The Gap (The Trail, #0)

The Gap (The Trail, #0) By A.A. Abbott, The Gap The Trail The Gap is a minute crime thriller set in London an exciting prequel to the Trail Series Drug dealer Jeb believes he knows what everyone wants but he hasn t bargained on Kat
  • Title: The Gap (The Trail, #0)
  • Author: A.A. Abbott
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 216
  • Format: ebook
  • The Gap (The Trail, #0) By A.A. Abbott, The Gap is a 5 minute crime thriller set in London an exciting prequel to the Trail Series Drug dealer Jeb believes he knows what everyone wants but he hasn t bargained on Kat.
    The Gap (The Trail, #0) By A.A. Abbott,
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      A.A. Abbott

    About "A.A. Abbott"

    1. A.A. Abbott

      AA Abbott is an English writer Mostly, I write thrillers set in the world of big business, Abbott says Men enjoy my books just as much as women do, and I guess that s why I chose a gender neutral pen name After all, if JK Rowling can pretend to be a guy twice then why shouldn t I Abbott is better known in her day job as Helen Blenkinsop I work in interim roles in large companies, and then take time off to write, she says I ve always loved entertaining others with a story, and my work gives me loads of inspiration Demanding bosses, frauds, affairs I ve seen it all Helen has lived and worked in several English cities I aim to convey a strong sense of place in my writing, she says Three cities I know particularly well are London, Bristol and Birmingham London is awash with foreign money and frenzied work patterns It s hectic and exciting By contrast, you can lose a lot of time in Bristol sipping cider and watching the world go by Birmingham is where my heart lies it s busy, friendly and simply fun to be there Often, I write about the tensions between different places and people My characters explore themes of change, darkness and redemption, just as we all do in our journeys through life Any last words Yes, Helen says I write great short stories too There are loads free on my website, and when you sign up for my newsletter, I ll send you a free e book packed with terrific tales What are you waiting for

    142 thoughts on “The Gap (The Trail, #0)”

    1. This is a very short story I read it looking for the point I didn t find one A drug supplier is paying off a casino security guard in London to let him enter with drugs for an Arab gambler There s of such deals but no conflict or redeeming factor or balance, apart from the demonstration that the house wins, but you knew that Mainly it s setting a scene for a drama which doesn t occur.This appears to be a prequel to a crime book You may indeed be able to decide if you want to read after this ta [...]

    2. Loved this short story I found this was helpful to see a bit of how the author wroteI shall now go and find of there books to read

    3. I ve never read this author before, but this 5 minute story is a great introduction writing easy to read, immediate storyline and character development, good dialogue If this is the style to expect from A A Abbott, then I ll be looking for their other works Since it takes just 5 minutes to read, I recommend you do and in doing so, find a favorite author.

    4. Free download from Bookfunnel 23 September 2017Very short 5 minute read and pointless prequel to the Trail Series I think you would have to read a book or two in the series to understand what The Gap was supposed to be about However, I am not tempted to read any books in this series.

    5. This is a crime short story Jeb had learned everybody had an addiction, a gap in their lives they struggled to fill and he is using this knowledge to fill his own gaps

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