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Just So Stories By Rudyard Kipling, Just So Stories Librarian s Note Alternate cover edition can be found here Twelve stories about animals insects and other subjects include How the Camel Got His Hump The Butterfly That Stamped and How the Alphabet
  • Title: Just So Stories
  • Author: Rudyard Kipling
  • ISBN: 9780517266557
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Just So Stories By Rudyard Kipling, Librarian s Note Alternate cover edition can be found here.Twelve stories about animals, insects, and other subjects include How the Camel Got His Hump The Butterfly That Stamped, and How the Alphabet Was Made
    Just So Stories By Rudyard Kipling,
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      244 Rudyard Kipling
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    1. Rudyard Kipling

      Joseph Rudyard Kipling was a journalist, short story writer, poet, and novelist.Kipling s works of fiction include The Jungle Book 1894 , Kim 1901 , and many short stories, including The Man Who Would Be King 1888 His poems include Mandalay 1890 , Gunga Din 1890 , The Gods of the Copybook Headings 1919 , The White Man s Burden 1899 , and If 1910 He is regarded as a major innovator in the art of the short story his children s books are classics of children s literature and one critic described his work as exhibiting a versatile and luminous narrative gift.Kipling was one of the most popular writers in the United Kingdom, in both prose and verse, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries Henry James said Kipling strikes me personally as the most complete man of genius as distinct from fine intelligence that I have ever known In 1907, at the age of 41, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, making him the first English language writer to receive the prize, and its youngest recipient to date He was also sounded out for the British Poet Laureateship and on several occasions for a knighthood, both of which he declined.Awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1907 in consideration of the power of observation, originality of imagination, virility of ideas and remarkable talent for narration which characterize the creations of this world famous author Kipling kept writing until the early 1930s, but at a slower pace and with much less success than before On the night of 12 January 1936, Kipling suffered a haemorrhage in his small intestine He underwent surgery, but died less than a week later on 18 January 1936 at the age of 70 of a perforated duodenal ulcer Kipling s death had in fact previously been incorrectly announced in a magazine, to which he wrote, I ve just read that I am dead Don t forget to delete me from your list of subscribers.

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    1. How The Kipling Got His ReputationOnce upon a time, Best Beloved, when the world was middle aged and good Queen Victoria sat on the throne, there was a Kipling And even though he constantly had to carry around a White Man s Burden an object, by the way, which he had invented himself, and very proud he was of it too , he was as happy as the day is long And he would often stop for a moment, and sing a little song he d written, which beganMamma Pajama rolled out of bed and ran to the po lice statio [...]

    2. What an infuriating book I don t know what infuriates me that Kipling was a racist imperialist colonizer who believed firmly in white superiority and conveyed that in every word of these stories or that Kipling is such a marvelous writer of the English language.Kipling the colonizer, imperialist, racist, supremicist, had no trouble at all mugging the oral traditions of the peoples his people colonized to tell his Just So Stories to his Best Beloved No trouble at all mimicking their voices with [...]

    3. Rudyard Kipling s Just So Stories, originally published in 1902, are perennial favourites, and can be read by adults and children alike They are known as pourquoi stories in this case fantasies about the origin of individual wild animals who live in different countries The seed of the idea lies in the story How Fear Came, within Rudyard Kipling s Second Jungle Book of 1895, when Mowgli hears the story of how the tiger got his stripes It is possible this gave the author the idea for a whole colle [...]

    4. All these tales are like Aesop s fables about how various animals got their characteristic features They are beautiful short tales most likely derived from folk legends that Kipling heard during his time in Africa and India but still full of humour and subtle wisdom Unlike Kim, his pro empire attitude does not really pollute the innocent atmosphere of these wonderful stories.

    5. This was an adorably sweet collection of stories, aimed at younger readers and all centring around the themes of animals Whilst not scientifically correct in the least, this offered the reader a series of fun anecdotes about how various different animals got their defining features, such as a leopard and his spots and an elephant with his trunk.My main source of enjoyment with this book came from its amusing usage of language Alliterative terms, onomatopoeic phrases, odd pairings of words, and c [...]

    6. The book that made me fall in love with storytelling I still have my mother s hardbound edition, with marvelous color plates, published in the 20s Kipling may have been a romantic apologist for the British Empire, but the man knew how to weave a spell in children s stories, and he can be quite playful and inventive with language Just read the first line of any number of stories and you ll immediately understand his timeless appeal My favorites are from The Cat that Walked by Himself Here and att [...]

    7. These stories were funny, imaginative, and well written I have read several reviews that talk about Kipling being Imperialistic, condescending, and a host of other distasteful names But here s the dealhe wrote these tales in different times and they were written for his children I think such judgments might be slightly anachronistic however, I do think Kipling says some things that are grating to our modern ears and sentiments I wasn t getting the whole white man s burden vibe that some people w [...]

    8. OK, he s a racist blackguard, but Kipling does write beautifully This was his first book I read in the original and I loved every bit of it the stories and the pictures Since I was too young to understand the latent racism and there s so much of it in here, apparently when I read it, and I have not reread it since, I will rate it based on my original reading experience five golden stars.

    9. Beautiful and wonderful Works of genius by a man who freed himself enough that he could give himself up to that genius instead of trying to make sure that it came out perfectly As pleasing as his other works are, none I ve read can match the joy, humor, simplicity, and odd truth of these Like children s literature should be, these stories never lose their humor or punch Despite some redundancy with actual myths and some cases of artificially lowering complexity for children and hence growing tra [...]

    10. Loved all the stories, but my personal favorite was about Elephant s Child Sometimes satiable curiosity doesn t kill you it gets you a very practical appendage with which you can spank your bossy Relatives and hove them into a wasp s nest And let s face it, O Best Beloved, we ve all had that impulse.

    11. These are such fun to read out loud, and I particularly like the descriptions of the illustrations.My favorites are How the Whale Got His Throat , featuring the small Stute Fish and the mariner of infinite resource and sagacity wearing his suspenders which you must not forget, Best Beloved The Elephant s Child , who was full of satiable curiosity and who escapes from the croccodile with the aid of the Bi Coloured Python Rock Snake on the banks of the great grey green, greasy Limpopo River.

    12. That mesmerizing rhythmic bumpity bump of words, a song almost , the lure of the storyteller, one extraordinary ordinary thing next to another extraordinary ordinary thing, a line of events unexpected yet just right, silly and serious that s Just So Stories.

    13. Just so storiesWritten and Illustrated by Rudyard KiplingThe Just So Stories are a collection of eccentric myths that Kipling created to tell to his children There are twelve in total most of which are fanciful revelations of how certain animals came to possess their distinguishing features The characters are humorous and archetypal and most of the tales offer some affectionate caution and insight into the consequences of indulging those sinful traits such as sloth, greed and envy.The origins of [...]

    14. satu kata KEREEEEEENNNNNNNNNN BANGETTTTTTTTTTT eh itu jadinya dua kata ya hahahahaSetuju banget dah kalau cerita cerita dalam buku ini bukan Sekadar Cerita Pokoknya nggak nyesel baca buku ini Nggak peduli masih anak anak, remaja, dewasa bahkan kakek nenek, kisah kisah fabel yang didongengkan Kipling bener bener memikat hati Saya saja senang membacanya, apalagi kalau anak anak didongengkan dengan cerita cerita ini, pasti nagih Suka dengan ilustrasinya juga, ilustratornya sukses mengintrepretasika [...]

    15. Ako postoji knjiga koju sam do te mere besomu no itala kada sam bila dete, da su joj se korice izdrocale u froncle, a tabaci se rasuli i stranice razletele, onda je to ova Nau i dete iz nje neke korisne stvari, to iz biologije, to iz sociologije kako je leopard dobio svoje ta ke, otkud nosorogu hrapava ko a i za to je biti ljut isto to i biti bockav , otkud slonu surla, a kitu njegovo drelo i kako su smi ljena slova za potrebe razonode jedne radoznale musave devoj ice.I naravno, shvatila sam kak [...]

    16. I loved reading these little stories They were really cute, and eventhough I liked some way than others, I really enjoyed my reading

    17. More like Just So So Stories I didn t care for this book much I was expecting stories instead of this is how this animal got this trait forget the actual name for those books.

    18. An all time favorite It begs to be read alive for the rhythm and poetry and the marvelous word play If you have no children to read it to it s time to volunteer at your library I m hard pressed to pick a favorite story, but I ll go with the Elephant s Child because like him my besetting sin is insatiable curiosity I love the part about the Great grey green greasy Limpopo River all set about with fever trees but I ve also learned enough about crocodiles to avoid putting my nose in danger DI confe [...]

    19. How the elephant got his trunk was one of my favourite bedtime stories as a child and I was fortunate in having a parent who never tired of reading it The great grey greasy Limpopo river all set about with fever trees created one of my earliest images of Afica and filled me with longing to visit Kipling was a master storyteller who knew exactly how to capture a child s imagination As the elephant makes his leisurely way in search of the crocodile, leaving his grumpy and incurious relatives behin [...]

    20. Queste storie sono proprio cos , inutile domandarsi il perch di questo o il perch di quello, questione di autorevolezza del narratore, la stessa inossidabile autorevolezza di cui si serve il genitore quando, nel raccontare alla figlioletta la favola pi incredibile spacciandola per realmente accaduta, assume quel finto cipiglio serioso che soffoca sul nascere ogni possibile eccezione di inverosimiglianza.

    21. Love the edition illustrated by Helen Ward Only complaint Not enough pictures But the stories themselves are still fun to read, O Best Beloved If there are traces of the imperialism that makes Kipling s other works problematic, I don t see them.

    22. Carino Mi piaciuta particolarmente l invenzione della scrittura e la sagace moglie del sultano nell ultimo racconto

    23. Reading with Uzi How The Leopard Got His Spots, The Beginning of Armadillos, and The Elephant s Child are the best ones so far It s been so long since I read these.

    24. What an absolutely delightful collection of stories I listened to this book as read by Geoffrey Palmer, a British actor, who will have you laughing out loud as you find out where the alphabet came from and why the elephant has such a long trunk.Simply wonderful

    25. 2.5 starsI really liked this at the start I don t know if the first stories are actually better than the later ones, but I felt myself becoming and irritated as I progressed Not so much because of the racism and sexism I kind of expect that in a book of this age although I was rather startled by the casual drop of the n word in one of the stories , but because I came to find the writing style very tedious with its many repetitions although I could tell it is probably a great book to read aloud [...]

    26. They always say Never give a child a book you won t read for yourself and I agree I will be reviewing as long as I go through this book, so here we are How the Camel Got his Hump A dreadful tale about a camel who is lazy that as a result, a genie makes humps for the camel, end of story This is dreadful for a number of reasons 1 The camel has those humps which are a miracle in its essence The camels use it to feed and nourish because they are meant to live in harsh environments of scarce resource [...]

    27. This is an excellent book which I reread recently, having looked at it in Year 6, as a child Rudyard Kipling has such an interesting style of writing, often addressing the reader as Best Beloved , which I really like Also each story really makes you think about different features of animals in detail, and I remember enjoying lessons as a child where we wrote our own stories in this style So for English chn write a story in this style about how an animal got a certain feature However I also reca [...]

    28. JUST SO STORIES 1902 Rudyard Kipling This particular edition was published simultaneously in 1991 by The Folio Society and The British Library, and incorporates the original illustrations done by Kipling for his original edition The stories are told as to a young child O My Best Beloved , which puts me in mind of the Golem from Lord of the Rings and his My Precious I wonder if there is any relationship there The stories are truly absurd, and in today s world would hardly qualify as fit for even [...]

    29. For me, Just So Stories was extremely boring i do appreciate the creativity and the originality of each story though the main reason that i did not enjoy the book was because the stories were told in a very uninteresting way the language used was very dull and it did not help in grabbing my attention as you can tell by the title, this book talks about why animals do certain things that they do or why they look a certain way i thought it would be interesting to read about how a leopard got its sp [...]

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