The Paid Companion

The Paid Companion By Amanda Quick, The Paid Companion The Earl of St Merryn needs a woman His intentions are purely practical he simply wants someone sensible and suitably lovely to pose as his betrothed for a few weeks among polite society He has his ow
  • Title: The Paid Companion
  • Author: Amanda Quick
  • ISBN: 9780749935542
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Paid Companion By Amanda Quick, The Earl of St Merryn needs a woman His intentions are purely practical he simply wants someone sensible and suitably lovely to pose as his betrothed for a few weeks among polite society He has his own agenda to pursue, and a false fianc e will keep the husband hunters at bay while he goes about his business The simplest solution is to hire a paid companion.Finding theThe Earl of St Merryn needs a woman His intentions are purely practical he simply wants someone sensible and suitably lovely to pose as his betrothed for a few weeks among polite society He has his own agenda to pursue, and a false fianc e will keep the husband hunters at bay while he goes about his business The simplest solution is to hire a paid companion.Finding the right candidate proves of a challenge than he expected But when he encounters Miss Elenora Lodge, the fire in her golden eyes sways him to make a generous offer.Her sorry financial circumstances and dreams of a life of independence convince her to accept But St Merryn appears to be hiding a secret or two, and things seem oddly amiss in his gloomy London home Elenora soon discovers that this lark will be a far dangerous adventure than she d been led to believe And the Earl of St Merryn will find that the meek and mild companion he d initially envisioned has become a partner in his quest to catch a killer and an outspoken belle of the ball who stirs a bothersome passion in his practical heart.
    The Paid Companion By Amanda Quick,
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      453 Amanda Quick
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      Pseudonym of Jayne Ann KrentzThe author of over 40 consecutive New York Times bestsellers, JAYNE ANN KRENTZ writes romantic suspense, often with a psychic and paranormal twist, in three different worlds Contemporary as Jayne Ann Krentz , historical as Amanda Quick and futuristic as Jayne Castle There are over 30 million copies of her books in print She earned a B.A in History from the University of California at Santa Cruz and went on to obtain a Masters degree in Library Science from San Jose State University in California Before she began writing full time she worked as a librarian in both academic and corporate libraries.Ms Krentz is married and lives with her husband, Frank, in Seattle, Washington Pseudonym s Jayne Ann KrentzJayne CastleStephanie JamesJayne BentleyJayne TaylorAmanda Glass

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    1. A lot of friends loved this book but I just could not connect to the couple You know the way that a lot of people feel about Lillian from Kleypas It Happened One Autumn I personally like her That s the way I felt about this heroine, she just rubbed me the wrong way She s great with her take charge attitude and confidence but there was a I m doing it my way because no other way could be right that made me jerk back I love me some strong independent women but in romance books, I do tend to like th [...]

    2. Finally a historical romance where I enjoyed both the romance and the actual plot They tied in well together and I wasn t disappointed when moving between the two.Elenora has been left with practically nothing after the death of her stepfather She has run her family s estate in the country for years but after being kicked out with nothing except her clothing she is determined to land and her feet and has a plan to do just that.Arthur, Earl of St Merryn has recently been through a scandal where h [...]

    3. Of the few Amanda Quick books I ve read in the last month I liked this one than the others but that s not a great measurement since many of the others I decided to stop reading midway through I d say, overall, I actually did like this book until the end It goes a little something like this Her Uh oh, love him.Him I want to have sex with her.Her I can never be with him, but I ll have sex with him.Him Damn, I really like having sex with her I might even like her.Her Oh god, I love him so.Him ligh [...]

    4. Oh my God I would give this 10 stars if I could The characters were lovable, the mystery well planned, the love scenes blush worthy, and the writing compelling and flawless This is absolutely perfect Perfect, damn it.Basically a summary of my feelings about the book because I m too giddy to write a detailed review DEAR GOD, PLEASE LET ME MARRY A MAN LIKE ARTHUR I PROMISE I LL BE A GOOD PERSON THANK YOU.

    5. The Paid Companion has been on my to read shelf forever and I finally picked it up I am not sure what took me so long, but I am glad I finally took the time to delve in.This story had a combination of passion, mystery, and a foray into science The first half of the novel focused on the characters which I LOVED , while the second half picked up the mystery element at the expense of the romance.For those familiar with Amanda Quick, you will see numerous examples of her signature in this story The [...]

    6. This was a lot of fun to listen to although I suspect I might not have enjoyed it as much had I read the book Michael Page is one of those narrators whose name on an audiobook is guaranteed to make me take a second or third look, and even though he s not narrated a huge number of romance novels, I ve enjoyed those I ve heard Most recently, I liked his reading of Victoria Alexander s The Importance of Being Wicked The plot in this story centres around Arthur Lancaster, Earl of St Merryn and his s [...]

    7. I blame myself for not liking this as much as I expected to I was in the mood for a regency romance, but managed to ignore everything I know about Amanda Quick s regencies Which made me than usually impatient with the supernatural trappings that intruded into an otherwise fine romantic story I liked both main characters and their banter and by play was fantastic I suppose the real problem is that I could easily imagine the story without the alchemical nonsense and I liked that story in my head [...]

    8. I ve given this a B for both narration and content at AudioGalsThis recording of one of my favourite of Amanda Quick s books The Paid Companion came out in 2014, but I didn t immediately snap it up, because I already own a copy of the recording narrated by Michael Page that was produced in 2004, and I wasn t sure if I really needed another version While it s commonplace to find than one version of older, classic books as I discovered when listening and writing my Caz s Classics Corner posts for [...]

    9. I listened to this on audiobook while I made my Christmas cards, and it was an enjoyable read and kept me entertained while I attended to my crafting The narrator used a voice for Arthur that was a bit stuffy, and not at all brooding and sexy, but otherwise, I can t complain There was a good balance between mystery and romance in this book The mystery was quite authentic, and the villain was a fiend The reveal was suspenseful, and I hadn t figured out who the villain was until the correct time T [...]

    10. 3.85 stars Read the book when it first came out some years ago and listened to audio version recently, narrated by Michael Page A good performance Loved his British accent Decent story, too, despite the info dump and predictability This is one of Quick s stand alone historical romances I prefer them to her series installments, which are even formulaic and predictable Quite a fun and smexy read The Earl of St Merryn is a wealthy and fairly eccentric nobleman He hires a paid companion to pose as [...]

    11. Would defiantly never re read or recommend this book to anybody The heroine was unbearably pushey and irritating Before you insist that she was just ahead of her time and that it was remarkable of her to take control as in bossing around other people s business.Just imagine if the Hero was do unbearable and forceful Then he would just come across as a certified over bearing Ass who forced the heroine to spent her money where he thought was best The plot was poorly put together and unoriginal Rea [...]

    12. Oh this audiobook How could I ever forget listening to you Personal Backstory I was driving alone on a car trip 5 hours to see one of my good friends Seeing as Ohio is mostly corn and worried about falling asleep, I went to the library to scope out what I could find This is how I found The Paid Companion Now as I sit here and try to find another book like enraptured me so, I am thinking of this book.Review Oh man It say a lot that after at least 3 years I still remember this book It was about a [...]

    13. Still very entertaining story but is not as good as Ravished, the mystery part is a bit too much.My second book from Ms Quick, I quickly notice, she write a strong, kind, intelligent and very confident heroine, and her hero is not a rake who having mistress everywhere, hooray I think I want to read Dangerous next, or Reckless Decision decisionOh well

    14. Yazar n daha nce Metres kitab n okumu tum Onunla uzaktan yak ndan alakas yoktu O kitab ne kadar be endiysem bu kitapta i ler tersine i ledi Bitirebilmek i in cebelle tim

    15. My first book by Amanda Quick, and I absolutely loved it It was also my first historical romance with mystery involved that I made it all the way thru to the ending without cheating first to see who done it Lol, it was that good, I didn t want to cheat, but to follow thru with each chapter and absorb the story My favorite thing about this book was how the characters were all written I loved the hero a very serious, business minded, doesn t know how to relax and have fun type of guy Because the s [...]

    16. OK, so I am attempting to pare down my book collection by reading and discarding the stash of books cluttering my abode This one is from upstairs in the media room bookcases I have no idea where it came from It is a hardcover, new, pretty cover.The premise is dumber than dirt A wealthy woman of 26 gets swindled out of her inheritance, gets a job as a paid companion to a woman who dresses only in purple who unfortunately no longer needs her help, and then storms into her employer s office to dema [...]

    17. Jayne Ann Krentz Amanda Quick Jayne Castle three wonderful series and styles from one single author I particularly loved this book and have read it many times since it first came out Now I have it for my Kindle and re read it last night It still makes me smile, squirm with the steamy scenes and ponder how Ms Quick makes a woman from that place and time period so clever, yet affable and likable to the reader.Elenora Lodge has just lost everything she owns to her step fathers creditors But Elenora [...]

    18. Another great Amanda Quick historical romance the premise of how the main characters meet and initiate their relationship hero hires the heroine to pretend to be his fiancee is interesting and pretty unusual, though why he supposedly needs a pretend fiancee is not very compelling the whole thing is done for plot effect and to make the story and relationship interesting which it admittedly does than out of any real plot driven reason.This is one of her recent ones 2004 and so there is no spect [...]

    19. Utterly Unsatisfying and Awkward.SPOIL ALERT It is the case with most historical romances that the plot and or suspense is hackneyed and stale, but the romance is intense and worthwhile In this case, you still get the hackneyed setup and subplot, but the romance is utterly unsatisfying Firstly, the moment when the hero and heroine are finally intimate with each other is just awkward and one of the worst love scenes I have ever read, especially in a historical romance The hero is ahemearly to the [...]

    20. BLOG adictaxictoxicoQue puedo decir la historia me encanto ese aire de misterio me tuvo en vilo durante cada capitulo que avanzaba haciendo teor as sobre quien era el asesino y como siempre no le atine aunque eso si el asesino muri por su propia manon respecto a los protagonistas simplemente me enamoraron, hubo algo que resalto a esta autora y es que eran mucho mas cre bles me explico cuando leemos un libro de este genero en la mayor a de las ocasiones se escribe para dejarnos con el coraz n esp [...]

    21. In Amanda Quick s The Paid Companion, she told us a daring historical romance that had action, adventure, drama and plenty of romance in one wonderful book For Elenora Lodge, she was down in her luck after her step father died and left her home after he paid the creditors That s when she met Arthur St Merryn, who needed a paid companion and wasn t looking for romance, after his former fiance ran off with someone else When they were both in a bind, they hooked up to set up an engagement of conven [...]

    22. This was very average I thought it was quite ploddingly written a lot of explanation through dialogue I didn t feel the heat between the H h, it was a lot of tell and too little show The gothic elements didn t work for me It kept my attention whilst I was reading it I just think, by and large, romances are being done better than this nowadays You re also going to lose points with me when you describe a woman s vagina as moist and plump and soft Plump Plump Plump.And then the hero s penis starts [...]

    23. Ludicrous setup, so so romance, ridiculous suspense The only things that saved this book were a good narrator and the storyline of a Regency woman taking control of her destiny despite society s conventions of how a woman should behave.

    24. 3.5 4.0 I m not a huge fan of historicals but I do enjoy the author I find her books like comfort reads The narrator was good without over doing the English accent Elenora s step father gambled away her home and inheritance She resorts to becoming a paid companion Arthur is an Earl and needs a fake fiance to distract the ton while he investigates his great uncle s murder Some suspense and a few murders bring Arthur and Elenora closer You can always count on a HEA with Amanda Quick Jayne Castle [...]

    25. Well since I listened to the audiobook I ll split my review into two parts The Story Twenty something Elanora Lodge is smart, feisty heroine who due to her stepfathers gambling and untimely death has lost her home and inheritance She plans to own her own bookstore one day but in order to finance this dream and support herself in the meantime, she has taken up work as a paid companion Arthur Lancaster, Earl of St Merryn is considered as coldly logical and a little eccentric by most He needs a fak [...]

    26. Simply loved this book It actually was very much a mystery that starts out as a romance, and ends as a romance, or let s just say it s a romance with mystery elements Whatever It was great Elenora Lodge is not your typical paid companion She has beauty and a backbone which is just what the Earl of St Merryn needs As we find out, he s out to solve the mystery of who murdered his great uncle who had been somewhat of an alchemist in his younger days He hires Elenora to pose as his fiancee, which sh [...]

    27. Another book from Ms Krentz with great characters, plot, and dialogue Arthur Lancaster needs a fiancee to keep the marriage minded away while he seeks his uncle s murderer Being the sensible sort, he decides to interview young women of good reputation and poor finances who must work as paid companions to survive Once he meets no nonsense, capable Elenora Lodge, the fun begins On my fourth reading, the story still holds up well, except perhaps for Jove s Thunderbolt, which I ignore in order to en [...]

    28. I liked the premise, I liked the storyline, but the couple didn t fly off the pages They were cute, they seemed somewhat attracted to one another, but each of their sex scenes fell a bit flat, either they were interrupted or they talked through it It was cute in some way, but not hot at all So this is a historical romance and a good one at that The plot and mystery, although a bit convoluted was pretty good too The couple seemed like a great team together well until the end where she view spoile [...]

    29. Audiobook Narrated by Michael Page For some unknown reason it s not currently available on Audible It s a really great story but I will defer the reviews for the plot to the other reviewers I ve read a few of Amanda Quick s books but never really connected with this author Audible had a special so I gave her a try WOW Michael Page is an amazing narrator and really brought this story to life To be honest, Michael Page may not be for everyone but I find him absolutely amazing If you are a fan of t [...]

    30. I am in the minority on this but I found The Paid Companion to be very disappointing I have reread the reviews that persuaded me to give Amanda Quick another try and confess that I am mystified The dialog is not witty, the details of regency life in London are sketchy, and the plot is silly and unbelievable I confess to having very high standards for a regency novel because I have read all of Georgette Heyer s books I would recommend any of those frothy confections over this I listened to the au [...]

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