Monsters By Jerry Cole, Monsters Asher Green spent the last decade of his life fighting a monster Not the kind found in fairytales and fantasy with wings horns and gnashing teeth nor the kind that can be defeated with a simple swi
  • Title: Monsters
  • Author: Jerry Cole
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  • Page: 464
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Monsters By Jerry Cole, Asher Green spent the last decade of his life fighting a monster Not the kind found in fairytales and fantasy, with wings, horns and gnashing teeth, nor the kind that can be defeated with a simple swipe of a sword No, Asher has been wrestling with the monster that lurks inside his father the one that creeps from the dark crevices of his father s mind whenever he drinks.Asher Green spent the last decade of his life fighting a monster Not the kind found in fairytales and fantasy, with wings, horns and gnashing teeth, nor the kind that can be defeated with a simple swipe of a sword No, Asher has been wrestling with the monster that lurks inside his father the one that creeps from the dark crevices of his father s mind whenever he drinks His mom died when he was twelve, and Asher s father was never the same Ten years later, he and his fifteen year old sister, Stella, are taking the brunt of the rage and grief burning in their father s heart They ve learned how to handle the violent outbursts, how to protect each other, how to help one another when things get bad but Asher realizes Stella is slipping, despite the relative stasis of their household He flounders, completely unsure about what to do or how to help her, and he s desperate to try and protect her from the worst of their father s monster One day at a group counseling session, Asher meets Sam and Claire After Asher helps Claire find her footing within the group, Sam is eternally grateful, and he asks Asher to allow him to take him for a thank you drink Asher agrees, and, to his surprise, finds himself falling for the handsome, kind man with the lazy smile Asher finds solace in Sam, and he suddenly feels less alone, less pessimistic about his and Stella s precarious situation But when one mistake brings their relationship to a grinding halt, Asher has to turn his focus away from Stella s issues for once and struggle with his own Uncertain, unguided, and alone, Asher must look within himself and decide if he can open up to another and accept help or if he ll continue on the desolate path he s been walking for years Please Note This book contains adult language steamy adult activities, it is intended for 18 Adults Only Novel, approx 80,000 words in length HEA happy ever after ending Does not end with a cliffhanger.
    Monsters By Jerry Cole,
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    1. Jerry Cole

      Jerry Cole is a gay author who lives in California enjoys writing love stories Jerry has been writing fiction since he was a child As a young adult, he worked as a freelance writer in the evenings on weekends Jerry started writing gay romance stories several years ago, but initially just for his own entertainment occasionally sharing stories with his friends In the summer of 2015 he published his first gay romance short story on Overwhelmed by the positive response he decided to quit his day job took up writing gay romance full time When he s not writing steamy M M romance he enjoys globetrotting, watching movies with family and friends, working out, being dragged down the road by his two Great Danes.

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    1. I hope I don t offend anyone, but Wow, this is a real sensitive subject and it was very well written with care and Monster is an excellent title for this book With being trapped inside your house with a raging alcoholic parent is a very frightening, horrific experience for children.Asher Green and his younger sister Stella have lived with their Monster for ten years Asher was twelve at the time his father started to turn into a monster and now he was old enough to move out on his owe The reason [...]

    2. I started reading this book kind of late one night, and couldn t put it down until I finished it in the wee hours of the morning It is an excellent portrayal of a very volatile, life changing, life suppressing topic Ash and Sam are very well developed characters, as are the supporting characters of Stella and Claire This book let me in to the inner workings of each character s thoughts I never felt like I wanted so I could connect with any character The narration was also masterfully done As As [...]

    3. This is a book about the timeless problem that has followed mankind throughout the ages.hol and abusive behavior Asher and Stella suffer from this every second of their lives since their mother died Asher watches over his sister as he suffers too Meeting Sam and Claire at a group session, he gets a modicum of relief from his daily fear This book definitely has triggers PTSD, physical, emotional and mental abuse drags the reader into the world of these MCs and leaves you with a hole in your heart [...]

    4. My Video Review on VimeoMy written and video reviews contain spoilers 0 stars DNF view spoiler Cover Generic but attractiveGrammar N AEngagement N ALikes N ADislikes N ASex Scenes N ACharacter Depth N AEmotional Depth N AMood Upon Completion N AContent Warnings Abuse physical, major characters, past and present Abuse emotional, major characters, past and present Death minor character, past NotesI missed it in the blurb, but once I realized that Asher was 22 years old, I lost all sympathy for him [...]

    5. Touching story that grabs you and doesn t let go.At first, I struggled to get through the pages of this book I don t like sad, abuse related tales for the simple reason it hits too close to home Then, just as I was about to give up and close the book altogether, that connection happened between Sam and Asher, and I thought it might get interesting However, I couldn t help getting choked up and giving way to tears at some of the descriptions and scenes that were happening So, while I hated all th [...]

    6. Wow This is a powerful story that pulls at your heartstrings Asher and his sister Stella are beautifully portrayed as they struggle coping with their monster Sam and his sister Claire are dealing with her monster When Asher and Sam meet it changes their lives.Jerry Cole has written a hard subject matter with sensitivity and understanding.The writing is emotive and I was hooked, not wanting to put it down The characters are very believable and you are willing them on, glued to them as their story [...]

    7. One of the things that I like best about Jerry Cole s writting is the way that he communicates the feelings and emotions that his characters are feeling I felt the despair that Stella, Claire, and Asher experienced I felt the frustration that Sam had in caring for each of these three, but not being able to fix it for them and I felt the burgeoning hope and love that Asher felt when he realized that Sam was worth fighting for in his life.This book was emotional At times, it was a bit hard to get [...]

    8. MonstersAsher and his sister live with an abusive drunk for a father He doesn t leave because of his 15 year old story This is his story of how he survives, how he meets Sam and his sister Claire It was a good read I kept finding myself saying that if this was happening to me I d do this or I d do that but then I had to remind myself that no one knows what they would do until they are actually in that situation This story makes you stop and think I received a complimentary Advanced Readers Copy [...]

    9. Heartbreaking StoryThis is a story of living with a monster and trying to protect another person Jerry Cole did an excellent job of portraying a young man being abused and yet putting himself in front of the monster to protect the much younger sister The fear and the lengths someone would go through to take care of your loved ones is heartbreaking but all too real Everyone should read this who hasn t known true fear from monsters so you can get a glimpse of living in fear This is happening for r [...]

    10. Intense and very emotional story Jerry Cole draws the readers in right from the word go Skin crawling, gut wrenching abusive details surrounding MCs Asher, Stella, Claire and Sam Riveting story and many triggers to weave through and conquer Well written for sure Monsters are out there in every shape and form Unfortunately, family members included All the while reading, you hold out for hope and healing Never giving up all MCs will find the peace they deserve.

    11. This book got a lot of great 4 5 star reviews I thought the potential was there for some great conflict, and it did have angst I mostly felt like the MC was telling me about the abuse rather than showing me so I didn t feel the impact of the horrific life that Ash and Stella endured Sadly the book felt slightly tepid to me While I liked all the characters Ash, Sam, Stella and Claire, the story felt skimmed over, and the ending felt very rushed.

    12. Wow Wow is all I can say this book was intense but it also shows you are not alone when it comes to being scared Asher and Stella learn how not to be afraid and getting out of the situation they were in broke my heart and I couldn t bear to see them in so much pain but Asher found Sam and that what gave him the strength for him and his sister to leave and gone to have a better life

    13. Very, very intense This book has many triggers and won t be for everyone to read, but it hits home for me on domestic abuse closely and how you can deal with it or close it away in a closet to hide it from those closest to you I know I did finally deal with it, it was totally soul wrecking for me at the time and this book deals with it wonderfully.

    14. this is wow this topic is so hard to do justice and yet jerry did exactly that the topic is a hard one to tackle and jerry tackled it beautifully it is wow it is so hard to explain how i feel about this book in words it was heartbreaking it was real and raw it was everything i loved it and im glad i got to review it

    15. MM Asher and Stella are locked in an abusive nightmare with the monster who took over their father s body after their mother died Each have their own reasons for staying My heart aches for them and their situation, but they have to make the decision on their own to free themselves Sam is wonderful and tries his best to help Asher all he can I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book.

    16. Quite simply stunningThis book took me on an emotional rollercoaster, from start to finish it had me gripped,such a strong and relevant story,which was backed up by very strong characters,I couldn t put it down.

    17. A good steady storyWell this isn t one of Jerry s best, it is a good read and a good story We should all have a Sam in our world

    18. Good ReadThe story of Sam and Asher and their sisters Claire and Stella is a good read The boy s are trying to make a better life for their sisters A Good HEAFN.

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