Doodle Soup

Doodle Soup By John Ciardi Merle Nacht, Doodle Soup Thirty eight poems mostly humorous by the well known poet
  • Title: Doodle Soup
  • Author: John Ciardi Merle Nacht
  • ISBN: 9780395616178
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback
  • Doodle Soup By John Ciardi Merle Nacht, Thirty eight poems, mostly humorous, by the well known poet.
    Doodle Soup By John Ciardi Merle Nacht,
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    About "John Ciardi Merle Nacht"

    1. John Ciardi Merle Nacht

      John Anthony Ciardi June 24, 1916 March 30, 1986 was an American poet, translator, editor, writer and etymologist.

    598 thoughts on “Doodle Soup”

    1. Doodle Soup is a very good book It is a book of a bunch of short poems The poems are very funny A few of my favorite poems from this book are About Trapping in the North Woods , Why Pigs Cannot Write Poems , and Ding a Ling All of the poems in this book are very catchy As a reader you can tell that John Ciardi put a lot of time in when it came to writing these poems Whether you are a young or old reader you will enjoy reading this collection of peoms.One criteria of peom that Doodle Soup meets i [...]

    2. Double Soup is a compilation of humorous and silly poems by John Ciardi This book emphasizes the joy of being a kid and jokingly encourages kids to never grow up The majors themes of the poems include having fun, developing friendships, and being adventurous Children of all ages are sure to love these poems My favorite poem in the book is Ding a Ling This poem intrigues the reader to find out what is going to happen next, and then ends with the words April Fools, leaving readers laughing at them [...]

    3. Doodle Soup is a book of humorous poems It includes poems about all kinds of different subjects They are rhythmic and entertaining.This collection of poems involves a lot of rhyming and flowing structure The poems are meant to be entertaining and fun so the rhythm of the poems supports the nature of it The poems definitely give a lot of imagery It gives the actions of the subjects, provides the reader with adjectives of the subjects, and there are illustrations to go with it I believe the poems [...]

    4. A fun little collection of silly poems that made me chuckle To quote my favorite one called Frizzing It snew all night By the next noonEleven feet of sney had snoon.I jumped out of bed and snoze.The snuz stopped in midair and roze Dear wife, I said, how cold it is My words fell from my lips and friz.I shivered a whole shrip of shovers.Said she from underneath the covers Don t you know what time it is I think you should not have ariz And I, agreeing with her views,Snugged back and snoze another s [...]

    5. This book has a collection of over 30 humorous poems Each poem has imagery, wittiness, and themes that children can relate to such as pets, hygiene, home, and money Some poems have illustrations as well in black and white coloring I definitely think children will enjoy reading these poems aloud because of the fluency and rhyming words.

    6. Want an older book filled with poetry that will make you laugh along with your children This is it There is something for everyone, fun outside and in, turning words into different words, discovering animals are not always what they seem I enjoyed the kinship with recent humorous writers like Shel Silverstein Find a copy if you can and get ready to laugh

    7. This compilation of short poems displays humor and creativity, and is embellished with zany illustrations that bring the rhymes to life I think this collection of poems would be enjoyable to read aloud to children because of the fun rhymes However, I also find that children might find the humor hard to understand Teacher guidance is recommended.

    8. Doodle Soup is a collection of fun and silly poems for children All the poems follow the basic rhyming scheme of AABB or ABAB which are the most familiar to young students I would use this book to introduce students to poetry and rhyming.

    9. The poems in this book were very simple, and had very simple rhymes They were however, very entertaining Some of the poems such as The Dangers of Taking Baths , were a little odd and seemed kind of dark Young children will be very entertained by these poems.

    10. This is a very cute book of short poems This would be a great book for read alouds after lunch, or during transitions with in the classroom Older children would especially enjoy this book Very young children may have trouble understanding the humor.

    11. Doddle soup is a unfunny poem book I started reading it because of the title and cover looked funny but I was wrong If you where to pick up a poem dont pick up this book

    12. This was great book of poetry These are little short poems that would make kids laugh I think my favorite was Ding a Ling.

    13. A winning collection of poems by a master poet The timeless emotions, situations, relationships, and dilemmas make this an appealing classic throughout the ages, yet each poem feels fresh and fun decades after it was written.

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