Playing the Spy

Playing the Spy By MaggieBrown, Playing the Spy Hollywood star and the nation s favorite daughter Eleanor Godwin wants nothing than time by herself especially from the persistent press What better place to recuperate after a particularly gruellin
  • Title: Playing the Spy
  • Author: MaggieBrown
  • ISBN: 9781594935756
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback
  • Playing the Spy By MaggieBrown, Hollywood star and the nation s favorite daughter, Eleanor Godwin wants nothing than time by herself, especially from the persistent press What better place to recuperate after a particularly gruelling round of interviews than a picture perfect exclusive island resort in the Great Barrier Reef Political reporter Sophie Marsh is used to digging up dirt When her editHollywood star and the nation s favorite daughter, Eleanor Godwin wants nothing than time by herself, especially from the persistent press What better place to recuperate after a particularly gruelling round of interviews than a picture perfect exclusive island resort in the Great Barrier Reef Political reporter Sophie Marsh is used to digging up dirt When her editor underhandedly snags her the position as Eleanor s housekeeper for two months, she reluctantly agrees to spy on the star After all, her hard won position at the paper is on the line Against the background of the breathtaking island, passions run high As secrets are revealed, the assignment becomes Sophie s worst nightmare write the article or lose her job She knows that succumbing to temptation can t be an option But tell that to her heart Genre RomanceEditor Cath WalkerCover Designer Judith Fellows
    Playing the Spy By MaggieBrown,
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      Maggie Brown is an Australian, born and raised in Queensland, the Sunshine State, where life is laid back and everyone gets a fair go She has done many things in life, and is now proud to add an author in her achievements Being an artist as well, she has always been an advocate for the Arts and strives to foster new talent whenever she can All her life she has fought very hard for women s rights, although never went quite so far as burning her bra She holds a Master s degree in Creative Writing and her love of books has led her to sit down and write this, her first fictional full length novel She looks upon life with a humorous eye, and loves a good joke.Librarian note There is than one author in the database with this name.

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    1. 4.25 Stars I really enjoyed this romance While I liked both Piping Her Tune and In the Company of Crocodiles, this is my favorite book by Brown This was a feel good romance that I think romance fans are going to enjoy.Sophie is a political reporter trying to make a name for herself When her boss tells her she is to go undercover, as a housekeeper, to dig up dirt on one of Australia s and America s most beloved actresses, Sophie wants nothing to do with the job Her boss gives her no choice and So [...]

    2. Playing the Spy is the sixth novel by Maggie Brown, but only my second by her I have read her debut I Can t Dance Alone, and was not happy with it I am glad I tried again, because her growth as an author and storyteller is really visible.Playing the Spy is a contemporary romance predominantly set in an exclusive island resort in the Great Barrier Reef Eleanor Godwin 34 is an Australian Oscar winning actress and Hollywood star who must recover her health after a particularly difficult and exhaust [...]

    3. Playing the Spy wasn t what I expected, because once again I failed to read a book blurb and picked up the book because of lots of good reviews, which I obviously didn t read as carefully as I normally do either So the book isn t about a government spy, it s about a reporter who is assigned to spy on a celebrity to get some dirt and sell papers I figured I d finish the story to justify the 1 I immediately planned to rate the book.I consider myself a very tolerant person But I have very little to [...]

    4. This was like a roller coaster up, up, up till chapter 30 and then the ride gets stuck Have you ever read fanfiction that the author marked as complete and during the last few chapters you re scratching your head wondering what s happening I feel like at one point this author thought to herself f ck it, i m bored let s wrap this up and start another fic.I was thoroughly enjoying this story The pacing was great, the main characters had sizzling chemistry and it was all written interesting enough [...]

    5. 3.9 stars I quite liked it Decent characters, good story, an alright supporting cast.It s a bit predictable but that is always the case with these deception or rich girl poor girl stories I wish the characters would be a bit realistic, besides the deception angle they re both 1% of the top 1% smart, beautiful, kind, patient, cooks like a chef, talented and successful in writing, best actress in the world, add another positive trait here They re too idealized for my liking and come off as fairy [...]

    6. Oh, I liked the story and mostly its two main characters Mostly because Eleonore talks like a old lady with her darlings and pompous vocabulary And the chemistry at the end wasn t as good as at the beginning, it made me skip paragraphs to get it over with Interesting ending, could have been exciting, gripping, romancy 3,5 stars

    7. loved this book Lots of fun and some heartache with a really good story line The two women have great chemistry and you just hope they ll end up together Maggie Brown certainly has the knack of making her characters real people and the book is littered with interesting women and men I like that she doesn t just concentrate on the major characters, but gives everyone in the book an excellent profile The setting on the island is magic as well, making this a top read.

    8. It s my first one from the author and I really don t know what to expect At first I was having a hard time connecting with the characters, don t get me wrong I think it was just me.Good thing I didn t gave up It s sweet It s light Yes there s a pushing and pulling and some jealousy I find it cute actually No major drama If you re a fan of Hollywood give this book a try.Btw, I do agree Ellie speaks like an old lady I think she s only 32 Correct me please, if I m wrong.I only remember Sophie s age [...]

    9. I have a love hate relationship with celebrity non celebrity pairings in romance There are times when I read these types of stories, and I like them Then there are times, the majority actually, where I hate them It honestly depends on how the author develops the characters It s like that in any book, but for me, I particularly have to buy into the idea that the celebrity is truly famous Most times, it doesn t work for me when I read these romances And in the case of Playing the Spy, it didn t qu [...]

    10. I loved this book from start to finish Sorry, I m not much of a reviewer that s all you ll getjust had to express how happy I was with this book Now, on to the next

    11. Sophie Marsh is a journalist who is forced by her boss to disguise as a maid to dig up secrets on Hollywood star Eleanor Godwin As a political journalist, Sophie is annoyed with her assignment but once she gets to know the ice queen actress and starts to have feelings for her, she is confronted with a moral dilemma Shall Sophie reveal Eleanor s secrets to keep her job or shall she respect her privacy and the new feelings they have for each other This is a well written and entertaining book with [...]

    12. I actually like this book alot Both main characters are likable and they both definitely have chemistry And i really enjoyed the story Though, i kind of read this book with self conscious because of synopis Sophie was a spy, working for Eleanor And i knew its just a matter of time before the bomb drop and she got discovered and you know what is going to happen next And one thing that didnt quite make sense to me view spoiler Carol, she works for Eleanor, i m not sure how close they were, but the [...]

    13. This is a very entertaining, well written book Box office star Eleanor Godwin goes to an exclusive Island resort for two months to recuperate after a gruelling time filming her latest movie about a lesbian drug addict The editor of the Morning Globe forges a resume for his reporter Sophie Marsh, so she can win the position of Eleanor s housekeeper Her job is to spy on the reclusive star to dig up some dirt And so the story goes from there It is a sweet romance and kept me enthalled to the end, w [...]

    14. What s not to like about this book A great story line and very amusing in places Maggie Brown has way with words and creates an in depth novel with a touching love story I was enthralled to the end Famous movie star Eleanor Godwin is very reserved and dislikes the limelight Sophie Marsh is a political reporter who is coerced by her editor to take the position of Eleanor s housekeeper for two months on a tropical Island resort to dig up some scandal about the actress The star is recuperating afte [...]

    15. loved this book I m a sucker for a good love story.It was so sweet and the resort on the tropical island was a great setting.

    16. Great ReadThis is first time reading this author I can t think of anything negative, a great read that s why I gave it 5 stars.

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