Chaos By L.J. Swallow, Chaos Questions will be answered Trust will be rebuilt And the true threat to the world will be revealed The threat to the Four Horsemen and the world continues but now they have solid leads and are closer
  • Title: Chaos
  • Author: L.J. Swallow
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Chaos By L.J. Swallow, Questions will be answered Trust will be rebuilt And the true threat to the world will be revealed.The threat to the Four Horsemen and the world continues, but now they have solid leads and are closer to uncovering who is behind the attacks Vee and the Four become closer as barriers fall and trust grows, yet one person remains worried about what will happen if Vee reachQuestions will be answered Trust will be rebuilt And the true threat to the world will be revealed.The threat to the Four Horsemen and the world continues, but now they have solid leads and are closer to uncovering who is behind the attacks Vee and the Four become closer as barriers fall and trust grows, yet one person remains worried about what will happen if Vee reaches full power.An opportunity to regain Portia s trust, some help from a supernatural mercenary, and an investigation into the Myriad Foundation reveal answers about the chaos surrounding them Suddenly, everything slots into place but the big picture isn t what they expected What will happen if the only way forward for the Horsemen is an alliance with their enemies The Four Horsemen Chaos is book five in the series The other books in this series must be read first Have you discovered The Four Horsemen series Don t miss out on reading this year s hottest reverse harem urban fantasy series Prepare to follow the lives of Vee and the Four Horsemen through addictive books filled with action, paranormal suspense and magic Start the series with Legacy and discover why readers have fallen in love with the books and the Horsemen The series contains strong language, steamy scenes, a kickass heroine and four guys who ll do anything for the girl who s the centre of their world.
    Chaos By L.J. Swallow,
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      L.J. Swallow

    About "L.J. Swallow"

    1. L.J. Swallow

      LJ Swallow is a paranormal romance and urban fantasy author who is the alter ego of bestselling contemporary romance author Lisa Swallow.Giving in to her dark side, LJ spends time creating worlds filled with supernatural creatures who don t fit the norm, and heroines who are likely to kick ass than sit on theirs.

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    1. Another amazing book in this enchanting series I honestly can t get enough of Vee and her pony boys Lisa has executed the perfect balance, moving the plot along at a steady, consistent pace while also giving the right amount of focus to development of the relationships Plenty of heart pounding moments and sexy times Love, loved it I never want this series to end I m completely addicted One of the best reverse harem series out there right now, in my opinion.

    2. The Pony Boys and Vee are back Chaos reigns They have never been so threatened, so lost They have never faced an opponent like this one they don t understand, one that seems to use their own powers against them, one that may be stronger than they are For the first time, the Four Horseman are unsure of themselves They are drawn to their Fifth, Truth, but they still don t fully trust her role Is she meant to help them or destroy them Their hesitancy and doubt hurt Vee and make her question herself [...]

    3. The enemy of my enemy is my friend Twists within twists for our Horsemen.It was hard to wait for this book, the fifth in The Four Horsemen series, and LJ Swallow did not disappoint, but then, for me, she never has.Picking up from the particularly shocking end in Guardians, Chaos carries the momentum well as various theories are getting thrown around as to who it is wanting to take the Horsemen out, and bring about the opening of The Portals And whoever it is just might be attaining their goals a [...]

    4. Holy Moly I can t even begin to try and explain anything about this next instalment, in the exciting and gripping Four Horsemen series I mean, if you haven t already read the first four parts, what are you waiting for You wouldn t think after four seriously intense parts, that there would be anything else, that could be thrown in the mix for Vee and the gang But shocks are still hard and fast coming More hot and heavy heat, nail biting and surprises With one huge shocker thrown in the end for [...]

    5. Oh wow is this story really starting to pick up pace We re now starting to see who all the real players are in the story and finally, yes finally, the big bad is revealed and whilst I d already kind of guessed who it was, I hadn t guessed what it is It s really starting to get exciting now and I can t wait to read the next book I still have so many unanswered questions and have arisen after reading Chaos I m loving how Verity and the four horsemen are also starting to bond and become open with [...]

    6. Hello again you magnificent Horsemen,I knew shit was going to go down, and enemies would show their faces and well I wasn t wrong.Chaos it seems is than just the title of the book and damn it s good Our boys and Vee are back in with resident Queen Fae Portia, and set about unmasking the big bad that s threatening both them and the human world.We get some answers, but others remain just out of reach for us.A visit to Scotland brings with it a satisfying blast from the past think book 1 and thing [...]

    7. Things just keep heating up and not just between Vee and The Pony Boys They ve discovered a traitor right in their midst who s been doing his best to divide and conquer With the guys working with unexpected help what will we see take place in the next book Intrigue, suspense and passions run amuck in this edition to a very page turning series Finally we see Vee and Ewan get closer but with quite the unexpected outcome The next book can not be releases soon enough Bravo to Ms Swallow for a truly [...]

    8. An explosive read Questions will be answeredTrust will be rebuiltAnd the true threat to the world will be revealedWow Just wowat ending Another explosive hit in this stunning, chaotic read Tensions are mounting Chaos is coming The Horsemen woman are caught in the middle who can they trust Who can they believe I love how Joss breaks the tension between all of them his humour knows no bounds A great ending that leaves you reeling and aching for .Full of the Horsemen woman, supernatural creatures, [...]

    9. Chaos is the 5th installment in The Four Horsemen series, and they must be read in order I ve been reading this series from the beginning, and as I think I said in a previous book s review I enjoy the romance parts than the urban fantasy UF parts of the series Because a majority of this installment was the ongoing UF mystery of the series, it is so far my least favorite of the series If you have already been reading this series, and like the UF mystery, you will really enjoy this one as well I [...]

    10. Sorry, but this didn t do it for me The book felt like a repeat of the 3rd and 4th installment just with changing bed partners The progress in the investigation is ridiculous The four Horsemen are running in circles They only find clues by accident or if they are forced on them Why would War be leading the investigation He clearly has no people skills or any sleuthing talent After finishing the book I m rather frustrated The series started off so nicely, but I doubt I will read book number 6.

    11. Oh man, this story just keeps getting and awesome Now that things are being answered I love seeing how the dots are connecting Man I just knew Seth was a guy to be watched I am very interested in seeing how things continue to progress with Vee and the guys now that certain things seem to be completed I definitely can t wait to see what the other guys think of what each other learned at the end of this one The next book is definitely going to be difficult to be patient for D

    12. Chaos is the next installment of LJ Swallow s The Four Horsemen series It is packed with suspense, combustible chemistry, answers as well as many questions as to what will happen to the Four Horemen It is written in such a way that had me burning through the pages to find out what would happen next As they search for the truth behind what has happened between the demon and fae, is unveiled.I cannot wait to see what happens next in this series LJ Swallow needs to come out with the next book in t [...]

    13. Ewan Darn you Ewan I m blaming you for this Of all the pony boys, you were on baby sitting duty but nooo This book picks up right where the last one left off thank the fly llama babies that Joss is ok And can we just say yay for some softer Xander Super yay I love this series That ending was terribly mean, so now I must ask our dear and talented Lisa to WRITE FASTER DARN IT

    14. I m dead I was dying, I died and now I m dead I am so so in love with this series I don t want it to end We finally learn about Seth in this book, the horsemen and Vee get to be people for a little while with was nice There is some weirdness going on with Joss, as well as Ewan but Vee is like balm for all of them We finally learn what happens when Vee completes the circle and now I need he next book 5 stars

    15. Finally, Chaos is revealed and it s exactly who I thought it was I never liked Seth anyways I just don t like how powerful he is I m worried that Chaos will find Vee before the guys do I really loved the part where Ewan and she join together, finally I m so ready to see what awesome new powers she has and how strong they all are together Each book is better and I can t wait for the next book Descent Absolutely love this series and recommend it

    16. Another exciting book in this fantastic series, the story continues from the last book and things are getting fraught and intense for Vee and her pony boys With excitement and danger and twists and turns this book kept me glued to the page and left me wondering what is going to happen next, this is possibly the most thrilling book in the series so far and I need the next book as a matter of urgency

    17. Action packed Wow You definitely need to read this series in order Chaos picks up where Guardians left off and we find out if Joss lives Vee and the guys are still trying to solve the mystery, and are getting closer and closer We find out who is behind it all, and end with another big cliffhanger What I love about this series is that each book is a good mix of action, humor, fun, and of course romance I can t wait to see what happens in Descent

    18. March can t get here soon enough I love all the twists and turns in this series I really liked seeing how walls were taken down by certain characters So much growth since Book 1 Cant wait to see how the Horsemen deal with what happened in this book I totally called one of the shocking developments Cant wait to the next installment in Feb March 3

    19. Wow what a great continuation of Vee and the Pony Boys story I anxiously awaited this book and I was not disappointed And of course the ending left me wanting the next installment now Lj did not disappoint with Chaos Make sure you move this to the top of your reading list If you haven t read the previous books in the series make sure you read them first

    20. Chaos picks up right where Guardian left off and is amazing I ve loved everything in the series so far but this was filled with twists I was not expecting Players are starting to show their hands, including shifty Seth Everything becomes intense as pieces start coming together, you re left with questions and wondering who can really be trusted and what is the end game.

    21. Bloody good stuffThis story is mesmerizing It s hard to put down So many things going on that keep you guessing who s who and what s what All I m going to say about the ending isting.

    22. I can t get enough I love this seriesThe Four Horsemen are getting closer, but will be in time Will Ewan and Fee have their time and what happens if they do Intrigue, intense situations and unusual partners are just par for the course and I can t wait for the next book.

    23. EwanAh What the what I d like to say I knew it but I really didn t have a clue and that s all I can say because spoilers lol This book was really good and I m on pins and needles for the next one.

    24. Hohum I think they could have easily combined this book with the last one Why call a book a reverse harem when maybe you get one couple having sex per book Why write an entire book of mostly filler

    25. A bit disappointing.This book is much shorter than the others in the series, and really doesn t add much to the overall story except at the very end There were also quite a lot of typos and mistakes needs another round of proof reads.

    26. ChaosAs always the author didn t disappoint The developments between vee and Xander are heart warming and much needed, as are the developments between her and ewan please write faster

    27. Great read Finally we know who is causing all the chaos and who is behind everything Very and the boys communicate a lot better in this book and come closer together.I can t wait for the next book to see what happens next

    28. Amazing The best book in the series so far Everything gets so much intense and crazy Trying to deal with someone who wants them dead plus trying to figure out what vee is supposed to be to all of them It will be very hard to wait for the next book.

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