Gegen die Zeit

Gegen die Zeit By David Mack Helga Parmiter, Gegen die Zeit Der Roman zur bombastischen neuen Netflix Serie An Bord des Raumschiffs Shenzhou wird Lieutenant Michael Burnham eine menschliche Frau die unter Vulkaniern aufgewachsen ist und von ihnen ausgebildet
  • Title: Gegen die Zeit
  • Author: David Mack Helga Parmiter
  • ISBN: 9783959811903
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Gegen die Zeit By David Mack Helga Parmiter, Der Roman zur bombastischen neuen Netflix Serie An Bord des Raumschiffs Shenzhou wird Lieutenant Michael Burnham, eine menschliche Frau, die unter Vulkaniern aufgewachsen ist und von ihnen ausgebildet wurde, zum Ersten Offizier bef rdert Doch wenn sie den Posten behalten will, muss sie Captain Philippa Georgiou beweisen, dass sie ihn auch verdient.Gelegenheit daf r erh Der Roman zur bombastischen neuen Netflix Serie An Bord des Raumschiffs Shenzhou wird Lieutenant Michael Burnham, eine menschliche Frau, die unter Vulkaniern aufgewachsen ist und von ihnen ausgebildet wurde, zum Ersten Offizier bef rdert Doch wenn sie den Posten behalten will, muss sie Captain Philippa Georgiou beweisen, dass sie ihn auch verdient.Gelegenheit daf r erh lt sie, als die Shenzhou eine Kolonie der F deration vor einem uralten, fremden Schiff besch tzen muss, das aus den tiefsten Tiefen der unerforschten Meere aufgetaucht ist.W hrend sich die Bedrohung durch das geheimnisvolle Schiff zuspitzt, erkl rt die Sternenflotte die Kolonie f r entbehrlich, um dieser Bedrohung Einhalt zu gebieten Burnham muss in das fremde Schiff eindringen, um die Leben tausender Unschuldiger zu retten Daf r muss sie sich allerdings der Wahrheit ihrer beunruhigenden Vergangenheit stellen und einen Mann um Hilfe bitten, den sie zeit ihres Lebens gemieden hat bis jetzt.
    Gegen die Zeit By David Mack Helga Parmiter,
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      David Mack is the New York Times bestselling author of than thirty novels of science fiction, fantasy, and adventure, including the Star Trek Destiny and Cold Equations trilogies.Beyond novels, Mack s writing credits span several media, including television for produced episodes of Star Trek Deep Space Nine , film, and comic books.Follow him on Twitter davidalanmack or join his fans on Facebook.

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    1. So, having enjoyed the onscreen debut of Discovery tremendously I settled down to read this novel hoping for a good yarn And it being Mack, of course that s exactly what I got One does feel as if the introduction of too many officers in one paragraph might have not been such a good idea, and it is hard to match Mack s description of Nambue with his televised depiction, but apart from those small things the characterisations don t seem too bad.The plot is interesting, and of course it s fascinati [...]

    2. After watching the first two episodes of Star Trek Discovery I really wanted to have information on the lead character Michael Burnham This book exceeded all expectations on offering just that Now I am looking forward to the third episode of Star Trek Discovery with a much better understanding of who Michael Burnham is Also, I would be remiss if I didn t mention that you get a lot character understanding the rest of the Walker Class starship crew commanded by Captain Philippa Georgiou as well [...]

    3. 3.5 stars.Well, this has David Mack going for it, so automatic bonus points While I like Discovery on its own merits, but not necessarily as good Star Trek , and this was a competent if not exceptional book, am I invested enough to continue another Trek novel series I m not sure I m still working thru the Enterprise and Voyager relaunch books I ll likely give it at least one book before making a decision.

    4. This book was exactly what I wanted it to be It gives great insight into the time of Discovery, how it fits into TOS, and most of all, how Spock and Burnham relate to one another.

    5. Turns out Sarek s estranged kids bonding over their weirdo strict dad while trying not to get killed by an ancient Goliath is my exact sci fi aesthetic Full review to come.

    6. I d say it s 2.5 Stars It s an average Star Trek story that works better than the actual premiere of the show because you can exchange the visuals in your mind to match the time periods aesthetic Frustratingly the book is hampered by trying to recon the Discovery look with the TOS look and it s just not working for me At least Burnham comes off better here than in the show as well I like her much Vulcan.

    7. I grew up reading Trek prose novels they helped fill the gaps between movies, series and the like They added context and texture to the picture being painted on the screen There s a long history of great Star Trek prose books, including Vonda McIntyre s ENTERPRISE, the Reeves Stevens s PRIME DIRECTIVE, Peter David s New Frontier books and the work of J.M Dillard and Diane Duane David Mack s DESPERATE HOURS fits right in with those classics, I m happy to say It s a fast paced, suspense heavy read [...]

    8. When a colony world is attacked by a mysterious alien craft which appears to have been encapsulated under the sea bed for nine million years, the U.S.S Shenzou is dispatched to provide assistance.As the full extent of the threat becomes clear, Starfleet realises that Captain Georgiou may be unwilling to carry out General Order 24 and order Captain Pike and the U.S.S Enterprise to render assistance and, if necessary, do what Georgiou will not Obliterate a planetary population to save the Federati [...]

    9. After watching the first two episodes of Discovery, there was an urge to know of Burnham Desperate Hours fills that gap Now I know about her relationship with Spock and her family It also helped to understand why Burnham is who she is.The story is well told and characters well developed Apart from Burnham, it gives us insights into Saru and his captain.There came a time when Enterprise and Burnham s ship came to fire on each other One defending Starfleet principles and other following Starfleet [...]

    10. I ve tried to read a few other Star Trek novels and didn t find them very compelling, but this one really works It s got just the right balance of technical information, interpersonal relationships, politics, red alerts, and exploring strange new worlds It would have provided a compelling introductory episode to the new Discovery series as it begins with Michael Burnham being promoted to become Georgiou s Number One beating out Saru It also helps to set a time frame for the series with a young S [...]

    11. As always a great story from David Mack I ll admit this isn t my favorite book of Mack s, but when you ve written stuff like the Vanguard series, the Destiny Cold Equations trilogy, Disavowed, Control, A Time to Kill I could go on on it s pretty hard to to yourself However as hard a book as I imagine this was to write since he would ve had only very limited information on the characters I think it came out really good entertaining A 9 million year old alien spacecraft at the bottom of an ocean w [...]

    12. 3.5 The Discovery characters were all perfectly in character, as far as I know about them, anyway The star and a half taken off are due to The writer making Burnham the most boring character of all time in this book She s not this boring in the show just kind of generic lead but they definitely sucked out any personality she had Her backstory does add some interesting stuff to the show, so it might be just because I ve already seen the episode where her relationship with Sarek is gone into, when [...]

    13. A Must read for a fan Not only will you get to know Michael and Saru better, but also Captain Pike and Mister Spock from Enterprise among others Action, excitement, some tears a very easy read too without too much technobabble.

    14. How is any future Star Trek Discovery book supposed to top THIS Desperate Hours is simply the finest first book in a Trek series since Pocket Books original release of The Entropy Effect Apparently series co creator Bryan Fuller asked for this backstory heavy introduction to be writtend it pays off in spades So much historical and canon goodness So many great guest stars A truly epic alien threat, and a fleshing out of the USS Shenzou its crew to such a glorious degree that I wish THIS is what w [...]

    15. This review was originally published at Book Learning.I used to love these books as a teenager That s not a compliment it s an embarrassed acknowledgement that I didn t know any better when I was a youngster If it weren t for the efforts of some particularly heroic librarians who showed me that there was a better way, and better written books out there, I might have wound up being the sort of reader who actually read this sort of shovelled licenced crud on a regular basis Indeed, if it weren t f [...]

    16. I was hoping for the novels to be handed over to the same people who have always handled the novels for what I considered to be the James Luceno effect Which is a reference to James Luceno getting offered to do a Star Wars novel after the canon reboot and the immediate effect being he incorporated as much previous Expanded Universe into the book as humanly possible In this case, David Mack does an excellent job of handling a much bigger job of making it clear not only does Discovery fit into the [...]

    17. STAR TREK DISCOVERY DESPERATE HOURS ALL IN THE FAMILYfangswandsandfairydust 201It s probably been forty years since I read a Star Trek novel, although I read the original Making of Star Trek books and probably one or two of the novels when I was a teen and considered myself a Trekkie When this came across my screen almost immediately after I started a subscription to CBS ALL ACCESS so I would be able to watch the show, I thought, Hell, Yes This is a new Star Trek environment I am not sure which [...]

    18. I already knew David Mack as the author of the excellent, epic Destiny trilogy, which chronicled the final apocalyptic war between the Federation and the Borg, so I had good expectations despite knowing nothing about the new Star Trek series Still, I was really surprised at how engrossing this book and its characters were, especially the backstory of Michael and Spock We are off to a great start.And to think, our pure, noble Starfleet has an Exterminatus option Noooo, you were supposed to destro [...]

    19. It s a nice sequel to Star Trek Discovery, with insight into some of that series characters, and with explanations as to the changes uniforms etc It is also, however, somewhat long and sometimes glacial in its narrative It was an enjoyable enough read but to me at least not exactly a page turner The Spock Burnham interactions were nice, and I love that Captain Pike showed up though his actions felt out of character to me sometimes Still looking forward to the next one, particularly since that n [...]

    20. 5 Stars There is no other option Any fan of Discovery must read this book The tie ins are absolutely incredible and the story itself is riveting There is not a dull moment as multiple fan favourites come together to try and resolve an issue that seems unsolvable After this novel Captain Georgiou makes her claim in my opinion to truly stand among the great Captains we know and love, such as Kirk and Sisko I am excited to read the next Disocvery novel to hit the shelves as this one has set a high [...]

    21. I am not much of a Trek fan never watched ToS, nor the original movies, nor the Enterprise series though I have seen all of TNG, DS9, and Voyager, and the Next Generation movies , but I couldn t resist Discovery with its 2 women of colour leads, and therefore when I found out that David Mack had written a prequel novel, I had to read it.It s an easy read, and gives a fair bit of backstory for Michael Burnham, and explores her relationship with both Sarek and Spock.

    22. The plot of this book is basically just a series of trust falls between Burnham and Spock or Georgiou and Pike or Number One and Saru The character work is good, but story doesn t hold water I thought the author did a nice job melding the Cage era Trek and Discovery, though I found the characterization of Pike to be unflattering and way off It s a mixed bag, is what I m saying.

    23. The mystery surrounding what the rig struck pulled me in while I acquainted myself with the crew of the Shenzhou as I ve only seen the first episode of Star Trek Discovery to date I ended up loving the story and the characters, particularly Burnham, Spock, and Saru.

    24. What even is pacing Half of this book takes place in a time span of 3 hours In that time they hack ancient technology, discover a long dead race of aliens, stage a full on revolt, steal the Declaration of Independence, and go back in time to kill Hitler What the actual fuck

    25. An excellent connection between The Original Series and DiscoveryI began reading this the day after watching the premiere of Discovery I was bugged, like many other long time fans, by a visual disconnect between it and TOS Many of those concerns are resolved now David Mack has done a tremendous job of bridging the gap, and did an excellent job of bringing the crew of both the Shenzhou and Pike s Enterprise I especially enjoyed the deeper looks into Captain Georgiou, Saru, and especially Michael [...]

    26. Oh boy I did a dumb thing and read another Star Trek novel I can t say I expected this to be different, but I was enticed by the spectacle of the new crew from the new show bumping around with Captain Pike from The Cage At first it was a little goofy Pike s first officer, known only as Number One in The Cage, has her name revealed to be Una Queue the eyerolls Michael interact with Spock for much of the novel, which isn t as eyeroll worthy as you would expect Michael of course is the main charact [...]

    27. The new Star Trek show Discovery has debuted a week from today It has, much to my grim regret, but not surprise, come under heavy assault, critism and general hatred The reasons are many Most of which I deem as completely irrational, invalid, and due to pack thinking and the social hive mentality that seems to come from watching too many Youtube videos and not making up your own mind That my friends is a discussion for a different topic, and for my Tumblr blog What we have on the table today is [...]

    28. With the arrival of Star Trek Discovery , it s David Mack who gets tasked with writing the initial book in this series Desperate Hours which gives we the reader a bit of background information on these characters that we are just now getting to know Set in May 2255, we find the crew of the USS Shenzhou being dispersed to Sirsa III which is under attack from an unknown assailant The book opens with Captain Georgiou temporarily promoting Michael Burnham to first officer of the ship and Saru to 2nd [...]

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