Her Dragon Everlasting: 50 Loving States, Arizona

Her Dragon Everlasting: 50 Loving States, Arizona By Theodora Taylor, Her Dragon Everlasting Loving States Arizona The end of Theodora Taylor s wildly popular Viking Wolf series begins with a story that will haunt you long after it s done My Viking grandfather was a time traveling werewolf My Viking father was a t
  • Title: Her Dragon Everlasting: 50 Loving States, Arizona
  • Author: Theodora Taylor
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Her Dragon Everlasting: 50 Loving States, Arizona By Theodora Taylor, The end of Theodora Taylor s wildly popular Viking Wolf series begins with a story that will haunt you long after it s done My Viking grandfather was a time traveling werewolf My Viking father was a time traveling werewolf And guess what I, Fensa Greenwolf, am now officially a time traveling werewolf Insert all the curse words ever here Given my family s history, I sThe end of Theodora Taylor s wildly popular Viking Wolf series begins with a story that will haunt you long after it s done My Viking grandfather was a time traveling werewolf My Viking father was a time traveling werewolf And guess what I, Fensa Greenwolf, am now officially a time traveling werewolf Insert all the curse words ever here Given my family s history, I suppose I shouldn t be too surprised to wake up on top of a snow covered mountain, in an unknown place and time But I am Especially when, less than an hour later, I m offered up as some kind of bizarre gift virgin sacrifice to Well, I don t know who he isor what But he lives in a glacier castle with lots of shiny treasure Has a long, retractable, forked tongue And most importantly, for the purposes of this insanely epic story He, and only he, will claim me as his FATED MATE Now one thing s for sure If you thought the stories about my grandfather and father were sexy and bigger than life, you had better brace yourself for this giant dragon of a tale This year, Theodora Taylor s wildly popular Viking Wolf saga comes to an explosive end And it all starts with HER DRAGON EVERLASTING
    Her Dragon Everlasting: 50 Loving States, Arizona By Theodora Taylor,
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    1. IT S LIVE HER EVERLASTING DRAGON 50 LOVING STATES, ARIZONA IS LIVE THIS ARC WAS GIVEN BY AUTHOR FOR A HONEST REVIEWEPIC and CREATIVELY WRITTEN STORY TO END THEODORA TAYLOR S TIME TRAVELING WOLVES BECAUSE NOW WE HAVE A SEXY AS ALL GET OUT DRAGON TO END THIS DARING TALE Sassy and feisty 6 ft tall Fensa Greenwolf is a time traveling wolf shifter who s clueless as to where she is but she knows this much she s not in Kansas, no Arizona any and she s bleeding badly from a head injury in extremely snow [...]

    2. My everlasting confusionI won t even attempt to try to summarize this story because there was A LOT of info dumping And if you re not somewhat familiar with scientific anthropology genetic terms, you will stagger through wondering if you re reading a medical journal or a cross species love story As other reviewers pointed out, I had to go back to Her Viking Wolves because I felt I was missing very important and key details In a way I felt Her Dragon Everlasting had retconned what happened in Her [...]

    3. APB Perspective Review Theodora Taylor shifter books always make me smile , they always makes have to tell my friends to read them because they are soooo good Her Dragon Everlasting is the same , I was wondering how she would make sense of the mating off the two types , but leave to her it was done , I enjoyed the reading of it,and it made sense to me I love the message in this book, how can you truly love someone, if you can t totally accept who they are Fensa and Xenon really grew into the lov [...]

    4. Loved it Lots of fun and very original I don t like butt sex or heavy sci fi elements usually, this book had both and I still LOVED it Xenon, Fensa and Eos were great Can t wait to read Ola s story 5 adorable stars

    5. So if you ve read any of my previous reviews of this series I ve been quite critical Eek However, I love Theodora Taylor s work and this, this was a good book A really good book I tossed and turned over giving it 4 or 5 stars so I ll settle on 4.5 stars lol Theodora Taylor took a gamble at the audience connecting with this dragon and all of his unusual ways and attributes some of them made even me blush could I be seeing double lol but the gamble paid off Not only was the book refreshing it also [...]

    6. This is an epic love story I ve loved every book in this Wolf series but this is by far my favourite.I didn t what to expect when I heard that two shifters of different of species would get together What seals the deal is the dragon He is full of complexities.This story has a bit of everything and extremely well written Settle in for a wild and crazy ride.

    7. InterestingI love the Viking Wolf series favorite books by Taylor I finished this book in one day its that good, but I was so d confused through most of the book with the Fensa timeline thing Yep, didn t work for me Overall loved the story and looking forward to the next book.

    8. TT has an amazing imagination It s for this reason that I read all her books regardless of genre Shapeshifter novels are not my thing but I ve read all the wolf series and put aside my natural distaste for the genre So this book, if the title didn t make it obvious is about a shapeshifter dragon Okay I can go there But this dragon isn t even human It just has a human like shell i.e body which it assumes to talk to Fenris So we have a h in love with an actual dragon Not a human that shifts into a [...]

    9. Spoilers I thought the book was just okay Theodora Taylor has so much imagination and the potential to create a truly fantastic story but unfortunately not everyone lives up to their potential Like other reviews have stated it was just too much information to cram into one little story Writing a movel about time travel is EXTREMELY complicated and very few can do it successfully It made me ask MORE questions than this book solved The 2 separate time lines for example I know the alternate time li [...]

    10. I started to give this one 2 stars But I pushed through, seeing as though the stories don t go in order it was hard to figure out who was who and what was going on Then to find so many gone and not know what or why I was frustrated trying to figure it out without digging through the Viking stories Then again some of the regular stories had some wolf and I think even Damianos was brought out in one of the two I sure didn t want to go back through all the reads though to find out.The I read the [...]

    11. What happens when you put together one confused time traveling She wolf with one unhappy emotionless Dragon Prince Well, you definitely don t have love at first sight that s for sure But just maybe with a little time and understanding these two can find a love that is timeless.This story had so many twists and turns that it will keep you guessing right up until the end Fensa and Xenon were thrust into each others lives so unexpectedly that at first I wasn t sure how they could possibly have thei [...]

    12. First of all this author has bamboozled my cold medicine addled brain until I thought it would melt and here I just wanted to relax by reading a book while on bed rest recovering from a very bad cold over the weekend but what I got was not relaxed at all but confused until I did not know whether I was coming or hallucinating lol Great read, this is truly Theodora at her best I m going to hound Theodora if she doesn t release Ola s story very very soon How dare she leave us hanging like this lol. [...]

    13. Good plot but was entirely too long I told myself about three times while setting in on this extremely long book journey I m not finishing this book , I refuse to keep reading However, I would continue to read The beginning was too technical and totally made me doubt my decision to purchase the book Not too mention it felt as if the book was a totality of at least 3 books fused into one Also, I never got a full understanding of the main female s character mental challenges or instability And the [...]

    14. And another one Theodora Taylor continues her shifters winning streak with this one My initial thought was, a wolf and a dragon how is that gonna work But leave it to Ms Taylor to work it and work it well.I must admit that I spent much of the book confused about Fensa and where she came from Her story about who her parents were had me scratching my head Her whole existence before Xenon was justd Meanwhile, I m screaming, What the hell happened to everybody But when everything was revealed, I was [...]

    15. I really struggled with this book I couldn t really see where it was going and was wondering why some of the characters in the series didn t exist and then realised that not only did the book cover the present, the distant past and an alternate reality but I d also read it in the wrong order and should have read it before I read Nago Once I realised where I d gone wrong, it made sense and my star rating which was going to be a 3, went up to a 5 Although this book deals with Fensa and Xenon being [...]

    16. Not supernatural, like sci fiI have to admit that I hate puzzles I m glad I stuck out to the end of the book to figure out the big reveal I have so many unanswered questions like what happened to Other Fensa Is this going to be a multiverse series Or did the timelines merge when they swapped realities I m excited to find out what happens to Ola and Anos I hope that book comes next after the two with the triplets I m intrigued to see what happens next in these books because you never know what s [...]

    17. Amazingly LongFirst and foremost the book was again amazing as are all of Taylor s books Me personally I had to force myself to read the beginning of the book because it didn t grab and hold my interest at first because I had to literally look up every three to four words Also it gave me the biggest headache of my life trying to piece together all the family members from the Viking Wolf series without actually going back so yeah you ll have to be strong and determined in the beginning but like a [...]

    18. I ve been trying to figure out how to review this book for a couple days now My primary issue is that I only read the first book in the series so all the references to the previous books and characters had me all kinds of lost The story itself is sweet, Fensa and Xenon are people from two completely different backgrounds who grow to love each other Fensa is resistant and fights her love for Xenon while Xenon is completely clueless about love since he s not familiar with the concept Overall, outs [...]

    19. Just Wow.Okay, so after Rafe and Alisha and the icky brothers threesome, I was starting to lose hope in this series I was browsing for a new read yesterday when this popped up in my recommendations I had been on a Taylor hiatus, exploring other author, but I figured what the hell This Shit Was Amazing Like for real for real It fed my love of dragons and science, and it had that sweet love that Taylor is great at delivering when she goes for it The sex scenes were super weird, but then again what [...]

    20. Wait a minute Whoa Wow what a great storyFensa and Xenon are fated mates who are 15,000 years apart in age but their love is timeless everlasting He s a scientist who learns love and she s a modern day physicist who learns to trust This story is so beautifully written and the story weaves together so well I loved it It reintroduce our Viking Wolves and our dragons in such a way that you re laughing at times, afraid at times, crying at times, and intrigued at times Ms Taylor you continue to amaze [...]

    21. Damn Theodora Ummmwhat just happened here This is how I felt reading this book I mean, I was so confused at first Then the story began piecing itself together and the confusion dissipated I have to saywell Damn What a freaking delightful ride I will not give the story away, but if you re into shifter book, then this will be a beneficial, invigorating, exciting, sexual, loving storyline I mean, Damn Theodora This Mr was help a good June can t come fast enough

    22. Are You RealTheodora how do you create such wonderful stories You had me rereading Tiana s story after the first chapter of Dragon Everlasting cause I thought I forgot some things or you had royally screwed up your timeline Happy to discover neither were true This is a great story with beautiful character development Once again you deliver a complex and brilliantly written book that has me longing for the next installment and also grieving the end of a great series A must read

    23. Interesting When I first started reading, I was so confused because the events of the story were not aligned to the events of the previous wolf novels FJ was nowhere to be found because he died in Old Norse, Tiara and Olafr had divorced Olafr and Knud had committed suicide I was like WTF Then, as the plot progressed I was able to see that Fensa and Xenon would be the origin of the werewolves Everything came together so unique and cohesive that I was captivated and ready for by the end of the st [...]

    24. Smoking Hot Story Theodora Taylor has done it again Fensa and Xenons story combines everything I love about her books Smart, sassy and quirky wolf shifter whose fated mate is totally not what she saw coming Not only did the story have me laughing, but it made me cry It s one of her finest books and I m so glad Fensa talked loudly to you Theodora , now I m waiting for Ola s If I could give it 10 rating I would

    25. Hero 5 5Heroine 5 5Chemistry 5 5Sex 4 5Plot 4 5Mystery 5 5Action 2 5Darkness 0 5Humor 3 5POV dualWould I recommend this book yesWould I re read this book yesWould I read future books by this author yesComments oh my wolf motherlol this book was great From the beginning I was trying to piece thing together and mystery came out I love the way we got the back story and how we came back to the now Thank you for yet one great book

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