Gifted Connections Book 1 (Gifted Connections, #1)

Gifted Connections Book 1 (Gifted Connections, #1) By Sunshine Olivier, Gifted Connections Book Gifted Connections Blake knew she was different for a long time but she had lived in denial for too long Living in reprehensible conditions she didn t think she had any hope of getting out anytime soon with her half
  • Title: Gifted Connections Book 1 (Gifted Connections, #1)
  • Author: Sunshine Olivier
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Gifted Connections Book 1 (Gifted Connections, #1) By Sunshine Olivier, Blake knew she was different for a long time, but she had lived in denial for too long Living in reprehensible conditions, she didn t think she had any hope of getting out anytime soon, with her half sister It wasn t until she was confronted by her music teacher and series of events that she was forced to face reality She was gifted with a special power and with the helBlake knew she was different for a long time, but she had lived in denial for too long Living in reprehensible conditions, she didn t think she had any hope of getting out anytime soon, with her half sister It wasn t until she was confronted by her music teacher and series of events that she was forced to face reality She was gifted with a special power and with the help of the new men that entered her life she would learn to control them At least she hoped she did before her idealistic new life was torn apart by a man determined to use her powers for his own gain Please be advised possible trigger warning.
    Gifted Connections Book 1 (Gifted Connections, #1) By Sunshine Olivier,
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    1. Rating 3.5 stars Fucking cliffhanger.I need the next book.Now.This is exactly why i read RH.Unecesary drama, messy plot, great smiling material.

    2. That end thoughI knew Olivier was gonna play me I knew it The story follows our protagonist Blake Thomas She has an abusive step mom who is absolutely trash The woman shouldn t be in charge of her own self much less two children Her horrible personality and actions shaped Blake into the responsible person she is Blake is an okay protagonist I love her relationship with her sister though I felt like it started to crumple when she met her prospective lovers She still cares for her, but I felt like [...]

    3. So as a story, this was mostly great How it was actually written sucked the big one GET A FREAKING EDITOR Or even a proofreader Anything Characters changed names, the wrong words were used all the time and not just wrong spellings for homophones, we re talking completely wrong words , singular verbs for plurals, commas where it made no sense at all and sentences that just made no sense , changes in tense, changing between first and third person, no punctuation for direct address who do so many i [...]

    4. I really hate cliffhangers Like REALLY hate In this case it was obvious from a mile but I still had hopes Now I am dying to know how everything will be sorted out EchI enjoyed this book immensely, cliffhanger or not Even poor editing did not put a damper on it It would have gotten 5 stars if not for the way the guys acted If you claim that nucleus is the bane of your existence and you simply cannot be without a nucleus, then why do you need girlfriends Well, ok, have girlfriends, especially sinc [...]

    5. WellThis book was a good length The formatting was wonky and had a few grammatical errors but i can look past it The story is good and i know a lot of people liked it The characters upset me quite a bit i mean come on Dump your mean petty girlfriends You know your connection is with you now Are you telling me you need to keep them around because ypur sex drive is that high You will continually hurt you nucleus because sex is important Also the end really left me bummed out I am now going to loo [...]

    6. Warning Long rant ahead I m from the minority so feel free to skip this post entirely.1 There are corrections needed to be dealt with They distract me from a steady reading but a thorough editing can definitely fix 2 The organization of the settings I haven t really picked up a substantial detail about the gifted community I think I was too busy rolling my eyes and bitching and facepalming to notice them If I m not mistaken, there are random spiels regarding the gifted people, the connections am [...]

    7. I really liked this book and her dynamic with the guys This one feels pretty realistic given the circumstances She comes into a pre made group of guys Most of whom are adults the youngest is a high school senior like the MC They all have experience with women Our main character doesn t, but it makes sense with her past The boys have lived a charmed life, some for their whole lives, others for the past few years.I know some readers don t like the MC or her harem ever cheating , usually meaning ha [...]

    8. ReviewsThis is a reverse harem book Blake is a damaged and abused young lady She has been through so much abuse, both mentally and sexually She finds that she has special powers right as she meets a group of guys that claim to want to help her After putting her trust in them, she starts to find her place in the world I have a few problems with this book At the beginning of the book Blake is super caring and overprotective of her little sister After she finds her guys it is almost like her little [...]

    9. Great story but desperately in need of editingIt s a great story, but the editing is atrocious and gets worse as the book goes on Subject verb agreement is nonexistent, phycoloy is used instead of psychology, repeatedly, and really now, do you think Drake is intending to study child algae Phycology is the study of algae and seaweed Jemmy is called Jimmy, Noah s powers are identified as Troy s even though Troy s powers were noted in the previous sentence The wrong pronouns are constantly used whe [...]

    10. Serious editing neededSo I gave this a readmying to collect my thoughts The author wrote it well a draft It really needed serious editing As is, I don t think she even had a beta read other wise she would have spelt psychologist psychology right There were sentences that weren t complete or out together correctly and lot of spelling mistakes and wrong word usages That s the big issue The boys dating I thought was an interesting situation and well handled except for one of the boys She told them [...]

    11. I m Mad I really liked this book I loved the storyline, the unique twist on powers was really interesting I really liked the relationships that Blake had with her guys, tho it did frustrate me that some of them had other outside relationships that they didn t break up with But it s all for the drama, the oh so delightful drama But I am mad I m mad that this is the first book and that I can t find any information on the next one Why does this author have no social media where she Presumably she c [...]

    12. Great story plot.Ends with a cliffhanger.Blake hasn t had an easy life.Learning to take care of her younger sister, when she was just a kid herself.Dealing with the life her stepmom lives, her perverted boyfriends, and school, knowing there is something different about her is just the icing on the cake Finding out you re connected to six hot dudes A mind explosion.I enjoyed this story immensely.It had a lot of twists and turns within the plot.A trigger warning is also needed for this book Nothin [...]

    13. Okay, but lacking in originality and editing Let me start by saying the book probably deserves a 1 star, but you can tell the author is trying However, the totally unoriginal storyline, lack of character development, and atrocious editing put me off of the book You could tell the author was trying to be original with the storyline but I could name at least 6 other books with the exact same premise The characters were very flat and I couldn t feel any connection to them The MC went from woe is me [...]

    14. 3.5starsHumph Cliffhanger ending This was a gluttonous read and only due to the ending I m going to have to read book 2 The RH is predictable at times but the added twist of powers has me turning the pages Interestingly, the extra characters like Jemmy is what keeps the book from falling too flat I try to like Blake but I find her character too hard to connect with I still can t get a grip on what she looks like, or how she is as a person We read a lot about her, especially her past, but I feel [...]

    15. Officially by new fave seriesHoly moly I m completely addicted Blake and her little sister Ella have had a tough go Blake has been the sole provider and protector of her kid sis while trying to make it through high school Hiding from her step mothers abuse and the advances of her boyfriend of the moment Little did she know her entire world would soon turn on it s axis The only saving grace from the cruel beatings and emotional trauma was a voice in her head Her imaginary boyfriend helps keep her [...]

    16. Desperately needs editingThis book is in severe need of editing Normally with a book this grammatically challenged, I put it down The fact that I read the entire book and am looking forward to book 2 says wonders for the story The author has an obvious knack for writing, this story doesn t feel overplayed and rushed, like way too many rh novels do, she just needs someone to help her polish it to a shine That being said, one of the guys is full on cheating and I really wish that wasn t a part of [...]

    17. Interesting The first thing that needs to be said is while it s clear Oliver took the time to self edit, because I ve seen much worse, this needs an editor There s comas in the middle of words, wrong words that distort the entire sentence and just typos in general Don t get me wrong it s not even close to the most poorly edited I ve found on , and a lot of the copy is clean, but it still needs a copy editor That said l, I enjoyed the book, probably up until the ending which just seemed a bit abr [...]

    18. Great storyline bad proofreadingThis story grabs your attention from the start The proofreading needs improved There are spots where Jemmy was changed to Jimmy and where like sounding words replaced the correct words The poor proofreading is the only reason for less than 5 stars The further into the story the it occurred Proofreading can make or break the story Fortunately the storyline was strong enough to compensate for the lack of proper proofreading.I look forward to reading the continuatio [...]

    19. I started this book not having high expectations I was just making my way through my recommended reads section of and I already did not finish the 4 before this book However this book surprised me It wasn t bad The story was different and I found myself enjoying it It ends on a pretty decent cliffhanger too I would have given this book 4 stars.So why did I give this only 3 stars Editing It needs it Desperately Words are misspelled Grammar mistakes are abundant Even names change I can t count ho [...]

    20. Good I really liked the premise of this book I feel like the character development for the first book in the series was phenomenal I have so many good feels.The reason I gave only 3 stars was because the editing was so poor There were so many errors that it was annoyingly distracting Some sentences were never finished, names of characters were interchanged or changed completely, incorrect tenses and words were everywhere If this went back to an editor and was revised I would have no qualms about [...]

    21. Ahhh I really need the second book now please This storyline is awesome I can t give it a 5 simply because of the editing While reading it I would substitute my own wording in places just to make sure it made sense With that being said it wasn t so bad that I couldn t read it I believe with proper editing this series could be outstanding Blake is amazing she is loyal, caring, strong, smart, and talented The makings of an excellent MC I really like the main guys even though Noah is pissing me of [...]

    22. PotentialThis book has a lot of potential I think the main problem is the editing or lack thereof The author writes as if English is not her native language poor spelling, wrong word usage, wrong verb tenses, leaving words out, etc through out the book I m not even sure if it was even put through a spellchecker before publication The first half of the book was pretty good The last half was dull and boring I skimmed than read I think it would have been better with Four instead of Seven Too many [...]

    23. Had to finish in one sitting I just couldn t put this book down Blake has had a rough life raising herself and her sister Dodging her step mom and of her gross man friends I was not a fan of her connections having girl friends Maybe I should clarifys totally understandable for them to have had gfs but why were they all so terrible It was a tiny bit stereotypical for them to ALL be catty bitches Makes me think less of the guys I kind of understand Noah s situation His person is a necessity but I [...]

    24. Overall story was goodMay contain spoilers However, there were some things that I did not like.Editing Not great Many of the errors should have been resolved with a simple spell check or re read I m not a grammar nazi but it was excessive and annoying.Cheating I hate any form of cheating and I definitely felt that one of her guys cheated.Otherwise, I felt that the story was unique, there was a good flow in the storyline, and that it held my attention.I will read the next book in the series.

    25. Really interesting startSo I almost missed this book because of all the negative comments regarding the guys cheating on the main character I m so glad I read it though The guys DON T cheat on Blake In fact, I honestly think this is one of the most realistic interactions between a main character and her possible love interest There is no insta love and the MC realizes that her guys have histories and allows them to make the decision as to whether to pursue a relationship with her I will definite [...]

    26. Almost a 5 starThis book has a great story and characters you come to love I honestly did not want the book to end The problem, however, is that the author needs an Editor There are paragraphs that just drop off, grammar issues galore and problems with story flow For instance, the author states that Jace is the speaker at one part of the story when it is actually Jax if you are paying attention So, I urge the author to find an Editor for the next book or use some of her readers that are capable [...]

    27. WHERE IS THE SECOND BOOK Rollercoaster of emotions Right from the start the author knows how to play your heart strings and keep you addicted The guys, the past problems, the plot of the story, everything about this book is good I know the saying never judge a book by its cover.but I did exactly that The covered didn t look like it would offer much but I read it anyways after putting it off for a while Man can I say I definitely regret that now Where s the seconded book this girl needs to find o [...]

    28. Decent story Needs major editing And the author needs to learn that when there is than one subject you use WERE instead of WAS Ok now that that is out of my system.I really like the story line It could use some trimming and editing BUT the main idea is really fun and compelling It does pull from a lot of other stories in this genre so it could have been a little original but overall I m interested in reading the next book And the ending Ah It really did make me want to read the next book immed [...]

    29. Absolutely worth the read This was an incredible story Certainly worth 5 stars The characters were interesting and engaging, and the story line was enough to keep me captivated and reading it in one sitting I really wish i could give it the 5 stars, but it desperately needs editing I normally don t complain about grammar and using the wrong but similar words, but this was just incredibly distracting Absolutely worth the read though Caution cliffhanger ending

    30. I would give this than 4 starsI would give this stars but the editing is so bad Was, was used in places that should have read as were Psychology was spelled as phycology There are many grammar and editing mistakes HOWEVER, this story pulled me in and wouldn t let me go until I was falling asleep reading I don t give spoilers but I will say to ignore the grammar you won t be disappointed Now, to find book 2.

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