The Cuckoo Tree

The Cuckoo Tree By Joan Aiken, The Cuckoo Tree When Dido Twite sets foot back on English soil mischief awaits As her friend Captain Hughes recovers from a carriage accident Dido stays at the Dogkennel Cottages and meets the odd inhabitants of Te
  • Title: The Cuckoo Tree
  • Author: Joan Aiken
  • ISBN: 9780618070237
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Cuckoo Tree By Joan Aiken, When Dido Twite sets foot back on English soil, mischief awaits As her friend Captain Hughes recovers from a carriage accident, Dido stays at the Dogkennel Cottages and meets the odd inhabitants of Tegleaze Manor strange old Lady Tegleaze, her nephew, Tobit, and his wizened, witchy nurse, Sannie Soon suspicious things happen A priceless miniature is stolen TobitWhen Dido Twite sets foot back on English soil, mischief awaits As her friend Captain Hughes recovers from a carriage accident, Dido stays at the Dogkennel Cottages and meets the odd inhabitants of Tegleaze Manor strange old Lady Tegleaze, her nephew, Tobit, and his wizened, witchy nurse, Sannie Soon suspicious things happen A priceless miniature is stolen Tobit is framed and then kidnapped A twin sister is found And when Dido catches a glimpse of her rascally father in Petworth, she is sure she s in the midst of another Hanoverian plot Can she get to London to warn the king and save St Paul s Cathedral from sliding into the Thames
    The Cuckoo Tree By Joan Aiken,
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      268 Joan Aiken
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    1. Joan Aiken

      Joan Aiken was a much loved English writer who received the MBE for services to Children s Literature Her most famous classic, THE WOLVES OF WILLOUGHBY CHASE has been in print for over 50 years with a new AUDIO recorded by her daughter Lizza She was known as a writer of wild fantasy, Gothic novels and unforgettable short storiesW COLLECTION 2016 The People in The Castle book show 2See NEWS NEW PUBLICATIONS at facebook JoanAikenOffFollow THE JOAN AIKEN BLOG at joanaiken.wordpress For Joan s life and full Bibliography visit joanaiken Joan s Life in brief She was born in Rye, East Sussex, into a family of writers, including her father, Conrad Aiken who won a Pulitzer Prize for his poetry , and her sister, Jane Aiken Hodge.She worked for the United Nations Information Office during the second world war,and then as an editor and freelance on Argosy magazine before she started writing full time, mainly children s books and thrillers For her books she received the Guardian Award 1969 and the Edgar Allan Poe Award 1972.Her most popular series, the Wolves Chronicles which began with The Wolves of Willoughby Chase , was set in an elaborate alternate period of history in a Britain in which James II was never deposed in the Glorious Revolution,and so supporters of the House of Hanover continually plot to overthrow the Stuart Kings These books also feature cockney urchin heroine Dido Twite and her adventures and travels all over the world.Another series of children s books about Arabel and her raven Mortimer are illustrated by Quentin Blake, and have been shown on the BBC as Jackanory and drama series Others including the much loved Necklace of Raindrops and award winning Kingdom Under the Sea are illustrated by Jan Pie kowski.Her many novels for adults include several that continue or complement novels by Jane Austen These include Mansfield Revisited and Jane Fairfax.Aiken was a lifelong fan of ghost stories She set her adult supernatural novel The Haunting Of Lamb House at Lamb House in Rye now a National Trust property This ghost story recounts in fictional form an alleged haunting experienced by two former residents of the house, Henry James and E F Benson, both of whom also wrote ghost stories Aiken s father, Conrad Aiken, also authored a small number of notable ghost stories.

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    1. An okay read I guess but not as riveting as some I had to start it twice, and I put this book down for several weeks and read other things, which is never a good indication in my case Owen s father, captain of the Thrush that took Dido home from New Bedford to London turns up again, this time wounded and ill Reminiscent of the scene where Dido and Pen nurse Capt Casket back to health, isn t it But this time there s a mansion, two mysterious kids, a couple of witches and a whole handful of Hanove [...]

    2. This seemed to be kind of a rehash of earlier books in the series Battersea, Nightbirds It was ok, but nothing special I would rate it higher if those other books didn t exist The start of the book was largely realistic, so I nearly forgot how outlandish these books can get I think I liked the second half .I didn t feel that the somewhat abstract pen and ink Susan Obrant illustrations served the book well I believe the British edition was illustrated by Pat Marriott and the cover, at least, look [...]

    3. Dido Twite is a great heroine, all mouthy action, sharp elbows and ideas, and this is the first of the series I ve read where she s the main character, but I didn t enjoy this nearly as much as my other two forays into Joan Aiken s many books The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, and Black Hearts in Battersea which I thought were both brilliant Somehow the plot here is not as strong, it feels as if there s too much beginning and not enough end, because the denoument has brilliant possibilities, but is [...]

    4. I want to BE Dido Twite What a she ro she is Everything Indiana Jones faced rats, spiders, snakes, spies, treachery, magic Dido does it better.

    5. This book was actually the first one I read from this series, back when I was about 9 years old I absolutely loved it and I loved its sequel, Dido and Pa This books is what sparked my interest in the whole series and I m so happy to get the chance to read it now in the correct order I wanted to know if, after reading about all of Dido s other adventures, whether my opinion on this novel would be different or not so here is my review Once again, we are in for a wacky adventure Every time Dido had [...]

    6. I think this is one of the best wolves books, as it s scary but not so bloody as some of the later books Also it s sad, but equally hopefully, and it has the right amount of drama and wonder I just love it

    7. Not my type of book with witches and spells, etc but it did have a plot and an ending so if you are into that sort of plot, you may like it.

    8. I seem to be reading this series entirely out of order, as they come to hand An added element of excitement perhaps They have long been on my to read list It s an amazing book from the point of view of plot How people come up with complex plots like this, I find hard to imagine Perhaps they re not so complex, but the way they are written, giving us little bits at a time in a certain order, makes them seem very complex Either way it s darned clever And I ve never met so many villains in the one p [...]

    9. Despite being labeled Wolves, 6 this was the fourth Aiken wrote I think that discrepancy threw me when I came back to these books after having devoured them as a child Not surprisingly, her writing style changed over the years, and it shows in these later Wolves books Or why there s still a debate about the order in which one should read C.S Lewis s Narnia books publication order or internal chronology order I don t like these later books quite as well as I do did the first three, though I don t [...]

    10. Captain Hughes and Dido Twite return to England with a dispatch revealing a Hanoverian plot to kill Davie Tudor Stuart on his coronation day In a coach accident, Captain Hughes suffers a broken leg and concussion Dido stays with Lady Tegleaze and her grandson, Tobit, at Tegleaze Manor until she knows that Captain Hughes is out of danger While there, she meets the lady s lawyer Colonel Fitzpickwick, Tante Sannie, and Mrs Lubbage, the conspirators bent on killing the future king Knowing that Davie [...]

    11. Dido Twite is traveling with Captain Hughes with information about a plot against the King Their carriage overturns, injuring Captain Hughes and stranding them at the Dogkennel Cottages Dido tries to find a trustworthy messenger to take the message on to London, but instead she meets witches and shady dealers, a plot to disinherit Tobit, the nephew of Lady Tegleaze, and even her own rascally father, but little help for her plight She must resort to the Wineberry boys, honorable local smugglers, [...]

    12. After her light hearted adventures on the island of Nantucket in the previous installment in Joan Aiken s Wolves Saga, Dido Twite comes up against darker enemies once she reaches English soil once At the end of the last book, Dido left Nantucket with Captain Hughes, who since then has become rather ill When the carriage they re riding in overtips thanks to a dodgy cabby driver, Dido goes for help and soon finds herself in the company of weird and wonderful acquaintances so many in fact, that t [...]

    13. Dido Twite has another adventure This one is engaging than Nightbirds on Nantucket, although even fanciful An urgent message pertaining to the coronation of King Richard IV is delayed when the carriage is upset, leaving injured Captain Hughes in an even worse state Dido looks for aide at the Tegleaze Manor, and finds an array of strange characters Tobit, the Tegleaze heir, will come of age prior to the coronation but he is framed for robbery, which prevents his inheritance of the famed Tegleaz [...]

    14. The Cuckoo Tree is a quirky book with characters that are surprisingly unique The main character, Dido, has just disembarked from a merchant ship and is on her way by stagecoach to London with her captain where he is to deliver a message of highest urgency ahead of the upcoming coronation The coach overturns, and not by accident Cast up in the middle of nowhere, Dido seeks help from a moldering manor house and launches an adventure that involves highwaymen, scurrilous lawyers, scheming old hags, [...]

    15. The adventures of Dido Twite continue in this installment of the Wolves of Willhoughby Chase series Dido is back on British soil, but a carriage accident strands her in the middle of nowhere Now she must evade the clutches of two sinister witches and the evil Miles Mystery, while she attempts to deliver a message to the King and foil a heinous assassination attempt Fortunately, she has assistance in the form of goodhearted smugglers, who are willing to leave off their business of smuggling perfu [...]

    16. Wildly imaginative are the words frequently used to describe Joan Aiken s plots and that description could not be bettered with respect to this mad but endearing story set in a little known part of West Sussex with all the correct local names Dido Twite is a wonderful, individualistic, strongly intrepid character and her vocabulary is as rich as any of her fellow characters in the story Joan Aiken s rural characters speech is superb Very glad to have been introduced to this story and to now havi [...]

    17. At the height of her powers, there s no one to match Aiken for the verve and ingenuity of her stories, and for heroines, there s precious few to match the inimitable Dido Twite Returned at last from her voyaging, Did quickly becomes ensnared in another Hanoverian plot to do something utterly mad at the coronation ceremony of the new king Witches and smugglers and lost twins and scheming cousins and cheerful smugglers and sinister puppet shows are all elements of this rollicking tale Fantastic.

    18. This was another great addition to the wolves chronicles with great dialects, characters, and a dose of the supernatural I especially liked Yan s character and would like to see of him though I don t think he figures in again It ends on a downbeat which is too bad because a great reunion is just around the corner A gem of a story but I think I will wait till my kids are closer to 12 to introduce it to them.

    19. Joan Aiken is always good value, and her books about Dido Twite, with their alternative history of England, are wonderful romps Dido is an unstoppable force, brave, imaginative and hilarious In The Cuckoo Tree she is as fierce as ever I suspect that a lot of modern fictional heroines owe a lot to this feisty wee girl and her adventures.

    20. The further adventures of Dido Twite, this time somewhere in Cornwall or on Exmoor foiling a conspiracy to assassinate the new king Richard at his coronation Dido is marvellous as always, but most of the rest of the characters in this book are less interesting than others we have met in earlier books and the plot is a bit convoluted So only 3 stars this time.

    21. When I was a kid I was a huge fan of Nightbirds on Nantucket but somehow never figured out that it was part of a series recently a friend lent me this he d bought it because of the Edward Gorey cover and hadn t read any of the other books about 20 pages in I suddenly realized I knew this character I really enjoyed this book and need to go out and find the others.

    22. I loved Dido and I laughed a lot at the dialogue, but for the most part I felt sorta wha what s happening throughout most of this, and then, by the time I knew what was what, I wasn t feeling overly engaged Basically a letter needed to be delivered And that was it.Good, but the weakest link thus far.

    23. Wolves 6 Dido Twite is back in England and ends up in the middle of skullduggery At the end we are reunited with characters from The Whispering Mountain , as well as from Blackhearts in Battersea.

    24. Joan Aiken s Dido Twite and related books are always chock full of unusual accents and good writing This is no exception Lots of twists and turns of plot, lots of alternate history absurdity, and plenty of hateable villains and wonderful characters.

    25. I really enjoyed this one and thinking these books work best when Dido isn t abroad The cast of characters was wonderful and the villains were once again really terrible, which leads to the best stories This was a really fun one to read.

    26. I am so happy we stumbled across this author She s fabulous This isn t my favorite one in the series, but they are all pretty good The language is difficult sometimes because of the dialects she uses.

    27. My favorite of the Wolves Chronicles It contains the Hanoverians best plot yet to overthrow the king and some of the most memorable characters of the series Plus, it made me want to be a smuggler and ride an elephant.

    28. dido has finally made it back to england, but on the way to london she and the captain suffer a carriage accident and have to put up at a strange, semi neglected country estate while he recovers from a broken leg naturally, hijinks, dastardly plots and melodramatic adventures ensue love.

    29. Finally Dido returns to England Unfortunately only to get mixed up in a lackluster adventure that pales in comparison to her exploits abroad I fully expected to eventually read a Wolves series book I didn t care for with so many there s bound to be a bad egg , and this is the one.

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