Love Bytes Reviews Rated 2.5 out of 5.0 Love Bytes When I saw Dani s post with the Blog Tour on this book, I was intrigued by the blurb and the sample chapter I couldn t wait to read Tovin and Garvey s story.But, unfortunately, that didn t happen Tovin and Garvey are kind of an afterthought, in my opinion, in this book They appear from time to time, but not as major players I m not even sure who the major players were supposed to be There were so many characters and story [...]

    13. To be honest, I don t even know where to begin with this review I have read the book and am at a loss for words and apart from werewolves with indiscriminate killing tendencies, I m not sure what the story was meant to be about I can t even say that there were one or two main characters because the entire cast played pretty much an equal part in the reduction of humankind As for the blurb well, it s pretty misleading I thought there was going to be some romance and maybe a happy ending for Tovin [...]

    14. I m going to call this a calamity of faults and I don t know where the blame lies but I will go ahead and put the majority on me Maybe I needed to double check that this was a romance before I decided to read it Maybe I shouldn t have let the blurb make me believe that there would be a romance between Garvey and Tovin with some other dark shiftery stuff tossed in MAYBE I let my hopeless romantic heart read too much into the wonderful and emotional prologue that ended with romantic angst and gave [...]

    15. I thought I was done with vampires and werewolves Then I met THE WORST WEREWOLF I ve given it a star for each dozen or so times I laughed out loud Or one for each time my heart was wrenched Or maybe one for each time I wanted to punch Garvey in the face.The werewolves in this book wear T shirts which say, Blame Bigfoot as an inside joke That go to LARPing festivals in their human form wearing werewolf ears made of plastic and sadness for kicks and giggles.These are werewolves I can get on board [...]

    16. Considering I don t think of myself as much of an Urban Fantasy reader, I sure keep finding myself reading it Interesting world building here, with three werewolf clans and their political maneuvering The heroes aren t always particularly likable, but that s not a fault, just a reflection of who they are as characters, either scheming or cocky or both werewolf or abducted human dealing with their situation Not a bad start to a series at all.

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